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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman One(Continuity)
Name: Ultraman One: Episode 6
Owner: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 5
Next Episode: Ultraman One: Episode 7

Title: Evil Clone Part 1Edit


  • One Darkness
  • Ultraman One


The dark being stands up and bang the table hardly as he ordered Kato Mosa to immediately reveal himself to his nonsense SACD members.He was very happy that Kato can finally reveal himself and redeemed himself.

"You sure he can?"

"Have trust in him."

The whole screen black as Kato Mosa got the message and sleep in the night to reveal himself the next day.

Chapter 1Edit

It was the day of Kato Mosa's freedom to go out of the SACD members. They all working like they usually do, but non or less, Kato was typing the computer. Sakura come bring him a cup of tea, Kato suddenly hold his gun on Sakura. "Haha, you really are funny Kato-kun...."

Kato pull the trigger and shot Sakura on the chest. She move back to the wall and fainted. Luckly, she's not died due to the Metal plate covering her body. "Kato! What are you doing!?" shout Captain Toshiwa

"I have enough on this game...time to reveal what i truly are..." said Kato

"Kato...!" said One who appeared on the door.

"Too late, One...soon enough i plounge the world into total Darknes..."

Behind Kato, is a darkness portal appeared. One shot his gun bullet but the buller was absorb and re-shot to One back, he dodge it.

Kato face change to One Darkness face later change to Kato back. "Kato is..One Darkness!?" said Toshiwa

"Kato...-kun......" said Sakura injured

Kato disappered into purple light. One punch the wall, he too late and couldn't save Kato or Sakura. Sakura was sent to the Hospitalized to treat her on her wound.

"One...what just happen now?" ask Zena

"Kato was already been posseses by One Darkness, a evil clone of Ultraman One..." reply One

"Why you haven't tell us about this...?" ask Captain Toshiwa

"If i do, Kato will unleased the Eye of Darkness, the whole city will disappeared and destroy..."

"Kisama! Kato..." said One

Chapter 2Edit

Kato appeared on the top of the building, wearing his usuall clothes, he rise his hand summoning a thunder of darkness. SACD base was sent a warning, One, Zena, Toshiwa and Marina riding APlande, Mega Chester and Supersonic fighter.

"This is must Kato..." said One

"How do you know...?" ask Zena

"I can sense his power..."

Purple thunder striking the city, SACD would not belive on their eyes, Kato has a dark power that can summon a lightning.

"Stop it, Kato!!" One shot the missles toward Kato and he jump from the buildings and landing safely to the ground, he transform into One Darkness. One and Zena who ride the Supersonic Fighter was cought by One D.

"Hiarghh!!" One push the plane fast to escape by One Darkness is more powerful.

Mega Chester fire the Ultimate Vanisher hitting One on the shoulder. He got really angry again, he break into half the Supersonic Fighter, everyone open wide their eye, tought that One and Zena has died. 

Zena in the light , Ultraman One appeared. He safe landing down Zena on the ground. "It's time we settle this...One Darkness!" said One

"I been waiting for this...!" said Kato. A projection of Kato and One on the air above each of their Ultraman's. 

"It's like Crystal Ultraman...i know One can do this"

"Crystal Ultraman berely defeat One Darkness..."

Chapter 3Edit

"Ikuze!" said One

One punch his clone chest, One Darkness punch One on the chest, he kick on the hips his clone kick on the hip but diffrent directions. This has been confuse and Sakura who awakes from her treatment run to the SACD base, and call the captain.

"Captain is me, Sakura...." said Sakura

"Sakura wasn't you at the Treatment room...?" ask Toshiwa

"I awake and i know and think something...One Darkness wasn't just copy One full body or something, but his techniques and skills..." 


"This is i tougth when the crystal Ultraman battle One Darkness, he couldn't hold back, he was overpowered...this might be include he can't copy he's skills..."

"That's why they both are equal match...."

"There's only one hope for this..." said Sakura

"Pray so that Crystal Ultraman come again....?" ask the Captain

"Nope, this is One fight...that Crystal Ultraman has done a lot to us, he need to save his own world..."

"Oh man..." said Captain Toshiwa

One Darkness charge his ray while One charge his own. Both of them fire at the same time but both of them was thrown away due to the impact of their power.

"At this rate no one will win..." said One

Chapter 4Edit

Both Ultras were thrown towards bulidings due to the impact of that attack. One Darkness charges his energy blast against One as One absorbed that atttack while he proceeds firing One Edge at his evil clone. One Darkness manages to block that attack too.

One uses his double shoot while One Dakrness uses his dark powers and transform it into two set of claws that managed to repel that attack from Ultraman One. One then proceeds on attempted by summoning his own field of light,however,this time One Darkness uses his power that summon a dark field (similar in the previous episode).

Later in the dark field,one could not see where is one Darkness as it is too dark.Suddenly,a very rough scratch was done by One Darkness created a scar on One's back.He then proceeds beating,kicking and scratching One brutally until his color timer starts to blink.

Even though One did several damage to One Darkness uses his timer shot and Specium Ray,One was weakened badly and had to revert to his human form.One darkness and One both exits that dark field.One was seen laying in the ground with marks on his body.Suddenly,a light ball appears and took One to his home world to receive several treatment.One Darkness laughing at the SACD members and mocking them that could not do anything to save One.Toshiwa suddenly fires the Ultimate Vanisher from the Mega Chester.

However,One Darkness destroy that without any mere effort.One uses his dark punch and cruelly strikes down Mega Chester.The other members shouted"Captain!".

One Darkness then uses his darkness ray and strikes down the buildings beside him.He then vanishes and laugh as Kato Mosa. Kato Mosa walks away front the scene,disappeared into the forest while laughing loudly while holing his dark brace.

The captain was alive by a Miracle,the person who saved the captain was Ultraman One,he magically uses his sheer will power and created a bath of energy that saves the captain.The other members of SACD was happy that the captain was save.Sakura then returned to the headquarters.

Chapter 5Edit

One appears in a light chamber in his home.He sees a red and blue ultra with a green ultra standing beside him.

One said in confusion"Father?Mother?".

"Where am I?"One asked.

Zero then One not to move as his strength was weakened due to that battle with One Darkness.Zero explained that it was his mother who when there in time to uses her miracle to safely take one to the Land of Light.

Zero asked his son"What has happened?"

One replied and said"This angers me,an evil clone of mine beats me up badly and very cruelly defeat the SACD Memebers. He make me inside the dark field and scratches me badly."

"I see"Zeth shrieked.

"Then I guess this device might help."said an ultra walking towards One,it was Mebius.

"Mebius-Nisan?"One asked.

Mebius passes on the One Brace towards One as he walks away hoped that it could help One in the future.Zero then told Zeth to take care of One while he settle One darkness. Zeth gave a light kiss to Zero as he flights of the hospital.

Chapter 6Edit

A light ball comes back at night,Sky was full of good stars and a comet just dash through.One returns from the Land of Light but he could not transform into one or neither use his human form powers?He drove back to the SACD base using his car.Zero watches from his back,glad that One was okay and he disappears away.

Sakura had healed from her injuries completely,Toshiwa will heard her cried in her room in the night when he passes by the room during the midnight.She is upset of Kato hurting her so badly that so felt like killing herself.

Sakura was kicking and punching the table and sometimes even shout at her room.She was too angry and sad that Kato leave her just like that.Marina show her consent as her friend and console her when she heard her crying at night.One Otari in his room,he sense the emotion felt by Sakura.He could not move his arms as well,he was badly injured by Kato and and One Darkness.

Zena was busy research about One Darkness in his room and the history of Kato Mosa.Something come to his screen,Kato's secret as a scientist was being reveal as Zena continues to research more information about Kato Mosa.He noticed something unusual about Kato's past.There he noticed One Otari's identify as Ultraman One which he had knew. Zena,puzzled as he went to sleep with his computer off.

Kato Mosa was sleeping in a forest tent.He was not a human anymore,he has spikes on his body.

One said "Sakura,I swear I will bring Kato back to normal!"

Chapter 7Edit

Isurugi Yamato heard about Kato's spying from her own ultra powers.She uses her telepathy and called Kato to visit her in the morning near the place in her house.Kato immediately agrees to that as Kato eyes was glowing red.He thought it is time to teach that Yamato a lesson.

Yamato said alone:"Time to teach this jerk a lesson."Yamato then disappears into the dark as she goes to sleep.Kato was a demon,he was preparing a very special potion to kill Yamato with that potion.Kato also disappears into the dark while laughing loudly while he walk towards the mountain.Zero has created his own human host as he watches Kato's movements.Zero held the Ultimate Brace.

Zero said"One,be carefully of this guy."

One replied"Yes,dad,I will obey your rules and regulations and rest for the day to replenish my energy."

Zero said"Good,my son.Rest well and get good soon."

It is the morning where Yamato was waiting for Kato to come.So yeah,Kato did come and see Isurugi there as he walked towards her.Isurugi has already smelled that potion that Kato was using.Kato is a fool,he does not even know that Isuruhi and Ultrawomen Lila.

Kato said:" what is it that you that you call me? You break up with me for the last 10 years?"

Isurugi said"I am not here to talk about this,it is already pasted."

Chapter 8Edit

"Then there is nothing to talk about."Kato said.

Kato started to punch and kick Yamato but Yamato deflected those attacks as she fights Kato.Kato was a excellent fighter as he managed to fend out Yamato.Yamato procees to fight against Kato,but they were equally matched espcially Yamato.Yamato knocks Kato back.Kato angered,summons the Darkness Brace by summoning a Corruption Spark,given by his master.Kato shoots a ray of energy,knocking her to the wall.

Yamato was weakened by that attack.Kato struggles her as he proceeds to kill her by the spark.Suddenly,Kato was stopped by an unknown human.It was revealed to be Zero's human form.Kato fends back as he transforms using his dark brace as his eyes glows red and covering himself with dark as the dark giant One Darkness emerges from the transformation.Zero transforms into his ultra form to fight against that ultra.

One Otari and the other members watched the fight in the screen.The captain said"That dark giant,it is Kato!."

Sakura replied"We must stop him."

Marina gives the order for the others to ride a plane to fight One Darkness.One Otari observes from the screen.Zero kicks and punches that dark giant.Zero shouted to One Darkness as he ask him to take that as Zero proceeds to launch an ultra kick.Missiles shooting a Kato.One Darkness violently knocks down the aircraft,Zero uses his capture ray to save them.

Chapter 9Edit

Zero fighting One Darkness. Zero shoots his Emerium Slash at him but he dodged them all.

One Darkness says "Take this..."

One Darkness proceeds to fire his double shoot at Zero but Zero countered it with his Zero Twin Shoot. That explosion knocks them back with One Darkness color timer blinking, Zero also too. Zero proceeds to finish One Darkness with his Plasma Spark slash and his wide shot.

The other people cheered for Zero as he flys back to his home planet giving an ultra sign to One Otari. Kato is seen lying on the floor with several wounds, he is not done, his eyes were bloodshot red, trembling with revenge.

Toshiwa was happy along with One Otari. In the night, there was a special celebration about that defeat.They were in the restaurant eating some great food such as prawn and chili crab. 

"One, if you ever face Kato again...please save him..." said Sakura

"If i can do it..he's getting stronger everytime Ultraman One comes.."

"Then, we have to get stronger than him...start Hard-Tranning for tomorow.." said Sakura

"Got It" 

The end.

Next episode trailerEdit

Kato fights against One Otari. One vs One Darkness, One use a power to defeat One Darkness. Who will win?

One Darkness vs Ultraman One. Ikuze!

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