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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman One(Continuity)
Name: Ultraman One:Episode 3
Owner: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 2
Next Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 4
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Title: Long Lost FriendEdit


  • Ultraman One
  • Ultraman Giga
  • One Darkness


Alien Magician

Prologue Edit

Stars collided with each other forming a constelation called Big Dipper. However, several of the stars exploded and formed a black hole. The gravity sucked in everythig near it, but an unknown warrior used his powers to escape it.

Seven and Ultraman when towards the black figure place to fight against him, the black figure use his powers and placed down under his mind control to be sent to Earth to face One later on.

In Earth, it was no like the ordinary day that the SACD members doing their duties to defense the Earth. Everything is boring today as the time will reach at 12 o' clcok, like other's normal human, they have to work.

A witch alien called Alien Magician landed on a forest in Tokyo and possess a young women and renamed herself Magician Koto.

Chapter 1Edit

The SACD members were going for a visit in a women house named Magician Koto in a forest in Tokyo, Japan.

They enter a strange house full with skeletons and chemical bottles."Hi, what are you looking for...?"

"Who are you?" ask Otari

The women replied "I live here for 10 years and this forest is full of silence..."

Zena asked "Then, how old are you...?

"I am about 45 years old..."she replied sheepishly as she giggles.

Sakura asked "Then why you house has so many chemical and some strange items and skeletons...?"

The women replied "Please do not ask so much, this are my secrets..."

Toshiwa sitting on a chair, standing up and talk "Guys, let's go, we have work to do..."

The members replied "Okay then.We are going home. See you tommorrow or other days..."

They said as they go out of the house and Otari muttered "I felt weird about the women..."

Zena said "Me too...!"

The women whisper "Earthlings, my secret vengeance will be coming...." She was Alien Magician in disguise. She greatly disappeared from the scene.

Chapter 2Edit

Back in the land of light, Zero, looking at the plasma spark. It seem to be telling Zero something, not even any ultra can understand.

Seven walked towards Zero "Son, what happened...?"

Zero replied "There is going to be a great assault on Earth..."

"What? Then One...?"

"I believe in my son, father, please believe in him..."


Back in Earth, One Otari was researching a some monster stuff and about the strange women he and his friend met this morning.

"What or you doing...?" the captain asked One.

"Uh...nothing, just researching on some stuff on the computer and some stuff about the women we met this morning..."He replied.

"Okay, I going to sleep. You better sleep early, we have things to do tomorrow..."Toshiwa replied.

"okay,I know".

After that, Toshiwa when to his room and sleep. One continued to reasearch on the strange women. An article appeared to him and the headline 'witch'. One Otari did not what was it and switch of his computer and goes to sleep.

The whole room backup. A man comes, it was Kato Mosa. It was unknown that he wanted to do but he was not doing good stuff. 

Chapter 3Edit

The morning arrives, an evil Ultras appears who known as One Darkness, destroying the city and kick bulidings.

He said"Ultraman One,where are you?"

One Otari rush out of the base and using his One Bracelet, forming a white and blue light around him and his eyes glows and he shouts"Ultraman One!" and transform into Ultraman One.

One asked his evil clone"Who are you?"

One Darkness repiled"Haha...Ultraman one you came! I been waiting for you see long and I going to enjoy this."

One replied"You talk too much."

One said as he rushed towards his evil clone and punch him while One was kick as they both injured as One Darkness charged up his ray and One fire his Crossium Shot as the beam clashes.

But One lost during the beam as One Darkness overpowers his good clone and live One weakened.

One Darkness said"Haha...One you are so weak."One Darkness then vanishes on the scenes and reverted back to Kato Mosa and he quickly pretend to be serious in his work.

"Kato,where you go just now?"Toshiwas asked.

"oh..I went to filial my parents by sending gifts to them" he blurted out as he lied to the captain.

Chapter4 Edit

One Otari was injured during as he lay weakened in the land.As Isurugi Yamato went to shopping and drive a car as he saw One laying on the floor.She comes out the car and bought. One Otari to her home.

At Yamato's home,Otari wakes up and said"Who are you?"

"Isurugi,is that you?"

She replied"Yeah, what happened to you?"taking out medicine to help to cover his wound.Yamato as she explain that she was actually Ultrawomen Lila.

"who, Lila?"Otari asked.

One inside the bracelet said "Lila was my girlfirend."

"Long story but tell me what happened to you"she said while she helped One Otari to sit down.

"I was fighting my evil clone known as One Darkness and he overpowers me and defeats me."One Otaro said.

"Oh..I see.Who is the human form of him?"she asked.

"I did not know but I suspect is Kato Mosa but there is no evidence."He replied. One Otari received a phone call from the captain that he asked him to go back.One Otari repiled back to his girlfriend and teleports back using his powers.

Chapter 5 Edit

One rush in the SACD main room and sat down to work.

"You are back..."Toshiwa said happily.

"yeah, I was at Yamato's house as she help me to clean up my injuries and rest there for a while."

Toshiwa explain that he called him back because of some urgent stuff.He said about One Darkness powers and abilities are similar to that of One's.

"Hey guys, I have a little question I ponder, about the mystery women we met 2 days ago."Sakura questioned.

"me too, I felt that she was acting weird when we visiting her."One Otari.

Kato Mosa said that he felt the same too as he did not want them to know about his plans to revenge on One Otari.

"Uh...Sakura,Zena and Otari, perhaps tomorrow you three go to her house to visit her again."

"Yes sir!"they repiled.

It was night now, the SACD members had gone to sleep, the scene back off.

Chapter 6Edit

In the midnight, the women in her house was doing something.She said"My mystery potions will be done soon...then I will reveal myself to the others and destroy the humans for revenge."

She said while she was cooking the ingredients.Suddenly,the door was knock.She went to open the door.It was Kato Mosa.She said who is he and he simply replied his name.

"Human huh....then die."the women replied as they fought against each other but Kato Mosa stopped her.

Kato Mosa explained that she was on her side and he explained his motive while closing that door.

"Will you wanna work for me to revenge on humans and earthlings?"

"Of course."the women said.

Kato Mosa, seeing the potions.He uses his powers and completed the potion for the women.

"Thanks, master."the women said.

Kato Mosa give her a magic Vander to revenge."Take this, it will be wonderful and I prove this useful to you."

They giggles loudly and the scene goes backup.

Giga was going towards the Earth but was caught by a monster called Alien Shaplay.

Chapter 7Edit

Giga said"Who are you?"

Alien Shaplay replied"My master ask me to kill you."

Giga asked"Belial...he sent you?"

"You talk too much"Shaplay repiled.

The two beings started fighting but Alien Shaplay had no match for the young ultra as he finished him off with the Giga Shot.

Back on Earth, Sakura,Zena and. Otari ride on a BPlane to the women's house to visit her again.The old women was preparing spells for future when she heard the door knock,she stopped created the spell.

"Who is there?"she asked.

She shocked and see the SACD members and asked"Why you here again?"

"We wanted to ask you a few questions then we go away."Sakura said.

After asking a few questions and they left.The women was very angered by the members as she became to use her powers to create a potion and attract all humans to this forest and kill them.

"Haha....and now, my sercet vengeance shall begin."She started to create that spell and disappears from the scene.

Chapter 8 Edit

Back at the SACD base,the members came back.

Toshiwa asked"So,have found out anything?"


"That women is so weird that she is maybe a alien in disguise."One Otari suggested.

"Maybe she is out on doing some bad things before it is too late and we have to stop her."Toshiwa replied.

Toshiwa then said"We will prepare a off assault on her."

Toshiwa said"Zena and Otari, get to ride BPlane.Sakura and Kato ride the APlane and Marine and I ride the Mother plane,let go."

"Alright."then the members go to the place where the plane is placed and takes flight towards to forest where the old women lives.

Chapter 9Edit

While sitting on the plane, the members realized that the people were Going towards the forest.

"What are those people going?"Sakura asked.

"I do not know not."Otari replied.

"Let follow them, i guess"Toshiwa said.

"Yes sir."they replied.

At the forest, the old women were adding the powers of the attract spell as she sees people coming towards her.

"Uh uh... spell is working.Soon the humans will pay and fulfill my secret vengeance" she said.

Before she could talk again,bullets and missiles attacked blocking the pathways towards the house.

The SACD Members landed the planes and the captain as Sakura and Zena to block against the people.

"What are you doing?Will received a invitation to come here."they asked.They prepar to push through the members.

The captain raises his gun and shot.

He said"Slience!! I will explain."

Chapter 10 Edit

Otari,Marina and Kato knock the door on the women house.

"What now?" she said as she came out from the house.

"Freeze!"Marina said.

She and Otari prepare to push her out of the room.But after a struggle, the women managed to free himself.One, Kato and Marina starts to fight the women.

Kato signal something to the women.Following Kato instructions,she pushed Kato down and used Kato as her hostage.Kato pretend and said"Let me go!"

"Let go of him!"Otari said.

The women then let go of Kato and disappears in the scene.The captain and Sakura then explain to the people and they finally understand what they are doing.

One then uses his telephone powers to sense where the old women is.Then he said"I will go find the old women, you stay here."

He runs form the scene as he sees the women at the front of him then he shouted"Stop it!"

" are here, Ultraman. Time for my vengeance..."

"Who are you?"

"You will see." She raises her hand and transforms herself in an alien with witch appearance.

One Otari uses his bracelet and transforms into Ultraman One.

"I am Alien Magician, the witch alien."Alien Magician said.

Chapter 11Edit

One fight the alien but the alien transforms into her true form to challenge the young ultra.

"Ultraman One...!"the people shouted.

"Ok guys, go to the plane to assist that ultra..."

"Yes sir.."they shouted,the members.

One punch sand kicks the women as the women had no match for the young ultra. One charges his One Crossium Shot to finish the alien. 

Unfortunetely, the witch summons a weapon that absorb that attack and fired it back to one and. One was shot with the attack. One transforms into his speed form by crossing his right hand to his One Bracelet, it shine in blue colour, and rush to the magician.

One then attempts with his One Vanisher but no use as his time stone blinked and returned back to his normal form. 

"What...? I use to much of my power...if it state like this, i could be vanish to One..." said One

Then witch then fires a ray that knock One down."Prepare to die..."The witch summons two skeletons to fight. The skeletons keep beating One until a his timer color keeps blinking. He tought he would loose to the Magician, but he wish for the last moment to die like a True warrior like his Ultra Brother once does.

Chapter 12Edit

But his desire was knocked suddenly, a red ray fired and stops that two skeletons. The both of the skeletons explode into pieces leaving a ultra in the blue ball.

"What...?" she was shocked.

A ball comes, it was Giga! Ultraman Giga One long lost friend. He really did appeared and exist, One wish really did come true.

Giga restore One color timer."Giga, you are back..."

"I glad to be back my friend..."

"Let's wrap this up..."

They prepare their pose and fight the alien but the alien was defeated by the combined efforts.

The alien that charges her ultimate attack and One and Giga charges their ray....


Next episodeEdit

Alien Magician was defeated by One and Giga.Giga merges with the human that the alien possessed.A new moster appears that kill one?Can one revive and defeat the monster?

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