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Places Edit

  • Land of Giants (Land of Light Orion Universe)
  • Land of Light (Sorta Universe)
  • Land of Light (Gamma Universe)
  • King's Temple (Land of Giants)
  • The World that could have been (No Universe)

Prologue Edit

The alien  stood within its fortress of vast and large crystals overlooking its monitor, a massive screen grown out of the crystals and made of liquid metal, it showed various images of monstrous beasts and silver warriors of justice and light. Vast amounts of alien characters sped across the screen at frightening speed, frightening for a human perhaps but for a mind such the alien's, it was nothing. It now stood ready to perform an act of heresy, to break laws and regulations most species were not advance enough to conceive.↵He turned a crystal on his console and the deed was done, the crystals around him began to glow as the machinery they represented activated, machinery that worked in higher dimensions, across dimensions, the crystal shells serving only to focus their vast and powerful energies, energies few civilizations dreamed of harnessing and even fewer would dare attempt to let alone hold mastery over. The alien had set universes that had no business with each other to collide and it cared not what price others would have to pay for it to get what it wanted.

Chapter 1 Edit

Ultraman Sorta's Universe Edit

This was an amazing sight, galaxies and stars scattered around the universe, making a universal art piece, an art piece of true glory. However, Sorta had no time for this; chasing down the black-suited alien was a more important task than sightseeing. Flying at interstellar speeds was the mysterious being, not of light, more of darkness. Sorta fought with this being with all of his might, but to no avail.

"What the heck? Who are you?!" Sorta asked in amazement, bewildered at the alien's amazing power.

The alien didn't reply, but instead, considered this the right time to strike the Ultra, greatly knocking him off course.

"Hyargh!" Sorta groaned in pain, as the alien prepared what he assumed was his demise. But instead of killing him, like all evil aliens would, he opened up a dimensional portal to another universe. Another hit from the alien, and Sorta was sent into the swirling patch of dimensional energy, into Orion's universe....

Ultraman Orion Universe Edit

Orion ducked beneath the alien's punch and scored one in its guts, causing it to stumble back in pain. The assailant swung at Orion but he blocked and held his arm and followed up with a punch to his arm and stomach followed by grabbing the being by the neck. Orion flipped him over and delivered an elbow drop to his chest before getting up and delivering another elbow drop.

Orion hoisted him up over his head and threw him of the desolate rock of a planet he was on into space where he finished him of with with his Orion Shot. Orion turned to the small green and blue world across this Binary (Two Stars) system where millions of innocent, primitive lives had just been saved. He looked out with happiness but then he looked with inquiry. What could only be called a golden tear across space appeared, just for a moment, but that was long enough for it to spit something out, something that moved at great speeds.

Orion stepped aside, unceremoniously dodging the projectile as it landed next him swiftly. Looking at it with interest, Orion watched as a young Ultra stood up out of the gravel, an Ultra he had never seen before. The youth looked at him, dizzy at first, and took a fighting stance.

"What...?" asked Orion with so many questions running through his head.

"Don't 'what' me! I am Ultraman Sorta, and you will tell me why I am here, enemy!" the mysterious Ultra pointed a finger at Orion, and swung his fist towards him...

Ultraman Gamma Universe Edit

Ultraman Gamma's fist sped towards the alien's face but unfortunately it dodged the punch. The two battled in the depths of space trading and dodging blows and beams. The alien saw an opening and back flipped, kicking Gamma in the chin and sending him flying back. It outstretched his arms which glowed with bizarre energy and opened a portal of seemingly golden energy from it's hands behind Gamma. It punched the Ultra in the guts, pushing him into what Gamma concluded would be his demise. Instead the young Ultra found himself warped to another universe...

Gamma landed in the dust, of what he assumed from the airless environment was one of this universe's moons. His first coherent sight was very unusual, two other strange Ultras were trading blows. Mainly the younger one attacking the older one who dodged and deflected his attacks as he tried to explain himself. The younger one was thoroughly upset and kept accusing the Ultra of being an alien due to the strange color timer on his chest.

"What is going on here?" Gamma shouted out loud mentally.

The other two Ultras stopped their fighting and turned and stared at him.

"Who are you?" asked one with a strange color timer.

"Ultraman Gamma"

Chapter 2 Edit

The alien watched from his base as his doppelganger minions attacked all three Ultras, he watched as Gamma and Sorta found themselves cast across the multiverse into Orion's universe and he watched with glee as Sorta and Orion duked it out until Gamma arrived.

"So easily manipulated..." he said to himself "Such pompous creatures those Ultras..." Almost as if in reaction a bright white light appeared, a white light that forced him to cover his eyes. A luminous white being stood before him and immediately he knew who it was. "You are too late! Events have been set into motion..."

"I can still stop you..."

"You do that and the treaty will be broken! It will be all out war. You touch them I will attack, the same result..." The being was silent. "Begone you hypocritical pacifist..."

The being disappeared and the alien gave a sigh of relief. He turned to his computer to see the three Ultras simply talking. "I need to speed things up..."

Orion sighed as he pushed away Sorta, groaning in annoyance to himself. The three stood away from each other in a triangular formation. Each stared and eyed at the other but the main suspicion fell on Orion, of the three he looked the least 'Ultra' like.

"I will ask again..." said Gamma, his body tensed up, as did Sorta's "Who are you, and where the heck are we...?"

"I am Orion..." he replied "Ultraman Orion..."

"Are you lying? Probably because I have never seen an Ultra like you..." said Sorta.

"Have you seen every Ultra that lives..." replied Orion.


"Then of course you have never seen me before..." Gamma giggled while Sorta looked away embarrassed, still not knowing what the joke meant.

"I believe him..." said Gamma "Anyone with a sense of humor like that can't be evil..."

"How do you know... Mr..." asked Sorta.

"I am Gamma, and I have never seen a Color Timer like yours or his..." Sorta looked surprised.

"But mine is a Color Timer! Sigh, all the Ultras in that alternate universe with their Flash Points..." Sorta sighed

"While most Ultras have a Color Timer, mine is called a Heart Stone..." said Orion, starting to get annoyed by the "racism" he as facing.

"Weird..." said Gamma "Well, I come from the Land of Light in Nebula M78..."

"What? Me too!" Sorta replied with a surprised look on his face.

"My home is called the Land of Giants, there is no Land of Light but it is in the same location..." Orion said.

"What...?" asked Sorta, "What is seriously going on here...?" Orion turned away from the conversation.

"Maybe..." said Gamma, as he thought about the rifts in space, the different Ultras...It all made sense now! "We are in another universe, we came from different universes, Orion what..." the two noticed Orion was looking away and turned to see what had caught his attention. Speeding towards them was a dark field of black and purple energy, a cloud of some sort. "What is that...?"

"I have no idea..." replied Orion "But I think it's heading towards us..." The three, ignoring all their differences, took fighting stances, ready for the fight to come.

Chapter 3 Edit

Ultraman Gamma universe Edit

Ultraman Phoenix flew next to Ultaman Sol as they scoured the universe in vain. Their friend, Ultraman Gamma, had vanished two days ago on assignment and had not called back. They soon found themselves in the area where Gamma was supposed to be. He was no where to be seen.

"There has to be something here..." said Phoenix "He can't have just disappeared...!"

"Agreed..." replied Sol. The two began to look around, using their Ultra Eyes which could shame any Earthly forensic team. While Phoenix looked around searching for clues Sol spied towards something strange in the depths of space. Phoenix noticed his friend's fixation and looked in his direction.

"What have you found...?" Sol said nothing at first, he clenched his fist, covering it with fiery energy and swung releasing a wave of flame like energy. It traveled undisturbed but then it hit something, an energy became visible, one that resembled a sort of scar. "What is that...?" asked Phoenix.

"I..." said Sol unsure "I think it is some sort of dimensional rift..."

"That's not good, we have to call HQ immediately...!" Sol and Phoenix moved to conjure an Ultra S.O.S. but they were interrupted by a bright white light that had appeared out of no where.

Ultraman Sorta universe Edit

"Now where the hell is he!?" Contra scanned the vast galaxy, but still couldn't find Sorta, let alone any trace of him. Even his Mental Targeting wasn't picking up anything.

"Argh..." Contra groaned to himself, "Dark, you found him yet?"

"Nope, not as of yet," as the Ultra, known as Dark Sorta, approached the other Ultra Warrior.

"Where the freak can he be?! It's been two days since he disappeared!" Contra sighed heavily, with a hint of annoyance.

"Well, who knows?" Another Ultra Being, Ultraman Spark, flew towards the duo.

"Wait...guys! What the frigging heck is that?!" Dark Sorta used his Ultra Eyes, and finally found something useful.

"W-Wha?! Is that a dimensional rift?!" Spark exclaimed, pointing towards the object, no, a scar, stretched far away.

"Oh m...." Contra was suddenly interrupted by a luminous figure of white light that appeared in front of them. Even for Ultras this light was too intense to stare at.

Ultraman Orion universe Edit

The dark energy field raced towards them but for all the dark power that was headed their way, Orion was more concerned with what he didn't detect. He didn't know about the other two but he could not feel any killer intent, no malice from this cloud, he felt dark power but none of the emotions that always came with it.

Several purple bolts flew forth from the cloud and the Ultras scattered, jumping, cartwheeling and back flipping out of the way. Where the three once stood the cloud condensed and landed revealing a monster with bony plate armor.

Orion knew this beast, he had fought it twice before, as he looked at it he could not help but utter its name.

"Death King...!"

"Hah...!" said Sorta "I beat Red King...!" With that he ran towards ignoring Orion's cry to stop. Gamma, who had fought a Red King of his own also charged the beast who was strangely standing still. Sorta kicked at it, only for his leg to be deflected and a powerful backhand planted in his face sending him skidding across the moon's surface. Gamma grabbed the beast by its arm and tried to throw it only to be picked up and thrown on Sorta. The beast's wings opened up firing several purple bolts from the tips, the same destructive bolts the Ultras knew instinctively to doge. Sorta put up a green shield and Gamma also erected a defensive energy construct, however their defenses were being pushed to their limit from the barrage and intensity of their bolts. The creature opened its maw, yellow energy arced between it fangs and the energy from its wings gathered there, it was preparing a powerful blast.

Sorta and Gamma both knew their shields could not withstand that kind of attack, luckily they didn't have to, Orion pounced on the monster, sending its beam into an asteroid far away and shattering it as the two rolled through the dust and dirt. They got up and Orion received a sharp kick to the gut that sent him sliding back before he was left on his knees in pain.

"This..." said Orion "Is 'Death' King, I don't know what you two think about 'Red' King is but this is the top dog of the Dark Nebula the gathering ground for the most powerful and dangerous monsters...! Strangely it seems rather...lethargic..."

"Why didn't you say so...?" said Sorta, rather annoyed but also trying to hide his embarrassment, the three Ultras got up. Gamma crossed his arms across his forehead and Sorta cross them in front of him, taking care that his bracelets touched. They swung open their arms and Gamma turned red and very buff while Sorta turned yellow.

"That'll work..." said Orion who also stood up, the three took fighting stance while the monster just looked at them.

Chapter 4 Edit

King stood in the middle of his pool, a pool of silver liquid from where blue spheres of light would rise up. He stood there in his temple of marble white, carved with circuit lines all over and a golden atmosphere. Even in silence one could hear the faint whispers of chorus singing that gave the place a divine atmosphere.

"What is this...?" he asked "These two Ultras, I sense... great potential in them, Orion... this monster is..."

"You are correct..." King looked down to see the source of the voice, a woman in brown garments, Nike. The giant bowed before the giant floating woman, who returned the gesture. "That monster is not real..."

"Lady Nike, while your presence is always a pleasure, I take it to mean that..."

"Something threatens our universe..."

"I feared as much..."

"Our universe and the universes of those two Ultras have no business interacting, not like this, these rifts threaten our Universe's stability...!"

"Who could be behind these acts...?"

"No one from this reality... I fear that who ever did this wants Orion and those two to meet..."

"What will be done about them...?" The woman gave a solemn look.

Ultra Heroes Edit

The three Ultras stared at the armored giant. Gamma and Sorta released blasts of energy from their hands (Gamma's Gamma Needle and Sorta's Palm Shot). Both struck the monster and simply created sparks on its armor.

"You said that is lethargic?" Gamma asked. "I would hate to see what it is normally. What is it like then?"

"Trust me you don't want to know..." said Orion. He ran off to the side firing light bullets. The other two Ultras immediately understood he was trying to get them an opening.

The monster made the mistake of backing Gamma and Sorta who took the chance to gather energy for their attacks. Rock and debris gathered on Sorta's now yellow glowing arm, while Gamma gathered energy into a sphere. The two attack with Sorta punching the ground and Gamma throwing his sphere shouting...

Sorta " Power of the Earth...!"

Gamma "Light Bomb...!"

Sorta's blow to the ground sent waves of energy through the dirt towards the monster, it erupted upward just as Gamma's attack struck it. There was a large explosion and for a moment they thought themselves victorious until purple bolts began firing out of the cloud knocking them down.

"Guys..." shouted Orion "It's resistant to beams...!"

"Okay...!" said Gamma "We really need to work on communication...!"

"Anything else you want to tell us...?" asked Sorta. Suddenly the monster flew past them, it had been thrown. From the clearly dust Orion was seen in a fighting stance.

"Aim your blows for the dark spots in its armor..." The two Ultras got up, with Sorta being ecstatic.

"So we need specialized hand-to-hand...!" he said enthusiastically "Now we're getting somewhere...!"

"Yep, we definitely are getting somewhere...." Gamma replied, with him landing chops all over the beast. He then created a blade of energy from his right hand and struck the beast, creating a shower of sparks. He struck again and again with the same effect. The monster roared at him and blasted at him with his Gravity Bolts. Several struck the ground at Gamma's feet but two hit him in the chest, knocking him backwards into the dust. He clambered back up, but his Color Timer had begun to blink. "I'm going to need to recharge my energy soon!" he said as he dodged more Gravity Bolts. "I'm guessing neither of you can recharge energy?"

Chapter 5 Edit

Sorta locked arms with Death King and tried to over power it. To his surprise he found his own augmented strength insufficient as the creature forced him to his knees. It opened its jaws, ready to bite when Orion dropped kicked it in the head. Freeing Sorta and sending the monster into the dirt, Orion helped up Sorta and said.

"That thing can tear into our flesh..."

"What...?" replied Sorta with a sense of disbelief.

"I've fought this thing before I have the wounds to prove it..."

"We don't show scars...!" said Sorta. Orion but his arm in an L position and fired a beam into the monster's face as it got up, knocking it back down.

"You know what I mean...!" he said impatiently. He leaped towards Gamma, his hand glowing white and a forming a sphere which he placed into Gamma's color timer. "We need to work together to bring him down...!"

Almost as if in response to his words a pulse of dark energy came out of nowhere and showered down on the monster. Immediately it eyes glowed brighter and it made movements as it roared in the silent vacuum of space. "Oh, no..." said Orion.

"What...?" asked Sorta and Gamma in unison.

"It's back to normal...!" The beast fired several purple bolts into Sorta, sending him flying backwards. It fired a yellow beam at Orion who countered by crossing his arms and erecting a mental barrier. Even so he was pushed onto his knees as the yellow energy covered him the beast had him tethered. It turned to the side and yanked Orion and threw him about before turning to Gamma.

Gamma flew towards him and the two locked arms, but where Sorta was pushed into his knees Gamma was pushed back, leaving trenches in the ground with his feet before being blasted backwards by a yellow beam. It stopped when Orion fired a blast in its back. The beast turned around and Orion crossed his arms above his forehead stone, he swung them open and the stone turned red transforming his body with a red light.

Orion charged the monster and it charged Orion, the two clashed with Orion grabbing one arm as the beast's free hand dug into his shoulder. Orion buried his shoulder in its throat. Even with this advantageous position Orion was still being pushed back. To counter Orion fell on his back and used his foot to flip the creature into the air.

Gamma and Sorta both leaped into the air, Gamma's fist was covered in energy (Gamma Breaker) and Sorta's was covered in yellow light and stones again. The two planted their fists into the creature's stomach sending it flying back to Orion who had gotten up. He gained fiery 'hair' on his head as his power increased and he jumped into the and back flipped, delivering a flame wrapped kick to the back of the creature's head. It tumbled through the air and hit the ground hard but it wasn't down for long.

"Hold it in place...!" shouted Orion. The two flew the side of the creature and outstretched their arms, using their mental abilities to hold its muscles in place. Even so the creature thrashed about.

"Hurry...!" shouted Gamma. Orion crossed his arms and moved them upwards and outward, his fiery hair grew larger and a flaming aura covered his body. The beast saw this, it wings opened and the purple energy from its wings merged with the energy of its maw. As Orion ran towards the beast it fired a beam far more powerful and destructive than anything it previously used. Both Gamma and Sorta could tell that getting hit by that was bad even for an Ultra. Orion didn't stop running nor did he alter his course, his flames somehow deflected the blast scattering it that he ran with explosions occurring beside him. He suddenly accelerated, moving as a blur, disappeared and reappeared behind the monster, slowing down in a skid and without his flames.

He turned around and the two released their grips, the creature was paralyzed and not because of their powers. It fell over as it body glowed red hot and it shattered into flames and prismatic energy, something Orion found peculiar.

Chapter 6 Edit

The alien watched the Ultras' victory from his base, he watched with glee.

"It seems I made the right choices..." he mused to himself.

Ultra Heroes Edit

"That was... fun." Gamma said, exhausted.

"Certainly...." Sorta sighed as he looked onto the twin suns, and recharged his energy "I suggest we...proceed to the next moon?"

"Let's go." Gamma replied ready to jump into the air.

"Actually..." said Orion "You guys could come back to my planet, I could get King to look at your... problem..."

"King...?" said Sorta, that name had some apparent meaning for him that did not go unnoticed by the others. "Okay, that sounds like a plan...!"

"Sorta, what now?!" A voice came out of nowhere, but it sounded like it came from Sorta.

"Uh, what was that?" Orion questioned the Ultra, with Gamma on the topic as well.

"Just my 'human host' or what they call it," Sorta pointed to his Color Timer, indicating his host was residing there.

"Shut up..." Sakate replied back, annoyed.

"You have a human host?" said Orion "Must Ultras I know, myself included just have a human form

"Uh, yeah. His name is Sakate Trial..." Sorta replied to Orion, and indirectly to Gamma.

"What is that like?" Orion asked in curiosity.

"It's very interesting." Sorta replied.

"I also have a human host" Gamma said.

"Hi..." said Hikari's voice from within Gamma. Orion bowed politely, Sorta replied in the same way and Sakate just gave a "whatever..."

"It seems your the odd man out..." said Sorta to Orion. Orion just looked at him.

"You do know we are in my home universe....?"


"So..." said Gamma "He is the only one of us three not to get kicked out of their home dimension..."

The Ultras turned ready to follow Orion of the moon until Gamma spotted something large flying towards them at high speeds.

"Duck!" he cried and fell to the ground. The other Ultras followed his order, barely avoiding the creature's attempt to smash into their heads. The object landed on the moon and stood up, revealing itself to be a kaiju. It roared at the Ultras and took up a fighting stance.

"What is that thing?" Gamma asked.

"I don't know, I've never seen anything like it before." Orion said "But..."

"But, what...?" asked Sorta.

"Like Death King, I'm not detecting any life energy from this thing!" The three had no chance to discuss what that mean, the creature fired a fiery ball of plasma causing them to separate as they jumped out of the way.

Gamma crossed his arms and fired a blue beam from his right hand. It struck the monster's armor and fizzled out.

"Wow.." Gamma said, stunned by the creature's armor.

"Hey, that was the Specium Ray!" Sorta said, but had to dodge a plasma ball. "You know that too?"

"Uh-huh! Tell you about it after we beat this thing!" Gamma replied.

"Okay!" Sorta said.

Gamma crossed his arms over his forehead and turned red. He then launched an energy slice from his hand. It struck the monster in between the eyes, stunning it. He created a ball of orange energy in his hands and hurled it at the monster. Again it dissipated on the creature's armor.

"Combine your beams!" Orion yelled. The other two Ultras obeyed and fired their signature beams. All three struck the monster at the same place, destroying it in a ball of fire.

Chapter 7 Edit

Ultra Heroes Edit

"Well, that was... something active? I guess. But still," Sorta pointed to his Color Timer, blinking, "We need a place to recharge our energy. As Gamma and I have trouble recharging our energies in another universe."

Gamma nodded in reply, while Orion thought about this.

"Hmm, how about we proceed to the Land of Giants? There we can recharge our energies," Orion suggested, with both Ultras nodding in agreement. Orion brought his arms up to his chest, his Heart Stone glowed with a light blue light that was channeled to his arms. Stretching them outward he created two beam that clashed and formed what resembled a pooling of glowing blue water in the middle of space.

Sorta and Gamma took comfort, it was the same technique they would've used in their home universes. The flew up to the wormhole followed by Orion. Entering they went past what humans would've considered a psychedelic experience as the flew through curved space in a show of lights and warp fields. When they came out , the sense of comfort Gamma and Sorta had was gone, in its place was surprise and awe.

In their minds they as if they had begun to understand why Orion's home had a different name. Where their homes were made of crystals, Orion's was filled with trees/wood that had been morphed into the shape of buildings, these constructs had prismatic circuit lines and large jewels that glowed brightly, rivers of light arced around the planet and a trio of white dwarf stars, shinning bright white shined around the planet. All together the planet, whether natural or from its augmented nature was many times the size of Earth.

"This..." said Gamma in awe "This is beautiful..." Hikari agreed with him and so did Sorta, but Sakate was just being indifferent.

"Thank you..." said Orion.

"What's that over there...?" asked Sorta, pointing to the large satellite that orbited the planet. There were two, one was a cylinder made of metal with a mushroom shaped head, it was the size of a moon or large asteroid. The other was a more familiar structure for Sorta, a crystal land mass the same size as Earth's moon with a Greek style temple on top. Sorta referred to the satellite which was on the opposite side to the land mass.

"That's the Space Patrol Home department..." replied Orion.

"Home department...?"

"It's the academy and technically it is the HQ but the official one is elsewhere and the size of a small solar system..." The other two Ultras listened in surprise. "Speaking of which..." The three spied two Ultras speeding towards them from Space Patrol, one massive, red and with horns (Torrent) and the other streamline, mostly silver but with red lines (Impulse). The two flew up to them and halted and Orion flew towards them and nodded.

"Father..." he said to the red one "Brother..." he said to the other. Orion and his brother knocked arms but their father remained stoic.

"King wants to see you lot..." said Orion's father, Torrent. Sorta's energy core skipped an oscillation.

"King...?" Gamma asked

"Ultraman King!?" Sorta asked.

Chapter 8 Edit

Sorta didn't get a straight answer, between the entire alternate universe ordeal and the similarities between King and Ultraman King, he got no clear answer. The group of Ultras simply flew towards King's Temple, the floating land mass when another Ultra flew up and grabbed Orion, this one a female.

"Orion...!" she shouted happily as she gave him a bear hug.

"Um, Luter ..." said Orion "I was gone for just a couple of hours...!"

"Still, your mom had one of her 'feelings' that something bad may have happened to you...!" Gamma and Sorta just looked at each other and back at the two, while Torrent and Impulse just watched impatiently.

"I'm fine and I have to go, King wants to see me..." Luter smacked Orion across the head, causing him to grab his head in pain.

"Oh, so suddenly business is more important than me and your mom worrying about you...?" she said angrily "by the way who are the two weirdos...?" she said turning to Gamma and Sorta. The two introduced themselves.

"They are from different Universes, hence why King called for me..." said Orion annoyed. He sighed "Can you go and see that she is alright...?" Torrent and Impulse nodded in compliance. Luter left reluctantly and the group continued their journey.

"Your girlfriend seems nice..." said Sorta

"She's not my girlfriend..." said Orion stoically. From the direction that Luter flew in came a beam that struck Orion in the backside, causing him to jump.

"Smooth bro..." said Impulse sarcastically "smooth..." Gamma and Sorta looked at each other and looked back at Orion and Impulse, trying their hardest not to giggle. Even Torrent and Impulse found this to be amusing.

The two found that King's Temple was more imposing than what they had imagined. It was one thing to look at it from a far, but it was another thing to be right there. In their home universes, they were giants, but looking at the massive stairs, columns and the door they knew what it was to feel tiny. The building was made out some form of white marble with golden circuit lines running all over it, the door was all gold and shined brightly and made even Torrent seem like a dwarf.

Impulse was gone, as a mere captain he did not have the authority to set foot on this sacred ground unless it was to defend it. Sitting on the steps the ground found another large red Ultra, Gigas, sitting and waiting. Immediately the two could sense the fear from Orion.

"Something wrong...?" asked Sorta as Gigas and Torrent bumped fists together.

"That's Gigas, the Battlemaster..."

"Battlemaster...?" asked Gamma

"It means..." said Gigas who was suddenly in front the group "That I'm recognized as the strongest physical fighter on the planet...!" he said with a bellowing tone.

"Cool..." said Sakate. Sorta shushed his host and Gigas just ignored that.

"So Orion, here to get your medals...?"

"Medals...?" asked Gamma and Sorta.

"Orion here was supposed to be the youngest captain in the history of Space Patrol! But he refused..."

"How did you earn Star Medals...?" Asked Sorta.

"There was..." said Orion with a sense of reluctance "A war..."

"A war...?" asked Gamma, noting Orion's reluctant tone.

"A big one...!" said Gigas "Those machine bastards gave it their best shot, haven't had a fight like that in millenia now..." He paused "What are they teaching you rugrats that you don't know about the Machine War...?"

"They are the reason my father called you all here..." said a stoic voice. The doors to the temple opened and out walked another large red Ultra. Everyone but Gamma and Sorta bowed in respect.

"Prince Prime..." said Orion shocking Sorta.

Gamma and Sorta looked at each other and bowed as well.

Chapter 9 Edit

Everyone bowed before Prime until he gave a signal for them to rise. Sorta felt uncomfortable having to bow down before anyone.

"Who's this weirdo...?" asked Sakate. Sorta's energy core skipped a cycle as he immediately tried to shut up the young human. it was too late, Prime stood in front of him looking down at him, he was a full head taller than most. Prime simply touched his color timer and Sorta's host was suddenly silent.

"What... what did you do...?" asked Sorta, confused. Prime turned to Gamma and did the same to him before walking back to the doors.

"King..." said Orion "Wants to see us, only those called by him may enter his sanctuary...?"

"I still don't..." said Sorta "Oh..." as he finally figured it out.

"King called for us..." said Gamma "Not our human comrades..."

"Indeed..." said Prime, his voice was deep, stoic and powerful "Come, my father awaits..." All of the Ultras save Impulse, who had to leave, entered through the doors that closed behind them. They walked down golden halls to a room with a pool made of what could only be called white light. Orbs of light drifted upwards like bubbles and Sorta and Gamma felt suddenly energized.

"What is this place...?" asked Gamma.

"This..." said Orion "Is King's meditation room, the Plasma Chamber..."

"Plasma Chamber...?" asked Sorta

"This energy..." said Prime, is similar to the energy radiated by our three suns, the same that transformed our ancestors into giants..."

"An entire room..." said Sorta "Filled with Plasma Spark energy..."

"All for my father..." said Prime

"What does he need all of that for...?" asked Sorta, truly perplexed.

"No one knows exactly..." said Orion, Gamma sensed that Orion was not being honest with his words, but he did not press the matter, they were of course outsiders "But King uses this energy to form objects like my bracelet and focus his ESP to watch over the universe...."

"That bracelet is from King...?" asked Sorta.

"Yes..." said Torrent "Orion received it when he refused the Star Medals..."

"How did you earn that right...?" shouted Sorta. Gamma held him back and shushed him, he sensed the innate sacredness of this place.

"Yes..." said Orion, trying to down play it "It was a war, many became my brother..."

"That position is still open to you, Orion..." said a disembodied voice. Everyone but Sorta and Gamma knew to bow, lowering their heads. The two visitor Ultras were caught off guard by an intense light that emanated from the pool. Up rose a figure wearing a golden cloak, Gamma and Sorta, like any Ultra could estimate this Ultra's power from the light they gave of, this had to be King.

The light disappeared and King stood in the middle of the pool. Gamma knelt but Sorta just looked at the ancient Ultra.

"Who is that...?" Orion got up and pulled down Sorta's head.

"That's King...!"

"Were you expecting someone else...?" asked King, his voice was much softer than his son's, it sounded like a kindly grandfather's.

"Well, I am told my father is Ultraman King, I've seen images of him but I've never met him..." King bowed.

"I apologize for your disappointment...please rise." Everyone stood up. Orion noticed that Gigas, Prime and Torrent had moved into a circle with himself, Sorta and Gamma in the middle. Gamma also noticed this.

"Why did you call us...?" asked Sorta.

"Unfortunately..." said King "You two must leave..."

Chapter 10 Edit

"Honestly..." said Gamma "We would love to leave Sir, but we don't even know how we got here..."

"A shame..." said King "I sense a wicked hand behind your presence here..."

"Yeah..." said Sorta "Some alien attacked all three of us, they threw us here where Orion was fighting another alien of the same species..."

"But..." said Torrent "Why send you here...?" King raised his hand and there was a flash of light, everyone but King suddenly found themselves outside the temple complex. Sorta and Gamma looked around confused while the natives of Orion's universe fully understood what was going on.

"Prime..." said Orion "What has your father so paranoid...?"

"Lady Nike was here..." he said coldly to Orion.

"Who's Nike..." asked Sorta.

"Nike..." said Orion "Is a higher dimension life form and the one who wrote the Galactic Law, the Universal law we Ultras uphold..."

"I see you study your history..." said Prime

"What did she want...?" asked Orion

"She felt that your friends were part of an invasion from another Universe and that they should be destroyed...!"

"What...!" exclaimed Orion, Sorta and Gamma altogether.

"You can't just destroy them because you don't know where they come from...!"

"Why not...?" said Prime "We protect the Universe..."

"I thought the people of the Land of Giants were above such petty excuses Prime..."

"That's Prince Prime...!"

"Maybe when you start acting like your Father's heir I call you that again..."

"You dare...!" shouted Prime "You an outsider, who snuck his way into our society dares say such a thing to me...!"

"As an 'outsider' I've seen the image your people have projected as the good and fair upholders of the spirit of the law, not paranoid extremists..."

"We obey the law to the letter, one would think you would know that...!"

"I didn't go to war for letters, I didn't take a sword in my brother's place for letters, I don't fight as I do, or so hard for letters!"

"You tell him..." said Sorta "We're not going to be wiped out so you lot can sleep better at night...!" the two took fighting stances but Orion raised his fist, signalling for them to stop.

"Prime is the Supreme Commander of the Space Patrol, Gigas is the Battlemaster, strongest physical fighter on this planet, my father has been called a one man battalion. This not a fight you can win..."

"Then what do expect us to do...?" asked Gamma

"Run...!" said a disembodied voice. Everyone looked around shocked and surprised. It was then that a column of golden light appeared, trapping the young trio inside. Orion, Sorta and Gamma tried to break free but it was no use, likewise, the older trio also tried to free them, firing their beams but these did nothing. Without warning the three where gone as the column retreated from whence it came.

Chapter 11 Edit

The World that Could have Been Edit

Gamma was the first to awaken in the strange place, all around him was...nothing, there was a night sky filed with celestial bodies such as nebulae of different colors but the ground was a vast expanse of a black dark substance. In the distance he could see formations, white crystals that shot up out of the dark. Sorta began to stir and then Orion, all the while they sensed that they were being watched.

The alien watched the young heroes from his monitor, he was not about to risk having his test subjects destroyed. He turned on his screen, showing footage of Sorta fighting.

"The most adaptable..." he said before changing to Gamma "The one with the best mental abilities..." Then he changed to Orion "The most experienced...?" the image changed, Orion transformed into a raging berserker mode, complete with claws and a dark coloring "Ah, the physically strongest...!" He turned around to the shadows in the back. "Go and greet our guests...!"

Orion Universe Edit

King stood in his room, he had seen what had transpired outside and was saddened by it.

"Is that why you were so afraid...?"

"I don't know what you mean..." said Nike

"The power that took them, it was beyond my ability to help them and I suspect yours..."

"I am not you, mortal my power is without challenge...!"

"In this universe, but as my mind touched that field I realized it was the space of another Universe. Your nature means you have no power outside our Space-Time..."

"It matters not...." said Nike "The threat is gone..."

"You don't know that..." said King "And Orion is also gone..."

"He broke the law..."

"As he said, he was not one to destroy and die for words, now if you would excuse me, I must scold my son..."


"I did not order him to destroy those two, I had hoped to use my powers to send them back home, yet again he has acted against my wishes..."

"He only wished to make you proud..."

"If he followed his heart and not his need to please me, I would be..."

The World that Could have Been Edit

The three Ultras walked across the vast nothingness with Orion in the front. The group were heading to the nearest structure they could see, the crystal mountains in the distance. As they walked Sorta stopped, Sakate had awoken.

"Where are we...?" he asked, still drowzy. All the Ultras heard his voice and they stopped and looked at Sorta.

"We are in another Universe..." said Gamma. His host had also awoken but he had chosen to be quite.

"Probably, the enemy's headquarters..."

"What...?" said Sakate, upset "I thought we were going home, why else did we go see Sorta's dad...?"

"It wasn't my dad..." Sorta "He... just had a similar name..."

"Great, this is your fault...!" shouted Sakate, directing his comment to Orion.

"Grow up kid, life isn't always going to be fair..." said Orion

"Then why be an Ultra...?"

"You are not an Ultra..."

"I am Ultraman Sorta...!"

"He is Sorta, you're some kid he saved most likely, that does not make you special..." Orion turned around and continued walking. Sakate was going to shout again but Sorta stopped him.

"Are you just going to let him get away with that, 'we' are Sorta aren't..."

"Don't you get it...?" said Sorta. Sakate was silent "We are kids here, Orion's people saw us as a threat and were going to destroy us, but I sensed it, he was going to stick up for us, even fight his own father..."

"Okay, fine, maybe I should be thankful...but kids...?"

"I've seen that look in his eyes before..."

"He's an doesn't have a 'look'..."

"I'm an Ultra, trust me on this, he has that same look as Leo..."


"A great warrior from back home, his world was destroyed, he lost everyone, he found his brother after the destruction of his home... I can see it in his eyes, Orion has the look of a warrior, he's not that much older than me but he's a warrior, Gamma is also experienced, what am I but a 'prince' who's power came from his father...?" Sorta looked up to see Orion standing in front of him.

"Firstly..." said Orion "Learn to close your telepathic conversations, secondly, you are only what you believe you are, not what others believe. If you say your a prince, then that is the limits of who you are..." Sorta lowered his head embarrassed while Gamma looked at the two.

Without warning a purple blast of energy went of in front of the group creating a cloud of smoke. Orion and Sorta jumped back on instinct and Gamma turned and took a fighting stance.

"Well, isn't this just adorable..." said one of the two dark Ultras.

Chapter 12 Edit

Gamma gasped. One of the two Ultras looked exactly like him, only red and black, Sorta also had a similar reaction to the other. Orion, Sorta and Gamma grouped together and took fighting stances while the two dark Ultras just looked at each other and laughed.

"Come on..." said Sorta "We can take them...!" A third one came, it pushed the others out of the way before stopping and staring at Orion. Orion recognized him, after all he knew his own form, even this twisted and corrupted version of himself.

"No we can't..." said Orion with a sense of dread in his voice. The dark Ultras snickered.

"Orion...!" said Sorta "What are you talking about, its just a doppelganger, we've fought worse..."

"Fool..." said Orion's mimic "We are Quantum Holograms, all of your bio-data, just negative. Orion has fought monsters and in wars and even his own father, but he has never shown fear till now, because he knows none of them can compare to the monster in side!"

Orion's body flashed, once second he was between Gamma and Sorta and the next he was in the air, planting his fist into his doppelganger's face. He stumbled back a footing, before knocking away Orion's hand and punching at him. Orion received a blow to the face, dark Orion moved for another, but Orion caught himself and caught his arm, redirecting it and holding it. He tried to punch again, but his arm was caught instead. Without a moment's hesitation both headbutted the other, both were knocked back but refused to let go. Their necks snapped forward and both fired beams from the stone on their heads, engaging in a beam clash.

Sorta jumped forward at his counterpart, both countered the other with a side kick bringing them down. Sorta continued with a double chop to the neck but his mimic saw it coming and blocked him. He grabbed his arms and held them to the side but Sorta rolled back and flipped him over. The two young warriors got up and continued their battle.

Gamma's counterpart fired an energy blast at Sorta  but it was countered by Gamma's. The two charged at each other, countering the other's side kick with their own. Gamma began punching at his enemy who kept deflecting his blows, but Gamma himself was deflecting his. All three Ultras had found their match, literally until dark waves from an unknown place erupted around them. In flashes of black and purple, each pair found themselves alone with their doppelganger.

Ultraman Orion Edit

Orion found himself first in a realm of darkness, a black void where nothing could be seen, then there was a flash of light and he found himself on a desert world. All around him were craters, blasted buildings and statues that were near his size, in strange posses of agony and most of them shattered. Orion took a quick look and that was when he realized, those statues resembled Ultras, Ultras with claws and angry looks but Ultras regardless. It was then he noticed the swirl mark on their chests and realized the truth.

"What a rather quaint home you have..." Orion turned to see his dark doppleganger sitting on one of the statues "Personally I think it need some redecorating but it's rather nice, what was it called...?"

"The kingdom of warriors..." Orion said angrily.

"You must've been the exception, with a name like that... well, you're quite weak, let's be didn't belong here..."

"You're right..." said Orion surprising Orion Geist. "I didn't belong here... I had too much honor..." Geist stood up "If you thought bringing me here was going to demoralize me, you are wrong, I rejected this place a long time ago and I have washed my hands of this place and its people..."

"For the Land of Giants? They are weak, sniveling wretches that bow to..."

"The law, a celestial lord, pretenses of goodness, I've heard your rabble before, all from vile beings, all bullies and invaders..." Orion took a fighting stance "Enough talk, have at you...!" Orion Geist laughed to himself than leaped towards Orion, claws extended and roaring.

Chapter 13 Edit

Ultraman Sorta Edit

The two giants founds themselves in a void, this area was plagued with darkness. Sorta looked around, confused, with Sakate guiding him along the way, eventually leading to a glass pane. This pane suddenly sparked up, it projected an image of the Land of Light, and zoomed in the memories of Ultraman and his adopted son.

"So these are your memories..." The whole place suddenly lit up into the ruins of, what seemed to be the Land of Light. Even though there were no signs of anyone, other than the two of them, around, defeaning screams filled the meta-field, seemingly endless. The duplicate sighed, and just held up Sorta by the neck.

"L-let me down, you freak!" Sorta forcefully kicked the quantum hologram to the side of a fallen tower, a fire sparked across the entire area.

"What the hell do you want?" Sorta got into the usual fighting position, with the mimic just laughing. 

"You, I know the one thing you're afraid of. Remember Cronos?" Sorta Geist held up a green crystal, toying with it.

"That's?! No, it can't be. I defeated Cronos, destroyed the Memory Crystal, there is no possible way you were able to....." Sorta was interrupted by Sakate.

"He's trying to toy with you, Sorta. You saw with your own eyes, we destroyed the crystal!" Sakate exclaimed, with the giant of darkness just snickering, who conjured up a sphere of darkness.

"This is what happens to your precious father," the mimic shot the sphere towards the pane, shattering the pane into pieces. This shocked Sorta, who realized, if the Memory Crystal did contained his true consciousness, and if the geist did manage to instill it back inside of him...

"Your family members, your home planet, the humans, all destroyed! You and I will enjoy this sadistic pleasure, of ravaging the cosmos! With my master's technology, he can create anything, even your memories, it all is possible!"

"You know what?"


"You talk too much." Sorta swung his fist at the doppelganger, who simply countered it with one of his own, "I already washed myself clean, from the side of evil. Too bad. Your efforts are fruitless (Gaim reference)!" A kick was sent flying to Sorta Geist's face, who was sent back flying into a mass of broken crystals.

"You'll never surpass me." the mimic chopped down the flaming kick which was flying towards his face, while Sorta retaliated with a leg swipe which Geist jumped over. Both were equally matched at physical techniques, while neither could seemingly overcome the other's skill, neither of them were willing giving up on the attempt. The two punched each each other at the same timer sending the other to the opposite direction.

"Oh look, right here. Who's winning now?" Sorta held up a green crystal, and smashed it beneath his feet, releasing prismatic, swirling energies.

"NO!" Sorta Geist just fell to his knees, while the bonded duo, Sorta and Sakate, smirked.

Alas, their celebration was premature, dark energies surrounded the giant of darkness and he absorbed these into his hands. Sorta knew what he was doing, and he absorbed light energy of various colors into his own.

Eventually, both of them charged at each other, punching swiftly with their enhanced hits, their blows countering the other. Sorta then kicked the doppleganger to the side, while he did a back flip in the air, eventually gaining flight momentum. The geist rolled and stopped on his knees, as crackling, black lightning was unleashed from his crossed arms.

Sorta countered this with one of his own, the beam he revealed was bore every color of the rainbow, similar to the Marine Specium Ray he had heard his Step-Father, Ultraman once used. The rays clashed, resulting in what was called a beam duel. Both of them increased the intensities, trying to overpower the other's beam, the rays of intense energy were growing stronger by the second.

"I... I will not be slain by your cowardly beam!"

"You mean we, Sorta?" said Sakate, their wills working in concert, the unexpected summoned a set of armor from the skies, it was a miracle!

"Armorium Crush!" Sorta quickly changed his stance, from crossed arms to unleashing spark of energies from his fist, this new ray easily overpowered the geist's beam, who screamed in terror as he exploded and shattered.

The giant of light landed on the holographic crystal ground, which quickly buzzed off, as a loud explosion sparked the area behind Sorta.

"That was... easy! Yeah!" Sorta fist bumped Sakate telepathically, as he laughed cockily.

The duo soon found themselves back in the strange alternate world they had left, with the Ultra finding himself beside another.

Ultraman Gamma Edit

Gamma and his duplicate stood in the ruins of a large city on Earth.

"Where am I?" Gamma demanded. Gamma Geist stood in front of him, and smiled. 

"This is the Earth that you destroyed." Gamma stared at him, shocked. 

"Me? What?" Gamma Geist pointed at Gamma, who saw himself standing over the ruined city. He was black, red and gunmetal silver, not unlike his duplicate.

"This is what you fear, isn't it?" His duplicate laughed. His laughter was cut short with a punch to the face. He yelled and clutched at his face. Gamma then struck him with another punch and a roundhouse kick. His duplicate slammed into the ground and, after a moment, clambered back up. "So it's a fight you want." he snarled, launching small blasts of shadow energy. Gamma dodged both of them and sent back two of his own.

Gamma Geist jumped through the air at Gamma. The blow connected, and Gamma stumbled back onto the ground. His duplicate launched more shadow blasts that were countered by Gamma's own. Gamma crossed his hands above his head, in front of the gem on his forehead and turned blue and silver. He darted toward Gamma Geist and rolled between his legs, coming up behind him. He quickly punched his duplicate in the back and dodged Gamma Geist's return punch.

Gamma leapt backwards, using both his acrobatic skills and his flight abilities to create a distance between the two of them. Gamma transformed back into his normal red and blue form and began to generate energy in his hands, his duplicate doing the same. They both released their attacks, the Gamma Stream against the Dark Gamma Stream. The two beams collided, creating a ball of energy in the center. The two beings put all of their energy into the attacks, with Gamma's pushing closer towards Gamma Geist. Suddenly, the beams struck Gamma Geist, the power of both attacks hurling him back and leaving him sprawled in the ruins.

Gamma Geist started to climb up, warily watching Gamma approach. Gamma stopped in front of him, and launched a blast of energy from his palm into Gamma Geist's color timer. He gasped, looked at his color timer then up at Gamma, and fell back, lying still.

Gamma looked around as the world around him began to waver before shattering.

Chapter 14 Edit

The purple, prismatic light faded as Gamma and Sorta returned to the normal space of the strange universe they had found themselves in. Both looked at the other and congratulated him on their victory.

"So how did you win...?" asked Gamma, correctly guessing the others had faced their own doppelgangers.

"What can I say..." said Sorta in a cocky fashion "Nothing beats the original..."

"You got that right...!" Both Sorta and Gamma knew the others fight was not that easy but neither felt the need to press the issue. Now all that left was for Orion to join them. The two slammed their arms together, a gesture that existed for Ultras seemingly across the universe. No sooner after they did that there was another burst of dark purple and prismatic light. The two had thought to see Orion but not in his condition. He was there, but so was his copy, Orion's color timer was not even flashing and his eyes and forehead light had turned of, he was either unconscious or dead. Orion Geist was now different, his purple was now a dark red, his red a jet black, his shoulders had spikes and red claws replaced his fingers, he was buffer now, very buff and his eyes glowed a raging mad red. Geist simply looked at the two and casually threw Orion's limp body towards them, it landed at their feet. Sorta and Gamma knelt down at him, he was alive, but badly beaten, they looked at Orion Geist with anger in their eyes.

"You are probably wondering..." said the fake Ultra "What this form is...? It is Berserk Mode, a power Orion wields that transforms his body with the Light of Instinct, but the weak fool could never control it! He was scared of it, I do not possess such weakness...! In his own Berserk Mode, taken to its limits like mine, Orion faced down the Big Three of the Land of Giants, Ultras as strong as Father of Ultra, the Space Garrison's Supreme Commander. Which of you wants to take me on...?" Gamma and Sorta stood up.

"You know..." said Sorta

"You talk too much..." finished Gamma.

Gamma and Sorta both punched with all the might their Ultra muscles could muster and slammed their fists into Orion Geist's chest... and nothing happened. Geist giggled for a bit and waved his arms about, pushing of their hands and pushing them, sending them skidding back. The two realized that his simple shove had more force behind it than their punches. They charged again this time attacking with a flurry of punches and kicks, blows which Geist, for the most part, deflected, those few that did hit him, didn't seem to bother him. Eventually he caught Sorta's arm, twisting his wrist, then he used it to hold Gamma, holding them together in an interlock. Geist gave the two kicks to their sides, blows that stun them, releasing them he gave Sorta a front kick to the chest and Gamma a side kick to the stomach. Sorta went rolling through the air while Gamma was sent skidding across the ground.

When the two stopped and landed they were in serious pain, they stood up wondering why, if this was a dark version of Orion, why didn't he use this power before. Geist didn't seem keen on moving, he wasn't running after them, the two communicated their strategy telepathically and charged their signature beams. They didn't just fire them, they charged them to twice their normal power before shooting their beams. Geist did nothing, he just stood there. His hand suddenly glowed a dark red as black bolts arced between his palm and his claws, he then outstretched said hand, meeting the beams before they could hit him. The beams didn't destroy him, instead the energy that composed them was dissipated in a large burst of multi-colored light.

Geist giggled and the two finally realized why this one was not keen on moving so much, he was playing with them.

Chapter 15 Edit

Orion didn't know where he was, he was just walking, his eyes, his Wiseman's Eye (the light on his forehead) and his Heart Stone had all gone dark. He walked across nothing but darkness until he fell down face first, his form beginning to fade, to sink into the dark until a hand came a pulled him up. This being, gave him a hard slap to the face turning back on his eyes with a sharp bolt of pain.

"What, the...?" he exclaimed, he looked at the giant, Ultra like but clearly not an Ultra. His body was made of silver bandages, wrapped and fused together into one skin, he had yellow glowing eyes, flowing hair made of the same substance as his skin, yet with its glow it resembled fire. He had glowing yellow eyes, a mouth that moved unlike Ultras, his reveal crystal teeth and a fiery glow from down his throat. In the middle of his chest was what appeared to be a miniature sun, the area around it had seemed to partially melted away from the great power, revealing sinew like skin underneath. The power turn his upper body, abdominal regions, upper arms, and head orange with a glow, while the rest of his body was silver.

Orion had never seen a being like this before but something about it made him feel as if they had known each other for a long time. The being looked at him with a scowl of disappointment.

"Is this it..." he asked, his voice was calm, but Orion sensed there was a hidden aggression beneath it "Is this best you can do...?"

"What do you want from me...?" he asked

"For you to get up, your fight isn't over..."

"Yes it is...!" barked Orion as he stood up "I don't know who you are but I can tell you saw that fight. My mimic has all of my power and none of my restraint...! How am I suppose to be that...?"

"What about your friends...?" Orion turned and fell to his knees

"I'll be seeing them soon... this is...?"

"Event Horizon, the precipice between the Material World and the Hidden World..."

"The land of the living the land of the dead..." said Orion.

"Do really believe he can win...?"

"He has mastered the Light of Instinct, something I could never do, even my Priest Form couldn't..."

"So you think Instinct is stronger than Reason...?"

"How could I not...?"

"What is instinct...?" the giant asked. Orion looked at him and could tell he was being serious "It is a set of parameters, instructions for survival of the individual and the species. Your dark side, that is instinct yes but so is your sixth sense, your ability to just love your family, that is instinct, yet the Light of Instinct has nothing to with such things, do you know why...?"

"No, but I;m sure you're going to tell me..."

"The Light of Instinct, as you see it, it emphasizes with those you rely on brute force, beasts who lack reason, bullies drunk in their own power, such things. But what about Gigas...?"

"What of him..."

"He, like all red Ultras is strong with the Light of Instinct, yet he doesn't go on rampages... mostly..." Orion smirked for a moment "Why is it when Ultras use the Light, normal Ultras, the light isn't dark...?"


"There is no inherent villainy to any martial action, only in the hearts of those who wield them. If you cannot operate without brute force you are slaved to it. That is the form the Light of Instinct takes in those slave to their instincts, to their own power, is that you....?" Orion stood up.

"No, that will never be me...! I will never be like that...!"

"Then go help you friends..." The giant's body began to glow, first from his head, then his body. At first the glow was orange/gold then simply gold, he placed his hand on Orion's Heart Stone and he disappeared in a burst of golden light.

"Should you have interfered...?" asked a voice from the darkness.

"Maybe, maybe not, but they inherited our promise, if we didn't help him now, where no one else can, what would that make us...?" said the fiery giant. He snapped his fingers and a portal of light appeared, revealing a collection of several other giants. Behind them, the portal lead to a place of light, of fields covered in flowers every color in existence and skies so beautiful they could not be described. The group walked through the portal back to their afterlife.

Chapter 16 Edit

Sorta and Gamma rushed Orion Geist, they were in different forms now, Sorta had Fire Changed for added power and speed and Gamma had gone into his Powered mode for the strength to counter Geist's. Sadly it wasn't working.

Sorta punched Orion Geist with a fist covered in flames, Geist blocked it with an outward block and countered with a double punch to his face and his stomach. Gamma charged and Orion aimed his inward and outward kick combo at him. Gamma dodge the two, catching the second one, Gamma swung the next leg, but Geist ducked, but was forced to release the other leg, Orion Geist flipped over and doubled kick Gamma. Despite blocking it he was knocked down from the force behind the legs.

As Orion Geist landed the two charge him again, throwing a flurry of punches, punches that Geist stopped with a variety of blocks, inward, outward, lower and upper, but in between them, he countered, he grabbed Gamma's arm and locked it with Sorta's before proceeding to deliver kicks to their stomachs, kick that sent them skidding across the ground.

The two would not be dissuaded, they charged again, swung at him but Geist blocked and delivered a blow to Gamma's stomach followed by an uppercut that sent him flying back. Sorta also punched but Geist caught his arm and delivered a blow to his chest before kicking to the side, sending him flying. Gamma and Sorta both got up and took to the air.

"Why don't you fools give up, you can't defeat this power, MY POWER...!" said Orion Geist.

"You are just a copy..." said Sorta

"That's Orion's power and you dishonor it..." continued Gamma.

"And we are Ultras, we will never surrender to the dark...!" The two Ultras began to gather energy, Sorta gathered it into a flaming sphere in front the gem on his forehead while Gamma made a sphere of light energy in front of him. The two threw their spheres at the same time, aiming at Orion Geist who whose fingers crackled with arcs of red lightning before he raised them up. To the shock of the two heroes the Orion's doppelganger caught the attacks in his hands and threw them to the side. Orion Geist looked up at them and the two could tell he was laughing, then the dark doppelganger took of into the air.

Chapter 17 Edit

Now Gamma quickly changed to speed mode while Sorta performed his Water changed, both forms were made for speed and in this now aerial conflict they needed that, however, what they soon learned was that Orion's and therefore Orion Geist's speed in this form was faster than there's. Orion Geist rammed Gamma, sending him flying back then he swung at Sorta who ducked. Geist swung his claws at him at but Sorta kept dodging even to the point that he seemed like a blur. Finally Sorta dove forward, flipping over to deliver a double Axe kick which Geist blocked and countered with a kick to his back that sent him flying back. Gamma appeared and caught him. Both of their color timers had turned red now, but the two refused to let up.

Orion Geist rushed them and they dashed in opposite directions, Geist stopped in between them and flew up in time to dodge their attacks. Their kicks collided with each other and left them open for Orion Geist's double kick that sent them crashing into the ground.

Orion Geist landed as the two picked themselves up, they were both clearly tired and couldn't keep this up for much longer, Orion Geist on the other hand, he didn't seem as if he was fighting at all. There was barely any hint that he had been fighting, Ultra eyes could see what human eyes could not, the weaken regions in the Ultra Armor, the skin of all Ultras, that indicated damage. Orion Geist had none of that, at best there was a scratch.

"You two should learn to give up..." said Geist "My master had analyzed each of your abilities, all of your forms, Orion had the strongest, but he was too weak at heart to use it properly..."

"You mean too good..." said Sorta. Geist simply scoffed "I wondered why Orion would refuse to use such a form if he had it, but then it hit me, what is that form called...?"

"This...? Berserk form, though it would match his Berserk form Insanity Version..."

"I thought so..." said Sorta "Orion would've had to forsake his reason to use that form, as an Ultraman it's useless...!"

"Hah, this 'useless' form has been mopping the floor with the both of you..."

"Maybe for an evil creature like you..." said Gamma, both were now standing up "That form is wonderful, but an Ultraman is not a weapon, not a monster, he is a warrior of peace and justice. Than form can only bring harm to others..."

"I think that's the point..." said Geist in mocking tone "Brining harm, particularly to you two...!"

Gamma and Sorta charged energy into their fists as they tranformed back into Powered Mode and Fire change respectively. Gamma's fist was coated with energy as he prepared the Gamma Breaker a punch for shattering forcefields and barriers. Sorta, prepared the Flame Punch, but now he was charging it far past it normal limits, this punch could destroy a monster on contact. Geist did nothing but let them prepare their attacks, then they charged him and leaped into the air coming at him fists first. It was then he moved, he took a Horse stance, his arms to his side as he charged them with energy, large amounts of energy. Gamma's and Sorta's fists clashed with Orion Geist's at first it was a challenge but the red fiery energy that surrounded Geist's fists turned into beam that knocked away their hands, struck them in the chests and sent them flying back.

The two hit the ground, the ground so hard diamond was like cardboard, they twitched and flailed about in pain as their color timers flashed even faster now. Orion walked over to them in a calm pompous manner, grabbing them by the throat and hoisting them up in the air. Even then the two didn't stop struggling.

"Give it up..." said Orion Geist "This is where your stories end...!"

"We are Ultramen..." shouted Sorta

"We don't give up..." continued Sakate.

"We will never surrender..." shouted Gamma. Then they stopped, they just suddenly stopped struggling and went limp. Orion laughed but then he realized they were stairing past him. Turning around he found Orion, in his all blue form standing behind him.

"Hi..." he said before planting his open palm in his chest, a powerful pulse of energy emerged from his hand and shot through Orion Geist, taking with it large amount of his dark energy. Orion Geist stumbled back and dropped the two Ultras.

Chapter 18 Edit

Gamma and Sorta could not believe their eyes, it was Orion, who they were sure was dead by now.

"How...?" asked Gamma

"Another time..." said Orion. Orion waved his hands about and put them over his head, it seemed as if all the stars in the sky were shooting beams at him now, beams which became a circle of light above him, upon bringing his hands down the circle's light rained down on Orion, even Sorta and Gamma were feeling the rejuvenative effects of the light. Orion turned at them, he touched his Heart Stone and pointed at their color timers, shooting beams of energy that restored their strength and healed their injuries. "I can sense it..." said Orion "In your battles, as you face your shadows you forged lights, inner lights, use them..."

Orion Geist roared in anger and Orion turned to face him. Sorta and Gamma stood up but Orion motioned to them to stay out of this fight.

"Fool...!" shouted Geist "You couldn't defeat me alone, and now in your blue form you think you have the strength to fight me...?" Orion was silent, he simply stood there with his arms folded. "Well...?"

"Well, what..." spoke Orion finally "You want to boast about how strong you are, but your'e a copy, you have no strength but my own and what you master gives you. Yes your master, for you are clearly too stupid to be the brains behind all of this..." Geist roared and charged Orion, who simply turned on a dime and clotheslined him. Geist flipped in the air and fell on his back. "Are, are you..." said Orion "Are you really trying to challenge me with speed. Idiot, all your power, but it's useles if you can't hit me..."

Geist got up and roared again, energy crackeld betwen his claws as he swung his arms, firing arcs of energy. Orion simply dodged, moving like a blur at time, at other times he appeared to disappear and reappear somewhere else. Orion suddenly stopped and Geist charged him, swinging his claw, but Orion was suddenly gone. Geist realized too late that he had ducked and performed a palm thrust which he had thrown himself onto. Orion gave of another pulse of energy that sent him flying back.

Geist eventualy caught himself and looked up just Orion gave him a double palm thrust, sending flying even further back and as the energy passed through him, taking with it his dark power. He landed on his back and skidded, all but limp as he struggled to get back up, even his energy hair was almost out.

"Master...!" shouted Orion Geist. Orion with his arms crossed, watched with seemingly little concern for what happened next. A vortex of dark energy appeared, a particle field it was filled with Deathium particles, the anti-particle to Specium, which all Ultras energies were based on. It rained down on Orion Geist like a beam and the dark Ultra stood up, his energy hair returned and a black aura all around him. "Behold my power...!" he shouted arrogantly. Indeed his strength was now much greater than it had been before, he was overcharge with energy...but not for long. In the time he spent shouting to the sky Orion had formed a sphere in his hand to his side and in a palm thrust motion fired a beam of energy feathers along with the normal particles. The beam struck Geist's energy core, the feathers went in white and came out black before dissapating and Geist lost his power boost as his energy levels returned to normal.

"As I said..." spoke Orion, crossing his arms again "Just a copy, a copy of me sometime ago, but upon my return I have returned with greater power than you could ever hope to attain..."

"What foolishness is this, this is your strongest form...!" said Geist, if he had a human mouth he was be frothing mad.

"Yes, but it is powerless against this form, physicaly I am simply faster... Here's an idea, why don't you change to this form. Our speed and abilities would be equal then..." Geist said nothing "Because you can't, you are a weak little sprite hiding behind someone else's form and power. This form is powered by my compassion and love, you have neither. You can't beat me now or in my ultimate form... in theirs..." Sorta and Gamma stood next to Orion now, they had realized what he was talking about.

"You fools want to go again...!" shouted Orion Geist.

"In your attempts to drag us into the dark..." said Sorta

"You forced us to find our own inner lights..." said Gamma

"Having conquered those shadows..." said Sakate.

"Our light is brighter than ever before...!" finished Hikari

Chapter 19 Edit

Orion returned to his normal form as Sorta and Gamma stepped forward. They each took a ready stance, Geist tried to rush, afriad of the possibility but against the mental might of these three Ultras even he was sent back flying.

"I learn that my light, even if I inherited it..." said Sorta "It is still mine and only I can make it shine... Light Change...!" He crossed his arms, putting his bracelets together, a gold aura covered his body, upon swinging his arms open his body became gold with a golden glow.

"I refused..." said Gamma "To allow my fear to decide my future, my hope will light light the way, Future Mode...!" He waved his hands about, gathering energy that became golden ribbons as it collected in his color timer, his body's markings moved about as gold was added to the mix.

"And now..." said Orion "I have made peace with my power and my powers have made peace with each other...!" He turned into his red form, his Berserk mode, then Berserk Insanity mode, but it wasn't dark and his eyes were normal. He then called forth a blue light from his Heart Stone, as if he was changing into his blue priest mode, instead the light turned gold as it covered him. When it was gone he was like normal but he was all gold, his protectors were gone and his now white Ultra Lines covered his body. "Zen Mode..."

"What are you...?" asked Orion Geist mocking them "Characters on a kid's show...?" Orion Geist's fist was covered in energy as he rushed forward at full speed, punching Orion square in the Heart Stone... Nothing happened, Orion looked at Geist's fist and then his comrades, they said nothing but Geist got the impression they were thinking 'is he serious'? Orion moved away his fist and before he could react, gave his doppleganger an uppercut, if there was an atmosphere, there would have been a 'BOOM' as he went flying into the sky.

It took a minute before he realized his jaw was in agony and that he was flying through space. It took less than that to feel Orion's kick into his back. It felt like the weight of a small planet had been compressed into his shin which had moved at high speeds. Given that force is mass times acceleration, it goes without saying that blow had substantial force behind it. Geist was sent flying downwards and into Gamma's uppercut into his chest. Upon contact there was a flash of light, a burst of energy that shamed every atomic explosion known to twenty first century man, a blow that sent him back into the air. Then came the worst blow, Sorta's spinning kick into his head, Sorta took him down, landing on the ground and making a crater. A crater... in the ground made of 'solidified space', it was small yes, but diamonds could not hope to cut this 'material' and Sorta had left a crater with Orion Geist's head in the epicenter. Sorta jumped and landed beside his fellows and all three were legitimately shocked that Geist was able to get up. Orion had little practiced in that form were he became mad man, so he even he knew little of how durable it was.

Orion waved his hand pointing his finger, a small blue orb formed in front his index, before becoming a large sphere and then a beam. It was the strongest beam he ever fired, but even then Orion Geist was still alive. Orion motioned his attack again, Sorta and Gamma gathered energy and the three fired beams which merged into one massive ray. Geist, charged his hands, hoping to deflect it as he raised his red shield, both the shield and his claws shattered and Geist was gone screaming...

"NO....!" The beam flew of into the horizon, there was a flash and the 'night' sky suddenly turned white for just a moment followed by a mushroom cloud in the distance. The trio of Ultras now turned to the crystal fortress in the distance, their now improved senses, told them that is where the mastermind of everything was.

Chapter 20 Edit

Meridas, the alien that had started all of this, slammed his hands on the console, the readings he was getting were inconclusive, they did not make any sense, whatsoever.

"How...!" he shouted "How can this technology which has moved entire universes, how can it not scan their energies...?"

"Because..." Meridas turned around to the white light from before "The power of Ultra was not born in the material world, it was born in the hidden world..."

"Don't give me that nonsense..." he said "A dimension that cannot be perceived by any scientific methods or instruments, the afterlife, the legend of of the Heroes of Light? Don't make me laugh...!"

"Even you must realize that you cannot analyze what should otherwise be in your sphere of knowledge, the science of the Ultras has never surpassed or equaled yours, yet their power is a mystery to you..."

"Enough...! If they won't give up their secrets, I will break them open and take their secrets from their cold corpses...!" The light disappeared as Meridas returned to his controls.

Orion, Sorta and Gamma were just about to take of when they noticed something, a dark prismatic light in the sky, filled with minus energy it rained down and took the shapes of monsters, an army of monsters, a hundred strong.

"This may be... a problem..." said Orion

"I doubt that..." said Sorta "We can take them down oursleves..."

"And waste our energy..." said Gamma.


"And our enemy can just escape..." Finished Orion.

"Don't worry about that...!" said Luter's voice. The group turned to see shining white portals opening and Ultras walked out, Luter, Torrent, Prime, Gigas, Impulse and a few others from Orion's universe. There was Dark Sorta, Contra and Spark, Ultraman King, Ultraman, Sorta's father and step-father both appeared. Ultraman Pheonix, Ultraman Sol and Ultraman Typhoon stepped out of their portals.

"This dark power..." said King "It shall not prevail this day...!" Other portals opened, out walked an UItra with Cybernetic attachments.

"Ultraman Touch. Tch..." he said.

Another Ultra, with crystal-like attachments, came out of a portal. "Ultraman Reuz! Saviour of the Galaxy!" Everyone just looked at him.

And out came an Ultra with three crest weapons, and a green and red Body. "Ultraman One ... son of Zero...!"

"Whose Zero...?" asked Orion

"I don't know..." said Gamma "But he sounds like some like someone with issues..."

"My teacher is named Zero..." said Sorta "but given our experience he's probably a totally different person..."

Finally came Ultraman TigaCosmos, Gaia, Agul, Dyna, Nexus and Ultraseven, Ultras from the same universe.

"Grampa...?" shouted One. Seven just looked at the young Ultra as if he was strange.

"Dad...?" said Ultraman Zero, who had just come out of the portal to Sorta's universe

"Dad...?" said One to Zero.

"What...?" he replied

One, Zero and Seven just looked at each other confused. ↵"Hey guys..." said Orion, starting to get annoyed by their hijincks "Can you take out that monster army while we go and taken down the big baddy...?" The Ultras shouted loud and strong before they charged the monster army.

"I wonder who did this, bringing these guys here...?" asked Sakate.

"Let's find out later..." said Gamma.

"Agreed..." sai Orion, the three took of towards the fortress while their comrades battled the monsters beneath them."

Chapter 21 Edit

Ultraseven delivered a jump kick to King Zaurus, followed by an Emerium beam to Red King's face as the monster tried to rush him from the side. It fell instantly and Seven bent over as Luter jumped over his shoulder and delivered a jump kick into King Zaurus' chest. The two backed each other as they turned around before taking of into the air to avoid fireballs and firebreath.

Zero and One were cutting down monsters using their crest blades, they jumped into the air and with Seven's added Eyeslugger they formed a disc of energy that cut down several monsters.

Ultraman Torrent, didn't fight with his son, his fighting style was a solo one, his fists, his trident, they knocked monster on their backs. He ran and swung about his trident, taking down Telesdon, Bemlar, Sadora, these monster were no match for his strength. Antlar rushed him and took the full brunt of his trident's points, Torrent just lifted the monster in the, shocking it with his trident's power, his power, before bringing him back down and sending him through the crowd riding a large sphere of blue energy. Antlar was destroyed in the distance, along with any unfortunate monster that was in path. Torrent turned around and swung his trident, letting out a wave of energy for the monster behind him that had thought he was distracted.

A blur moved across the battle field, a blur that left behind an electric trail, Prime moved at incredible speeds, dealing punches and kick that broke monster bones and sent them flying. Prime stopped to deliver a punch to send a Skulletor flying. He put his hands in an L position and fired his beam as he spun around, creating a circle of burnt monster remains around him before he continued onward.

In the sky Impulse, took down a Birdon, an Arigera and a Zoiger with slashes from his bow blade. He then stopped and began to fire his light arrows into the air, they moved and bent in an almost sentient motion as they came back down and struck monsters that were about to hit one of the Ultras from behind.

Sorta, Orion and Gamma, flew at high speed but there senses alerted them to a problem, the monsters that were defeated, kept coming back, over and over. Ultras may not have to worry about time limits outside of Earth like atmospheres, but they were not without limits. The three crashed through the ceiling of the fortress and landed before the alien they sensed was behind all of this. Upon landing they fired their combination beam again, hoping to take him off guard. The alien turned around, a black scimitar appearing in his hand. Going into a blocking stance he pointed the blade downward as the beam came at him.

Outside everyone paused for a second when to beams shot out of the fortress and sped of into the air (the command room was on elevated ground) in two different direction.

In the control room the alien looked with annoynace at the two hole in the walls besides his terminal while the three Ultras looked with disbelief.

"What...?" asked Meridas "I have moved entire universes with my technology did you think I could not deal with your attacks..."

"What are you...?" asked Sorta

"I am a Weekee..."

"A wookiee...?" asked Sakate in a mocking tone. Meridas gave Sorta a look. Sorta instinctively crossed his arms and put up a mental shield as a pulse of force swept over him.

"Do not test me, human, I will never understand the fascination Ultras have with you monkeys, a thousand different universes the same nonesense. I don't care if they do resemble you ancestors, you don't see humans wanting to hang around their dead and buried but I digress... I am Meridas and I brought you three together because I sensed your great potential, pontential you have realized but that I have found to be useless to my plans, thus I shall exterminate you lot and deal with your friends..." The three Ultras took fighting stances "Now... do amuse me before you are dispatched."

Chapter 22 Edit

The Ultras looked at each other and then at Meridas, this was unexpected, they had just gained their 'ulitmate' forms, defeating an enemy that overpowered all of their previous forms and abilities and now they were outclassed again. Orion spoke to his comrades telepathically.

"We need to go all out from beginning...!" he said

"Start at a climax...!" said Sorta.

"You lot know I can hear you, correct...?" Orion looked at his bracelet, the one he had refused to use to its full potential. He knew he couldn't afford to be stubborn anymore, there was too much at stake. Orion placed his hand on the stone, prismatic light and electricity radiated, he swiped his hand upwards and then downwards. The energy projected forward and the metal of the bracelet morphed to fill in this construct and absorb it, forming a blade.

Sorta understood, he crossed his arms and swung them open, covering himself with an intense energy. Everyone turned to Gamma.

"Yeah..." he said "I've got nothing..." Orion gave him a look. "Alright...!" Gamma crossed his arms and also erected an aura. "I didn't want do the samething as Sorta..!"

"What's wrong with that...?" asked Sorta.

"It's just not as cool..."

"And I though I was immature..."

"If you lot are done...?" said Meridas with an annoyed tone.

Outside, the battle paused for a moment as the roof of the fortress shattered. Meridas was being forced into the air by Orion, their blades locked. Suddenly Gamma and Sorta flew towards Meridas from the side, Meridas kicked Orion away and slashed the other knocking them away. Their shields protected them from serious harm but the blows still hurt. Orion returned, charging with a stabbing motion, which Meridas dodge. Meridas aimed for the back of his neck, but Orion turned around and blocked the block with his sword. He grabbed the Weekee by his foot pulling him down and sending him flying to the gound with a powerful kick.

Meridas skid across the ground, across the battlefield, Orion flew down after him and the two began a sword fight. The forced of their blows and blocking had the two spinning, knocking down any unfortunate monster that was in their path until they stopped. Without warning a Red King grabbed Orion from behind, he bashed the creature with the back of his head and flipped him forward. Both Orion's and Meridas' blades cut through the beast in opposite direction, missing each other by mere inches. Witht the beast gone their swords clashed again.

Orion suddenly kick Meridas, but he wasn't aiming at the Weekee, he kick his sword out of his hand and away. Meridas ducked beneath Orion's next swing and caught his returning arm. He delivered several punches to Orion before kicking him away and outretching his hand. He sword flew back towards him but was destroyed by a beam. Gamma was in the air, having just fired his Ultimate Specium.

Sorta charged Meridas from the ground, throwing a punch, that the alien caught. He countered with an elbow to his inner elbow and several blows to the face, followed by a double punch to the chest to send him flying. Meridas turned back around and dodged Orion's sword, sending up into Gamma, who was charging down at him, with an uppercut.

The three ultras gathered themselves and eyes Meridas who stood with a smug composure.

"This..." said Orion "He's using my fighting style...!"

"Yeah..." said Sorta "He used mine when we fought...!"

"But of course..." said Meridas "I was studying you lot for some time. Ironic isn't it, you three are the only one who can keep up with me, but you are also at a disadvantage not present with the others. Orion flew down on the battlefield. His blade disappeared, but he brought his bracelet to his chest and it glowed, shinning a light that covered his body. His blade returned, but Orion now sported armor, a silver armor, with a silver shaped stone over where his Heart Stone was, it resembled a silver versionof the Green Ranger's chest shield.

"You guys, go..." said Orion as he took a stance.

"What...?" said Sorta

"Orion...!" said Gamma, "We couldn't beat him alone...!"

"I know for a fact..." said Orion "You two noticed that the number of monsters has not decreased!" The two paused, they knew he spoke the truth, the two flew of towards the fortress.

"Sadly..." said Meridas "My computer is not without its own protection.

Sorta and Gamma reached Meridas' control room, the roof was completely gone, by the control terminal still stood. The two readied their beams when something happened. Prismatic energy, quantum energy appeared, quantum holograms. They fired their beams, but the intense dark energy stopped their attacks. The dark energy and the quantum energy fused into humanoid shaped, Ultra shapes. The computer spoke, most of it was alien but they made out two names: Ultraman Belial and Dark Zagi...

Chapter 23 Edit

Orion continued his duel with Meridas fighting him in a sword duel he was not winning. He knew how to wield a sword but not arm mounted, it took him a little while to get used to this blade he never used. In the mean time the only thing keeping him alive was his armor which blocked Meridas' more lethal blows.

Eventually the two locked swords, despite his new found power Orion could not push back Meridas, instead he found himself being slowly forced back by the alien. There was an explosion in the background, Orion turned on instinct but turned back quickly, Meridas had freed his sword. Orion stabbed at him to stop what would be his attack and his blow was deflected. Orion moved and swung his blade at Meridas who ducked and the two switched positions as they faced each other.

"Do you hear that...?" asked Meridas with a smug tone "My computer system has one of the greatest defence systems in the multiverse...!"

"Oh and what's that...?"

"I've studied your kind for years, across countless continuities, despite being lights you have produce some very dark shadows, I have selected two of them as the bases for my security system, perhaps the strongest Dark Ultras to ever exist!"

"Well..." said Orion "Sorta was right, you do talk too much...!" Orion pushed him back with a kick to the stomach and charged after him.

Sorta moved from side to side at high speed dodging  Belial's energy blasts, arced shaped bursts of red energy from his claws. Sorta charged the dark Ultra, grabbing him and pushing him down but Belial stopped, he kneed the young warrior in his stomach and double hammer fisted him in the back sending him flying to the ground.

Gamma and Zagi threw their punches at each other, their fists passing each other to hit the opponent in the side of the face. They connected at the same, when Gamma fist connected there was a flash of golden light, Zagi hit his punch gave of a purple pulse of energy. Both Ultras were sent back, but while Gamma skidded on the ground Zagi remained on his two feet. Zagi picked up Gamma by the throat and was about to punch him again when he noticed his color timer glowing yellow. On pure instinct the dark giant kicked Gamma to the side canceling his attack. Zagi roared and charged after Gamma.

Sorta and Belial engaged each other in hand-to-hand combat, this Belial was different from the one his mentor defeated, it could be argued that Zero defeated Belial because he was so dependant on the Giga BattleNizer, this one had his already great Ultra powers but he had grown to be completely intune with the terrible Reiblood power that coursed within him.

As Belial swung his claws at Sorta he blocked each attack and deflected them using blocks, parries and rapid palm strikes to control the situation, but at best he was just redirecting Belial's attacks away from him. It was during this battle that Sorta received a message.

"Sorta..." said the voice.

"Father...?" replied Sorta "I don't need your help!"

"Sorta, use the light, it is more than physical strength...!" As reluctant and stubborn as he was Sorta listened to his father. He jumped back and restored he worn out aura, it was glowing at its maximum. Belial charged him but his blows were met by an explosion of light from Sorta's shield that pushed him back. Sorta put his hands together and gave of an intense light that covered the battle field, it stunned the enemies, all Meridas who shielded himself with his cloak.

Sorta fired a ray of light from his hands, sending Belial flying backwards and exploding in a display of prismatic light and dark energy. Gamma similarly defeated Zagi by shooting a beam from his hands, also destroying the dark Giant. All over the battlefield Ultras that were being pressed on used that oppertunity to take down as many monsters as they could.

Gamma and Sorta flew into the air and again fired their beams at the control console, destroying the room, immediately all the monsters disapeared in displayes of prismatic energy. Only Meridas was left as the Ultras gathered around him.

Chapter 24 Edit

"Well...?" asked Orion, a bit battered like Gamma and Sorta, "What now...?" Meridas looked around, inside his bio-suit it was clear he was smirking. He raised his hand a blue orb of crackling energy appeared, crushing it he swung around firing a beam from his fist, knocking back all the Ultras save Gamma, Sorta, Orion and King. Even though they were still strong enough to fight the four super Ultras were left on the ground trying to recover.

"You fools think you can defeat me...? Granted you have been more trouble than I anticipated, I had hoped to use your 'Power of Ultra' as a weapon in our war against the Admins..."

"Admins...?" asked Orion.

"Pompous old fools that still believe we should only observe reality, instead of rule it as is our birthright...!"

"You have no right to such a thing...!" shouted Orion

"The Multiverse was born free..." said Gamma

"Who are you to lay claim to it...?" said Sorta

"That is right..." said King "I imagine the Weekees always restrained themselves to avoid creating monsters like you...!"

"Pathetic..." said Meridas "But I will admit, even I would not risk facing the four of you alone..." His eyes flashed, from the remains of his fortress came prismatic energy, dark energy, it all flowed into Meridas and his body changed. He dropped his sword which shatter into blue particles and scream out in pain and primal rage.

Orion could sense it, a dense field of minus energy, of the red light of instinct was forming, when it was over Meridas stood changed. His body was now more buff, like a body builder, on his sternum was a yellow/red oval stone with stone on his chest making a U shape. He had these same stone on his shoulder, ovals stone on his forearms, shines and the back of his body, which now lacked his cloak. His claws were now like the stone and oval stone appeared on his crest. His claws had now become like the stones.

"Now..." said Meridas in a very deep tone "You face the might of every monster the Ultras faced, even their dark traitors and the shadows of you three all of them are now Meridas!"

"What do we do?!" asked Gamma.

"I don't know." Orion replied.

Gamma launched a small energy blast at Meridas. The Weekee smiled and held up his hand, absorbing the attack and at the same time firing it back at Gamma. It struck him in the chest, knocking him down.

Orion charged him from behind, his fist in the air charged with energy, but when he moved to punch Meridas, suddenly he was. He was too Orion's side and gave him two hook shots to the face before kicking away and sending him skidding. Sorta charged him and gave a fron snap kick, but Meridas knocked away grabbed him by the throat, raising his hand to block King's King Shot.

"Not even the great King can stop me...!" shotued Meridas "Die, with your son...!" He threw Sorta into King and fired his a dark version of his beam. When the dust cleared Sorta was wounded but King was down, having taking most of the blast.

Orion and Gamma rushed to their side and tried to help them up.

"This is hopeless...!" shouted Gamma

"That doesn't matter..." said Sorta. Gamma gave him a look but Sort directed to behind them. Their friends, where all there on the floor too weak to fight, if they fell who knew what would happen to them.

"We are Ultras..." said Orion.

"The Heart with courage has the strength to make a miracle..." said Gamma, the three stood up while King stepped back.

"Fools..." said Meridas "With all this dark power concentrated into me, what hope have you...?"

"We shall see..." said Orion. He outstretched his hands making a glowing white orb.

"Is that..." said Meridas.

"The Power of Ultra..." said Orion. "Not just energy we run on, the energy that made us Ultras and the Vow Ultras were created to uphold." Gamma and Sorta touched the sphere, the light exploded and wrapped around them, they disappeared a swirl of intensely bright prismatic light.

"Hah...!" said Meridas in a mocking tone "It's just pretty, that you Ultras..." a shinning fist silenced him sending him across the battle field and crashing into the wreckage of his fortress. This luminous giant's aura faded as the swirl of energy that enveloped the three Ultras disappeared.

"Ultraman... Agito..." said King instinctively knowing this beings name.

"Now we end this..." said Agito with the voices of Gamma, Hikari, Sorta, Sakate, Orion and his human form Alex

Chapter 25 Edit

The Ultra warriors forced themselves up, each struggled with most still on the stomachs or backs only a few made it to their knees. They looked up with complete awe, something rare for Ultras, as Agito and Meridas square of. The two were moving at high speeds, teleporting and dodging each other. Meridas moved via black smoke while Agito took of in bright bursts of light.

With the warp layers of the dimension that Meridas used to teleport, he moved as a blur as time seemed to stop outside. He could see out side his matter field but everything looked like a blur. To his shock and utter surprise Agito appeared in front of him and delvered a powerful punch to his face.

The Ultras watched as there was a massive burst of energy as the compatants appeared Meridas falling to the ground and Agito in the air.

"This is ludicrous...!" shouted Meridas as he stood up "I bare the power of myself and the monster army, dark Ultras included how can you have more power than me...?"

"I am..." said Agito "Everything, every Ultra that lives, that has died, that wil be born, I stand as a testament to them, I fight on their behave for their dreams and hopes and the dreams and hopes they protect, for the ancients whose light we inherited, I was born to fight something far worse than you. For that I will face your all and I will crush it...!"

"Arrogant welp...!" Meridas fired two dark beams, one from each hand at Agito. The Ultra raised his arms and erected a shield that resembled a swirling prismatic spiral galaxy. The explosion was massive but it did not touch Agito who did away with the smoke with a swing of his arm. The two charged each tother again with Meridas summoning dark specters from his person that flew towards Agito. The Ultras crossed his arms, his energy core glowed every color, he open his arms putting them to the side and releasing a bright light. Then phantoms eroded away in the face of the holy light and Meridas was temporarily blinded, leaving him open to a kick from Agito.

He crashed into the ground, making a crater similar in size to the one Orion Geist made, but then Agito deliver a kick to his stomach, he jerked and the crater became big enough, deep enough to hold a lake. Agito jumped back and Meridas got up enraged.

"I will not stand for this...!" he shouted, "I am the ultimate lifeform, the apex of evolution, I will not be defeated by a species as pretentious and pompous as yours...!"

"You are evil..." said Agito "You disrupted the Multiverse for the sake of your selfish ambition. You would bring darkness to creation, so we will bring out light and pierce your darkness...!"

"Enough..." shouted Meridas "Darkness, dark beasts slain by these Ultras, remember your rage and use me to rampage again. The quantum holograms within Meridas were all activated, their behavior programs were set to their most violent and Meridas changed, his body became even bulkier and his claws longer, he resembled Belial to a degree as red stripes appeared.

Meridas charged Agito who disappeared in a bright flash of light, Meridas also turned around, for although he was a berserker now he still had control over his abilities. In Sub-Space the two did battle. Meridas swung at Agito who had called a blade from the bracelet on his right arm. With each swing Meridas made, Agito slice open his hand, but blue particles and black energy knitted his limbs back together again.

Meridas landed a kick and knocked Agito out of subspace, back in the real world, he landed infront of the other ultras and rolled before getting up. Meridas appeared as well, his body surged with dark power, power he funneled into his hands.  Agito put away his blade...

"King...!" he shouted. King immediately understood what he wanted. He raised his hands and he and the other Ultras teleported away. Agito put his hands to his sides, the shined with light that took the form of multi-colored galaxies. Both Meridas and Agito cupped their hands at the same time, firing massive and powerful beams, one black and prismatic, the other multicolored and shinning brightly. The clash of power caused a massive burst of energy, a beam that shot up into space.

Agito looked at Meridas who was now even more enraged at his failure to vanquish Agito. He roared and turned around but he wasn't running away, he dove into a purple prismatic field that appeared behind him, a subspace field. Agito knew it was a trap but whether it out of arrogance or his intense sense of duty he dove in as well.

Chapter 26 Edit

Various waves of light and energy flew past Agito after he dove into the subspace field, he suddenly found himself in outer space, but instead of the space time being colored black it was every shade of the rainbow. All around them were small planetoids floating aimlessly in this strange dimension.

Without warning Agito was struck in the back, sending him flying/ crashing into one of the planetoids. He got up to see Meridas placing his crest weapon back on his head. Meridas fired his dark beam from his palm and Agito fired a specium ray, an enhanced specium ray stronger than any beam his three components ever fired. The two beams clashed in a brilliant explosion that made both combatants look away.

There was a burst of light and Agito smashed his fist into Meridas' face, the stunned villain retreated in a flash. Agito took of, following his path through the layers of subspace to another field, this one resembling a volcanic world. Without warning Agito drew his blade from his bracelet and deflected Meridas' crest weapon. Meridas caught his blade and morphed into a large machete and charged after Agito.

Agito flew towards his opponent his blade charged with energy, when the two blades clashed their was a pulse of energy the aggitated the volcanoes beneath them causing lava to spew up. Dodging this the two teleported again, this time finding themselves in a dimension of endless seas and massive trees. Agito was knocked into the water by a dive kick to his back from Meridas.

As his opponent fell into the water, Meridas charged his beam attack again, beneath the waves a prismatic energy expanded and swirled about like a spiral galaxy before contracting again. As Meridas fired his dark beam a prismatic beam shot out of the water. The clash of the two beams caused a massive explosion, when it was gone, Meridas looked down as Agito who was hoever in the middle of the crater as water crashed into the hole. His arms were in a cross position, with his left arm across his vertical right arm.

Again Meridas took of with Agito chasing after him. As Meridas entered a dimension of cold waters and landmasses of ice, he was struck be Agito's Overdrive Specium Ray, sending him flying into a mountain. Meridas looked at him.

"Impossible, cold climates have always been your weakness!"

"For some Ultras..." said Agito in his triple voice "But in some realities Ultras care not for the cold...!" Meridas flew towards him, forcing Agito into the water. In the dark depths Meridas double kicked Agito away. Agito stopped and looked at him, Meridas had stopped moving, it was only at the last moment he realized that something was behind him. The humongous sea serpernt swallowed the Ultra whole and Meridas smirked, he had bread this creature to be a destroyer of planets, its DNA was completely manufactured and it was one of his weapons for fighting the Admin however something strange began to happen. The creature's body was beginning to glow.

Meridas flew back into the sky, beneath him the sea rocks as water collapsed into the now empty space and swirl about. Tornadoes of prismatic particles flew up into the sky as the water began to glow. Agito rose up from the center of the whirpool, with his arms crossed and an unimpressed demeanor.

Meridas roared in rage and frustration, how could this power exist, all of his research said the Ultras were weaker than him save the most powerful of their numbers yet here was one with power that surpassed his, with might he could not understand, him, whose race was among the most advance in the Omniverse, he would bare with it no longer.

Dark energy surrouned his fists and in his anger he slammed them against the fabric of reality that made up his subspace-field. The world around them shattered and in that moment of surprise Meridas punched Agito in the face.

Chapter 27 Edit

Agito hit the ground of Meridas' world leaving a crater, stunned the triune being was seemingly helpless as Meridas charged another beam attack.

"Now die..." shouted Meridas "Along with your pathetic friends..." Suddenly Meridas' body clinched together as golden rings of light held him in place. He looked to see King outstretching his hands along with the other Ultras which had been healed. Suddenly Agito appeared behind him, his hand glowing brightly and he punched Meridas on the top of the head sending him crashing into the ground.

Meridas stood up roaring mad, his beam still ready to go he fired at the Ultras, luckily Agito landed between them and it. With his arms outstretched he glowed brightly before the beam hit him. Meridas laughed at the massive explosion until a massive prismatic buzzsaw made of energy crashed into him.

He was sent flying back with his gash bleeding out purple energy, though it quickly healed. He watched as the bazzsaw turned back into Agito. Meridas got up and charged his beam again, and so did Agito. He put his arms to his side, the energy formed to spiral galaxies. The two opponents fired their beams at the same time engaging in a beam clash, the light of which could be seen far, far away.

"Give it up, Ultra...!" shouted Meridas "You can't beat me, I am a Weekee I am Legion you are three!"

"We are..." said Agito "Together, the Light is a bond, a comradery you will never understand...!" The other Ultras glowed, they heard his words and it went straight to their hearts awakening something they all shared regardless of which Universe they came from. They outstretched their hands and river of light poured forth and into Agito, his glow becoming more intense and his beam more powerful.

"What...?" shouted Meridas "No, stop this, you shouldn't have this kind of power, you're all just Ultras...!" Agito's beam tore through his and tore through him, beaming of towards his tower in the distance it was destroyed in brilliant burst of intense energy shinning every color imaginable.

"Is it over...?" Asked One

"I think so..." said Luter. Agito waved his arms about and shined, his body splitting back into his three components, Orion, Sorta and Gamma, who were all in their base forms again, their color timers flashing.

"Well..." said Orion "That was a rush..."

"A rush...?" said Sorta "That was awesome..." he said jumping into the air. He landed and put his hand on his back "Cramp, cramp...!"

"Don't feel bad..." said Gamma "We are all tired..." The three sat down in unison before being swarmed by the other Ultras. Luter grabbed Orion, hugging him tightly and causing his sore body pain. The others kept patting them on the back.

"Wait..." said Orion "How did you guys get here...?" As if on cuea white portal opened and out walked a brilliant white figure. Everyone turned to him and the three stood up.

"Who are you...?" asked Sorta

"I am..." said the figure in white "Ultraman was I who brought you friends here..."

"Thanks for the help, but why didn't you fight...?" asked Gamma

"I am..." said King "The only one of the Great Ultra allowed to fight the Weekees due to the treaty..."

"Alot of good that did..." said Orion

"Do not judge them..." said Myth "Meridas was a rebel, she was a criminal... It is time for you all to go home..."

"Yeah..." said Orion. Suddenly something clicked in his mind, along with Sorta's and Gamma's

"Wait, 'she'...?" The three said in unison.

"Weekees..." said Myth "Are old things, so old they have stopped evolving, as far as I know they live their lives in their suits of powered armor, environmental suits that leave no reason to stop wearing them. It would not surprise me if she forgot her own gender..."

"Well..." said Orion "...'She' is gone and I would like to go home..."

"YEAH!" said the other Ultras. Myth bowed his head in compliance.

Chapter 28: Epilogue Edit

Everyone had gone home but Sorta and Gamma were with Orion and company in King's temple. There Prime was busy saying how sorry he was at his father's command.

Outside Myth stood and looked out at the world below when Nike appeared next to him.

"Like what you see...?" she said

"I have seen many worlds..." said Myth "I will admit, this is one of the more want me gone..."

"How could you tell...?"

"You Higher Dimensional Lifeforms don't like being around 'Mortals' that rival your power, usually your kind has nothing to do with the Ultras..."

"I won't argue with that, but you come from outside this Universe, you are an invasive force...regardless of your intentions..."

"I..." said Myth "I have seen your future, I hardly count as an invasive force..."

"What does that mean...?"

"Darkness is coming, it wishes to make war and take revenge on we who inherited the hated light, the light that stopped it from painting creation black. This war between the Weekees has concealed its movements and allowed it to gather its strength, the storm clouds are gathering..."

"What...?" Nike suddenly vanished as Gamma and Sorta came out of the temple. Orion was with them; Luter was still on his arm.

"Ready to go...?" asked Myth. The four bowed in respect.

In the wreckage of Meridas' fortress, something stirred, from out under the piles of crystal in the crater a black hand rose up, a black, burnt hand. Attached to it was a giant humanoid figure, her body burnt very badly and her armor was mostly melted away but it was beginning to grow back.

"Hated Ultras...!" she said "this is not over, I will have vengeance...!" She stopped crawling and looked up to see other Weekees, these one wearing black capes.

"Lady Meridas...?" asked one. Meridas looked at her body, the one she had not seen for so long.

"So I am..."

"The high council has called for your arrest..."