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Fiction RatingM

This series has a somewhat dark tone.

Warnings: Fictional violence, Fighting

Categories: Action, Drama, Romance, Netherworld

Smoking/Alcohol: Yes

Violence: Plenty

Crude Humor: Minor

Sexuality: Some

Ultraman One
Created by: Zhu Huong Ng
Opening Theme: None
Ending Theme: None
Number Of Episodes 44
Preceded by Ultra Zero Fight/Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Faust!
Succeeded by Light and Darkness Episode 12/Ultra Fight Orb

This series is a spin-off/sequel to the movie, Climatic Battle! Ultraman One vs Ultraman Reuz. It focus on the story of Zero and his son and his arch-enemy Ultraman Belial. It takes place after Ultra Zero Fight and Ultraman Mebius.


  • Space: For obvious reasons.
  • M78 Universe:
    • Solar System
      • Earth: M78 Universe of Earth, this is where humans live. Main setting for Season 1-3.
        • Land of Atlantis
        • Treedon Forest
        • City Metropolis
        • SACD Headquarters
      • Dark Planet
      • Pluto
      • Neptune
      • Uranus
      • Sun: For obvious reasons
      • Ganymede (Largest Moon of Jupiter and the Solar System)
      • The Moon (Earth's Moon)
      • Saturn (Seen only)
      • Jupiter (Seen only)
      • Mars (Seen only)
    • Land of Light: For obvious reasons
    • Land of Darkness: Belial former place of operations


  • Specium: For obvious reasons.
  • Sunriums: The main mineral/substance found in SNG.
    • Darkiums: Dark version of Sunriums
  • Voiderium: Found mainly in Scorpio Nova, a substance that Virus possess that has the ability to void free will.
  • Curium Water: Found in Planet Cure. An ionic compound of Sunrium, Hydrogen and oxygen version of regular water.


  • The main focus of season 1,2 and 3 is on Earth: where One fight Belial and shows his growth as a Character. Orignally this series has only 3 seasons with 19 episodes and 1 extra episode. But, season 4 and 5 is added to this series, giving an additional of 25 episodes and giving the series a total of 44 episodes.

Season 1: New WarriorEdit

Season 2: Return of OneEdit

Season 3: Advent of BelialEdit

Season 4: Scorpium UltrasEdit

Spin-off of Season 1,2 and 3, features the Scorpium Ultras, Virus homeworld and backstory, shows One as a veteran. The main villains are Emperor, Belial and a fellow evil Scorpium Ultra, Virus. Set many years after the first three seasons.

Season 5: The Evil DeityEdit

Spin-off season 4, this will finish the story of Ultraman One and the true mastermind of Virus, the great and evil deity, Evil Messiah. This features Ultraman One Hexagonal Form, where he awakens his true potential with the power given to him by The Messiah.

  • NOTE: Some episodes of this season will be quite short, with 4-5 chapters, some will be long as 8-11 chapters.
  • Ep 32: Arrival of Scorpium Ultras
  • Ep 33: Origin of Messiah
  • Ep 34: Cure and Virus
  • Ep 35: Battle with Deleto Race
  • Ep 36: Banishment
  • Ep 37: Road to Slumber
  • Ep 38: Journey
  • Ep 39: Purge of Deleto
  • Ep 40: Evil Messiah
  • Ep 41: Overcome
  • Ep 42: True Despair
  • Ep 43: Arise, New Power
  • Ep 44: Next Adventure

Writing StylesEdit

Three different writing style is used here, they are.....

  • Chapters Format: The standard format, with roughly 7-9 chapters of acceptable length. Used in Season 1,2,3,4 Episodes and Episode 32-34,36-37,43 of Season 5.
  • Manuscript Plot Format: The new format, much shorter than the Chapters Format used, Used in episode 38-42 and 44 of Season 5.
  • Part Arc Plot: Used in episode 35 of Season 5, not much to say, just testing out a new writing style.

Spin-off SeriesEdit

  • Light and Darkness(The Series): Features Ultraman Spectrum (a fellow Scorpium Ultra history and its development). For more information of the characters, monsters or aliens, visit that page. Takes place between Ultraman One Season 5 Episode 32-44, the final episode takes place drectly after episode 44.
  • Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath: Final installment of Ultraman One Series, can be considered Season 6 of the series. This will show Virus pathway to become the person he originally was and his family relationship. Will features the Ultimate Forms of various Scorpium Ultra including Virus. What path will Virus choose this time?




Fusion UltrasEdit

Scorpium UltrasEdit

Crossover UltrasEdit


Human CharactersEdit

  • SACD(Social Association Civil Defense)
    • One Otari: Main character, human host of Ultraman One before becoming his human form. He left the SACD for the Land of Light as Ultraman One.
    • Toshiwa Kata: Captain and leader of SACD Japan. Originally a skilled doctor and surgeon in a hospital before forming SACD to help others from monster attacks. A caring leader, he create the Underground Base and Invention many advanced medical technologies there in crisis. He is shown to be intelligent. He is currently 42 years old.
    • Sakura Mizuki: Co-Captain of SACD, Sakura was the lover of Kato Mosa until his betrayal but forgiven him, she is 24 years old.
    • Marina Tomaya: Member of SACD, close friend of Marina Kata, another lover of Kato Mosa until his betrayal but forgiven him. She concidently shares her last name with Mirai Tomoya. She is 23 years old.
    • Zena Wakura: Analyst and scientist of the SACD Team, close friend of One. Near the end, he was possessed by Belial as an empty vessel on Earth. He was saved by Zero and One Otari by using the Lightning Spark, sepearating Belial and Zena.
    • Haruto Kenki: Human Form of Ultraman Xena, acting as an 26 years old. He left the SACD for the Land of Light as Xena.
    • Mirai Tomoya: Originally being mistreated by many others and causes Alien Magician to assilmate and take over her personailty, after the latter's death, Giga revived and merged with her. Later, Mirai further her bonds with Giga to defeat Hell-Death. She was 24 years old, she left the SACD for the Land of Light as Giga.
    • Kato Mosa: Kato Mosa is formerly the human host and human form of Ultraman Kato/One Darkness. After Ultraman Kato left him, Kato contiued to join SACD but spent mosy of his time with his parents.
    • Johny Tan
  • Ran Zero: Human Form of Ultraman Zero, using an image of his first human host, Ran.
  • Uota Kenki: Human Form of Ultraman Cure.
  • Kai Tomoya: The human persona of Ultraman Virus, the "husband" of Sakura.
  • Sakura: The human persona of Ultrawoman Yvon, she is the "wife" of Kai Tomoya. She has lived on Earth for roughly 46-47 years but appears as a mid twenties adult.
  • Kato Misawa: The BOSS of Sakura's sales company and the supervisor of Sakura himself. His humanity was taken over and killed after being possessed by Ultraman Breaker. He is now Breaker's human form, whom use it as a human vessel.
  • Asakura Kata
  • Ren Tomoya
  • The Moonlight
  • Yami Sendou
  • Mirai Hikari
  • Jack Kazumi
  • Honda Sawa
  • Mr Delete
  • Mr Fire
  • Mr Freezer
  • Black Woman
  • Gai Kurenai
  • Hideki Goh
  • Shin Hayata
  • Zoffy's human form
  • Seiji Hokuto
  • Dan Moroboshi
  • Gen Otori
  • Shin Asuka


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