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Series: Ultraman Orion
Name: Invincible Space Fighter, Round Two
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Title: Invincible Space Fighter, Round Two


Invasion Robot: King Joe

Dark King Joe

Giantess of Evil: Dark Zoe

Note: This Episode is a two parter for part One got here


Tori and Torrent watched with Impulse on the outside of Space Patrol Academy. They watched as only their Ultra eyes could. To get a better picture Tori erected a wall of light that showed a crisp clear image of what was happening on Earth. Their moment of relief when Orion was recharged by STAR was dashed by the dark giant's attack.

"Please..." said Tori "Let our son be safe..."

"Don't worry mom..." said Impulse "Orion is not so easily dispatched and Luter is there...!"

"Luter has to face the might of King Joe, and that Dark Giant is still there..." said Torrent. He looked down and then took of. His body shined as space warped around him and he took of.

"I should've gone..." said Impulse "I can fly faster..."

"Your father..." said Tori "Has always carried a weight on his shoulder, since Orion first became a part of our family, I suspect he knows something about Orion, that Orion is not privy to..."

"Like what...?"

"I don't know..."

Chapter 1Edit

Luter held her stance as she stood between the Pedanian robot and her unconscious friend, Orion. He was beaten he was bruised and the traces of dark energy from that last attack most likely lingered in his body, causing what could be compared to blood poisoning in humans. He was in a bad condition, a very bad condition. His Heart Stone was flashing yellow and pulsating, any faster it would've been like the Machine War, when he almost died. Luter knew she had to act quickly.

The treasonous alien, controlling King Joe charged the female Ultra, arrogantly believing she was weaker than Orion, which was true, but unlike him she wasn't injured. Luter deflected its blows with both arms before pushed the robot back with a charged double punch to the chest. She followed up by jumping forward and striking the robot with an axe kick to the head. Sparks flew from King Joe's head down to pelvic region, the robot stumbled back. Luter put her hand to her Beam Lamp, then raised it to the air as it shined, storm clouds gathered and shot down lightning bolts, the electricity gathered as an orb around her fist before she fired it at King Joe. The machine twitched about and Luter took the opening, she crossed her arms and opened them her middle and index fingers pointed at the robot, She fired a 'rope' of energy that wrapped around the machine and fused together. King Joe fell on its back, unable to even come apart, STAR took the chance and its fighters bombarded the robot with blaster bolts and plasma warhead missiles.

Luter turned and jumped towards Orion, she knelt down and lifted up his head, touching his cheek, before her hand glowed. It shined a bright light, brighter than Orion's and partially prismatic, she placed it on Orion's Heart Stone, the energy feed into his energy core and traveled across his body. The flashing/pulsating didn't stop, but it slowed down, for now at least he was out of danger.

"What did she do...?" asked Haley from the Command Carrier.

"She healed him..." said the girl from planet Pedan. "Luter and Orion have been good friends since their academy days, she was trained by his mother Tori, one of the greatest healers in the Land of Giants..."

"Land of Giants...?" asked Vincent.

"That's what their homeworld is called... Also called Altara and the Kingdom of Stars for the three artificial suns that orbit it..."

"Wait, they made suns...?"

"The Ultras are very advance, perhaps the most advance..."

"Hold on..." said Haley "Their species' name is Ultra..."


"Interesting..." she wondering on how the Commander named him so well.

King Joe let out a pulse of energy, shattering the 'light rope' and then getting up. The alien inside was clearly angry now, King Joe fired its lightning attack, but Luter outstretched her hand forming a blue sphere that caught the beam. She fired it back with the energy of the sphere, causing a large explosion. Out of the smoke King Joe charged out ramming Luter and knocking her back. The robot brought its hands down on Luter who blocked with her arms, however as said before, she was not as strong as Orion and was forced onto her knees.

"Did you really think you could defeat me...?" said the pompous alien.

"Maybe not..." said Luter, if she was human she would be smirking "but you should be more worried about Orion..." King Joe looked up and noticed that Orion was gone, not a second later Orion came down from the sky, he was using Orion power and his fist was coated with energy. The collision it had with King Joe's head caused it to stumbled back. Orion got up and started to walk towards the robot. King Joe fired lightning again but Orion just bared the assualt. He delivered a punch to the robot, one enhanced by his temporary power up. One punch after another, King Joe stumbled back and tried to disassemble but suddenly Orion jumped into the air. He grabbed the head and brought it back down forcing the pieces back together before he knocked down the robot using a side kick to the chest.

The machine was disabled, but that was not the end, dark clouds appeared underneath it and the machine faded away into the darkness, obviously the work of Zoe. STAR rejoiced, except for Mizuki who was feeling rather guilty. Luter ran up to Orion, obviously giddy, she grabbed his arm.

Orion's energy hair faded as he returned to normal, he looked at her and bowed.

"What...?" asked Luter, upset "I came all this way and bow is all I get...?" she punched him in the shoulder. It was funny at first until Orion suddenly collapsed. Luter panicked and ran and lifted his head and the two seemingly disappeared.

Chapter 2Edit

Vincent, Haley, the alien girl and Tachibana searched the forest with a group of scientists and solders. They were following the alien girl and her device.

"Why are we following the alien...?" asked Mizuki "We could just take her tech and find Orion on our own..." Haley and Vincent said nothing to her. "Oh great, the silent treatment... how many times do I have to say I'm sorry..."

"Mizuki..." said Haley "For no other reason for than your wanton blood lust, you made Earth a target for every invader in the universe, it wasn't an accident, you intentially tried to kill her, like you tried to kill Alex, when the Commander finds out he's going to be beyond upset...!"

The alien girl stopped and looked to the side, there was a flash of light and a pulse of energy which stung Mizuki, she fired at the light but there was another pulse that sent the blaster flying out of her hand.

The light died down and to everyone's shock they saw Mizuki, or at least her image, standing apart from them, with both eyes present, pigtails, a dress of all things and civilians garments. Even more puzzeling she had a smirk on her face, Mizuki never smiled, at least not in a good way.

The strange girl looked at the alien girl. The two stared at each other for a moment until the alien girl had a sudden expression of recognition.

"Luter...?" she said

"Aurora..." said the girl

"Luter...!" The two hugged "It's been so long, how have you been...?" The STAR team calmed down.

"What's going on...?" asked Haley.

"This is Luter, the Ultrawoman we saw helping Orion...!" Haley looked at her.

"Really...? Where's the rest of her...?"

"Hi..." said Luter "I take it you guys are the one who were helping Orion..." she bowed "I thank you..."

"Okay..." said Haley "It's really weird to see Mizuki do that..."

"Shut up..." said Mizuki "Where's Orion...?"

Luter lead them across the forest too a large tree stump, their instruments did not detect anything but Aurora's machines detected an energy signal. Luter outstretched her hands and a light appeared over the massive stump, Alex appeared, unconscious and battered, Mizuki and Haley both realized their assumptions were correct.

"How is he...?" aske Aurora. Luter brought her hands together and creating a ball of light, pushing it towards Alex, it became a soft ray of light that cause Alex to glow for a moment. Alex took a deep breath as some of his injuries faded away.

"He'll live..." said Luter "But he cannot fight anymore..."

"Perhaps we can help..." said Haley.

Chapter 3Edit

On Zephyr base, Aurora was in the STAR meeting room, with STAR elite, Commander Harrison was visible on a computer screen while Luter and Orion were in a medical room alone.

The Commander was upset, to put it lightly, for the first time the team had heard their leader curse in front of them, particularly at Mizuki. He had to stop and take a deep breath before he could continue.

"If I may interrupt..." said Aurora

"Please do..." said Mizuki under her breath

"All may not be lost..." said Aurora

"Do explain..." said the Commander

"I can simply go to the Universal Court and refute the traitor's claim, after all I am the victim..."

"Can you do that...?" asked Haley

"King Joe is composed of all of our ships but Orion or Luter can carry me, though Orion is healing and Luter... she's not going to be willing to leave his side..."

"What are they a couple or something...?" asked Vincent

"They've known each other since the academy, some seven thousand years ago..." Everyone in the room paused.

"How old are they...?" asked Haley.

"For Ultras... not very old, around ten thousand years..."

"Not very old...?" exclaimed Mizuki

"Considering that Orion has to wait another thirty thousand years before he can even think about growing a beard, no, he's not very old, I heard his mom and dad are over a hundred thousand years old, from what he said Ultras can live much longer than that..."

"You seem to know alot about them..." said Vincent.

"Of course, we are both diplomats, Ultras don't just fight to keep the peace, thanks to him I didn't have to marry that alien prince..."

"So..." said Mizuki "You're a...?"

"Princess, yes...." Mizuki slammed her head on the ground.

"Okay..." said Harrison "Then Princess how do we stop King Joe in the mean time...?"

"King Joe..." said Aurora "His power comes from his components, their structural integrity fields are combined to create and even stronger one, rendering the machine indestructible in theory, that same field cane be converted into an attack; his electrical beam. Only an Ultra would have the physical strength to break that field and even then only an experience one like Orion..."

"I thought you said he was young..." said Mizuki.

"Orion fought in the Machine War, when the Machine Empire threatened to subjugate the galaxy and turn us all into robotic drones. He and his brother Impulse destroyed their homeworld, ending the war, he's young but I assure you, he is experienced and decorated..."

Chapter 4Edit

Luter was in the room alone with Alex, he was on the bed sleeping and she regularly performed her healing technique on him, causing his vitals to rise up. The door opened and Mizuki entered and look at Luter.

"I take it you're the one who shot Princess Aurora..." said Luter with a cold tone.

"Yeah sorry about that..." said Mizuki "Look can I ask you a question...?"

"It depends on the question..." said Luter

"How come you have the light on your chest but Orion doesn't...?"

"My color timer...?"


"It is a combination of a nerve cluster, my energy core and an evolved sturnum, all Ultras have one... except Orion. From what I'm told he is tube-born..."

"Tube born...?"

"When my ancestors first gained the power of Ultra, they did not know how to procreate so they created the looms which they used to overcome this problem, in time we learned how to naturally procreate in our Ultra forms..."

"Why don't you just take of your suits...?" Luter looked at her.

"That's literally our skin..."

"Okay...! You're nudists..." said Mizuki, a little embarressed "But..." she said serious again "There was this dark Ultra, she had a stone on her chest, a dark one, just like his..."

"That's impossible..." said Luter "Orion is the creation of King himself...!"


"Zoe..." said Alex, he was partially awake "Zoe must be destroyed, or her menace will cause more suffering..."

"Zoe...?" asked Mizuki "Is that her name...?"

"Zoe must be destroyed..." Alex blanked out again, despite Mizuki's shaking. Luter pulled her of.

"Orion, Alex..." said Luter "He needs his rest..."

King Joe hovered in a dark place, the robot's self repair functions had kicked and inside the traitor was walking the halls. It was dark and wires poked out of the walls, ceiling and floor.

"Where is everyone...?" he shouted. He had first called to his crew and then he had searched for them but it was all for naught.

"They are gone..." The alien turned around to see Shadow

"You, you told me...!" Shadow's eyes flashed the alien was knocked onto the ground.

"I told you I would deal with Orion and I did, it's not my fault you didn't take that chance to finish him of..."

"Another Ultra..."

"A weaker Ultra, who did less damage to this machine than Orion on her own...!"

"Fine..." he said getting up "but where is my crew...?"

"They have left, to find their princess, or simply left."

"Why, why now...?"

"Because they do not want war, or violence, their princess has been killed and you shot the captain, they do not trust you..."

"This is your fault...!" you said

"You wanted to conquer and I gave you the chance, but if you think things are bad now..."


"Your princess lives, most likely she shall go to the Universal court and rule against your actions..."

"No, I will be...!"

"Cast down, placed in the space prison, I heard many of them have a thing for humanoids..."

"This is not funny...!"

"Indeed, so my master is infusing your machine with dark energy, it will no longer be able to disassemble but it will be powerful...!"

"Why, why would you do that...?"

"Think not of what 'we' do, but of what 'you' need to do..."

Chapter 5Edit

From the outside it appeared as though Alex and Luter were asleep, but in reality they had withdrawn to the domain of the minds. Their mental projects now existed with in a zone of prismatic swirling lights, their mental projections bearing the appearances of their true Ultra Selves.

"Orion..." asked Luter "are you alright...?" Orion had been staring into the colorful void.

"No..." said Orion "No..." Luter grabbed him by the arm.

"Come on cheer up, the humans will be alright as soon as we get Aurora to the Universal Court...!"

"I know and that is not the problem..." said Orion.

"Then what is...?" Orion looked at Luter.

"I am not a tube born..." he said

"Then you were born naturally...?" asked Luter confused

"Aye, but I wasn't born on the Land of Giants or any of the colony worlds..." Luter let go of his hand.

"I don't understand..."

"I was born on a planet whose people called it the Kingdom of Warriors, like your ancestors, we also gained the power of Ultra, but we did not have your people's passion for justice. The power of Ultra showed our hearts, many went dark and my world fell to ruin. For the longest time I thought I was the only survivor... until..."

"He saw me..." Luter turned to see a dark giant, a specter of dark energy in humanoid shape with only their red eyes, claws, lines and opal Heart Stone visible. The specter wore a red coat and hoodie, but she took them of.

"Who are you...?" asked Luter, taking a fighting stance.

"She is..." said Orion, there was anger in his voice "Zoe..."

"I am Dark Zoe..." The figure removed their cloak transforming it into a band on her arm. "I am Orion's... well he can tell you..."

"We are nothing...!" barked Orion as he turned around "I denounce you and that horrible race..."


"I don't care...! You and those like you, you killed everyone worth saving on that world..."

"So now you run to the Land of Giants, home of the weak..."

"Weak...?" exclaimed Orion "What do you know of strength, you from the nation of brutes, the best of the Kingdom of Stars would best the best of the Kingdom of Warriors, any day...!"

"What a brainwashed thing you have become..." said Zoe "You think they are perfect...?"

"NO, I learned long ago, not even they were perfect, but at the end of the day they are better than you ever were..."


"You are unworthy of my loyalty...!" Both of their eyes glowed red, until Luter interrupted.

"Orion..." she said. Orion calmed down as he turned to her. "Who is this... creature..."

"She is a dark Ultra from my homeworld..."

"Your homeworld...?"

"Aye, a world of warriors..." said Zoe

"A world of brutes..." said Orion "You call me weak, but I was not among the many who went dark, whose wicked hearts painted their bodies black...!"

"That was your fault...!"

"I have no power over what lies in the hearts of others..." said Orion

"What are you talking about...?" Ask Luter.

Chapter 6Edit

Orion looked at Luter and made a motion akin to sighing. It was bad enough she was here to meet Zoe, but Orion really did not want to think about that place ever again.

"My world, was known as the Kingdom of Warriors, and it people were humanoid, but unlike yours who were a race of enlightened menand devoted to ideals such as justice, my people were marauders, warriors, hunters. They lived in violence, they nuked themselves five times..."

"Battle is the Hunt...!" said Zoe.

"The Hunt was honor..." said Orion "Honor and discipline and 'you' had neither..." The two eyed each other with disdain, with anger and hate.

"So said the weakling..."

"You would be nowhere without this weakling, when our world was invaded whose intellect stopped what all those warriors and their brawn could not...? My mind, my intellect...! Could you be what you are now, if not for me...?"

"Orion...?" asked Luter. Orion looked at her. He sighed, he knew she deserved an explanation, one he did not want to give.

"The power of Ultra, you ancestors gained it by accident... as did I..."


"I was looking for a new source of energy, in one such experiment I found that the particle field could be metabolized and fused with our bodies, a higher form of life energy, mana..." He turned to Zoe "But she destroyed the containment device, the explosion spread the field all over out planet, turning everyone into Ultras."

"Your energy warped their minds..." shouted Zoe.

"Then by your definition of the word they were weak...! But no, their hearts were dark, the wonderful, horrible thing about being an Ultra, your form reflects your heart, Dark Hearts create Dark Ultras, hearts ruled by chaotic emotions, beastly instincts, what else could have happened. But you forget woman, you let out the energy, you exposed them to the truth they denied for years... that they had no honor...!"

"I refuse to argue with you anymore, Vandora will be avenged, first you and then the people of the Land of Giants will have to pay..." Orion paused.

"What do they have to do with anything...?"

"Oh..." said Zoe with an amused tone "You don't know...?"

"Know what...?" Zoe faded away. Alex and Luter 'awoke'. An alarm had gone of throughout the base. Alex and Luter looked out the window, their Ultra senses saw what only the sensors could pick up, King Joe.

Chapter 7Edit

King Joe flew with a new color scheme, his body was now black, his arms were larger and now sported powerful pistons, massive jet packs propelled its body through the air, this was no longer King Joe, it was Dark King Joe.

Alex tried to get out of bed but Luter held him down.

"No...!" she said "You are in no condition...!"

"Luter, move...!" said Alex, determined to face it. Fortunately there was no need. King Joe was repelled by a powerful shock, a force field.

"What was that...?" asked Alex.

"That was us...?" the two turned to see a Pedanian standing in the doorway. The man looked at them. "Is this a bad time...?" Alex and Luter looked at each other and blushed before they jumped out of bed.

"NO...!" they said in unison.

The STAR Elite meeting room was filled with Pedian solders. Aurora, Alex and Luter, under the name Marie, where now sitting at the table. Alex and Marie shared hugs with Aurora, they were appearantly friends for a very long time.

"So..." said Aurora "Have you two gotten married yet...?"

"What...?" the two said in unison. Aurora laughed.

"That never gets old..." she said with a smirk.

"Not that this isn't amusing..." said Mizuki "but we're not here to go down memory lane..." Everyone looked at her.

"Why are 'you' talking...?" asked Alex in a rather cruel way. Mizuki looked away.

"While your feelings are understandable..." said Commnader Harrison, who sat at the head of the table "We do have a lot to talk about, for example your people..."

"Our princess..." said one of the Pedanians "has long spoken out against our planet's xenophobic idealogy, she made note how so many planets benefitted from trade, of resources, technology, but we were stagnant. Many resisted her efforts but she won the support of our people when she brought the Ultras to our world and they cured a disease that ravaged us."

"However..." said another, this one a woman "there were others, mostly of the older generations who hung on to their xenophobic idealogy, we suspect this traitor works for them..."

"Okay..." said Harrison "Now about your spaceship...?"

"An escape pod, in case King Joe ever failed, but as for his change..."

"That was probably Zoe's work..." said Alex.

"Zoe...?" asked Aurora

"A dark giant, a dark Ultra..."

"A dark Ultra...?" the Pedanians looked around confused.

"What's so strange about an evil Ultra...?" asked Mizuki.

"That's just unheard of, I've seen the Land of Giant's records, their last criminal was thousands of years before they became Ultras!"

"Every Ultra..." said Alex "Has a strong sense of duty, of justice, we are the universally accepted upholders of Galactic Law..."

"Galactic Law...?" said the commander.

"The body of rules that all civil space-faring civilizations abide by. Those who do not are called Invaders and they behave as their name implies. The First Law, the most important Law states that advance civilizations like Planet Pedan cannot interfere with primitive worlds like Earth..."

"Primitive...!" shouted Mizuki

"Shut it...!" said Alex, his words implied a greater anger he was holding back. Mizuki turned away. "As I was saying, this Zoe, she acts in defiance everything we Ultras stand for, peace, justice, I highly suspect she is the reason for the minus field around your world..."

"Minus Energy...?" said the female Pedanian "Mana is still just a theory..."

"Don't..." said Aurora "Don't..."

"As I was saying..." said Alex "This minus field is more than likely the reason why Earth has had so many monsters in the past, not just Earth, in the past few centuries since the Machine War, several planet have had unexplained Minus Fields, which appear and then just as mysteriously disappeared..."

"What is a minus field..." asked Haley.

"Mana..." said Luter "Is the energy of life, the spark of energy that marks the difference between something being alive and not being alive. All planets with ecosystems have Mana fields. Like any energy Mana can behave as both a particle and a wave, Mana can transmit emotions, feelings, the energy some animals feel. Negative emotions and areas where life is being quickly destroy produces Minus energy and that does not generate any 'normal' form of life. But creatures that evolve to thrive in such places, if the concentration is high enough they may sudden advance in a way that they gain mass and often times become highly aggressive..."

"Monsters..." said Vincent.

"Of course..." said Alex "Most Giant monsters are bio-weapons produce by civilizations... natural giant monsters have become rarer and rarer since Ultras first appeared."

Chapter 8Edit

"Fascinating..." said Haley "And I assume beyond our science, but to generate a 'minus field' around our planet, this Zoe would have to be..."

"Rather evil..." said Alex "and rather powerful, I have no doubt she is. That's the meaning of a Dark Ultra, even the particle energy she runs on is the exact polar opposite of ours..."

"A dark Ultra..." said Aurora "I never thought I would see the day... wait, if she is the one who changed King Joe...?"

"More than likely..." said Alex "Her goal is likely to kill you, to cause havoc on this world..."

"Why...?" asked Haley.

"This is just my theory... but I think she has learned how to gain power from minus energy, the more conflicts there are here, the more monsters and tragedies they create, the thicker the minus field becomes and she can then use that extra power to grow stronger."

"If she is..." said Luter "The one responsible for all those planets, she must be very powerful by now..."

"Yes..." said Alex "But you forget with the minus field she has around the planet, her power is stretched thin."

"So we have an advantage...?" asked Harrison

"Yes but she will have still won if we don't get the princess to the court house."

"He's right..." said Aurora "but that traitor will be waiting for us, the only thing keeping him back is our forcefield..."

"Then we need to take him out..." said Alex.

"Easier said than done...!" retorted Luter "You're not fully healed and I am not that strong...!"

"That's unexpected coming from you..." said Aurora.

"His mom , kind of beat the arrogance out of me..."

"Back to the matter at hand..." said Alex "How are we going to stop that thing...?"

"I..." said Aurora "I may have an idea..."

Chaper 9Edit

The blue sphere raced across space at high speeds, it moved using a warp field, bending space to achieve faster than light speeds. There was a sense of urgency as the light flew across space, speeding past various solar systems and space vessels.

On Earth, Marie and Alex stood outside on top of Zephyer Base looking out at Dark King Joe. The machine had been flying around the base for sometime looking for a way in. Despite all of its upgrades it could not pierce the shield.

"Are you guys sure about this...?" asked Haley, she was standing in the doorway using a microphone due to not wanting to go outside. The winds had died down with the shield up but she did not want to risk being out there when the two left.

"We are...!" said Marie, her Ultra Bracelet appeared on her wrist. She turned to Orion. "We need to go all out from beginning..."

"Climax, start to finish..." said Alex. Marie raised her arm and Alex but his against hers, an Ultra 'bro-fist'. Dark King Joe stopped in front of the two, ready to fire the moment the shield came down. Alex and Marie raised her bracelets to the air and shouted their real names. The devices shined brightly, so bright that Haley and the others had to hide their faces. However, instead of their Ultra forms taking their place, the two Ultras jump kicked Dark King Joe. When they transformed, they also teleported outside the field. 

Luter and Orion held Dark King Joe and flew towards the island nearby. A deserted island about fity or so kilometers across, an experiment in artificial land masses. The three hit the ground and rolled, scattering. The first to rise King Joe who looked up, the barrier around the base gone and the Pedan saucer was taking of into the air, taking of for space. The jet packs and the thrusters on the arms activated as it took of into the air. Orion, who was now on his knees fired a beam from this middle and index fingers, the beam didn't do much but it was made to bypasse armor like Joe's. The machine's thruster malfunctioned and it flew about before crashing back into the ground.

King Joe got up only to be knocked back on its stomach by a double jump kick to the head by the two Ultras. Luter and Orion cartwheeled and back flipped and stopped to face the machine in fighting stances.

"You wretched Ultras..." said the traitor over King Joe's com-systems. "How dare you interfere with the advancement of Pedan..."

"Advancement...?" said Orion "Pedan was already advancing, it was coming out of its sad cowardly shell...!"


"Yes, you thought you were superior, no you were just afraid, afraid of things different to you, your princess was not afraid, she was brave while you were cowardly, she wanted to lead her world into a bright future, you sought out a dark path for Pedan."

"Give it up..." said Luter "Even now, Aurora is on her way to the Universal Court, you are now a criminal of Pedan and across space..." Indeed the saucer was flying up into space, but without warning it exploded, hit by red lightning.

The traitor laughed as Luter and Orion looked up in shock.

"You fools, my alley will see this world burn, and thus Pedan shall rise...!" Dark clouds appeared, the same clouds Zoe had always summoned to do her dark deeds, but it was different this time. The circle of clouds came down and from the epicenter a dark feminine form came down out and landed. The clouds shrank and disappeared above her head. Dark Zoe stood there in her full Ultra form.

Chapter 10Edit

Orion's eyes turned red for a moment, until Luter placed her hands on his shoulder, looking at her he calmed down. Zoe walked beside Dark King Joe, moving in a pompous fashion. She leaned on King Joe's shoulder, if she was human her face would've had a devilish smirk.

"Zoe...!" said Orion with an angry tone.

"Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, Zoe..." she replied in a mocking fashion "You would think you would've been raised to show some respect..."

"Respect...? You don't make me laugh...!"

"Why not, you made me laugh..." She pointed up to the debris falling from the sky and disintegrating. "You're friend the princess, I don't think she's laughing however..."

"Why did you do all of this...?" asked Luter

"Oh..." said Zoe "Your play date can talk Orion..." Orion growled, he didn't like how she was disrespecting Luter. "Don't try it boy, it will end like last time..."

"Answer her question..." said Orion.

"Fine, I want mayhem, I want the Ultras of the Kingdom of Stars to suffer for what they did to us...!"


"You think it was some great terror that wiped us out, no, it was the people you now count yourself among, they destroyed us, so I will make them suffer...! If you have any pride, any sense of dignity you would help me...!" Luter looked at Orion.

"It wasn't Luter's people who destroyed Diana, it wasn't them who ripped my father in half, who destroyed our cities, or set our world ablaze as we fought them. I fail to see why I would help the likes of you...!"


"There is nothing to betray...! Are you saying I should avenge the beasts, the monsters that destroyed my life, you are mad woman, the black bloods destroyed our people and the Ultras destroyed the black bloods, there is nothing to discuss. My people will be avenged when you are gone...!" Luter and Orion took their fighting stances.

"What strong words from the weakling..." said Zoe "So be it, Pedanian, wipe the floor with them...!" Dark King Joe charged them and Luter and Orion charged the machine. The three collided with the Ultras grabbing the machine's arms. In unison they punched it in the face and kneed it before pushing it back and delivering twin side kicks.

The machine stumbled back and Orion charged it again, King Joe slammed his arms down on Orion who stopped them with double High Blocks. Orion was brought to his knee, but as he went down Luter jumped up and delivered a flying kick to the machine's head. It stumbled back and Luter got behind Orion.

Orion formed a sphere the he held over his head and Luter fired a beam from her forehead, it struck the orb and the two became a large beam that struck King Joe, the machine glowed blue before sparks flew from all over it. It twitched about as Orion got up, then suddenly without warning, storm clouds appeared over them and shot down red bolts of lightning.

Chapter 11Edit

Orion and Luter put their hands over their heads as the raised shields for protection, but they had left themselves open for attack. King Joe's pistons extended back and collapsed, a pulse beam of energy shot out from each of his fists, hitting the Ultras in the chests. Luter and Orion were sent flying back and skidding across the ground leaving trenches.

"Break her..." said Zoe "If you would be so kind..." King Joe fired again, this time only aiming for Luter. The wave of pressure slammed against something kicking up dust. When it settled Orion stood in front Luter with his arms crossed. "How cute, protecting your beloved, let's hope that ends better than last time..." Orion's eyes flashed red until Luter grabbed him by the shoulder and picked him up. Orion grabbed Luter and she placed her arms around him, understanding what he had planned. "Children, this is a battlefield...!" said Zoe in a mocking fashion.

The two Ultras began to spin around, faster and faster until a tornado formed around them. The tornado flew towards the villains but the two jumped out of the way. They returned ready to counterattack when they noticed that Orion was all alone. The two turned around as Luter came back, her body was spread out, covered in energy and spinning at high speeds. She knocked the two down and landed next to Orion, Orion charged his O Spark, charging a ball of energy at his side. Luter put her fist up to her side and called particles of energy to it. As Zoe stood up the two fired their beams with outstretched fists, the beam fused and mixed into one beam that sped toward Zoe. Zoe however had forseen this, she had put her hands together over her head, energy arcing between them and brought it down in front of her forming an energy construct. The double beam struck and stopped before being reflected back at the two as a pulse of energy.

Explosion went of around Orion and Luter and on their bodies. The pair were knocked down, when the dust clear their color timers were flashing and they were struggling to stand up. Orion stood up, too angry and too stubborn to stay down.

"Luter..." he said "Go..."

"What...?" she exclaimed

"I said go...!"


"Don't argue with me...! Just go..." he said softly. Luter nodded and she got up and flew of into the sky.

"Where does she think she's going...?" said Zoe. Her hands crackled with red lightning as she prepared to summon her clouds. However she was stopped by a beam to her Heart Stone, from Orion's forehead.

"Your fight is with me...!" he said.

"So be it..." she said with a sneering tone "We will break you...!"

Chapter 12Edit

Orion stood up as the two moved to his sides. Zoe took a stance and King Joe readied itself. Zoe laughed, gaining Orion's attention.

"Do you really think, you can beat us...?" she said

"Woman..." replied Orion in a rude tone "I have been a space ranger for over six thousand years, I fought the beasts of the Dark Nebula, I destroyed the Throne world in the Machine War."

"I was there in the Dark Nebula..." said Zoe.

"I guessed as much..." Orion took a stance, his legs spread apart and his palm up, outstretched and facing  the two of them. "You're not threats, you're practice..." Orion took a breathing motion, his arms moved, one was in the air, the other down below with the palms facing each other. His eyes shined for a moment.

"I will break you...!" shotued Zoe. She and King Joe charged Orion, with Zoe being the faster runner. Orion crossed his hands infront his forehead, upon swinging them open his Wiseman's Eye turned red and so did he. His blue sections became red and his red sections turned silver.

Orion charged Zoe, the two locked arms but Orion turned to the side. He kneed her and delivered several kick to her side and back. He pushed her back and caught Dark King Joe's punch, before throwing it towards Zoe. He then turned and back kicked from behind causing it to fall on the dark giantess.

Zoe forced the machine off in anger and looked at Orion was just standing there, watching waiting. She got and roared, extending her claws which arced with energy. She swung at Orion who caught her arms and twisted them, he threw them aside and delivered a double punch to her stomach and face followed by a flurry of punches, straight punches, high punches, upper cuts and the occasional kick, Orion unleashed his power on her, always conscious to keep his anger in control. In truth Orion was not going all out, this red form was called 'Berserker' mode for a reason.

Orion kicked her away and then caught King Joe's punch with both arms. The pulse wave punch sent Orion skidding back but he kept himself up. King Joe charged again, with another power punch readied. Yellow flames appeared on Orion's head as he readied a punch, one covered in fiery energy. The two blows connected with the other and for a second they stopped, Orion's 'hair' disappeared. Seconds later King Joe twitched and his arm was destroyed in a series of explosion. Orion knocked the robot down with an inward jump kick  and prepared to deliver another punch when a beam from the side knocked him down and sent him skidding across the ground.

Zoe opened her cupped hands which still crackled with energy as King Joe got up.

"Impossible..." said the alien inside "How...? You did not have this power before...!"

"He always had this power..." said Zoe "Since before he became a 'space ranger'..." she said that last part with a mocking tone "He was simply to afraid of the power..." Orion got up.

"I am a space ranger, an Ultraman, I am sworn to protect lives, a power that can only destroy is of no use to me..."

"Excuses...!" said Zoe. Orion prepared to charge when King Joe raised its other arm. Its closed fist opened up to reveal several high powered cannons, the fist spun as it fired. Several explosions went of on Orion's body as he knocked onto his back. "What are you going to do now...?"

The two were about to charged Orion when a blue light appeared in the sky. From the aquamarine shine fell a giant weilding a trident, it slashed King Joe knocking it down again and swung at Zoe. She ducked but was knocked back by a knee to the face that made her stumble back and fall on her back. The light disappeared and giant jumped back and helped up Orion.

"Ultraman Torrent..." said one of the Pedanians in the STAR Elite meeting room, who like everyone else watched the battle via the screen.

Chapter 13Edit

"Who is that...?" asked Commander Harrison.

"That's Ultraman Torrent..." said another Pedanian, she was a secretary to the princess "He is Orion's step-father and one of the legendary big three of the Land of Giants..."

"Big three...?" asked Harrison.

"He is one the three greatest warriors of Space Patrol, Ultraman Torrent who wields his trident in a god-like fashion, the Battlemaster of the Kingdom of Stars Gigas, the son of King himself, Ultraman Prime the Supreme Commander of Space Patrol, the organization Orion is a part of..."

Torrent helped Orion, but he eyed his current form with disapproval. Orion was a little embarressed, seeing how his father had always disapproved of this form.

"Sir..." said Orion embarressed.

"So..." said Zoe, interrupting him as she and King Joe got up "Torrent, Orion do you know who this man is...?"

"Let me guess, he's either the one of, or one the Ultras that destroyed the dark ones on our homeworld..." Everyone was silent as they looked at him "What, it's only obvious by now, Zoe, did you think I was going to hate him. He destroyed the things that took everything I ever loved, he has my thanks...!" Torrent lowered his trident, it seemed as if there was a great burden lifted of his heart.

"All these years..." said Torrent "I though you would hate me..."

"My beloved, my siblings, my friends, my father they all fell by their hands... I was not the only one not to go dark, but I was the only to survive till the end..."

"What of you mother...?" asked Zoe...?" Orion's eyes turned red.

"That word...! That word is for one who raised me, loved me and raised me to be strong, that is my mother...!"

"Orion..." said Torrent, propping back up his spear. Orion made a breathing motion as he calmed down as his eyes returned to normal.

"Fine..." said Zoe "But you still failed, this world will burn when the invaders come...!"

"One or two are not going to defeat me..." said Orion pompously.

"One or two...?" asked the traitor Pedanian

"Oh, I'm sorry did you think you won...? That ship you destroyed, it was a decoy, the Pedanian's let me fiddle with it and give it an auto pilot. Don't forget I was a nerd before I was a warrior..."

"Then...?" said Zoe

"The Pedanians have another ship, cloaked and shielded..."

"Then I will destroy it and the princess..."

"She's not there..." Zoe looked at Zephyer base "She's not there either..."

"Then where...?" shouted the Alien.

"When Ultras need to hide on an alien world we either mimic the locals, or..."

"Luter..." said Zoe snarling

"That's, right..."

"What...?' asked the alien

"The female Ultra merged with your princess, from the beginning there were two distractions, the ship and Orion himself, she wasn't running away...!"


"Yes..." said Orion "by now Luter is at the Universal Court and Earth's Invader status has been removed... The only thing left to deal with is you two..." Orion raised his fist to the air. Mizuki's fight flew over head and dropped a payload that exploded over King Joe, the red paint caused the machine to twitch about and struggled. "You can thank your princess for this..." It was the paint she had helped develop to de-cloack ships turned instead into a machine jammer.

Orion crossed his arms as a flame covered his entire body, Torrent raised his trident into the air, bolts of lightning struck it as a blue sphere formed around the tips. Zoe's arms crackled with energy as her claws retracted. Zoe fired her Zoe Blast ray when she put her arms together, a black beam with red lightning, Torrent pointed his trident at her firing a blue sphere pushed forward by blue bolts from his trident. King Joe fired his guns at Orion, but the attacks were stopped by his flames. Orion charged the machine as Torrent and Zoe engaged in their beam clash, all the while enduring the machine's attacks, his guns and lightning bolts. Orion suddenly disappeared and the reappeared behind the machine. He jumped to his original position now without  his flames as Torrent gave a surged of energy overpowering Zoe's ray. Both villains met an explosive end, King Joe and his controller from Orion's flames now rampaging inside the machine and Zoe from Torrent's blast. The explosions were massive and as Orion returned to his normal form the Pedanians and STAR rejoiced in their victory.

Chapter 14Edit

Orion and Torrent slammed their arms together, the first time they had ever done such a thing. However their victory was only half complete. Zoe stood up, her body smoking but she was very much still alive. Orion then realized the obvious, when last he saw her, she did not have those patches of extra armor on her body.

"Our people..." she said, she was hunched over and making a panting motion "Have always adapted, this should not shock you Orion. But I wonder, after all the battles you waged, why is it your appearance has not changed...?" Orion looked at his body "It matters not...!" She stood up and swung her arms open. Waves of dark energy gathered in the sky condensing above her and raining down as darkness that her Heart Stone absorbed. Orion and Torrent knew what it was, the minus field, her power stretched across the globe now condensed into one place. "I am a devour of worlds, on the death of stars I have fed and grown strong, who among would dare challenge my power...!?" She finished absorb the entire field and she stood upright now. Her skin was now darker, so black it fel like staring into a bottomless pit.

"How about us...?" Luter landed beside Orion, she had returned from her task.

"Another comes to die..."

"No..." said Orion "She is here to show what frienship can do...!" He faced her, both formed spheres of white light in their hands. They placed them together and placed their other hands on the cojoined sphere. They clapped their hands together, spread them apart and waved their hands. White aura's covered their bodies before they seperated. They form sphere in their hands from their auras and while Orion pointed his down, Luter pointed hers to the air. The sphere became beams Orion's light covered the land and Luter's filled the sky. 

Zoe was struck with pain and white bolts of lightning as the light attempted to purify her darkness, to afraid for the sake of her power she disappeared into her clouds which then faded away.

Some time later the three Ultras stood in a circle, Luter was latched on to Orion's arm as she spoke to his father.

"I'm sorry, sir...father..." his head was down.

"Your recall orders were because you were too injured to continue fighting, it's a wonder you didn't die..." said Torrent.

"Don't worry..." said Luter "I'll patch you up and we'll be back her in no time...!"

"If I may..." said a voice. A bright light appeared in the sky revealing the images of King and Ultraman Prime. "Orion..." continued King "Can stay..." The three saluted by placed their fists on their color timers.

"Orion..." asked Luter "Who's the old guy...?"

"This is my father..." said Prime. Luter released Orion and froze up in shock.

"Orion..." said King "You cannot die..."

"Of course not..." said Orion "I have to eventually replace you..." Orion hung his head down in sadness to the surprise of Luter and Torrent.

"Isn't that a good thing...?" she asked

"Why are you... scared...." said Prime, then turning to his father "you who faced the dark nebula, those two foes and the hordes of the Machine Empire without fear, why now...? Father...?"

"For my word to your father..." said Orion "I am honor bound to silence, but I will say this, your father doesn't want you to succeed him... because he loves you..."

"Orion..." said King. His Wiseman's Eye flashed as Orion's glowed. Orion suddenly found himself knowing something. He outstretched his hands rapidly into the light from his forehead, forming it into a white sphere, one which after forming turned sea green. Orion called it into his Heart Stone and he felt and the others saw as his injuries disappeared. "You shall stay, because I know you must.

Some time later Mizuki and the other STAR Elite members met Alex on the island, he was looking up into the sky long after the Pedanians, Luter and his father had left.

"Well..." said Mizuki "That all worked out well..."

"No..." said Alex.

"Meaning...?" asked Haley

"Earth is now protected again, but it has been brought to the attention of all the various invaders to do not honor Galactic Law..."

"I'm sorry..." said Mizuki. Alex looked back, his expression was somewhat cold but it was softening. "That Dark Giant, I met her before, when I was a child, she killed my parents, killed my best friend's parents and took her..."


"Yes..." everyone, even the commander was silent.

"She is dead, it's Zoe's essence that animates her and keeps her spirit trapped in there..."

"All the more reason for me to destroy her then, if not to let Rosaline rest..."

"No..." said Alex, turning back to the sky

"What do you mean, no...?"

"Destroying Zoe is my right..."


"Because she is my mother..."