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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman One(Continuity)
Name: Ultraman One: Episode 1
Owner: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Reuz vs Faust
Next Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 2

Note: When you see a link in the story, that means the character will be shown or described on the page in question.This is no like other ultra series,it is the only series where an Ultra assisted in the first episode.Thank you for your cooperation.

Title: New light warriorEdit


Monster: Spider Zetton

Light: Ultraman One

Aliens: Alien Zetton

Other Ultramans and allies: Ultraman Zero and Ultra Brothers.

Villain: Black figure in a cape


Galaxies shines brightly with stars blinking. Planets turned around the sun. Spheres of energy flying around in the massive space in the universe. They landing on another planet and they two starting to fight against each other. It was Ultraman Zero fighting against a Slivergon.

The monster had no much for the Ultra. Zero then uses his Wide Shot and defeated the monster. Zero then went away from the planet. Zero used his twinkle way techique and went back to the land of light.

On Earth, the city was bursting was a sense of excitement. It was very crowded with people and music playing loudly.A young man named Hiroyuki was selling things and saw his girlfriend named Sakura was walking around.He shouted"Sakura"

Sakura turned and saw who was called him and she laughed at him.

Chapter 1Edit

In the Land of LightEdit

Zero had returned to the Land of Light and meet his son, Ultraman One and the Ultra Brothers.

"I need to conduct a meeting..." Zero said.

"Father, what is the meeting about...?" ask One

"Come to the Plasma Spark Tower..." replied Zero

Zero said as he fly to the plasma spark tower as One, Mebius and Xena followed Zero.

Seven was waiting for Zero at the Plasma Spark Tower and said "Even Belial was defeated,there are still strange energy occurring in the plasma spark, Monster are going to the Earth. There is a sense that Belial was still alive..."

"I do not know...we defeat him at the Land Of Darkness long ago..." replied Zero

After that, One arrived with Mebius and Xena,Mebius asked "What is it,Zero...?"

Zero replied "There is strange energy occurring in the plasma spark and monsters going to Earth..."

Zero concluded that an ultra must be sent to Earth to protect the Earth for peace. Otherwise, it could get major destruction and many human's can get danger.

One rush to Zero and said"Father, I will go and protect Earth..."

"One...!" shouted Zero 

"I think we let One go for the mission, it is his destiny" Mebius relplied

Xena said "Yes,my friend One can go for the mission..."

Zero agreed with them and said "One, you will go to Earth and protect Earth..."

One repiled "Yes. But how to go to Earth..."

Zero go towards One and gave One the upgraded version of the One Bracelet, it is called the Ultimate One Bracelet. It has a same power as the Baraghi Shield to perform a high speed portal to Bubble Universe.

Zero said to One "Take this,son.Go the Earth...!"

One repiled "Yes, I will go now..."

One fly towards the Earth while Zero, Xena, Seven and Mebius and the ultra citizens watched.

Chapter 2 Edit

A young man was walking around in the forest and he name is Kato Mosa, member of the Social Association Civil Defense. He was upset becuase of he's been fired from been the head scientits, and walking through the forest is his perfect thing to release his stresses.

Suddenly,a ball of darkness went towards Kato and bring him to the place in space. After that, Kato Mosa wake up in a place filled with darkness. The place where he was not scare even it he like it.

A large evil giant stared at Kato. He has a similar face like a legendary hero once who save earth back in 90's, in his childhood age, his name UltraSeven.

Kato asked "Who are you...?"

The giant repiled "I am One Darkness, the evil giant and I rule the universe. Merge with me and you will become more powerful..."

Kato repiled "Never...!"

One Darkness repiled "Just join me.You will became more powerful...and arcived your dream to be the top scientits..."

Kato repiled "Ok..then I...."Before he could finish, One Darkness unleash a series of Reiblood energy towards Kato.Kato was filled with Reiblood Abilites as he was One Darkness.

He held a bracelet in his hand, the Darkness Bracelet, the dark version of the One Bracelet.

Kato then teleport to the SACD base in Japan. He didn't care the people around him, with the new bracelet, everyone think he was gone buying a new watch, Kato head up to SACD official base.

Chapter 3 Edit

Alien Zetton terminating the SACD membersEdit

In the SACD base, the captain,Toshiwa Kata said to the members"Monsters is going to come to Earth in about 3 hours.We need backup."

The deputy captain said "Yes, sir..."

One Otari said "We need to set up proper defense..."

The other members said "Yes..." Suddenly, an alien appeared in from of them and unleash an energy that switch of the lights that make the members angry. One Otari questioned the alien who he was and why was he doing such things.

The alien repiled "I am Alien Zetton...I am here to terminate you. Hahaha..."

Zena raises up his gun and shot Alien Zetton. But he dodged the attack. He unleash lighting to the members. Paralyzing them for a while and Alien Zetton left the base.

Kato Mosa blinked to Alien Zetton for plan successing. But he qucikly got serious, he didn't want his teammates suspecting him as an intruder.

One journey to EarthEdit

One was seen flying in space for the journey to the Earth. But he arrived in a series of universe bubbles like the one Zero saw when he was traveling to Nexus universe.

One was confused as he murmured to himself "Which bubble belong to Earth...?" but remembering his father words "The One Bracelet will help you".Thus,One raises the One Bracelet,releasing a very strong light.

The light point to One of the bubbles as One flew towards that bubble.Arriving in the bubble, the light point towards the Solar System as he flew towards there. But along the way, he arrive on Earth but was stopped by a big number of robots Ultraman, One just could get more happier and happier for his second big fight.

One throwing multiple punch toward the robots and thus to a kick to it's stomach, the robots explode continuing the other also explode. One cross his hand into "L" position and fire his special attack whom known to be One Crossium Ray at the robots. Leaving them all explode and One finish his fight in simple hand and his colour timer still in good condition. 

One continue his journey to Earth, while the Human's sense something danger was coming on and they wouldn't like it. SACD main computer has capture a strange reading from the space and on Earth, a light energy and dark energy at the same time coming to Earth.

Chapter 4Edit

Suddenly, the black sphere come to the planet as the black sphere opened up.It revealed to be a new type of Zetton with eight legs, arms which started to destroy the buildings nearby with his Dark Fireballs.

Alien Zetton inside the new Zetton which is Spider Zetton.He said"Haha..destroy everything here!"

The damage as the Spider Zetton arriving that warned the SACD base as the captain Toshiwa noted this, he immediately give order to the members as he said"Kato and Marina, drive the APlane.One and Zena, prepare your guns and go for gun defense.Sakura and I will ride Mother Plane."

The members shouted"Yes,sir!"

They gone to the plane station to go to the damaging place.

In a planet far away, a black figure appeared with a new device which he activated something as he laughs loudly.

Chapter 5Edit

Marina shot missiles from her plane that hit Spider Zetton as Kato fired another missiles as he eyes glows in red that make the Zetton fired the Fireballs towards Sakura.

Sakura quickly dodged the missile from the Mother plane distracted the Spider Zetton.

One and Zena shooting from the ground that anger Alien Zetton inside Spider Zetton. The alien shouted "Zetton, unleash the Spiderlings"

After that, Spider Zetton release two Spiderlings from his legs to terminate the humans.

One was watching the human battle in space. Zena shot the spider with his gun as the Spiderlings were destroyed but the Spiderlings spit into two. One shot then with his guns but it spit into four. One said in anger "What is this?"

Then the Spiderlings when towards One as he was towards to remover the spider as the Spiderlings prepare to unleash their poison.

One from space gathered his energy and fired the Crossium Ray that destroyed the Spiderlings.

Chapter 6Edit

Alien Zetton, feeling annoyed and said"What is that?"

One in space replied"Is me!"

Alien Zetton replied"Who are you?"

One laughed as he fly towards Earth by traveling in a travel sphere that the light is very bright that causes the people to cover their eyes as the sphere open up that revealed to be One.

Alien Zetton said"What..another Ultramen?"Who are you?"

One replied"I am...son of Zero, Ultraman One!"

The alien replied"Looks like you want to taste death!Spider Zetton, attack!"

One and Spider Zetton ran towards each other as One kick Spider Zetton with his legs followed by a punch that knock back Spider Zetton a few yards back.Spider Zetton unleash his fireballs but One manage to fire his Emeruium Cannon that destroy those fireballs.

One then gather his light energy and fire the Crossium Shot.But Spider Zetton managed to block that attack and fire back the beam as One activate his shield the block that attack.

One turn reverse the shield and release a beam that hitted Spider Zetton.One was walking towards Zetton, his color timer started the blink as One fell towards the ground.

"I have waiting so long for this."Spider Zetton said.

Spider Zetton then unleash his spider webs that capture One hands and legs.

One seeming hopeless as Spider Zetton make One hitted by bulidings and finally release him as One fell on the floor.

Zero saw this situation as he in the Land of Light as he sent Xena to Earth.

Chapter 7Edit

On Earth,One was still getting attack by Spider Zetton turn suddenly a beam of light hitted Spider Zetton.

The light revealed to be One friend sent by his father from the Land of light as his name was Ultraman Xena.

Xena fought Spider Zetton gave it a electrical punch which turn him back and without knowing Xena unleash his beam from his Beam Lamp that knock the Zetton back.

Xena walked towards One and hold One up as he transferred his energy towards One.

One said the Xena"Thanks."

Xena replied"Let's go and defeat him!"

One and Xena prepare in the fighting pose.One hit Spider Zetton and Xena punch the Zetton. They both them kick Spider Zetton far away and they lift him up and throw to the ground.

Xena prepared his Xena Cannon but Spider Zetton shield the attack.One remembering the techique that Ultraman Mebius used the destroy the shield.One jumped high and covered his leg with fire and shouted"One Kick!" as One kick the shield as the attack hit Spider Zetton.

Spider Zetton had no choice to use his most powerful attack, Zetton Ray.He charged his hands with energy.

One saw this as he said"Xena, let's do it!"

Xena repiled"Ok!"

Xena charged with hand with energy to fire the Xena Cannon as One fire his One Crossium Shot as the two beams combined and form one large beam.The Ultra shouted"Xena Giga Crossium shot fire!"

The two beam clash against each other but Zetton Ray does not have match with the combine beam as their beam hit spider Zetton, Spider Zetton was destroyed by the explosion.The Earth was saved.

Chapter 8 Final Edit

One thanked Xena for his help as Xena went back to the Land of Light. one waved goodbye to Xena.

One look at One Otari as One using his light and transform he to a place as he wanted to talk to him.

The members cheered loudly for the ending.Toshiwas shouted"Yes!" And also the members.

One talk to One Otari"One, I like your bravery, can you merged with me?"

One Otari repiled"Ok course."

One repiled"Thank you"

One as he uses the power of the One Bracelet that fused One and One Otari into One,Similar to UltraSeven against Dan and Ultraman Mebius did towards Mirai.

The End.

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