Ultraman Moedari
Human Host/Form: Jake Miliken
Gender: M
Age: 10,000 yrs
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 40,000 tons
Home world: m-17
Series: Battle World Continuity
Type: Warrior
Fighter Type: Beams
Fighter Sub-type: Newbie
Family Son of Ultraman Moebius
Affiliation Ultraman Hikari (uncle)
Created by stephan222

"Oh, that hot headed idiot! I knew he'd go off to earth one of these days."

―Ultraman Mebius

Moedari is Mebius' son. He was trained by his father and Ultraman Hikari, with a little prepping from Leo. He inherited his fathers red a silver, but got an unusual green streak. His name is based on Midori, the Japanese word for green, modified to sound like both Moebius and Hikari. 


Moedari is probably one of the tallest ultras ever, 11 meters taller than Ultraman Zero!

Like his father, he has a lightsaber-like blade which he uses very effectively. He also uses the Moedian Beam, with the colors of blue, red, green, silver, purple and yellow. 




See main article: Ultra Lockseeds (Moedari Continuity). All other forms can access lockseeds.

Moedari Shining is his second-to-final form. Similar to Tiga's glitter form, it enables him to use his powers to a much greater level. He can use lockseeds in this form.

  • Height=250 meters
  • Weight=247 meters

Moedari uses all lockseeds/Keystones except King, Noah, and Legend, while combining them with shining.

  • Height=1,246 meters
  • Weight=1,243,000 tons


More to come!