This series is a spin-off/sequel to the movie, Climatic Battle! Ultraman One vs Ultraman Reuz. It focus on the story of Zero and his son and his arch-enemy Ultraman Belial. It takes place after Ultra Zero Fight and Ultraman Mebius.


Belial survives from his opposed destruction from Uzone, gaining the name Kaizer Emperor Belial, grabs hold of the Kaizer Spark, a spark of legend wieled by an ancinet darkness giant while being created from the darkness energies of this universe. Using his new found and new gained reiyonx powers, Belial forges a new clone of one called One Darkness and many other monsters using his new powers. With the ability to possess Zero freely due to his hatred of him, will use Zero other forms to take out the Ultras warriors? qOne was tasked by Ultraman Zero to go Earth to stop this threat, alongside with his friend, Xena. Giga, whom returns from the Noa universe after his disappearance to help One against the evil forces. Using the Lightning Spark, given by Ultraman King, who collected this since young age while the device is created by light energies of the universe and wield by an warrior light. One with the encourage from his friends, his family and his love from the Ultras and the human race, will he handle all kinds of challenges and restore back the balance between light and darkness?

Additional PlotEdit

(Plot after Season 1-3 and Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus:Darkness Corruption) Virus, having survived the opposed destruction, gained a new form and new powers, revived the deceased evil, Belial and Ultraman Emperor, both also revived a huge army of monsters. Teaming up with Virus and other evil Ultras, will the universe be at state? One and his friends heard of this, teaming up with Ultraman Zero and the five original Ultra Brothers, ventured to Virus homeworld universe in search of Virus long lost brother, Cure. (Plot after Season 4) After Belial, Emperor and Virus was finally destroyed permanently, peace of the universe hasnt return. One and Cure return to their respective universes, but along with One's and elders in the Land of Light, Cure teams up with the Ultras to combat against a new threat: Rule of Evil Messiah and Evil Messiah's allies. Meanwhile, Cure tells the story of his origins! So, can One and Cure, with other Ultras, stop Evil Messiah's evil ambitions?


  • Space
  • Earth: Main setting for the first three seasons of the series.
    • City Metropolis: Main place of Earth where many battles happens and SACD headquarters is located. Location is Tokyo, Japan.
    • Treedon Forest: A forest of mysteries, Treedon resides. Most of the battles occurs here.
  • The Moon: Moon of Earth, Celestial resides here. Place where One Darkness and One had their final battle.
  • Pluto
  • Neptune
  • Uranus
  • Dark Planet: An unknown planet, where Belial and One had their final battle. It looks similar to The Moon.
  • Land of Light
  • King Temple
  • Land of Darkness: Belial former place of operations.
  • Planet Neutral: Places where the Lightning and Kaiser Sparks held the balance of light and darkness.
  • Scorpio Nova Galaxy: Another universe, 4 light years from Showa Universe.
    • Planet Cure
    • Magium World
    • Planet Terra
    • Planet Stormy
    • Virus Dimensions
    • Planet Darkness
    • Planet Magical
    • Planet Mirror
    • Planet Earth(Alternative)
    • Planet Blade(mentioned)
    • Edge Hole: Legendary place where Cure and Virus had their legend battle.
  • Evil Realm: Places where Evil Messiah and Deleto resides.



  • The main focus of season 1,2 and 3 is on Earth: where One fight Belial and shows his growth as a Character. Orignally this series has only 3 seasons with 19 episodes and 1 extra episode. But, season 4 and 5 is added to this series, giving an additional of 25 episodes and giving the series a total of 44 episodes.

Season 1: New WarriorEdit

Season 2: Return of OneEdit

  • Episode 9: The Fusion Monster
  • Episode 10:Ghost Phamton
  • Episode 10X:Xena's Pride
  • Episode 11:Return of One Darkness
  • Episode 12:One Darkness Game

Season 3: Advent of BelialEdit

  • Episode 13:Like Father, Like Son
  • Episode 14: Deathamtch battle(Final Battle&Redeem to Light of One Darkness)
  • Episode 15: Return of Zetton
  • Episode 16: Blessings from Gatanothor
  • Eoisode 17:Agony
  • Episode 18:Despair
  • Episode 19:Hope

Season 4: Scorpium UltrasEdit

Spin-off of Season 1,2 and 3, features the Scorpium Ultras, Virus homeworld and backstory, shows One as a veteran. The main villains are Emperor, Belial and a fellow evil Scorpium Ultra, Virus. Set many years after the first three seasons.

  • Episode 20/1: The Grudge
  • Episode 21/2: Faith Encounter
  • Episode 22/3: King Visit
  • Episode 23/4: Magium World
  • Episode 24/5: Fear
  • Episode 25/6: Meeting Destiny
  • Episode 26/7: Wrath of Ex-Tanothor
  • Episode 27/8: Native Ultras vs Showa Ultras
  • Episode 28/9: Unsettled Scores
  • Episode 29/10: Sacrifie Part 1
  • Episode 30/11: Sacrifie Part 2
  • Episode 31/12: Fate

Season 5: The Evil DeityEdit

Spin-off season 4, this will finish the story of Ultraman One and the true mastermind of Virus, the great and evil deity, Evil Messiah. This features Ultraman One Hexagonal Form, where he awakens his true potential with the power given to him by The Messiah.

  • Episode 32:Origin of Scorpio Nova Galaxy
  • Episode 33:The Messiah Origin
  • Episode 34: Neverending Conflict
  • Episode 35:Birth of Cure and Virus
  • Episode 36:Afterwards <Conflict>
  • Episode 37:Encounter with Evil Messiah
  • Episode 38: Cure's Fate
  • Episode 39: Ultras Meeting
  • Episode 40:Landing on Evil Messiah's Place
  • Episode 41:Ultras vs Messiah
  • Episode 42: One, Cure vs Evil Messiah
  • Episode 45: Arise, New Power
  • Episode 44: Peace(Final)

Spin-off SeriesEdit

  • Light and Darkness(The Series): Features Ultraman Spectrum( a fellow Scorpium Ultra history and its development). For more information of the characters, monsters or aliens, visit that page.




Fusion UltrasEdit

Scorpium UltrasEdit

Cameo UltrasEdit


  • Alien Luna
  • Alien Magician
  • Alien Guts(Movie exclusive)
  • Alien Nackle(Movie exclusive)
  • Alien Temporer(Movie exclusive)
  • Spider Zetton(Zetton with spider powers)(Ep1, 15)
  • The Dark Matter(Movie Exclusive)
    • Robotic Giganto Spider Zetton
  • Magma FireA monster of firey personality)(Ep2)
  • Jurogumo Phantom(Spider-women like phantom)(Ep11)
  • Treedon(Tree-God)(Ep12)
  • Death Tanothor: Ultimate Beast
  • Fusion Eight King(Ep10)
  • Hell-Death(Ep16, 21, 26)
  • SnakeWheel(Ep 20)
  • Ex-Tanothor(Ep20, 21)
  • Zetton Army: Consists of all Zettons including Zeppandon.(Ep 21, 23)
  • King Joe: Pink and Black(Only appeared in movie)
  • Gan Q(Ex-Beast)
  • Birdon(Ex-Beast)
  • The Messiah:Good deity, able to uphold an entire universe, a force of good and being of light. His genes allows creation of good Scorpium Ultras. After reversing Virus damage, he loss his Genesis Dragon form and could only maintain himself inside the stuff it possess. Had since restored its original form.
  • Curiums: "Children" of The Messiah, able to manipulate and use Curium Water. They have a true form.
  • Terrariums: "Children" of The Messiah, able to manipulate and intergrating themselves with rocks and lava. They have a true form.
  • Mirroriums
  • Darkiums
  • Lightiums
  • Magiriums
  • Evil Messiah: Evil deity, same powers as Evil Messiah, force of evil and being of darkness, creator and master of the Deleto Race, genes allow Evil Socrpium Ultras to reign.
  • Deleto: "Children" of Evil Messiah, able to erase and delete lifeforms.

Humans ForceEdit

  • SACD(Social Association Civil Defense)
    • One Otari: Main character, human host of Ultraman One before becoming his human form. He left the SACD for the Land of Light as Ultraman One.
    • Toshiwa Kata: Captain and leader of SACD Japan. Originally a skilled doctor and surgeon in a hospital before forming SACD to help others from monster attacks. A caring leader, he create the Underground Base and Invention many advanced medical technologies there in crisis. He is shown to be intelligent. He is currently 42 years old.
    • Sakura Mizuki: Co-Captain of SACD, Sakura was the lover of Kato Mosa until his betrayal but forgiven him, she is 24 years old.
    • Marina Tomaya: Member of SACD, close friend of Marina Kata, another lover of Kato Mosa until his betrayal but forgiven him. She concidently shares her last name with Mirai Tomoya. She is 23 years old.
    • Zena Wakura: Analyst and scientist of the SACD Team, close friend of One. Near the end, he was possessed by Belial as an empty vessel on Earth. He was saved by Zero and One Otari by using the Lightning Spark, sepearating Belial and Zena.
    • Haruto Kenki: Human Form of Ultraman Xena, acting as an 26 years old. He left the SACD for the Land of Light as Xena.
    • Mirai Tomoya: Originally being mistreated by many others and causes Alien Magician to assilmate and take over her personailty, after the latter's death, Giga revived and merged with her. Later, Mirai further her bonds with Giga to defeat Hell-Death. She was 24 years old, she left the SACD for the Land of Light as Giga.
    • Kato Mosa: Kato Mosa is formerly the human host and human form of Ultraman Kato/One Darkness. After Ultraman Kato left him, Kato contiued to join SACD but spent mosy of his time with his parents.
    • Johny Tan
  • Ran Zero: Human Form of Ultraman Zero, using an image of his first human host, Ran.
  • Uota Kenki: Human Form of Ultraman Cure.
  • Kai Tomoya: The human persona of Ultraman Virus, he is the husband of Mizuki Sakura.
  • Mizuki Sakura: The human persona of Ultrawoman Yvon, she is the wife of Kai Tomoya. She has lived on Earth for roughly 46-47 years but appears as a mid twenties adults. She worked as a sales managed curently. She now resumes her Ultra Form and currently stays on Planet Cure.

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