Ultraman Mana ( ウルトラマン 何  ; Urutoraman Mana) is an Ultraman that protected an old and lost tribe from various kaijus and aliens.

Namesake Edit

Mana's name comes from the fictional life force named mana and the title that is given to every other ultraman.

History Edit

Ultraman Mana Edit

At sometime Mana came to Earth for unknown reasons. While on Earth, Mana protected a tribe which was constantly attacked by kaijus and aliens. After which successful battle the tribe created a temple where the Ultra would transform into a statue after his battles. One day, a kaiju stronger than most appeared and proved to be too strong, Mana didn't want to give up because of this he decided to seal the monster using all of his mana at the same time, Mana returned to the temple and became dormant until 2017.

The rest will be added after his 1st episode is written.

Gaidens Edit


Ultraman: Legacy of Warriors Edit

Mana is set to be one of the main characters of this crossover project along with Ultraman Legacy. And yes I have permission from Legacy's creator we are working on it together.

Personality Edit

Mana's a caring Ultra, that always protected humanity at all costs. Mana has showed that he also protects kaijus that are in danger like Pigmon or Kanegon, but he has also showed rage when one of his friends is killed or greatly injured.

Forms Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Like mentioned before Ultraman Mana's name comes from the the fictional life force of the same name.
  • The idea of Ultraman Mana being an Ultra that uses mana doesn't come from Ultraman Gaia.
  • Ultraman Mana went through a lot of changes and redesigns.
    • At first he was Ultraman Tiga's son that fought Ruin Kaijus.
    • His design that is based on an armor was originally from a different Ultraman called, Ultraman Knight, but the creator though the name didn't sound not that good, so he decided to reuse the scraped ultra's name.

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