Ultraman One's sworn enemy apart from One Darkness,he is the eight member of Society XII and he appears ultra fan masshup.He has similar personality as One.

Ultraman Noxe
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 3,800 years old
Height: 45meters
Weight: 38,000meters
Home world: Dark World
Series: Ultra Fan Masshup
Type: Dark Ultra
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Affiliation Minus(Master)
Created by Zhu Huong Ng



Personality Edit


Body Features,Profile and Techniques Edit

Profile Edit

  • Weight:68000tonnes
  • Height:49 meters

Forms and TechniquesEdit

Normal FormEdit

The version of One's Normal Form.


Ray Techniques Edit

  • Noxe Shot:Dark version of One's One Cross Shot.
  • One Dark Shot:One Darkness version of the Wide Shot, it is purple in colour and equally matches One and Zero's power.
  • Dark Noxe Shot:Dark version of the One Cross Shot.Noxe charges this ray like how One charges his.His ray is seemingly overpowers One but evenly matched in the end.
  • Dark Cannon Slash:Noxe can fire Emerium Slashes from his beam lamp.He can also fire multiple beams at one go.
  • Dark Triple Slash:Noxe can fire the Dark Version of the Triple slash by putting his three sluggers in his chest.
  • Dark Edge:Arrow-shaped beam, can cause small explosions or damage.Used to take down One who was flying back to his planet.

Physical Techniques Edit

  • Darkness Kick:Like One, Noxe can also jumps to the air very high and perform a kick with his legs covered with purple minus energy.</nowiki>
  • Darkness Punch:Punch version of the Darkness Kick.Noxe charges dark energy from his hands and punch at his opponents.
  • Dark Joker Slamer:Noxe can use his shoulders to run at high speed to ram his opponent with dark energies released.
  • Noxe Backer:Noxe can perform a backflip kick to kick his foes.Dark shock waves are seen when he does it.
  • Noxe Swing Encahnce:Noxe picks up his foes on the groundd and swings them high speed and throws them.Similar to Noxe's Lifting powers.
  • Machine Punch:Noxe can punch his foes rapidly and quick in sucession.
  • Noxe Close Counter:Noxe when at close counter,he can release strength to kicks or punches his forces.When he is in grip by his enemies and in close counter.
  • Noxe Lifting:By summoning strength from his body,he can lift foes and throws them with great force.
  • Noxe Whip:Noxe can slam foes using his both hands.

Physic Technique Edit

  • Mind Control:Noxe can influenced other people's mind by firing a dark ray from his beam lamp
  • Deathcium Shot:His most powerful attack, can vaporize anything in One hit.
  • Darkness Field:Noxe can summon a dimensional of pure darkness into his own flavor of his battles.It empowers beings of darkness and weakens beings of light.
  • Darkness Blizard:Noxe can freeze his enemies by fired a series of ice towards them.

Trivia Edit

  • Noxe shares most of his traits and powers to One Darkness,included all his dark powers and energy manipulation are same as One Darkness.He also looks like One Darkness with dark stripes on both of them.
  • Despite being a Reiyonx ultra race,he does have claws like other ultra with Reiyonx energies.