Ultraman Omega comes from the Land of Light and a very powerful Ultra Warrior.He met Ultraman One and Xena and make friends with them.He shares many similar characteristics to One.After some time, Omega was suck into a black hole into the Orion universe, there he fought in the Darkness War with an evil Ultra.He was missing after that and possibility to be dead.



Profile Edit

  • Height:40 meters
  • Weight:35,000 tons
  • Age:10,000 years old.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer:Like other Ultras,Omega also has a color timer.
  • Beam Lamp:A small light in his forehead.Used as a solar recharge and fire beams.
  • Eyes:Omega has eyes that could see enemies hidden behind a mountain and a buliding and he can see in the dark very well.
  • Bracelet:A small bracelet on his hand.


Special Moves

  • Omega Slash:'L' style ray.Can destoyed monster in One blow.
  • Omega Light Beam:A beam from his Beam Lamp.
  • Omega Omni Ray:Improvised version of the Omega Slash.Fired in a way similar to Ultraman Justice's Dragium Ray.
  • Eyes Beam:Omega can fired beams from his eyes similar to One.Learned in his training.
  • Omega Infinity Shot:'+' style ray.Used when in bad condition but it drains Omega power drastically.Can destroy very powerful monsters.
  • Calming Ray:Similar to Cosmos Luna Light.

Physical Techiques

  • Omega Kick:A kick techique learned it from his teacher.
  • Omega Punch:Punch version.

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