Ultraman Naga, the Beast Slayer
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 32,000
Height: 42 Meters
Weight: 45,000 tons (with armor)
Home world: The Land of Light
Series: TBA
Type: Rogue
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Martial Artist


Family Unknown
Affiliation Himself
Created by Zombiejiger

Naga is a powerful rogue Ultra who hunts dangerous monsters for sport.


The most distinguishing feature of Naga is his unique Beast Slayer's armor, which covers his color timer and adds blades to his arms. Large, segmented armor covers his shoulders. Under the armor he is mostly blue, with red patterns and the usual silver.


Naga is a quiet loner (think Batman), who takes pleasure in hunting kaiju. His quest is almost obsessive, much to the dislike of other Ultras.


Ultraman GammaEdit

Naga was originally a skilled warrior who trained in various martial arts for most of his life, despite being a blue Ultra. At some point he developed an obsession for killing kaiju, after witnessing a fellow Ultra Crusader and close friend's death at the hands of a powerful beast. Naga viciously slew the kaiju, and vanished from common sight.

Various higher-ranking Ultras, such as Gamma after his time on earth, and Father of Ultra, had some idea of Naga's location, until Gamma was sent to track down the rogue.

Ultraman OdysseyEdit


Ultraman CardEdit

Many years ago, the armored giant fought Mega Litomalus, and sealed it away with the Dragon's Blaze.

Naga's Ultra Fusion Orb was later combined with Hunter Knight Tsurugi's, to allow Ultraman Card to transform into Hunter Knight Naga.

Profile and Body FeaturesEdit


  • Height: 42 meters
  • Weight: 45,000 tons with Beast Slayer's Armor
  • Age: 32,000 years
  • Home World: The Land of Light
  • Occupation: Kaiju hunter

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Beast Slayer's Armor: A powerful suit of armor, extremely durable in combat.
    • Drac Wheel: The large ring on Naga's back, which has several special abilities.
  • Color Timer: Like most other Ultras, Naga has a color timer. This is covered by the Beast Slayer's Armor.
  • Beam Lamp: Naga has a beam lamp.


Ultraman Naga
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Ultraman Naga's natural form, equipped with the Beast Slayer's armor.


  • Specium Ray: The basic Specium ray, fired from a "+" position.
  • Dragon's Blaze: Naga can fire a blast of blue fire, his main finisher.
  • Naga Cracker: Naga crosses his arms in front of him, and fires an "x" shaped energy beam.
  • Martial Arts: Naga is a skilled martial artist.
  • Beast Slayer's Armor: Naga wears a set of armor that protects him from weak beam attacks and in physical combat.
    • Drac Wheel: The Eternal Wheel on Naga's back has several special abilities.
      • Emerald Burst: A blast of energy from the six emeralds on the Drac Wheel, which can either spread out or target one particular enemy.
    • Wrist Blades: The armor has a pair of large blades running from the wrist to the elbow, to be used in combat.
      • Crescent Guillotine: A powerful green crescent-shaped energy slash capable of cutting through all but the toughest enemies.
      • Energy Buzzsaws: Naga can launch energy buzzsaws from his arm blades by crossing his arms in front of his body and rapidly pulling them apart.
      • Energy Blades: Naga can charge his wrist blades with energy (think Destoroyah's horn).
    • Durability: The Beast Slayer's armor grants Naga increased durability in combat, allowing him to tank hits.

Ultraman Card Hunter Knight Naga

Main article: Ultraman Card


"I follow in the legacies of warriors!"

―Hunter Knight Naga's pre-battle catchphrase.

A fusion of Hunter Knight Tsurugi and Ultraman Naga, used by Ultraman Card. Its name is a portmanteau of Hunter Knight Tsurugi's name and Ultraman Naga's name.

This form's element is Armor.


  • Blade of Warriors: A solid light blade capable of cutting through monsters like a warm knife through butter.


  • Naga was inspired by Hunter Knight Tsurugi, and Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue.
  • The Naga Cracker technique was designed by FlurrTheGamerMixel.
  • The photo in the forms tab was drawn by Celek, many thanks!
  • The large ring on Naga's back was inspired by Nezha, from Warframe.