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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman One (Continuity)
Name: Ultraman One:Episode 4
Owner: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Ultraman One: Episode 3
Next Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 5

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Title: BraveryEdit


  • Ultraman One
  • One Darkness
  • Ultraman Reuz (Request, appeared as someone from SACD member calling for help)


  • Alien Magician
  • Alien Luna


Ultraman Giga and One charges their finisher rays and Alien Magician charges her's.

Giga and One as they combine their beams together as it clashes with Alien Magician's Ray.Their beam overpowers Alien Magicians as she was killed with an explosion.As the human who was possessed lay die in the ground.

"Hooray!...!Ultraman wins again"the SACD Members and the civilians shouted out loud. "Giga, you got to save her..."

"I know..."

As Giga saved the young women by reviving her as her name was Mirai Tomoya.Giga also merges with the young women.Suddenly, an ultra sign appear.One and Giga flew back to the Land of Light for a chat with his father,Ultraman Zero.

They travels there in a travel sphere.

The darkness figure with in anger, "Looks like they won again..."said Dark Hazel.

"Send Alien Luna..."the darkness giggles as he bang his table loudly as the screen become black.

Chapter 1Edit

As One and Giga flew back to the Land of Light.It is like the Land of Light looks like a yellow wormhole like the one in Ultraman Mebius.Back in Earth, the captain asked where is One Otari and the other members does not know.

Kato Mosa giggles with a grim laugh, he actually knew where he was.As he had receives a signal by his master that a new alien is coming to Earth as he eyes glows red.

"Guys, we got a trouble here..."

"What is it...?"the captain asked.

Going towards Zena's place, Zena said"A huge group of Dinosaur is headed towards Earth..."

"We got to stop it...!"

Suddenly, the phone rang.It was Johny Tan, the captain and inspector of the Singapore SACD forces.


"I am Johny, you do not go for this, we Singapore team will help you.I am going for Japan to visit you. Please stay alert..."

"Yes sir..."the captain said.

Chapter 2Edit

Before departing for Japan, Johny Tan and his team files his Aero Spaceship to space and fire very powerful bullets and misslies that killed many of the dinosaurs. But one evolved into Dinozaur Reverse and flew to Earth.Many of them escaped from the explosion.

"So sad..." Kato, looked at the PA system of the base.

However, Alien Luna "Nice to diguises it...I will defeat One with that..."

Alien Luna uses its power and merges with the Dinozaur Reverse and disguise with it and flew to Earth.

A flew groups of Dinozaur when going to wreck the Land of Light, some of the ultra's already spotted the Dinozaur and they all use their Ultra fighting skill that their learn from Ultraman Taro at the Ultra Collesium, they fire their ray at the same type, lot of them kill the remaining dinozaur. However, the remaining of the Dinozaur were all destroyed with the combination efforts of Ultraman One and Giga.They both fire their combo ray and defeat all of them.

After that, they saw an ultra sign send by Xena that he is doing good fighting the dinozaur.

After, One and Giga went to find Ultraman Zero in the Land of Light.

Chapter 3Edit

Alien Luna just landed on the Earth.He diguised as a Dinozaur as SACD quickly began to deal with the problem, using the aircrafts, SACD began to battle the monster.

"So, Giga, who saved you from the dark hole?"Zero asked.

"Ultraman Noa, whom he had saved from me the black hole.While Uzone sacifriced himself from the black hole......"

An image of the past appears,Uzone and Noa and it's people,were living peacefully after Zero saved the universe.However, something happened, Giga was playing with One on a nearby planet, suddenly, a black hole opened, Giga and One was been suck into the black hole.One uses his child power to save Giga.

However, a red and blue ultra stooped One, it was his father, Ultraman Zero.Zero uses his capture ray to save Giga,but it has no effect.The black hole closed as Giga got suck inside.

One shouted:"Giga.......!!!"

Because of that incident, One wanted the be stronger to save the Earth.So, One decided to learn his training by asked Zero to put him into a Techtor Gear.There, he undergo instant training by the Ultras, Leo and Astra.This is how he gained his strong and speed form from Zero.Zero then freed One from the armor after 500 years.

After some time, Giga found himself in a planet where a sliver being and another Multi colored ultra.It was Noa and Uzone, Giga accepted the help of Noa and become his son and nephew of Giga.However, the black hole opening again, Uzone uses his powers to close the black hole.As a result,he got break into many pieces.

Back to the Land of Light, One received a call from Lila, saying that the Earth has a trouble.One saying goodbye to Zero and Ginga, he flew towards the Earth.

Chapter 4Edit

Dinozaur Reverse was destroying bulidings, the SACD failed to stop the monster, However, a Specium Ray from the sky appeared and damage the dinozaur. It was One, he has returned to Earth.

One uses his physical attacks to defeat the monster, however, time is up, One defeat the monster using his Cross Shot and Timer Shot. However, Alien Luna appears and mocks One.

"You are a fool, dashing into a trap..."Luna mocked.

One feeling very weak as the alien keeps firing energy blasts and killed One as he revert to stone, as One also spilt from Otari. One Otari couldn't believe that Ultraman One got turn into stone.

"Ultraman One...!!!!" shout One

"Ultraman One...has transform into Stone..." said Captain Tochiwa

"Herm..." Kato pass through the sidewalk without One knowing him.

"Heh..enjoy your day as a rock...Ultraman One..." said Alien Luna

Marina and Zena appeared landing BP plane, brough One to the base as the captain ordered them to retreat from the battle even Ultraman One has lost, but they hope another hero or someone from other universe come to save them.

Chapter 5Edit

One Otari going to the room where One was held in a room with ice covered. One said in a weak voice"One, shine into the lunar eclipse light, a Miracle will revive me."


"Believe in yourself..." One then stopped moving.One Otari rushed to Isurugi Yamato's house to ask for a suggestion.

"What do you mean...?!One is dead...??" Yamato asked One with furiously.

"Imposssible, One is very powerful in turns of strength and power..." Yamato continues.

It was Alien Luna who caused everything, the alien drains up the Ultra power without noticing it.

"How arrogant..."

"However, One wakes just now and told me to shine the light on his beam lamp using the lunar moonlight..." One Otari said.

Lila, as Yamato wanted to take One Otari to a secret place on Earth to discuss the ways to make One revive without any other heroes help.So they drove of using a car to a faraway.

Chapter 6Edit

Alen Luna grieve with One Darkness on Unknown hard rock on Earth.

"One, it has low chance of reviving the defeated you..."One Darkness said.

"Haha..One is very bad..."

"Do not think too overpower, chances of One reviving are very high as said by my master..."


One Darkness laughs at the male alien. It was because the day to reveal himself to the SACD will finally come. One Darkness flew off from the area and went back to Japan. While coming back, One Darkness had destroyed Serveral bulidings as he revert back to Kato Mosa, Kato Mosa drove his car back to the SACD base. Back at the base, Yamato and One Otari were having a discussion on reviving One...

The ring bells at the SACD base.The news said the dark giant demon has appear in the tv system. One Darkness landed on Earth, and say "Earthlings, Ultraman One has dead..."


Isurugi were at the place on deciding the solution needed to free One from the curse. After finishing discussing with Otari as they decides to talk it out with the SACD department.

They arrived next morning on the base as they talk it out with the captain.

"Please do you best..."Otari said.

"Well, we will try.As a protector of the Earth..."Toshiwa said.

"Yeah, we agree on captain's idea..."Marina repiled to the captain.

"I never believe that One will loss..."Zena said.

"Reviving One using a lunar eclipse will be caused One of be revive.Toshiwa give the orders to the members..." Memebers will carry One to a forest and shine the moon power at the ultras."

Chapter 7Edit

Dinosaur continues to appear to the Land of Light, the ultras brother, excluding Xena and Giga was very busy in dueling the monsters as none of the ultras are freed to go to the Earth to revive One.

"There's too many of them...!"Giga shrieked.

"Yeah...."Xena said.

"Enough of the words, old friend, let's blast them apart...!Giga to Xena.

Giga and Xena combine their energies as the dinosaurs are destroyed.Zeor and the other ultras brothers combine their grand spark and defeats all of them.The terror even ended by the great hero Ultraman King and his son, Ultraman Prince. Ultraman Prince was not known to the others since the years. (An article of him will be written soon.)

The Ultras returned back to their respective homes for a break. Zero had known about One's death and Zero was worried about his son. Zero had discussed with his wife about the problem.

"Do be sad, he will revive, believe in our son..."

"Good to hear..."

Chapter 8Edit

At last, all of them are ready to shine the Luna eclipse to revive Ultraman One, One rise up high the Luna eclipse, from the moon it shine a light passes and hit One colour timer, it's sounds like a heart beat. 

"Ultraman One..." One

"One..." Marina

"One.." Zena

Kato Mosa feels despress and hatred, he don't want his original to be revive, he transform into One Darkness, appeared infront of them in a forest, on a purple light. (Note, this is similar how Dark Mephisto Zwei appeared in Nexus).

"One Darkness.."

"He's not going to ruin this reviving action..."

Marina and Zena hold on their gun and fire, but the laser didn't gave One Darkness a pain, he shoot multiple purple slash toward them, all of them split and hide behind the tree.

"You can run...but you can't hide..." said One Darkness

He kick Ultraman One who is a stone liek statue, it fall down, lucky it not break yet. One getting angry, he shoot more laser using his gun, but nonthing ever gave him a deep breath.


"Heh..." One Darkness shot more slash toward Ultraman One stone and to One Otari as well as Zena and Marina, all of  them can hope that they wish another Hero will save them. 

Marina hold on tight her fist to pray. "Save us"

Zena also hold on tight her fist to pray. "Save us"

"Ultraman One...!!!!" shout One

Another WorldEdit

Haruto who was sitting on the top of the building, he soon noticed a portal open on the sky, a orange one. "Save Us" a voice from Marina and Zena calling for Haruto help.

"Someone calling for my help...?" said Haruto

He jump to the portal while he was in a blue light. The portal close.

Chapter 9Edit

Ultraman Reuz Vs One Darkness Edit

Suddenly, an blue aura come hit One Darkness at full strength, sending him fly back to the bridge near the forest. The blue aura soon reveal another Ultraman from another world come for unknown reason.

"Impossible..." said Captain Tochiwa

Insert Song, Ginga No UtaEdit

"Another Ultraman..." said One

"He really did come...!" shout Zena

"A new Ultraman..." said Marina

One Darkness stand up back, he look more furious than before. His eye suddenly turn red somehow angry to the new Ultraman.

"Who are you..!!?" ask One Darkness


"I'm just passing through world and the man who never loose Hope...!" said Haruto

"Now, it's showtime" said Haruto

Reuz took fighting stance, One Darkness didn't care who is him, he rush toward Reuz, he perform an intence punch, Reuz dodge while he bent his knee while he use his right hand to uppercut One Darkness, hit him completely.


One Darkness kick Reuz on the chest, he return back by bent his knee again and punch One Darkness stomach, a powerful and intence punch. One Darkness feel pain while it also gave him a stress fight againts Reuz.

Ultraman One somehow knew that Ultra, but he just could not remember. One Otari saw the fight, it's really impressive.

"One Otari..." said Haruto, a voice projection from Ultraman Reuz while he active a barrier to protect him from One Darkness beam.

"You know me..."

"I know it was you, i have a Journel that written about you..."

"Well, why im fighting him, you should go revive Ultraman One now while there still time..."

"I got it"

One, Marina and Zena again do the same thing, One rise up the Luna eclipse, from the moon it shine light to One colour timer, it's is time, his  colour timer soon recharging.

"No You don't...!!"

"Now, the Finale..." said Haruto

Reuz straighting his right arm continue with his left arm to form a "V" shape formartion, he spin his right and left arm, he stop until his crystal of light began to shine bright. 

"Reuz Cross Shot" Reuz release a rainbow colour ray toward One Darkness from the hips, hitting him from top shoulder to his neck. 

"Arghh!!" One Darkness disappeared. 

Chapter 10Edit

One Darkness reverted back to Kato Mosa, feeling weakened,he moan and Mona as he teleports to a safer place to watch the fight.

While they were reviving One, it seems the power of the moon and Luna eclipse didn't have enough power to restore One power, Alien magician soon appeared back to destroy the new Ultraman.

"You ruin everything, new Ultra...!" said Alien Magician

"Let's fight Magic and Magic..."


"I'm the greatest magic user of all...!" replied Alien Magician



Alien Magician soon feel pain on his head, a ball hit him many times, a funny moment.



'Stop it..!"


"Chin chin pui pui.."

The ball infront of him explode, reveale a skull roar at him, he fall back scare himself.

"What type of magic did you use...!!"

"It's called..Magic Ultra"

Reuz kick Alien Magician next he rise up his hand quickly. "Luna Restoration" said Haruto. Reuz sent more power of his body to the light, and soon the light gave Ultraman One a full energy. He was revive.

"Yes!" said One


"We did it..."

One Otari rise up his wrist, transform again to Ultraman One. 

"Thanks, Ultraman..."

"Heh, ikuze...One"

One cross his arm and prepare for the final attack. Reuz form an "x" cross shape on his chest, his crystal of light change into Yellow colour, with an thunder and volt passes him.

"One Cross Shot!" 

"Reuz Thunderbolt!"

Both of them shot their ray at the same time, hitting Alien Magician, he fall down explode. Both of them did it. 


"Arigatou, if it wasen't for you, i was loose to them..."

"Anytime, old pal..." an orange portal soon appeared above Reuz. 

"Nani...?" it suck Reuz back to the portal.


"Heh, i hope he's continue his journey again...Ultraman Reuz The Wizard..."

Chapter 11Edit

This is not the end.Alien Luna appears in front of Ultraman One.

"Looks like I revived Alien Magician's revival does not give your retribution?"


Alien Luna prepares their fighting stances, they two had a climatic final duel together.

Luna keep using his energy bulls eye but One dodges all of it.One fires One Cross Shot.However, Luna using his energy shield to block the attack.Using his powers, Alien Luna paralysed One using his bolts.



One feeling pain as Luna keep paralysed.


One remembering the power of the Luna light and Reuz powers.

"Speed...strength and courage!!"

One withstanding the bolts and transformed into his speed form and strong form after that, and finally,One shouts"Power of courage!!!" and transformed into his third form,Powerered form.

Chapter 12(Final battle and epilogue)Edit

Insert song,Ginga No Ultra.

"Luna, yours retribution comes!" One uses his power and merges with One Otari again.

"Let work together."Otari said. One kick and punch Luna badly and his uses his lunar blade power but One finishes it off with Lunar blade.

One gathers his energy and recharges himself, he uses his One Moonlight and fires to the evil alien.

Alien Luna was finally finished off by One's new power.

The SACD members and other civilians cheered loudly.


Kato Mosa very angry as he walks away.

"One, SACD, all of you will paid for this!!!.

He walks away after this.


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