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Name: The Cold Touch
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Title: The Cold TouchEdit


Ice Age Ghost Beast Ghostdron

Sulfuric Acid Monster Ho


The heat wave had gone on for sometime now and though the region was known for being dry and dusty this level of heat was almost beyond human capabilities. The desert glistened with hot air rising of the ground; the woman left her house with a bucket and headed for a pump. In her small desert town it was the only the place to find water and even that was becoming more difficult as time went on.

As she pumped and pumped, she sweated more as she struggled to bring up the water. All the while she was unaware of a thick mist in the distance, a mist that moved at an unnatural speed. Before she knew it she was cool and as the mist covered her small town, then she was freezing cold, shivering and running back to her house, no longer needing water to cool down. As she got to the door she stopped, she could hear something in the mist, someone, someone screaming. It took her a moment, but she looked up and screamed herself and then there was nothing but silence over the entire town.

Chapter 1Edit

Ho ran across the forest in a most awkward fashion. The monster ran with its knees coming up to its chest as if it was in a comedy routine. It stopped and looked back, Orion's jump kick connected with its head, knocking it down, but the monster was quick to get to its knees. Orion ran at it to deliver a kick, but the despite its appearance the creature was an able fighter. It knocked Orion's foot out of the air and delivered a blow to his gut knocking the Ultra back. Orion stumbled back and keeled over but got back up to see the creature charging him.

Ho jumped into the air with unexpected agility and landed on top of Orion pinning him down. The bizarre creature began to cry and wail, slapping and striking Orion as it cried its acidic tears. Orion could only guess what was wrong, and he could only defend himself by lifting up his arms. Even then he could still feel the burning sensation on his arms.

"Stop...!" shouted Orion to the surprise of everyone. Some STAR fighters flew over head and the pilots heard the noise. Ho stopped as Orion outstretched his hand and then pointed to the side. Ho turned to the side and Orion put his fingers to the stone on his forehead, firing a beam. It phased straight through the monster, who looked back at him upset. It then began to beat him up again.

Mizuki's fighter squadron took up position and fired their missiles and lasers, but their attacks just phased through the creature almost hitting each other. Orion shouted stop again, as before he outstretched his hand into Ho's face. The creature stopped again and Orion suddenly put his fists together. Currents of electricity ran all over Orion's body and into Ho's shocking the monster. With one mighty shove Orion freed himself from the monster's weight.

Ho, stumbled back as Orion got up. Ho had a strange ability to recover very quickly and it charged at Orion again. Orion stepped to the side, leaving his foot to trip of the monster, a tactic that worked. Ho fell and Orion immediately moved for an elbow slam but Ho rolled out of the way. Both creature's got up and stepped ready to for the other's move.

Ho motioned a deep breath and Orion quickly raised his hands up, his palms facing each other. Ho let out a stream of condensed blue flames and energy arced between Orion's hands, energy and particles were aligned in the blink of an eye to form what appeared to be small square mirror. This mirror was not conventional, as soon as the beam struck it, it was reflected back into Ho's stomach. The creature yelled out in pain and jumped about like a child that had stubbed its toe, leaving Orion and the STAR pilots to look at it and wonder. 

Without warning the creature charged Orion, flailing its arms about. Orion raised his to block, eventually Orion countered with a blow to the stomach followed by a chop to the neck. Ho stumbled back and returned with a swipe of it arm. Orion blocked it with his forearm and grabbed it delivering another neck chop and then hoisted the creature into the air before throwing it. 

Ho got up and looked at Orion, he had outstretched his hand, palm facing upwards, and it was now glowing white. The bracer on his other arm glowed blue as he waved it around his hand in a circular motion causing the light to become a prismatic aura. In a soft pushing motion Orion fired a soft ray all the colors of the rainbow and full of particles, the ray just seemed to move through Ho but not like before. The light lulled the creature's being and it looked rather happy and content, swaying from side to side with a smile that despite his needle like fangs was actually somewhat adorable. Ho faded away seemingly humming a song as the STAR pilots looked in awe.

From a branch near the top of a tree the hooded figure watching sitting, with a bored stance.

"Well...that was silly..." they said before disappearing in dark energy. "Perhaps I should use a different source..."

Chapter 2Edit

Alex stood in front the ghost town with an upset and stern look. This town used to be filled with life, filled with people quarreling with each other, loving, hating and basically coexisting, living their lives, now there wasn't a single life left in it save Alex and he was a stranger passing through.

The town was now a menagerie of ice sculptures, buildings, people and pets all replaced by grim icy replicas. Alex looked at it and knew for a fact that someone, something was to blame for this. Then he sensed it, Alex jumped to the side, dodging a blast of dark energy, rolling he stopped on his feet. His arm was across his chest, his index and middle fingers charged a sphere of energy ready to fire. He followed his other senses and looked up at the cloaked figure.

"You..." he said grimly. The cloaked entity just gave a smug movement of their body.

"Yes, me..." they said with their raspy and deep voice "Is there someone else you would like to see...?" Alex swung his arm, firing a blue sphere shaped bolt of energy. But it collided only with a shield of dark energy the hooded one conjured, causing it to shatter into a spray of light and particles.

"Is this your doing...?" he asked angrily.

"If you mean, if this is 'my fault'... then yes and no, we both know this is ultimately your fault..."

"I fail to see how I could be held responsible for this, this atrocity..."

"Really, this is an atrocity, I suppose, but in comparison to some of the things you've seen this is quite...tame..."

"What do you know about what I've seen or not seen...?"

"I know you've seen a world burn..." Alex's eyes lit up with concern.

"You know nothing..." he said turning angrily.

"Then why do you hide it...?"

"I don't hide anything, I've simply rejected that place..." The dark one faded away.

"That is why this is your fault..."

In the STAR Elite conference room, the team was gathered at a large rectangular table. Commander Harrison sat down and pressed a button turning on the monitor at the end of the table. Everyone looked at the images collected by the forensic teams of several town turned into giant collections of ice sculptures.

"What's with the ice shows...?" asked Tachibana.

"These 'shows'..." said Pr. Haley "Were formerly small towns in the southern parts of the USA, large states like Texas. Our satellites had detected strange meteorological activity in that region, sudden and massive drops in temperature..."

"Why is that so strange...?" asked Mizuki

"Because..." said the commander "That area is currently facing a heatwave, now entire towns are being frozen over.

"This is the culprit we believe..." Haley pressed some buttons on her laptop and the images on the monitor changed to that weather graphs. "This cloud has passed over all the towns that have been hit, it has maintained its basic shape and density for far too long to be a natural cloud..."

"Your mission people..." said the commander "Is to investigate it and destroy the source of these attacks, is that understood...?" Everyone stood up and saluted the commander who simply got up and left.

Chapter 3Edit

The giant was an Ultra, a red one, called Torrent, he stood on the outer ring of the massive space station that orbited his planet, a beautiful a large sphere with floating continents and four mini stars spinning around it, all around it were clouds of blue green and red from the nebula that surrounded them. There was also the large single land mass, the size of the moon that also orbited the planet with only a lone massive temple on it. As it came into view Torrent could not help but sigh.

“Still can’t get over it…” Torrent turned around to see another red giant, Gigas.

“Not all of us enjoy fighting…”

“Ha, what’s the point of power if you’re never going to use it, the power of Ultra exists to save lives…!” Torrent was quite as he returned to staring out into the void. Gigas calmed down, he knew what was bothering him “That boy is not going to be a problem; you heard how he protected your wife from that invader…!”

“Gigas…” said Torrent


“That invader had a Heart Stone, just like Orion…” Gigas looked out at the expanse of space and sighed as well.

"That's impossible..."

"It should be, but alas there it was, a black version of Orion's, you know what that means..."

“How long until you think he learns about it…?” asked Gigas

“I don’t know, but he will find out and he will return, definitely…”

“How strange…” said Gigas.

“What is…?”

“We who are upholders of Galactic Law, keeping such secrets, it does not become us…”

“Yet, we must…”

Mizuki waded through the white waters, all around her was a void of white nothingness save the clear reflective water she walked through and the lone island with a dead tree. As she walked and walked she regressed in age to the point where she was a young girl of the tender age of ten by the time she reached land. She didn't know why she came here, she just knew she was supposed to come here. She didn't have her eye patch and she wore white pajamas and carried a large teddy bear.

As she stood there she looked and saw someone, they seemingly appeared out of the mist that surrounded her. She knew that figure, it was Orion at a human size, he was backing her.

"Ultraman...?" she said, rubbing her eyes. Orion looked back at her a moment, then something happened. As he turned around his silver, blue and red body was a replaced by a black shadow, his eyes the lines on his head glowed red and the stone on his chest became opal, while the one on his forehead disappeared. He roared and slashed at her with his new red claws.

Mizuki awoke in a cold sweat, she was sitting in the lounge of the command carrier. She touched her eye patch and took a deep breath. "Just a dream... damn I hate that memory..."

Chapter 4Edit

The STAR team could hardly believe what they felt and what they saw, as they got out of the command carrier via the cargo ramp, each wore winter versions of their regular uniforms to combat the extreme cold. They could not believe the desolation they were seeing, an entire town, frozen over, frozen solid. It was one thing to see images, it was another to be right there.

The clean up team began looking around, taking samples while the combat division set up a perimeter around, standard procedure but the grim environment and low temperatures did not help make them comfortable.

"Why do you think they hate us so...?" asked Haley. "Mizuki...?"

"What...?" she replied

"Why do you think they hate us...?"

"I doubt monsters, feel anything besides hungry..."

"That does not explain why they attack Mizuki, most of the time when monsters attack they simply destroy our cities, look around, no one has been eaten...just killed. Such an act is contradictory to the idea that they are just animals, so I ask, why do they hate us?"

"I don't know, why don't you ask the giant...?"

"What is it with you and Ultraman...?" asked Haley "Ever since you first saw him all you've wanted to do is shoot him..."

"It... we don't even know if it has a gender..."

"Maybe, but so far our job has been a lot easier, because of 'it'..."

"I don't need help killing monsters...!"

"I meant saving lives..." said Haley.

Alex found himself on the other side of the desert, in a small town that was clearly attacked by the monster, it was probably the first to be destroyed. All of the buildings had fallen from when the ice melted and there was a stench around town best left not described.

Alex had come here to investigate, as far as his senses could tell this was the first place where the monster attacked, yet something was wrong, the bodies were all gone. It was just for a moment, but Alex noticed movement behind one of the houses. He took of and noticed someone dashing around the corner, Alex ran of chasing them seeing only a hand or a foot as he followed them until he stopped in his tracks. Before him was an old woman and a young girl, looking at him with a terrified look.

Chapter 5Edit

The old woman was somewhere in her sixties or seventies with a very wrinkly face and a hunched over posture. She appeared to be of Native American descent with a long silver braid and several feather necklaces. She wore an old purple dress and walked with a large cane. The little girl was clearly not related to her, she was Caucasian, with brown hair and blue eyes, she wore a blue dress and carried a large doll. They stood before what was the remains of a bonfire, a large bonfire that was the source of the stench. Alex looked at them, looked into their sad eyes full of trauma and understood, he... he knew that look.

"What..." he said unsure if he should ask the question "What happened here...?"

"Evil..." said the old woman "Ancient Evil..."

Some time later they sat around a campsite in front of a trailer, the old woman's home, it was just outside of town and probably the only 'building' not damaged from the frost. Alex sat next to the little girl, giving her candy that he strangely pulled out of his jacket in a seemingly endless supply. She was beginning to lighten up, her sad broken expression was mostly gone and she was clinging to his arm as if she was his little sister. The old woman brought out a can of baked beans, but Alex was not hungry.

"What did you mean when you said evil...?" he asked.

"Long ago my ancestors worshiped the spirits, the ancient spirits who guarded nature, with the time of man, nature was thrown out of balance, this drought is the result. My people sought the ancient spirit's help but what answered our call was an evil weather spirit..." she was quite for a moment "You must think I'm some mad old coot..."

"Not really..." said Alex, he was making funny faces and doing magic tricks for the little girl. "There have always been the 'Hidden World' an aspect of the universe that cannot be peered into by any scientific medium, who knows what lurks in there..."

"You are a strange one..." said the old woman "A strange one indeed, how is it you know this, you speak as if you have seen this 'Hidden World'..."

"Is it any stranger than your talk of spirits...?"

"No, I suppose not, but..." Alex stood up and looked to the distance, he had sensed something, something wrong and his eyes confirmed his suspicions. In the distance in a horizon too far away for human eyes he saw a mist moving in an unnatural direction. "You have to go..." said the old woman. The little girl tugged on his sleeve and Alex looked down to see large puppy eyes full of fear and concern. He knelled down to the girl.

"Listen, don't worry, I'm going to find the mean thing that... hurt you and I'm going to give him a good thumping, trust me on this...!" He gave her a thumbs up and a smile, the little girl couldn't help but return the gesture.

Chapter 6Edit

Everything was getting colder and colder as the STAR team began to finish up their investigations. They gathered in their tent and held a video conference with Commander Harrison and Vincent.

"Well..." he asked "What news do you have...?" The two looked at each other nervously.

"Nothing..." said Haley.

"Come again...?"

"We've found footprints, but they are too shallow despite their size, they are also unorganized, there is no clear path of where this thing went, its..."

"It's what...?"

"It's like a ghost..." Harrison moved up to the screen a moment.

"Have you two turned up your AC..." They looked at each other, finally noticing they could see the others breath.

"Sir..." said Mizuki "We haven't been using one..."

"Guys..." said Vincent "That cloud you wanted me to watch, it's heading back to your position."

Alex ran across the wilderness with inhuman agility, jumping from boulder to boulder and sprinting long at high speed. Suddenly he stopped, the cloaked one had appeared before him, blocking his path to the next town.

"Going somewhere...?" they asked with a taunting tone.

"Move, or be moved..." Alex said forcefully

"Such strong words from a weakling..."

"Weakling...?" he asked a bit confused "Last I check I schooled you..."

"You and your 'brother' schooled me, in a dream world, real life is not so charitable..."

"I don't have time for you...!"

"I fail to see why the humans interest you..."

"I am a Space Ranger, there is no 'interest' there is my duty and morality! Move...!"

"A Space Ranger, have you no honor, you would dare call yourself one of them!"

"What's wrong with that...?"

"They are murderers...!"

"You're one to talk, besides anyone destroyed by a Space Ranger most likely deserved it."

"You poor deluded soul..."

Mizuki and Haley walked out of their tent armed, Mizuki held a blaster rifle while Haley had a pistol. They had put the base on alert as the mist rolled in with unnatural speed. Many of the non-combatants ran to the command carrier for safety while the others prepared themselves for battle.

"This isn't good...?" said Mizuki

"What isn't...?" asked Haley

"We nothing of this thing, how it moves and worse we are not in our fighters, it feels like the giant..."

"What does Ultraman have to do with this...?"

"Never mind..." The two didn't notice the glaring pair of eyes in the mist that looked down on them. But Alex did, he saw the creature's form begin to appear in the mist and he acted quickly. He raised his bracelet, the light encapsulated him and it took of. Less than a second later Orion delivered a flying kick to the beast in the mist, knocking it down as it opened its maw to attack. Everyone looked in surprise at Ultraman's appearance but they watched with confusion as he fell to his knees. As the monster stood up he looked at his hands as they shivered uncontrollably.

In the distance the cloaked one watched and mused to itself.

"He's is either ignorant or foolish, to fight in the cold, what folly..."

Chapter 7Edit

Orion stood up and looked at the beast, he could feel it, his strength was leaving his body quickly. His body was made to exist in the depths of space but atmosphere environments, they impaired his body's ability to heal themselves, they also impaired his body's ability to deal with the cold. In space the cold vacuum did nothing to him, but here, on this life sustaining planet, cut of from the sun, he was weakening quickly.

The monster roared and charged Orion, who charged in turn, as they were about to clash he kicked the creature in its stomach. It keeled over and Orion continued with an uppercut, but upon trying to punch it the woolly creature shattered into mist, disappearing. Orion looked around while the rest of STAR made their way to the command carrier, Haley stopped to grab Mizuki who had paused to stare at the giant.

"Mizuki come on...!" she said, pulling her along.

"The giant, he doesn't seem to like the cold..." she mused out loud before she was pulled along.

Orion kept looking about, at times he could see the faint outline of the creature, but then it would disappear before he could react. Orion's Heart Stone was flashing now, making a sound similar to a heart beat, he didn't have much time. Then the creature went on the offensive, from different directions it spewed out intense streams of icy vapor onto Orion, covering him with ice. It wasn't long until he was on his knees covering his face with his hands, he couldn't deal with the cold, not for much longer. He fell to all fours and as the creature stood over him the two noticed something. Orion looked to see the command carrier, it was having engine trouble due to the cold.

In its mist form the creature moved, ready to freeze the machine solid. It motioned a deep breath and let out its vapor on Orion who had moved with unexpected speed to take the brunt of the blast. Orion looked up, the stone on his forehead glowed and he fired several energy bullets into the creature's face. It roared in pain and disappeared back into the mist, which left with great speed. From the command bridge, Haley and Mizuki looked at Orion as he stood up and looked at them. Then his Heart Stone stopped flashing and the lights in his eyes and the stone on his forehead when dark. The earth shook when he hit the ground unconscious... or worse.

Everyone walked out of the carrier and looked at Orion's fallen body, it was covered in ice and rime all over. Mizuki just looked at him with a strange sort of dread, then Haley spoke.

"Okay guys you know what to do..." She and her team began to move out with their equipment.

"What are you doing...?" asked Mizuki.

"We are going to collect samples..."

"Your 'hero' is possibly dead and all you can think of is taking him apart and seeing how he ticks..."

"I never expected you to be 'protecting' Ultraman..."

"That's not the point, the point is the principle of the whole thing..."

"And on principle we need to study any and every alien life form we come across...If we figure out his powers we could be able to fend of anything that comes out way!"

"So for that, you're going to pick him apart while he is defenseless...!"

"This is protocol, it is not open for discussion..." The scientist were all around him, trying to scan his body, collect scrapping, cut into his body using lasers, but it was all for naught. Orion's body absorbed most EM waves so scanners were useless, simple knives could not pierce his skin and he was immune to such weak lasers. However all of their poking and prodding did do something good, even if that was not the intention, between the now shinning sun and their efforts to gather his secrets, he woke up.

Everyone got back as his Heart Stone began to flash and pulsate again and he sat up. Holding his chest he stood up and faced the sun, the ice breaking of his person, he crossed his arms and threw them open and everyone one watched as light and particles of energy streamed towards his heart stone. It began to slow down but it was still going, then his body seemingly faded away in front of them.

Chapter 8Edit

Mizuki went into her room while Haley reported back to the commander. She was tired and she didn't know why, or at least she didn't want to admit it. She may not have like Ultraman, but they way STAR was ready to just all but dissect him at the drop of a hat when he lost disturbed her.

Sleeping she found herself a child again as her mind drifted to the dream lands. That same white void, the mirror like water, her child form. Everything was the same as before but now different, as she came to the island the dark shadow looked at her and then just disappeared. She was surprised, and even more scared than before but something comforted her, an unseen presence.

Suddenly everything got dark, she was no longer in her child form, the water and the island were gone and in its place was a black void. She felt rumbling, but it wasn't thunder, she watched as Orion ran passed her, apparently at a human size. Holding his hand was another Ultra, a female, with a red body and an amber Heart Stone.

Mizuki watched in surprise as they ran, clearly scared, but of what she didn't know, however she was not ignorant for long. Black shadows chased them, all black beings with red eyes and spikes on their arms and shoulders. They chased Orion and the female across what was suddenly a ruined city. Mizuki watched as the pair were corned and suddenly noticed something, the creatures that chased them, they, they were all Ultras, dark Ultras with black Heart Stones.

Orion held them at bay for while, showing great skill as he parried and countered their attacks but it was eventually for naught as they were overpowered. The creatures beat them senseless yet Mizuki could see the two reach for each other until the female turned to stone and shattered. Orion let out a ear splitting scream of anguish and everything went black again. Mizuki was in the dark for a moment until she realized everything she had just saw was happening again.

"This dream again..." She turned around to see an Ultra standing beside her. She reached for a weapon but then remembered that she was in a dream. "Greetings, I am Tori, adopted mother of Orion..."

"Orion...?" Tori pointed to the large crowd of dark Ultra beating the pair to death. "Oh..." she said embarrassed "What is this place...?"

"This is his dream, a dream conjured up by the memories of his past..."

"Okay..." she said looking away from the mob "Why are we here...?"

"I am here because I sensed my son's defeat, as for you, I do not know, I sense you possess some telepathic potential but I cannot say for sure..."

"Yeah I've been told that, never did try to capitalize on it..."

"You do not understand, your mind has not only strayed into that of another's but across dimensions, this is an Ultra Dimension, a subspace tear Ultras create to retreat for recuperation, entering here is not so simple..."

"I'll take your word for it, what did you mean by 'this dream'...? Isn't this your homeworld?"

"Orion is adopted, all I know of his past is that his world died by violent actions, he was so silent when I first met him..."

"He is still silent..."

"Do we look like we use our mouths...?"

"Good point..."

"During those days I often stole into his dreams to see what troubled him, it was always this moment, I know not her name but it was here death that traumatized him so deeply..."

"I... I know what that is like..." Mizuki said sadly "I guess that's why he fights monsters...?"

"We Ultras are accepted by the Universal Council as the upholders of Galactic Law, we are the policemen of the Universe, Orion always looked at that duty with more respect than any of his peers... Native of this planet, may I ask a favor of you...?"

"Depends, you're not going to ask me to help you invade....?" Tori was silent, clearly having not understood the joke "What do you want...?"

"Look after my son, I sense a dark presence on this world, we have already encountered it once, I fear it means to take him for everything he has, everything he is..."

"I'll...I'll make no promises..."

"I understand..."

"Can you wake me up....?"

"I cannot..." Tori pointed to Orion. Mizuki understood the signal after a moment and then she ran, she ran through the dark specters and punched Orion in the face. The entire dream shattered, the landscape returned to her nightmare. Before Orion faded away he heard Mizuki scream.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself...!"  Tori's hand glowed bright red and golden as she touched Mizuki on her shoulder. Mizuki awoke in her quarters while Orion sat up in the blue void of swirling energy known as an Ultra Dimension.

Chapter 9Edit

Alex walked back to the camp where the little girl and the old woman resided. He walked hunched over and his arms crossed as he seemed to shiver. The little girl was excited to see him again, she was very worried but those feelings of worry did not disappear when she saw him again. Despite his smile and insistence that he was alright the little girl had a sad look on her face.

Sitting down around the campfire the three had a meal of soup as Alex tried to cheer up the little girl.

"Don't bother..." said the old woman "She's no fool, she knows there is no hope..."

"Why do you say that...?" he asked, somewhat disturbed by the comment.

"Even...." she stared at him and Alex suspected she knew "That giant, the one they call Ultraman, even he was powerless against that spirit. It has come to avenge man's destruction of nature..."

"I don't believe that..." said Alex

"Most won't but you've seen it..."

"I'm not talking about the monster, spirit, whatever it is...! How can you look at this girl and tell her there is no hope...?"

"Hope is a fool's idea, mankind's greatest source of weakness..." said the old woman defensively

"Maybe, but it is also mankind's greatest source of strength...! Your people endured through a time when they were disappearing like smoke in the wind, but you were born, why because people just choose to survive...? The hopeless don't survive, they give up and the elements take them...!"

"The world has no place for dreamers...!"

"The world was built on dreams, by dreamers who looked and saw that the world as it is now and decided it was not good enough so they dared to dream of something better and they made it so...!"

"Then why did the giant loose...!" Alex was silent for a moment and the old woman smirked in victory.

"Life has a way of dashing one's plans, that doesn't mean you give up..."

"So if that little girl dreamed about seeing her family again..." Alex stood up, angry and both the old woman and the little girl were taken back when the small fire in the middle of their camp became a column of flames for a moment until Alex sat back down and took a deep breath.

He turned to the scared little girl and patted her on the head.

"Don't worry, Ultraman is not going to let the monster get away... not again..." The girl looked at him with a wide blank expression. "Chocolate...?" he asked holding out a lollipop. She smiled again and he did too, only the old woman did not share in their merry making.

Chapter 10Edit

The cloaked one stood on a hill looking up at the now airborne Command Carrier, it was high in the air to avoid an attack from the monster, a beast it could no longer detect. The being looked at it silently before turning to the side. They outstretched their hand to the opposite direction of the now rising sun. A dark red energy gathered in their hand before it exploded outward and transformed into an invisible pulse of energy.

Alex awoke from his futon in the small shack the old woman had given him to sleep in. He had felt that, a dark energy, a call to battle. Everything was going to start up again. He tried to get up only to notice something on his leg, a wet spot. He looked down to see the little girl clutched his leg as if he was a teddy bear drool profusely.

Normally he would be disgusted, upset and quarreling over his nice clean pants but he remembered that everything that was this girl's home was gone. He understood why she was here, in this dark, the night and the dark times they were faced with he is the only source of comfort and safety around, so he just sat there waiting for the sun to come up and the right time to wake her up.

Morning had broken and painted the black sky blue as the sun shined again. The cloaked being turned around to look at Alex who was far from happy.

"Took you long enough..." they said, they stopped and sniffed the air "Is that drool I smell...?"

"I know, some kid thought I was a teddy bear, really how does such a tiny mouth produce such spit..."

"And you are suppose to be a warrior..."

"Oh shove it, I didn't come here to get your approval for anything, I'm here to stop you!"

"Strong words, weakling, do you really think you can protect this world...?"

"I will..."

"You mean you will try..."

"There is do or do not, there is no try. For example, I will bash your face in for the things you have done..."

"What have I done...?"

"Who knows, but a heart like yours doesn't get so dark for no reason..."

"True, however I doubt you have the time to waste on me... Your friends may feeling a bit of a chill about now..." Alex looked alarmed.

"What did you do!" he shouted.

"What do you think...? They have grown annoying and any stab at you is always welcomed..."

Chapter 11Edit

Alex ran across the desert at inhuman speeds, he could've transformed into light but he wasn't thinking straight he was worried, worried about them. He ran up the hill to the campsite only to find the old woman there alone cooking stew.

She looked at him confused as he heeled over, exhausted, taking deep breaths.

"Where..." he said before wheezing a bit "Where is the girl...?" he took a deep breath, deep enough to regain his composure.

"The girl, she left to play..." replied the old woman, "why do you ask...?" Alex looked around and noted the command carrier was in the air, he also noticed the gathering storm clouds.

"No..." said Alex solemnly.

"Yes..." said the cloaked figure. Both Alex and the old woman turned to see the being walking up the hill. "By now you must have gathered the obvious. Ghostdron's power has been increased."

"The Minus field that surrounds this planet..." said Alex "It is what gave that evil spirit so much power, no, it was what changed it into an evil spirit...!"

"Indeed, I know not the ways of spirits and the like but it stands to reason the minus field is the reason for its rampage. Having called it, I have increased it's power. Now I wonder, how will you be able to defeat it now, when you could barely stand up to it before? Now is the time to run..."

"Are you a nitwit...?" replied Alex as his bracelet began to glow.

"Excuse me...?" said the being clearly insulted.

"I am a Space Ranger! I do not run, I make tactical retreats and in the face of imminent danger for those I have sworn to protect there is no retreat..."

"Then go, comic book hero..."

On the Command Carrier alarms went of, Haley and Mizuki were on the bridge trying to control the situation. The cold winds around them were now blowing at hurricane levels. The carrier was having difficulty staying in the air even with it repulsor lift technology it was rocking about violently.

"Damn it...!" said Mizuki "Where did this weather come from...?"

"No idea...!" said one of the technicians "But at this rate we will..." There was a great tremor about the carrier as it had begun to drop out the sky but stopped. Everyone looked out to see Orion's giant face.

The Ultra rested the carrier plane on the ground where it would have no fear of falling. He then stood up and turned to the distance where the mist and winds gathered into Ghostdron's form. The beast was now larger in build and with longer fangs. It roared and Orion simply took a fighting stance.

"I don't understand..." said Haley "Why would he come here when clearly he is at a disadvantage...?"

"Why does he even protect us in the first place...?" Mizuki mused out loud.

Chapter 12Edit

Everyone watched Orion, the star members, the little girl and the old woman, the cloaked one and especially the monster, which moved around in cloud form. Orion kept a fighting stance, he kept his senses sharp as he looked around waiting for the creature to strike. He slowly but surely moved away from the command carrier, careful that it did not end up collateral damage.

The beast head formed in the mist and spat out volumes of cold vapor, but Orion's senses were ready, he cartwheeled out of the way and fired a burst of energy. Unfortunately it hit nothing and the beast disappeared. Again, Orion moved about the ghost town standing and waiting for the time to dodge and the time to strike. Again the creature appeared behind him and fired again, but Orion turned around in time and crossed his arms, putting up a shield of psychic will, protecting himself. Orion swung his arms open, repelling the blast and fired a beam from the stone on his forehead. This attack was faster and scorched the chest of the beast causing it to cry out in pain before disappearing.

Mizuki and Haley watched the game of cat and mouse unfolded between the two giants.

"Damn it...!" shouted Mizuki "How is it we are just sitting here doing nothing...?"

"The ships flight mechanism have been covered in ice ma'am..." said one of the pilots "We can't get up anymore..."

"Somehow..." said Haley "I suspect that creature has something to do with this..." They watched as Orion rolled out of the way of an attack and retaliated again striking with his forehead beam. "He is doing better..."

"Yeah..." replied Mizuki "But he still isn't winning..." Mizuki was correct and though Orion did not hear her he would have agreed. Slowly but surely he could feel the cold starting to get to him soon his senses were going to get dull and his reaction time would be slower, too slow to keep dodging these attacks. He then thought of something, that power, it would work, but then he refused, he refused to risk it.

Then it hit him, a blast of ice in his back and he was knocked down. Orion rolled over and fired a light bullet, causing the monster to run away. Orion got up, only to hit in the back again, again he retaliated, but the third time was the straw that broke the camel's back. Orion was on the ground, the cold had gotten to him as his Heart Stone began to pulsate he could feel his strength failing.

The little girl watched from the distance with the old woman, the watched as the beast blew ice on Orion and kick him about. The old woman watched indifferently but the little girl could not stand it, tears rolled her cheek as she broke out, crying. The old woman paid her no mind, she was used to hearing her cry.

Ghostdron kept on assaulting Orion with its ice breath until a blue beam of energy struck it in the chest knocking it down. Everyone was shocked, especially Orion to see Ho, standing there.

Chapter 13Edit

"Not another one...!" shouted Mizuki. She couldn't help but loose her cool, there were two monsters now and she was stuck in the ship hoping that someone else would save her. It was a situation that infuriated her. Haley on the other hand was much more calm and noticed the new creature's similarity.

"Didn't we destroy that monster already...?" she asked. Mizuki looked at it and realized it was Ho.

"Yea, what is going on...?"

Ghostdron fired its ice breath at Ho but the good monster fired its own beam searing the monster's stomach. Ghostdron disappeared into the mist and Ho just looked around, countering it whenever it attack. Orion looked at Ho and his Ultra senses allowed him to see past the physical and into the mana field that created this being, he could see its source, the little girl he had left with the old woman, crying, weeping he could see the image of her, her feelings inside this Ho and he felt miserable, Orion felt as if he had betrayed her. He was so proud of his conviction but now the one he had sworn to protect had come to save him.

Ho kept being attacked from all sides so the monster did something no one had expected. Ho fired its beam spinning around and shooting it into the air. To everyone's surprise the sound of Ghostdron's cries of pain could be heard, that was when Orion had enough.

"I am such a fool..." he thought to himself as he got up. He outstretched his hand which was now glowing white and waved his other hand around it, forming an orb. Raising his hand to the air he fired a beam which exploded in the air causing golden particles and light to rain down.

Ho stopped its attack to swing from side to side with a happy look on his face, while the mist began to burn erupting into flames. Despite the streams of ice coming from all over Orion persisted with his attack until the mist began to collapse into Ghostdron. That was when Orion stopped.

Above Ghostdron a gathering of dark clouds appeared, showering it with black and red light that somehow revitalized it. It got up and roared and tried to dissipate but found that it couldn't, there was not enough of the mist left, now the sun shined bright. Orion had crossed his arms in front his chest and swung them open, flexing them to his side. The light gathered to his Heart Stone and to the lines on his head that now glowed, creating a hair like aura of light. 

Orion was at full power and he showed it, with one mighty punch he knocked the monster on its back. He followed up with an elbow drop into its stomach and finished by picking it up and dropping it head first into the ground. The monster pulled itself out of the ground only to receive a beam from Orion's hand in the L position. The majority of its chest, stomach and neck were badly burned but it was still alive. Orion crossed his arms again, waving them about particles gathered to his Heart Stone as it glowed brightly before he crossed them again, upon swinging them open he fired a powerful beam of white light from his chest into the creature. Ghostdron had no chance, it was immediately knocked on it back and destroyed in several large explosions. With the battle over Orion turned now to Ho, who stood there still happy.

Chapter 14Edit

Orion looked at Ho who was simply standing there with a smile on his face and moving about in a jolly fashion. While Orion's first instinct was to go into a fighting stance, but he stopped himself. He didn't feel anything dark or malicious from this Ho, the last one gave of a feeling of despair and sadness, this one seemed...happy, content, satisfied. Orion turned and looked in the distance to the little girl and the old woman, they were happy, unexpectedly both were happy.

Orion clenched his fist and it glowed golden before he outstretched his hand and it gained a green hue. Ho glowed and gold and green rings surrounded it going up and down. Ho, the light and the rings all collapsed into a small orb which flew back to Orion's hand. With that done Orion glowed and flew of as a ball of light.

The cloaked figure sat on their rock while Alex appeared behind them, they were completely aware of his arrival and Alex knew it.

"Proud of yourself...?" they asked.

"Why wouldn't I be...?' replied Alex. He readied a blast

"You won't attack me..." they said pulling down their hood. The woman revealed her true face to Orion who just looked at her , continuing to charge his blast.

"Why, because 'you're a girl'...?"

"No, because then you won't be able to find her..."

"Find who...?"

"Zoe..." that word caught him off guard and the woman took the opening. Purple light flashed in her eyes sending Alex flying back. When he collected himself she was gone but her voice still lingered. "I take it you two have a lot of catching up to do. Don't worry, you two will meet, you have to pay for your crimes..."

"My crimes...!" shouted Alex insulted, "what of yours, how many people have died because of your minus field, it is yours isn't it...?"

"This field and these monsters, they exist because of your sin...Orion...prepare for the vengeance of Zoe...!"

"Vengeance...? Impossible..." said Alex with a concerned look on his face.

Alex appeared before the little girl and the old woman. They were both surprised by his luminous entrance, but happy none the less.

"You did it, you did it...!" shouted the little girl as she ran to hug him. Alex knelt down and held her.

"We did it..." he said holding up Ho's capsule "But no more crying okay...?" She smiled and nodded her head and Alex turned to the old woman.

"S.T.A.R. has called..." she said "they are coming to relocate us and take the girl to her relatives... thank you, thank you for avenging our love ones..."

"I..." said Orion "I didn't destroy that thing for revenge..."

"Then why did you fight it...?"

"To stop the tears..."


The commander sat down alone in his dark room before a large monitor. When it came on all that could be seen was a figure hidden in shadows and a voice disguised by a program, Saul, was what they were called.

"It seems things went well..." said Saul.

"I don't know about that, we were completely helpless against that thing, completely useless..."

"That wouldn't be a first..."

"I would rather not have a repeat of Vegas, okay! We can't be relying on a power we know nothing about..."

"The Ultra, Ultraman, is no threat to humanity and if you find he is halting your goals, you may want to rethink your goals."

"I still don't see why we have to bend over for that alien..."

"That 'alien' is a universal policeman, mankind may not like him, but they will have to learn to respect him if they want to go anywhere. Speaking of which, trying to dissect him...?"

"That was Haley's decision..."

"If she had succeeded it would have caused so many problems in the long run."

"Fine, we won't do it again, but if this thing turns against us...?"

"You would be destroyed, but he is not the problem..."

"What is the problem..."

"Many times during, before or after the appearance of a monster we detected a strange energy signature...We now know it is similar to Ultraman's"

"Are you saying some Ultra is responsible for the appearance of monsters...?"

"I don't know..."

"Since when don't you know everything....?" shouted the commander.

"This energy has a similar pattern to Ultraman's, but it is completely polar to his...?"


"If Ultraman is positive, this energy is negative. As I said before, you cannot defeat the Ultra, but it seems we have need of his power..."