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Name: The Relentless Shadow
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Title: The Relentless ShadowEdit


Possession Monster: Skulletor


Mizuki wore a yellow shirt with a brown jacket and jeans as she walked up to her apartment. It was her time of and she had resolved to spend it with her boyfriend Jack. Jack was a young man, around her age, a full head taller than her, he was Caucasian, with short swirly brown hair, hazel eyes, he was fit and wore a brand name shirt and pants and above all he was handsome, he was also kind and had a sense a humor.

Jack walked her to her apartment, they said their goodnight and Mizuki went in, closing the door behind her. On instinct, she drew her blaster and pointed it into the darkness. Shadow walked out and of the dark into the moonlight that flowed in through the windows.

"What are you doing in my house...?" she asked coldly.

"Waiting for you..." replied Shadow.

"Well I'm here, what do you want...?"

"I've come with news, a predication..."

"I don't put much stock in those..."

"For this one you will, you will have to make a choice..."

"A choice...?"

"Between your happiness or your hero..." Mizuki fired her blaster, but the bolt shattered against a purple shield of energy. Mizuki fired again, only to receive the same result.

"Sorry..." said Shadow, a dark specter appeared behind her, a dark being with red lines like Orion's, red dome eyes, glowing claws and a black swirl on its shadowy body. "My boss thinks I'm too valuable..." Mizuki froze and fell to the floor, leaning against the door. She was having a panic attack and only remembered to take deep breaths when Shadow and the specter disappeared into the dark, leaving the same way they came.

Shadow stood atop a skyscraper, she stood there standing on one foot as she balanced on the tip of an antenna. She looked up at the night sky, at the full moon and noticed a dark sphere flying towards her. Raising her hand, the sphere levitated over his palm like a pet.

"Hello there..." she said "We've been expecting you... go and play..." The sphere flew of.

Chapter 1Edit

Alex walked through the busy city, crossing the intersection with a large crowd. He wasn't going anywhere, he had no appointments, he was simply walking about until he ran into someone he knew.

Few had ever seen Commander Harrison when he wasn't in a military base or operation and fewer had seen him out of his uniform. The commander wore a short baggy jeans, a yellow Hawaiian shirt and sandals and yet despite his calm demeanor one would not question him on his appearance.

The two sat at a restaurant in the outside section with only a railing separating them from the road. The commander had ordered coffee and Alex sat there eating a large sundae without a hint of remorse for the Commander's wallet.

"Strange..." said the Commander "You would swear you were a kid..."

"Back home..." said Alex "I am a kid..."

"Where is home...?"

"Very far away..." he replied, having gulped down half of the sundae already.

"That doesn't tell me anything..." Alex was silent. "Fine, I'm just wandering if you have reconsidered my offer...?"

"What is your interest in me...?" Alex asked.

"Like my subordinate Mizuki..."

"What a sparkling personality..." Alex said sarcastically.

"Yes, like her, you are suspected to have psychic potential..."

"Is that suppose to mean something...?"

"Mizuki has a sixth sense for finding a monster's weak spot, for detecting their presence when our sensors can't, we tested your blood, you have that same strange enzyme believed to cause psychic abilities..."


"That or your an alien, but so far you've done nothing to make us think you're an invader..." Alex looked at the command who had a straight face and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you know about aliens...?" asked Alex

"I know since this 'era of monsters' began, mankind learned it was not alone in the universe and in a very harsh way. First was the Teelak, they took control of several monsters and demanded we surrendered, I personally was on their moon base and shot several of them..."

"You speak of war as if it is something to be proud of..."

"Should a solder not be proud of his medals...?" Alex shook his head.

"My dad, of the few times he spoke to me, always said that when a civilization goes to war it is a failure in and of itself admittedly sometimes we have to fail, but that doesn't mean we should enjoy it..."

"Really..." said the commander with skepticism "What was your father's profession?"

"He is one of the foremost ranking officers in the army, and a veteran of several conflicts, he has watched friends die..." Alex said defensively.

"I see..." said the commander "Is that why you came here, to make your old man proud...?"

"I would rather not waste my time on the impossible..." said Alex with as sad look, for a moment he slowed down in his devouring of the ice cream.

"Then why are you here, and don't tell me it's because of a job..."

"People need help..."

"They don't want help..."

"But they need it none the less..." Alex finished his meal and got up "Thanks, but I'm good where I am..."

Chapter 2Edit

Haley entered the room carrying several datapads, folders of the future. She had come to check the main computer and found Vincent sitting in front the main monitor. The room existed for the Elite themselves to perform time sensitive investigations on their own and thus only they could enter.

Vincent simply sat in front the monitor looking at various replay footage of Orion, or simply Ultraman as he was called, fighting the various monsters he had already battled, particularly the various abilities he had shown.

"You seem to have found something interesting...." said Haley. Vincent didn't turn around, besides replaying it was almost as if he was ignoring her.

"Where does he go...?" asked Vincent, it felt as if he was musing to himself.

"Can't help you there...?"

"I know..." said Vincent "You're a biologist, I doubt you can tell me how this guy just disappeared right in front of you..."

"You know how to rub it in don't you..."

"Aren't you the least bit interested in his abilities..."

"Yeah, firing beams, flying, incredible strength, skin immune to all conventional weaponry and even our own upgraded weapons, he's a regular superman..."

"The Ultimate superman, Ultraman and we know nothing about him...that bothers me."

"There are a lot of things in the universe we don't know..."

"But they are not here in our face, besides his abilities we know nothing about this being, why did he come here, who sent him or drew him here and where does he disappear to when he's finished fighting...?"

"Who knows...?"

"Mizuki does..." Haley looked at him. "You probably haven't noticed but Mizuki had a look or recognition when she first saw him and not the good kind..."

"You were spying on her...?" she said upset.

"I was looking at footage, all the footage surrounding Ultraman, not just her fighter camera..."

"I see, well I don't know what to say about that, if she does know something she would've said so, you know her..."

"This is Mizuki, we are talking about..."

"Good point..."

Mizuki fired again and again in the shooting gallery. Each time she kept her hand steady hitting the target in the head and chest, but in her mind she wasn't shooting an outline of a human with targets, her mind was occupied with other things. That dark image that was behind Shadow, it was the same terror from her childhood, her nightmares and as she focused on it her mental image of it turned into an image of Shadow, then finally Orion. At that last moment, her aim was of as his appearance suddenly caught her of guard. She simply stood there and wondered.

"Something bothering you...?" Mizuki turned to see Tachibana

"No..." replied Mizuki "Just..."

"What is it...?" asked Tachibana, he walked to the firing range carrying a blaster rifle.

"Ultraman, what do you think of him...?"

"I don't fully trust him, he's an alien and a giant one at that, what do you expect, but..."

"But what...?"

"After that fiasco with that Ice monster, I'm willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, he had to be fighting that hard for a reason, and invasion seems unlikely..." He began firing of some shots, his target was a custom cement block in he shape of a person. It was reduced to rubble in a few hits. Mizuki simply thought about that image she saw, of Orion running from dark figures, evil Ultras and loosing someone he clearly cared about. Mizuki knew what that was like, especially with her thoughts keep returning to Shadow's ultimatum.

"Where do you think he goes when he's not fighting monsters...?"

"Can't say for certain... but any warrior or solder is going to have a place to R&R..." The alarm suddenly went of. "To bad we don't have time for that ourselves..."

Chapter 3Edit

The monster came from out of nowhere, it rampaged without focus and waved its arms about like a madman. How many lives had been lost was unknown but Orion would not suffer to see more innocents lost. Ultraman appeared in a flash of light and immediately landed a jump kick into the monster's chest. The force of the blow shattered the windows around them as Orion flipped back into the air and landed on his feet.

Shadow watched from the distance on a faraway rooftop, she knew Orion could sense her, but she also knew he could do nothing about that at the moment. The monster stood up and roared before vomiting up black soot, spraying it at Orion's feet. Not even seconds after it left the beast's body the substance ignited into a massive fireball, one that gave of intense heat.

Orion raised his arm instinctively and that left him open, a chance his enemy took. The beast ran forward with its head down and rammed Orion in the stomach with enough force to knock him of his feet. Ultraman landed on his back and the beast approached ready to vomit again.

Particles gathered in the stone on his forehead, but Orion found that was unneeded, a volley of missiles struck the monster and exploded in white flashes of intense plasma. The monster stumbled back as it cried out in pain and Orion got up and delivered a punch to its stomach. It stumbled back some more and Orion continued with a kick to the chest knocking it down. Mizuki came back with her squadron and they fired their blasters at the beast again. Orion's lines shined as his energy hair appeared, he raised his arms, glowing with the energy they contained and then, he did nothing. The monster gave out a cry and it disappeared in a pulse of dark energy leaving everyone surprised. Orion looked lost for a moment then turned to the distance, Shadow was also gone. With nothing left to do he turned into a sphere of light and took of.

Within moments, STAR was on the ground to help with the recovery, providing medical aide to civilians. The worst was a man who had several burns all over his body. He was unconscious when they found him and was rushed to a hospital. Haley coordinated the medical and scientific teams in research and rescue as Mizuki approached still in her jumpsuit and her helmet to her side.

"This is just too strange..." said Haley

"What do mean...?" asked Mizuki

"That monster just disappeared. It just vanished into thin air..."

"Like Ultraman...?"

"Yes, actually..." Haley looked at Mizuki "Have you ever wondered where he goes when he disappears?" Mizuki just gave a look.

"No actually, I can't say that I have..." she said with sarcasm

"Not surprising, but tell me, why are you so antagonistic towards Ultraman..." Mizuki turned to leave.

"He's an alien, why else...?"

The man was placed within a special wing of the hospital, he was the burn victim taken from the scene of the monster attack. The nurses placed him in a patient's garb and put him on a bed, he had been unconscious since the attack and it took three nurses to move him.

When they were done they left the room, commenting on how heavy he was for his size and his strangely shaped burns. As they closed the door they were unaware he had awoken with eyes glowing black.

Chapter 4Edit

Shadow stood outside the hospital looking up in the rain. Where the overcast sky had come from was unknown, but everyone but Shadow simply assume the weatherman was wrong. However, she cared nothing for the rain, for the cold, she didn't feel any of that, her interest was something else, something in the hospital.

The sound of glass shattering could be heard clearly over the pitter-patter of the rain and everyone looked up to see a man falling from the twentieth floor of the hospital. Everyone but Shadow was aghast, believing he was a suicide until he landed and left nothing but a crater in the ground.

The man still wore his patient's uniform, his shirt was open showing that his burns had healed. He looked at Shadow, with his black eyes while she simply looked back at him with glowing red eyes. He bowed to before he took of knocking people out of the way while Shadow suddenly faded away into thin air.

Alex turned around, he was walking the streets when he sensed it, he noticed the rain clouds that had gathered around in the distance, while the rest of the city was dry. Someone was hiding something from him, the rain was just a side-effect of that power but at that last moment when the power behind the rain failed he felt it.

"It's alive..." he mused to himself solemnly.

Haley and her crew scanned the scene, the room where the man had escaped. A nurse had been carted out of the room, she had been strangled to death. They examined the window and looked around the scene using scanners. Mizuki and Tachibana entered the room.

"So Doc..." said Tachibana "What's the news...?"

"Don't call me Doc..." she replied "And the news is, there is no news at the moment..." a file was uploaded to her tablet. "Oh..."

"What is it...?" asked Mizuki

"This gentleman, he was sent herewith third degree burns, but when he got her it was second degree..."

"Okay..." said Tachibana "Your guys gave a misdiagnoses..." Haley gave him a look "Never mind..."

"Look at this..." she said handing her tablet to Mizuki "This is from Vincent..."

"All of his injuries match the injuries given to the monster..." said MIzuki "Skulletor...? Who names these things...?"

"The commander..." said Haley, taking it back, another file was sent to her, this time from her men "It seems this man had proteins in his body not native to humans..."

"So he was the monster...?" said Mizuki

"Impossible...!" said Tachibana "That thing was over a hundred feet tall, how can it just shrink down to human size..."

"What if..." said Haley "He was just the host...?"

"What...?" asked Tachibana

"The host, Vincent's theory, what if the monster itself was just a mass of energy, it takes a host and uses them as a focus to convert into themselves mass and then back again..."

"That..." said Mizuki "Would explain a lot of things..."

"Maybe that's were Ultraman runs of too..." said Tachibana. Both of the girls looked at him "What...?"

"Good point..." said Mizuki "But how do know this guy is not just an alien...?"

"Simple..." said Haley "He has a history..."

Underneath the bridge the man slouched against the wall, his eyes were no longer black they were blue.

"Please..." he said "I want to go home, to my family..."

"Hm, that sounds like fun..." said the man, this time with black eyes "It is about dinner time..."


"Too late...!"

Chapter 5Edit

The man, the creature inside the man walked in the back alleys of the neighborhood. It was a suburban neighborhood, most people were at work or school, but his wife was home on maternal leave. It didn't take long to get there, he had his host's memories to work with. He could see her in the kitchen fixing something to eat for a guest. He made his move and head towards the back door and moved his arm towards the handle. All the while the man screamed inside his head for the monster to stop.

The blue pulse of energy made him recoil is arm in pain. He turned as saw Alex, his fingers still crackling with energy.

<By the mandate of article 2 of Galactic Law, I demand that you identify yourself...> said Alex telepathically.

<What do I care for your laws?> said the creature inside the man.

<Please stop him, he's after my family!> said the man inside his own mind. Alex looked shock and then angry.

<Skulletor...> he said angrily

<So I'm the buggyman for the Ultra, I am honored...>

<No, we just had difficulty with the idea that anything could as...lowly as such a thing as you...> the creature snarled.

Torrent stood alone on the ring of the Space Patrol 'Home' department. He looked out into the distance towards Earth, towards Orion, his step son, watching him. He stood there alone, Trident in hand, as a powerful figure. Then came Tori, coming down with grace and a sense of divine charity. She stood next to her husband and knew what he was looking at.

"Why do you watch...?" she asked "Ever since he went to that world, you've watched him so closely, yet you wanted nothing to do with him..."

"I..." said Torrent, there was a sense of anxiety in his voice the he knew she would sense. "He, despite where he comes from, he is so innocent, he believes in us, in the Justice of Ultra more so than most Ultras themselves, I don't know if I can live up to his expectations, or if anyone can and when we can't, when the truth comes out, what will become of his heart..." Tori grabbed him by the arm.

"If only you would tell him this, let him know..."

"I can't..."

"Why not..." he was silent "Honey..?."

"There is going to be a day when Orion and I will fight, when his true power will be revealed, when he will have to see if he can control it..." She hugged his arm tightly for a moment.

"Orion has never cared for being strong, he has only cared about honoring the Land of Giants and its people. He has grown strong not because of his training, he had endured his training for the sake of his loved ones. It our bond with him, it is that which gives him strength."

"I know, I also know that on that world, his heart will be tested, he will face things that will weigh down on his soul just as that war did..."

"We should never have sent them to war, children..."

"Young men and women, who joined the Space Patrol knowing full well the price they may have to pay for peace and justice."

"Orion fought in the name of Ultra, he still fights, he will fight..."

"He will have to fight..."

Chapter 6Edit

Alex chased after the creature to the forest where he forced it to flee. Alex fired several Light Bullets from his fingers as he chased after the monster. The two ran at high speeds normally only seen by cars, they jumped at great heights leaping over the houses in the neighborhood until they ended up deep in the forest.

The creature landed and turned around spitting out a large puff of black smoke that turned into a fireball. Alex was coming down out of the air into the fireball's trajectory. He crossed his arms as the it hit him and swung them open. Only the sleeves of his jacket were singed as the force of his swung tore apart the fireball and he landed on his knees, immediately getting up and firing a light bullet.

The creature blocked his arm, which had become scaly, the energy blast shattered against it arm and the creature hissed.

"You really think you can save this poor sap? Fool...!" it shouted. Dark waves of energy radiated from it body, a dark body of energy covered it and grew in size, taking the shape of Skulletor before fading to reveal said monster.

<If you want to stop me, you must destroy this pathetic human's life!> Alex raised his left arm, holding up the Legend Bracelet. However he paused, the creature's words had struck deep, would he, could he take an innocent's life? Unknown to him both of his step-parents watched from a galaxy far, far away knowing what he was feeling.

Skulletor motioned a deep breath and spat out his black smoke which ignited on the ground in an explosion. The creature laughed until it noticed the light behind it. It turned around as Orion delivered a powerful punch to its face. It stumbled back but the Ultra grabbed it by the head and flipped it over his shoulder slamming it into the ground.

"No..." said Orion solemnly "No more tears, you die and he will live..." Orion took a fighting stance and knocked the monster onto it legs with a kick to the chest, followed by a back kick to the stomach. He grabbed the creature by the throat and delivered a neck chop.

Mizuki and Haley were with the man's Wife, talking about him and where he may have gone. They didn't tell her about his 'problem' but that he needed to be checked up by their doctors. While Haley talked to the woman and comforted her, Mizuki leaned on the doorway. She kept eyeing the back door, getting the feeling there was something out there. Eventually the sensation stopped but the sound of explosions caught the attention of all the women in the room. Looking outside the saw nothing but some smoke in the distance.

"It's probably nothing..." said Haley "Just a fire, the fire fighters will take care of it..." Haley and the wife moved to return inside but Mizuki blocked their path, her eyes were fixed to the distance. Haley was about to quarrel until Mizuki pointed to the distance. Both women looked to see the monster rise up in the distance followed by UItraman. Immediately both women reached for their bracers, going for the communication function.

Chapter 7Edit

Skulletor charged at Orion who countered with a tackle to the monster's stomach, Orion turned around and backed kick the beast in the guts causing it to keel over. The blow was followed by a side kick to the monster's head. Skulletor hit the ground and rolled. It tried to get up but Orion delivered an Axe kick to its shoulder blade followed by a kick, via a back flip, to the monster's face.

Skulletor was knocked back on its feet and stumbled back, it took a deep breath and paused for a moment. Something was wrong, before when Orion punched him, it was the host's transformed body that felt the pain, but now he was getting tired and the man was still just fine.

<What did you do to me...?> the beast barked in its mind.

<Simple...> replied Orion <...I now know what to hit> The beast didn't care for an explanation, it charged Orion again. It swung it arm and despite blocking, Orion was pushed back. The two giants locked arms in a contest of strength which Orion found he was loosing. It was unclear if the creature was just stronger than him or if it was his numerous half healed injuries that slowed him down, but Orion was being pushed back.

Skulletor lifted Orion into the air and threw him, slamming him into the ground. He moved on Orion only to be assualted by a barrage of blaster bolts and plasma missiles. The STAR airforce had arrived, lead by Mizuki, they unleashed all they could on the beast until something strange happened. Orion had jumped in front of the monster, arms out wide, he took the brunt of the attack with his own body, leaving him open to assault from Skulletor.

"What is he doing...?" asked Mizuki.

"He may know about him..." said Haley over her communicator.

"Him..." asked the man's wife. Haley did not reply.

The beast swung its long, powerful arms across Orion's head knocking him about and leaving him in a daze. With Orion stun it motioned a deep breath, its throat expanding and glowing before firing a massive fireball in the Ultra's face, knocking him on his back. Orion grabbed his head in pain and gave out a shout of agony. He stumbled onto his feet only to receive a tail whip to the neck from Skulletor.

Orion was sent flying backwards leaving a massive trench in the forest. Skulletor laughed, only to be attacked again, this time by Mizuki alone. Again the creature spat out a fire ball, Mizuki moved out of the way but the proximity to such an intense heat source put her fighter out of commission. She was going down and the eject mechanism was not working from the shock cause by the hot air.

When all seemed lost, just before she hit the ground, she dead stopped, she looked to see Orion, having jumped and slid across the ground holding her. He placed her down gently and stood up and face Skulletor, still having trouble standing.

Chapter 8Edit

<Why do you fight so hard for these nothings...?> asked the beast.

<If you, who are merged with one, cannot tell, I cannot explain to filth such as you...> Skulletor roared and exhaled fumes of smoke which self-ignited causing a forest fire. It laughed until it noticed a blue light from behind the flames. Orion stood with a ball of blue energy in his hands, the light somehow causing the flame around him to die out as frost and rise began to appear on the trees. The creature roared again and charged Orion who sent the ball flying at him, encasing the monster in ice.

Orion raised his hand, his palm glowing white, and waved his other bracer around it, causing the light to form a sphere. In a gentle pushing motion, the sphere fired a bright soft white beam into Skulletor who had just broken free of the ice. The creature roared, black smoke rose from its body as it began to loose mass until the creature itself disappeared.

Orion stumbled but kept himself up by force of will, his Heart Stone had been beating loud and steadily since the fireball to his face. He knelt down and picked up something before taking off as a ball of light.

Haley and the wife looked with awe and shock as Orion's sphere landed before them, revealing a human sized Orion holding the woman's husband in his arms. Orion stood some six to seven feet tall, the man, the humans seemed so small even at that small size. He put the man down and the woman ran to her husband, who was not waking up.

"He will be fine..." said Orion, both women were shocked to here his voice "He is simply tired, I would not be shocked if he slept the entire day. Orion turned to Haley, who had a surprised look on her face and was poking him on the shoulder in disbelief. "Stop that..." he said annoyed causing her to back off. Orion was about to take of when...

"Orion..." he looked down at the man, now awake "Yes I know your name, that monster is still alive..."

Shadow stood atop a tree, balancing on the stub of her big toe with inhuman ease. She was over looking the damaged section of the forest, the place where Orion and Skulletor had just fought. She outstretched her hand and black smoke/energy gathered into a sphere above her palm as it radiated dark energy, restoring the sphere to its former mass. Shadow and the ball both disappeared.

Orion turned to the distance, for a moment he sensed the dark energy, an energy he was becoming familiar with.

"What is it...?" asked Haley, still surprised.

"There is a dark force working against this planet, summoning these monsters..."

"A dark force...?" Orion keeled over and grabbed his side.

"A dark foce, a minus field, your science cannot detect it but a minus field surrounds this planet, this world is too healthy to have such a field, someone has made this planet a target for invaders and monsters alike..."

"What the heck is a minus field..." It was then that Haley noticed the Heart Stone "That thing, its like a warning light..."

Orion flew of leaving Haley with more questions than answers and a couple, shaken up but happy to be reunited.

Chapter 9Edit

Mizuki walked out of her shower in a tank top and baggy pants. She walked out of the shower drying her hair only to find Haley in her room sitting at the desk looking out the window. They were on the Command Carrier, heading back to base and Mizuki was force to take show due to the amount of sweat she produced from the heat of the monster's fire ball. She was now heading to the gym for more training but stopped upon finding this intrusion. Mizuki looked at Haley annoyed but she didn't move or turn around.

"Orion..." said Haley.


"The giant's name, Ultraman, it's Orion..."

"How do you know that...?" asked Mizuki, somewhat alarmed.

"I saw him upclose, he was right in front of me and he spoke..."

"Yeah, he's made sounds akin to english before, like that time with register-code Ho..."

"Yeah but this time it was a complete sentence..." Mizuki sat down next to her.

"What did he say...?"

"He said someone was causing all of these monster's to appear, something about a minus field. I wanted to ask more but he flew off..."

"Anything else...?"

"Nothing, other than being annoyed at me poking in his shoulder, he said nothing..."

"Well..." Mizuki paused "His shoulder...?"

"Yes, he was at a human size, rather tall..."


"This alien giant, bearing the name of a giant from ancient mythology, causally broke the laws of physics to deliver a man back to his wife..." Haley was silent for a moment "Why do you think he cares...?"

"What...?" asked Mizuki

"He put himself in harms way to save that man, even though he had been turned into a monster, is that typical of his race or just him. Can you imagine an entire race of beings like that, fighting monsters all over the universe, why...?"

"I don't know, maybe they're  a race of superheroes..." Haley smirked, just for a moment

"Now I just have to figure out what a Minus Field is... and who's causing it..."


"That's also what he said, that our planet was 'too healthy' to have such a minus field, so someone had to have put it there and that's the reason for these monsters..."

Shadow sat on a rock in a dark place, a dark realm where no natural light source existed. She sat holding Skulletor's sphere form in her hand.

"Yes..." she said "I think it's time they made their choice..."

Chapter 10Edit

Orion's sphere of light landed in a forest, shinning bright, the light disappeared to reveal Alex. His first action was to fall to his knees and onto the ground. Pulling up his shirt his chest was covered with bruises and slight burns. He knew the reason for this, his Ultra body was at home on worlds with intense sunlight or the depths of space. Here on Earth, his body's self repair mechanisms were impaired by the air particles meaning, though his wounds closed the injured areas still sported a weakness in their structure, weaknesses that were sapping at his strength, weaknening him and leaving him more vulnerable. The only alternative was to go into the Ultra Dimension, but he was not going to risk it with that thing on Earth. It had already entered the mental realm of the Ultras, the Ultra Dimension was not a far stretch and besides, the last time he went in there it was his body acting on instinct. Alex stood up and limped towards his campsite.

Jack had gotten home from work, holding several building plans and a suitcase, he was on the phone trying to call Mizuki but she was not answering her phone.

"Come on pick up..." he said annoyed, it was not the first time but it was still annoying. He was trying to find out what she wanted for her upcoming birthday.

"If you are looking for your girlfriend..." said a voice. Jack turned around to see Shadow standing behind him "We can help you with that..." she held up a sphere of dark and evil energy.

STAR had gathered around the man's house, they were running several tests on him as his wife dotted on him in worry. They scanned him, took blood, saliva and skin samples and they all came back negative for anything non-human. Haley and Mizuki talked to the commander via Haley's communicator, they were of on their own in another room.

"You're certain he's back to normal...?" asked the commander with doubt.

"Positive..." said Haley "All the tests confirm it, he's as humans as any of us..."

"I've checked over their results..." said Vincent out of sight.

"How is that possible...?" asked the commander.

"There's more..." said Haley "Ultraman apparently spoke to the man..."

"You're certain...?"

"Seeing how he also spoke to me... yes..." Haley told the commander everything she could remember and the Commander simply absorbed it.

"A Minus Field..." said Vincent "That sounds like something a Sci-Fi writer came up with..."

"Maybe..." said Haley "But he said that's what was causing the appearance of monsters..."

"Really..." said Vincent "Some unseen energy field is what's causing these things to appear...really..."

"Do you have a better reason why life forms that violate all known laws of physics suddenly appear...?" Vincent was silent. As Haley continued to talk with the two Mizuki walked away, she had grown bored with all this talk of Minus Fields and Ultras and snuck of to the side to call her boyfriend. The phone rang and someone picked up, instead of Jack's voice she heard.

"Sorry Mizuki, Jack can't come to the phone right now..." said Shadow in a mocking tone.

Chapter 11Edit

Mizuki got out of the car and ran up to the door of Jack's apartment. She stopped and turned around to see Haley getting out of her own car.

"What are you doing here...?" asked Mizuki

"What are you doing just running of...?" replied Haley. Mizuki didn't want to answer "I called backup, they will be here soon, now what is going on...?"

"I think some alien has attacked Jack..."

"Your boyfriend, why...?"

"Since when do aliens need a reason..."

"To invade, probably not a lot, to go after a specific person like this, yes I think they would. What is going on, what aren't you telling me..."

"I don't know how to say it, look I need to see if Jack is okay...!" Mizuki turned and open the door, instead of finding Jack's apartment, the two found a mass of purple and black energy, a darkness that shined out and seemingly consumed them before the door closed again.

Alex was finished dressing his wounds when he felt it, another surge of minus energy, a beacon of evil calling him out to battle. He knew it was a trap, but even so he couldn't say no. Inside his tent there was a flash of light and he was gone.

Haley awoke to the poking and shoving of Mizuki, she awoke to find herself in a strange place. They appeared to be in Jack's apartment, but everything was blue with a purple background. Mizuki already had her gun out and was looking around as Haley got up.

"Where are we...?"

"A subspace field..." the pair turned around to see a sphere of red light suddenly appear before them. Mizuki trained her gun on it, but Haley forced her hand down.

"A subspace field..." asked Haley.

"Space time is more than just what you see..." said the voice from the sphere "It had frequencies as EM waves do, hence why we have alternate dimensions within the same Space-Time Zone..."

"Space-Time Zone...?"

"A universe..., we are within a spatial tear, wherein a subspace field of another phase has been erected. This place, it is the Darkness Swallowing the Light... disturbing..."

"Afraid of the dark...?" asked Haley in a mocking tone.

"This is a negative Ultra Dimension..."

"Ultra...? Orion, Ultraman Orion...!"

"Yes..." said the voice "The one and only..."

"Why are you...?"

"In this travel sphere, as my people call it, its a subspace field of a different sort. We Ultras are described aptly as beings of light, I invite you to contemplate what effect this dimension would have on me..."

"Then why are you here...?"

"I came to investigate the dark energy I sensed, but I spied you two in this dimension and came to retrieve you..."

"We are not going until we find Jack..." said Mizuki solemnly. She turned and made for the door despite Orion's protest to stay put. Opening the door she found Jack standing in the middle of the street with his head down. Mizuki ran to him but was stopped by a light bullet from Orion that struck next to her foot. She turned around and aimed at his sphere. "Alien bastard...!"

"That would be me..." said Jack in a strange voice. Mizuki turned around, she watched with Haley and Orion as he raised his head and revealed his eyes, black and radiating dark energy.

"Skulletor..." said Orion, angrily. 'Jack' smiled a crooked smile.

Chapter 12Edit

"You bastard...!" shouted Mizuki as she pointed her weapon at Jack "You bastard, get out of him!" From inside Jack, Skulletor just laughed. Mizuki motion to fire her gun until Orion stepped in between them, his travel sphere's light was near blinding and force Skulletor to jumped back.

"Mizuki..." he said "If you fire that weapon now, you will only hurt your beloved..."

"I can't just let that thing get away with this...!"

"So consumed by rage... so stupid as they were..."

"What...?" Mizuki stopped, she suddenly realized what he was talking about, those dark Ultras she saw in his memory/dream.

"All this talk of revenge..." said Orion "And still no one would be saved..."

"Saved...?" said Skulletor "What can a weakling like you save...?"

"So said the one that lost..."

"You caught me off guard, I know about you Orion, the weakling from the Kingdom of the Strong, you fled to other weaklings that would nurture your weakness..." Orion was silent "Here your weakness will be revealed...!"

"Are... are you trying to insult me...?" said Orion stoically "Trying to provoke me into fighting... imbecile I already came here accepting that I would have to fight in such a disadvantageous environment! By all that Ultra represents I will destroy and take these three home!"

"Three...?" smirked Skulletor "Let's see you do that..." Dark waves radiated from Jack's body, shooting up into a column of dark energy that morphed into Skulletor's body shaped before disappearing to reveal the monster. Mizuki fired at it instinctively, but her blaster bolts were useless against its skin. The creature raised its foot ready to crush her as Haley ran towards Mizuki trying to move her out of the way. There was a flash of light, Orion's sphere was gone, instead his giant form stood there, having delivered an uppercut that sent the beast flying back into a building. Orion took a fighting stance and looked down at Mizuki, he nodded his head and ran of towards Skulletor who was getting up. He planted a stomp in the monster's stomach and the two started fighting.

"Why..." said Mizuki, falling to the ground "Why does he look so similar but so different, why does he act so different...?"

"Because..." The two women turned to see Shadow standing there with her hood down "Ultras are not like humans, they cannot hide their hearts..."

"What...?" said Haley

"Among the universe, the Ultras are known as 'Giants of Light' and the 'most evolved form of humanoid life' both are appropriate titles. An evil Ultra is dark in appearance, their silver body turns black or at least dark grey, even before that there would be a black highlight around their eyes, or the eyes of anyone truly mimicking their form. A good Ultra has bright eyes, an evil one the same color but with a dark tint, Ultras cannot lie about what they are, they wear their hearts always for everyone to see."

"So they are... angelic..."

"Maybe, but they still have their secrets, especially Orion here..."

"What does that mean...?" asked Mizuki

"Ask him, ask him about 'Zoe' and see the emotion that brings up...!" The two thought about her words for a moment until the sound of a building crashing diverted their gaze.

Orion had been knocked down onto one of the abandon buildings in this pocket dimension, the stone on his chest was flashing and pulsating. Orion was clearly tired and could only roll out of the way to avoid Skulletor's flames. Orion was put on the defensive and doing poorly, he could barely block Skulletor's blows and could not avoid the others.

"What's wrong with him...?" asked Mizuki

"His wounds..." said Shadow, once again catching the attention of the two women "Ultras are at home in space and worlds with a great deal of sunlight, atmosphere environments interfere with their healing abilities, Orion's wounds may have closed but they are still there, slowing him down, holding him back. Truly a testament of his bloodline that he can still standing, even if he is a weakling..."

"How..." said Mizuki "How do you know so much about him, about Ultras..." Shadow looked at her, a shadowy figure appeared behind her, the dark being with red claws, eyes, lines like Orion's, and a black Heart Stone, only this time the being's face was visible, they had three crests, one large one in the middle and two smaller ones on the side, the being's face was more slender than Orion',s an Ultra face, it was like Tori's, feminine.

"How do you think...?" There was a sound like thunder, everyone looked up to see Orion who had just elbowed Skulletor in the face knocking him back. He was staring at Shadow and the dark being behind her and his eyes. He just stared at the shadow, then he slammed his fist in the ground trying to crush her. Shadow escaped and the girls were knocked down by the force of the impact. Mizuki and Haley looked to see that Orion's eyes were now glowing crimson with rage and they heard his voice. His voice wasn't stoic, is was deep and monstrous and dripping with hate.


Chapter 13Edit

Mizuki and Haley were taken back, they had never seen Orion angry, nor had they ever contemplated what it would look like. Even with his immobile features, they knew angry, they could feel his hate in the air, it was almost suffocating. Shadow and Zoe appeared on the shoulder of the Skulletor, who had stopped so his mistress could speak.

"Really..." said Zoe "Is that anyway to speak to..." Orion roared, he roared louder than Skulletor or any creature he had faced so far ever roared.

Far away in the Land of Giant's system, a gargantuan land mass orbited the planet, a crystal mass it held a temple on it, which Ancient Greek style architecture. Inside where white marble halls with gold circuit lines all around. Prime stood in a chamber, a realm of swirling light with no clear Up or Down, but his Ultra senses let him know the difference. Prime was the leader of the Space Patrol, and known as the prince of the Land of Giants. He watched Orion's battle via a large image that appeared in the swirling light.

"Your golden boy, doesn't seem so golden anymore, Father..." said Prime.

"Orion has yet to face his own demons, until then he is not ready..." said an unseen individual.

"What of me...?"

"You are an excellent Supreme Commander, but the position of King is something else entirely..."

"What is so different about the two...?" shouted Prime.

"Hopefully you will never know..."

"Fine, but if Orion falls he will be taken down..."

"So..." said Zoe "You do have a warrior's spirit..." Orion moved, ready to fire his beam until a spark's flew from his face. Orion looked down at Mizuki who's gun was still sparking and Haley who had instinctively taken a few steps back.

"Are, or are you not, going to save us, all three of us...?" shouted Mizuki at the top of her.  Skulletor motioned a deep breath, but Orion fired a beam from his forehead, hitting the beast square in the chest. The monster screamed out and stumbled back and Orion went out of his stance. He crossed his arms and spread them out, waves and particles of dark and purple energy flew towards his Heart Stone, energy covered his form, but soon from within the darkness came a light, which over powered the darkness. Orion's energy hair appeared, just for a moment, and the stone on his chest shined bright Yellow.

"I see you plan to kill yourself..." said Zoe "That's almost brave..." Zoe and Shadow disappeared as Skulletor roared again, intent on continuing the fight. Orion took motioned a deep breath and took a fighting stance. This one was different his arms were out, one above, one below, palms open and placed in front his body as he turned to a side to face the monster.

Skulletor swung his arm, in a circular motion, Orion deflected it and delivered a double fist strike to his gut, causing the beast to keel over. Orion continued with an axe kick to the back of his head knocking him down, then cartwheeling, forcing the monster to his feet and delivering a kick to the chest that made him stumble back. Skulletor roared in anger at being made to look like a fool. He charged and swung again, but Orion turned to the side as he caught his arm and delivered several quick jabs to his neck and face stunning the monster, leaving him for a kick to the chest and a back flip double axe kick to the chest.

Mizuki and Haley watched impressed at Orion's fighting skill, before he fought like someone who simply knew how to fight, now he fought like someone who was well versed in the art. Orion countered with flips, counter blows and parries. The energy he had absorbed and converted allowed him to ignore his injuries but that was a momentary thing, Orion was now focused, he had not been so focused since the war but now he knew he had to be.

Skulletor roared in defiance at Orion who paused for a moment.

<NO, I will not loose to an Ultra, not again...!>

"Face it beast, you cannot win...!" As if in response dark clouds appeared above Skulletor, they rained down dark energy onto the beast, dark energy it absorbed and metabolize, suddenly all of the monster's injuries were either gone or easily ignored. Orion was unphased as the monster roared on its Adrenalin rush, he already knew how to win.

Orion moved as if he was flexing his shoulders, partially curling up and straightening up and clenching his fists. A bright blue aura appeared around him and his hands open, he waved them about in a graceful soft manner as the light/energy gathered into his hands, he stretched them out, palms open, fingers straight, his left palm touched his right arm and funneled the energy into it. Orion fired a blue beam at the charging monster, stopping it in its tracks. Skulletor roared in pain and anger.

<Even if he dies I will still return...!>

"No you won't, you will never harm another soul again...!" The beast dissipated into blue particles and waves as the dimension around them began to collapse.

Mizuki and Haley found themselves back in the real world, back in Jack's apartment. Mizuki began to cry and Haley comforted her. She knew what Orion was forced to do, had to do, she would probably blame him but deep down she couldn't. There was a sudden quake, one after the other and commotion outside. The two ran outside to see Orion standing in front the apartment. Mizuki raised her blaster with tear filled eyes as Orion stooped down. Something was in his hand, he put Jack in front Mizuki, it took a moment before she realized he was still alive. Mizuki ran to him and began crying tears of joy. Haley watched a short distance away with a smirk and then looked at Orion, everyone was caught of guard when his Heart Stone began to pulsate very rapidly. Orion grabbed his chest and made a sound of pain before falling down on the street, o his side unconscious and fading away.

Chapter 14Edit

Mizuki and Haley sat down in Jack's apartment. S.T.A.R. had come and gone, having performed thorough examinations of the building and Jack, they were clean, but Mizuki sensed she didn't need them to tell her that.

She sat in front a turned of TV, staring into space, lost in thought. Haley sat down next to her, handing her friend a cup of coffee.

"I love this show..." said Haley, trying to be funny. Mizuki said nothing. "Alright fine, what are you thinking about, Jack...?"

"He's fine, we are going to stop seeing each other until this is all over..."

"You don't know when that will be...!"

"I know, I accept that..."

"The girl...that dark Ultra...?"

"That one is probably the reason for all of this, no doubt. I'll deal with her when we meet again..." Haley was silent. Mizuki took a sip and then spoke. "I'm thinking about the giant..."

"Ultraman...? Orion...?"


"That's a first..."

"We always thought he was so powerful, but you saw how badly he was injured, he could be dead for all we know..."

"Maybe, but I doubt that. I know it's unscientific of me, but I highly suspect those two, Orion and that girl, this isn't over yet."

In the Land of Giants, Torrent stood on the Space Patrol Headquarters, looking out to Earth. Even the battle in the other dimension did not escape his gaze. Gigas landed next to him, having been called by his friend's telepathic nudging.

"What's up..?" asked Gigas.

"Orion..." said Torrent, backing his friend "Orion has met her..."

"The love of his life...?" asked Gigas, jesting.

"Dark...Zoe..." Gigas attitude became completely sober.

"Does he know yet...?"

"No...but it is only a matter of time. Worse, Orion's body is badly damaged from all of his battles and his stubborn refusal to take a host or go into the Ultra Dimension..."

"Really, even I know that's a bad idea..."

"Strangely, he has managed to win every battle despite his maladies. It is as if his power is steadily growing..."

"Perhaps..." said Gigas "This is what King wanted...."


"Are you going to go and see him...?"

"No, another has already been dispatched..."