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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman One(Continuity)
Name: Ultraman One: Episode 5
Owner: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 4
Next Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 6

Title: Brothers Unite (Reuz's return)Edit


  • Ultraman One
  • Ultraman Xena
  • Ultraman Giga
  • Ultraman Reuz


  • Robotic Giganto Spider Zetton


  • After this Episode, after Haruto Shuuya help his friends battling Giganto Spider Zetton, he return to his place with an aeroplane but this is the continue story to "Ultraman Reuz and The Ultra Brothers" where he ride a wrong plane set up by a group of Hell Aliens that brought him to Ultraman Draco universe past time. 


The dark being was unhappy on the fall of Alien Luna, Alien Magician, Spider Zetton. He slammed angry on his darkness sphere and called out for One Darkness to come.

"What is it...?"

"I want a Giganto spider zetton..."

The dark being and One Darkness goes to the monster graveyard and took out the soul of spider zetton and the original Giganto Zetton.They uses their technology and revive and fusion the two monster together. It becomes the Giganto Spider Zetton and the dark being sent it to Earth with a ball of dark energy.

"One Darkness, One more monster and you can reveal your identify to the useless SACD members..."

"Yes, my lord..."One Darkness replied.

Chapter 1Edit

It was morning, as One Otari was sweat in his sleep and turning around and around. In his dream, there was a dark ultra named One Darkness as he fought Ultraman One.

One Darkess tossed One around a darkness field he created. One was no match for the dark ultra in the darkness field.

"One, you have no hope of winning..."One Darkness said.

One trying hard as he fails to the dark ultras. One Darkness walks away from the young ultras and he gave One to advice.

"This fight would come into reality, soon after as you see Ultraman One..."he said One Darkness walked away from the darkness and disappeared.

One feeing weakened.

"What does that mean...?"

One Otari suddenly wakes up from the dream.

"What was that terrible night mare..."

It was morning as One started to dress up to have breakfast. As he walked to the first story with Kato Mosa watching from his back.

As walking to the nearest restaurant, he met a young men named Haruto. Eating a Sugar Plane Doughnut which One didn't know that the restaurant sell doughnut.

"I think we met before..." said Haruto

"I know who you are, you are Reuz's human host, right...?" reply One

"How you know...?" ask Haruto

Chapter 2Edit

"Of course I know..."One smiled as he said

"So, what brings you to the One universe..."One asked, he is curious.

"Summer was on the top..." someone was listening to the talk between Haruto and One Otari.

Haruto sensed something wrong around the buliding with the Reuz spark. It was Kato Mosa. He brushes out One Otari and ran away calming that he was important matter and will talk to him another day.


Kato turns around and see a male and female human host, they are Mirai and Kenki, Xena and Giga human host.Kato starts to fight them but after some struggle, Kato defeat Kenki and kicks him to the ground.Kato decides to slap him when a hand stopped him, it was Haruto.

"Stop it."

"Tell me...why betray the SACD members?"Haruto asked.

"Because they are useless."Kato Mosa said. Kato Mosa then disappears away from the scene and teleports away with his dark ultra powers. Haruto walked back to the restaurant with Kenki and Mirai.

"Xena, Giga.What brings you back to here...?"

"Well, Ultraman Zero sends us here to deal with the next threat..." Kenki said.

"Haruto Shuuya right...?" ask Mirai


"I heard you story, you beat the traitor Ultraman Axul and also defeat Faust..."

"Axul and Faust before has a incomplete plan that they set up steal all the Spark..."

"What do you mean steal the spark...?" ask Haruto

"Stealing the Spark that use to transform and change into Dark power..."

"But their plan not working..."

"I know that..." Haruto smile


"Kenki treat us for the seafood..." said One

"What...!?" Kenki disbelieve 

Chapter 3Edit

Kenki, Mirai ,Haruto and One Otari enjoyed their seafood and delicious western that they had ordered. They enjoyed it together as they happily drink they cup of bears but except Haruto, he is still young and he's not drinking. 

They hang out together for the whole morning and afternoon.They had seen to enjoy themselves the whole day. They eaten dinner as One Otari says goodbye to them and go back to the SACD base. While Haruto walked away to think of way to return, he still don't know how he got here.

"Where is One Otari..."Sakura asked.

"Well, maybe he is hanging out with his friends..."Marina replied.

"Guysand ladies, tommorrow, an inspector will be coming with new planes, I want some serous attitude tomorrow, I want no foolish behavior from you guys." the captain said as One. Otari walked in and good noted from the captain about the inspector.

"Yes, sir..."the members all said.

"Yeah, must be serious tommorrow..."Zena said.

The members then go to sleep and happily waiting for the new day to come.

Chapter 4Edit

At the Japan international airport, a plane landed, there comes a tall Singaorean, wearing sunglasses, wearing a tuxedo and a smart tie.He walks down the plane with two huge baggage.After he walks out, two of his man helps him to carry the baggage for him.He then drive his car towards the SACD base where the members were waked up by the captain.Sakura Mizuki was prepared a good meal for the inspector together with Marina.

The inspector came, with three advanced planes, such as The'Supersonic fighter',Mega Chester,Loader Fighter, Chester Walker.The inspector was the captain of the SACD team in Singapore.With two henchman with his side, equipped with a very large.Other were helping to load the plane back to the garbage for checking.

Toshiwa and his members were preparing for the visit of the inspector.They all were present except Kato Mosa, he pretended to be having a high fever.It is because his does not have a heart on the efforts of the SACD trying to defense the Earth.Toshiwa then asked the members to line up in front of the door with proper hand position.

The door opens, the inspector came, he was Johny Tan.

"Hello, inspector Tan."One Otari bowed down and greet him with respect.

The others followed One's example and do the same.They greeted him with respect.The inspector start to sit at the place where Toshwa had offered him.The inspector then ordered his henchman the take out what is in the two baggage.There were 6 guns taken out.

"Where is Kato?"

"His is having fever."Toshiwa replied.

"So, inspector , what have you brought to Japan?"Marina asked.

"Yeah, inspector."Zena Wakura asked, being curious.

"I brought 6 Meteor Guns and Memory eraser.And including 3 planes."Johny replied.

Johny then uses the screen at the front to show the members what he br out and it's appearance.

Chapter 5Edit

Using the PowerPoint, he introduce the first thing, the'Supersonic' fighter.A plane with two missiles guns and two seats at inside it.Another gun at the middle for firing other missiles and bullets.

"This plane can fly very fast, with advanced technology missiles being used inside,it's very modern.My scientist are still inventing more planes."he said.

The next one, the great plane, it can drill underground and go in the sea, it is named Mega Chester.It is based from the TLT, it has advanced bullets too, it can fire the ultimate Vanisher.

"This plane is designed personal by myself, it is greatly designed, it can fly at fast speed but slower then supersonic fighter."

The third one, the most powerful of all, the Chester Loader.It has great durability.

"This plane is very powerful too."

After all planes are introduced, the inspector then takes the memeber and the captain for a closely look at those planes at the garage, they looks great are they are painted nicely. They are big too, compared the planes they uses in the first few battles.

"Nice design"Zena said in happy tone.

Chapter 6Edit

Haruto, Mirai and Kenki lives in a hotel room rented for the three of them, but they evently not in the same room, today is the three of them staying in the hotel and Haruto's last day on this planet. They were watching television on the inspector for the SACD, the planes. 

"Man, this doughnut isn't taste the same as my home world was..." said Haruto

"Next, Chester walker. This plane cannot fly and can only walk, it can fly only when combined with the others.

The Meteor guns and the memory eraser were very advanced able to take down small monster and erasers memory. Kato uses his mind power trying to make Gigato a Zetton to be revived. The revival was slow in the Furuboshi mountains. He contacts his master, his master says must wait for 2 more hours.

Kato feels very angry but he controlled himself that he thought it is not the time as after this, he can leave the SACD members and be the most powerful villains as One Darkness, his ultra form. Only he want to battle Ultraman One in one-on-one combat battle while having his copied of himself, hundreds of him to battle the crystal Ultraman. While Giganto Zetton will battle Ultraman Xena and Giga.

"Revenge is burning..."

"To make my master plan come true...i will..."

Chapter 7Edit

"Well, well, One Darkness, I said next monster then you face you clone.." his master said.

"Okay, master. Should summon it now...?"

"Yes, go to the Furuboshi mountains." his master said.

Kato as he follow his master's instructions and goes to the place.Inside the mountains, Kato looked at the cocoon Giganto Robotic Spider Zetton, he giggles loudly as he transformed into One Darkness. Using his powers, he make the monster the become his adult form to take down to other ultras.

"Ring...ring..ring..."the alarm at the SACD base called

"What is that...?"Johny said.

The PowerPoint slides disappear and showing a monster around the Furuboshi Mountains wrecking the whole place.

It was a very super large and size Zetton. He is a fusion of all other Zetton's, it began to hit all the bulidings with their attacks. It is very powerful.

"Is that a Zetton...?"

"What...?" the inspector said.

The inspector then gave the order to Zena and Marina to ride the supersonic plane, captain and Sakura to ride the Mega Chester. They all move all and one of the members drive the car for land fighting. Kato continues to play his computer games thinking that it is not his problem.

Haruto, Kenki and Mirai come up of their hotel and saw what is the situation.

Chapter 8Edit

They meet up with One Otari as they rush towards the Zetton and charges energy bullets against the monster. The supersonic was very powerful, it knock down the Zetton back.

The Mega Chester managed to fire its bullets controlled by the captain. Later, Kato pretended to come back and ride the car and prepares for land fighting and he pretended to be shot by Zetton as he teleported away.

"This is cool...!"Zena is very happy riding the new plane.

"Yeah, man. Very Fun..."The captain praises with the inspector in the back of the seat.

"Let's transform, guys..."Kenki said.

"We will stop this threat..." they said in loud voice.

Haruto using the Reuz Spark.As the spark opens, the Reuz doll appears and the spark said "UltraLive" "Ultraman Reuz" As Ultraman Reuz shows out, rise by spinning in twin galaxies. 

Kenki and Mirai transforms using Xena Brace and willpower. Kenki shouts Xena and the two ultra rises.

Finally, One Otari gathers energy power from his bracelet, and his eyes glows and circle himself as One raises from the human.

Chapter 9Edit

"Let's finish this..." Giga shouted.

"Now, its showtime!"Reuz said.

"This is it..." One said.

Xena then signal the planes to come close to them, the planes followed. Zetton then fires his fire balls but One and Reuz uses their barrier and deflect it back .Zetton then shielded it off with his shield.

One, Giga, Xena and Reuz raises their hand and fire a yellow energy beam from their hands, creating a barrier that to prevent Zetton from going to the city area.

"Before this, I will weaken the monster."One shouted.

One then proceeds to summon a phase wave shift power as the ground create a special field takes them into a orange place with rocks.There,the ultra charges at the monster.They all run towards it as One summon his triple slugger and formed it into a star and throws at the Giganto monster.

One then uses his wide shot to cut off its tentacles,Reuz summon his Reuz Cross Shot to break of one of its orbs.Xena then proceed as he summons a blade and challenged it and managed to avoid its darkfireballs with some backup fire from the new planes.

Finally,Giga rush and fires his prism slash and successful hurt the eyes.

"It is just too easy!"Giga shouted.

Chapter 10Edit

"Too easy,huh?"One Dakrness said,outside the field.

Suddenly,a dark cyclone appears and suck in all the other ultras,planes and Zetton into the dark dimension.

There, it was a large area filled with darkness energy and dark rocks. One then fire his rainbow slash but got captured by one of its tentacles. Xena and Giga paralysed by the evil kaijiu. Reuz suffered the same of One.

"! We will be down if we get struck like this!"One shrieked.

"Yeah,what now!!?"Giga asked.

The captain seeing this, Johny Tan ordered them to fire the ultimate Vanisher as it succeeded to destroy all the tentacles as One and Reuz freed Xena and Giga by combining the hand slash.

The ultras landed to the ground.Zetton then summon its Zetton clones to fight each invidual ultras.They started to fight,the ultras taken down to normal Zetton without great effort.

After that,they all color timer blinked.As all of them fell to the ground,feeling weakened.

Chapter 11Edit

One was lying on the ground but the encouragement words from Lila and his parents causes him to wake up.

"Tastes this..."One shouted as he uses his star weapon and spilt into 12 parts and sliced a lot of Zetton's tentacles.

One then charges his bracelet and absorb all the dark energies in the field. One then channel them a restore all their energy and as well as firing a beam towards the kaijiu.

Zetton then fires the darts to control the ultra and followed by his red beam.And even shoots its dark fireballs as it has no effect on the ultras.

So, they decided to combine their beams but Zetton absorbs it and fires it back to them but all of them combined their energies of their shield and block of that attack.

One has no choice to reverse the effects of this dark field as they transfer back the forest and Furuboshi hill with the shield still stable.

"Looks like I have the make it temporary paralyzed..."One shouted.

One then fires a very powerful light that blinds the monster that blinds the Zetton.

"Now the chance..." Reuz said.

"Yea,it's the real show time."Xena said.

"Let's go..."Giga said.

"That's right.." One shouted.

Reuz fly up to the sky further then Zetton while One, Xena and Giga perform their trio Attack combining their energy. 

Reuz cross his right arm follow by his left arm and spin both of his arm while his Crystal Of Light shine bright blue, One, Xena and Giga charging their energy and fire a powerful ray. "This Ultraman Power!!!" shout all of them.

"Reuz Cross Shot!" said Haruto

Reuz Ray hit One, Xena and Giga powerful ray to mix it to add extra power hitting Giganto Zetton cut through his body.However,Zetton then saws it and uses its triumph card and it clashes with the beams.However, Zetton failed and explodes. It explode in giant Explosion but the explosion are burning away, SACD new jet using their Hyper speed but their engine were down for second.

"No!!!" said Marina and Zena

Mega Chester almost got hit by the explosion but Ultraman One cought it and fly to the sky. 

While both Supersonic jet cought by Reuz and Giga following Xena from behind, they finaly reach the city saving everyone. The SACD and inspector thank the Ultra's for saving them, even so they haven't know the crystal ultra.

Chapter 12Edit

However,a stream of dark energies prepared as One uses his double shot and repel all the energies from the darkness.

One and his friends transform to their human form. "Bye, i'm going real home Earth..." Haruto said to his friends and the SACD.

His plane arrived and he walked into the planes and wave them as the plane disappeared into the portal that created.

Mirai and Kenki transformed to their ultra forms and returned to the land of light.

After all the commotion,the SACD very at the airport to celebrate the inspector's airplane departure for Singapore.He a boards the plane and say goodbye towards his members.

One Otari was very happy that day but felt lonely with all his friends leave.

=The end==Edit

Episode 6: TrailerEdit

A new dark ultra appears,this was Kato Mosa ultra from. He reveals the sercet identify to his comrade. One was defeated by this evil ultra and his parents come to take him to the Land of Light.

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