Ultraman M
Human Host/Form: Varies
Gender: Male
Age: 16,000 Years
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 36,000 Tons
Home world: Land of Giants
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Martial Artist
Family Unknown
Affiliation Ultraman Giz (Brother in Arms)

Ultraman Gardon (Brother in Arms)

Gatanozoa (Enemy in Darkness War)

Created by DucantheChoju
Ultraman M (ウルトラマン男, Urutoraman otoko) is a mysterious friend of Ultraman Giz and Ultraman Gardon.  He refuses to tell where he came from.


Darkness WarEdit

One of the Ultra Warriors that fought under the command of Ultraman Orion, Ultraman M faced Gatanozoa during the war.  In the final battle, Gatanozoa and his minions retreated from battle.  However, Gatanozoa did not go unimpeded, as M leaped in to fight him.  M fired his Odonium Ray, leaving Gatanozoa with a small crack on his shell.  But, M did not return to the Land of Giants.  Instead, when Gatanozoa fired his rock-making beam, M shielded himself, but as Gatanozoa was in mid retreat, M's Energy Shield reacted with the energy of Gatanozoa's Dimensional Portal, sending M through a wormhole to Giz's Universe.

Ultraman GizEdit

Ultraman Giz went to investigate a area of space where a wormhole had been detected earlier.  Instead, he found the unconcious M floating through space, and brought him back to the Land of Ultra.  There, M recovered, but refused to tell his story.  Later, he helped Giz, Gardon  Gemini and Shata fight Ω-Zetton.  After that, he was appointed the Chief Teacher of Ultra Fighting.

Profile and FeaturesEdit


  • Real Name: Melvin
  • Human Form: Varies
  • Transformation Item: Will Power
  • Height: 50 Meters
  • Weight: 36,000 tons
  • Age: 16,520 Years
  • Home World: Land of Giants (Original home), Land of Ultra (Adopted Home)
  • Flight Speed: Mach 8
  • Jump Height/Distance: 900 m
  • Running Speed: 375 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 150 knots
  • Physical Strength: M can lift 320,000 tons (Special), 150,000 Tons (Normal)
  • Occupation: Scientist, Combatant
  • Relationships
  • Likes: Teaching, Fighting.
  • Dislikes: Goo of any color or thickness, Snails (they remind him of Gatanozoa).

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Eyes: M can see through objects, in the dark and vast distances, he can also see beyond the visible spectrum and Mana.
  • Armor: M is unusual among all Ultras, as he does not have any colors other than silver armor.
  • Color Timer: M's Color Timer functions like any other; however it is green and triangular.
  • Bracelet: M's only item from the Land of Giants, he uses in the same way as any other space ranger.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Finisher AttacksEdit

  • Odonium Ray: M can fire a multicolored ray from a position similar to that of the Ginga Cross Shot.  Can kill monsters in one shot.
  • Color Rays: M can fire several rays of different colors and power levels from a "L" shape hand position.
    • Viridanium Ray: M can fire a green ray.  This his his weakest finisher.
    • Alizarin Ray: M can fire a red ray.  Medium strength.
    • Ultramarine Ray: M can fire a blue ray.  His strongest ray beam.

Other techniquesEdit

  • M Blade: M can use a white energy blade generated from his right wrist.
  • M Physical: M charges any body part nessicary with energy for these attacks.
    • M Elbow
    • M Punch
    • M Kick
    • M Chop
  • M Barrier: M can create a very strong shield.
  • Combo Spark: M can combine the Odonium Ray with Giz's Ultimate Lightning, Gardon's Magnum Ray, Gemini's Twin Lightning, Shata's Bubble Missile and the W.H.A.M Super Formation's Ultimate Plasma to create a very powerful attack.  Used to kill Ω-Zetton.
  • Ultra Power: M has a huge burst of strength, able to generate a punch that can crack Gatanozoa's shell.  This drains his energy, and so leaves him needing some time to recover.