Humans are worthless and i dont care about them
-Laxcer to Exzar

Ultraman Laxcer
Ultraman Lexcar Default1
Human Host/Form: Paradox
Gender: Male
Age: 3,000 Years
Height: 47 m
Weight: 34,000 t
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Laxcer(Series)
Type: Villian(Former)


Fighter Type: Ranged Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Magic Fighter
Family Belial(creator,father,nemesis)

Ultraman Geed(Half-Brother)

Affiliation Unknown
Created by Zenonkou75

Ultraman Laxcer(Urutoraman Rekusar) is a strong ultra who is unaware of his past,he did this by purpose,he had his sad and scary past that gave him traumas,he sealed his memories and lost his memory after that.

Ultraman Laxcer Edit

He first appeared in a planet that resembles Earth,he found a dying kid who wished to protect the universe,The kid's name was Paradox,he was a resident of the alternate earth,he fainted and died,Laxcer revived him by Merging with the kid,causing him to have ultra powers and he became to a 19 year old teen in 1 year,Laxcer stopped the boy's accelerated growth,he still had his Ultra powers

Paradox still have Laxcer's old memories that was gone in Laxcer's mind,the reason of it was unknown

History Edit

He had a traumatizing past that made him seal away his past,resulting in a memory loss,he was unaware about his past and started going on an adventure.

His past is really disturbing for him.Laxcer was originally created to destroy the universe with his suprisingly powerful attacks and beams.

He was abused by Belial everytime he failed a mission,Belial gave Laxcer his powers and he became very strong,he was attack by ultras after he destroyed some planets,he sealed away his Belial form and became a good Ultra.

His memories are traumatizing him and he sealed away his memory,he woke up after 2,900 years,he was an anti hero and defeats any evil enemies or ultras.

Abilities Edit

  • Teleport
  • Flight(duh)
  • forget memories(permanently)

Personality Edit

When he was born,he had a thought of destroying the universe,after that he was purified and became a serious ultra who wanted to destroy Belial,after he sealed his memories,he was mysterious and he doesnt really care if a human is dead or something,he focuses on destroying evil ultras and evil kaiju.

Grunt Edit

Imagine a distorted version of the original Ultraman's grunt,the reason of why his grunt is like that is because he still kept his old Grunts after he was purified

Transformation Edit

Paradox takes the Alphaspark from the Alpha Brace and shouts "Laxcer!" showing the rise,to transform to another form(volcano,ice age,space,etc) he uses Ultra chips,it is obtainable from alien that will be seperated to two chips,Power Chip(Burn,freeze,etc)and Skill chip(Strength,speed,etc).


Ultraman Laxcer rise

Laxcer's rise

"Agile! *Original ultraman rise sound effect*"

First,it shows a black and red background,Belial came out,when Belial turns into Laxcer,the red became blue,when Laxcer is at the front,it shows a red,blue,white and black background

"strength! *heavy metal remix of the original rise sound effect*"

It shows Laxcer's rise and Laxcer became orange and the background shows a wood in a dark,bursting into flames and Laxcer came out

"Speed! *Winter song remix of the original ultraman ride sound effect*"

It shows Laxcer's rise while Laxcer became blue,then the background shows a water freezing into an ice and the ice bursts and Laxcer came out of it

"Purify! *heavy metal remix of the original ultraman rise sound effect with holy sound*

Shows a dark place turning into light and a claw breaks into Laxcer

"Light! *Holy remix of the original Ultraman rise sound*"

It shows Laxcer's rise and then red,blue and black turns into yellow and gold and Laxcer turns into his Light form

"Ultimate Evolution! *Dupstep remix of the original Ultraman rise sound*"

Shows Laxcer's rise and changes red and blue to rainbow and Laxcer burst into the god mode,his hands turned into like he wants to grab someone(like Shining Zero's rise)

"Violent! *demonic heavy metal remix of the original ultraman rise sound*"

Shows Laxcer's rise while Belial appears and fused with Laxcer and the background became red and black and cracks

Forms Edit

Ultraman Lexcar Default1

Default Mode

"Prepare! Agile!"

-Prebattle catchphrase

This form is Laxcer's default form,this form focuses entirely on beam attacks and agility


  • Laxcium Ray

Laxcer does a + pattern and shoots a blue and purple ray,this ray is extremely strong and it takes 1 shot to destroy a normal zetton

  • Laxcium Defend

Laxcer generates a barrier around his body,it can absorb damage and increase Lexcar's attack

  • Laxcium Vortex

Laxcium generates beams from his body and shoots it rapidly

Ultraman Laxcer Enchanced

Enchanced Mode

"Prepare! Agile!"

-prebattle catchphrase

This is the enchanced mode of Laxcer,this form increases his body of strength

  • Enchanced Laxcium Ray

Laxcer will shoot a purple,blue and pink colored ray,this ray is 2x stronger than the normal Laxcium Ray

  • Enchanced Laxcium Defend

This barrier will absorb 2x more damage,it increases more damage to Laxcer

  • Enchanced Laxcium Vortex

This Laxcium Vortex is 2x stronger than before,the rapid beam shoots 2x faster than the normal Laxcium Vortex

Ultraman Laxcer Fire

Burn! Strength! -prebattle catchphrase
This is Laxcer's strength based form,this form boost 2x of his strength,this form is for close range attack,this is the form Laxcer doesnt really prefer,he obtained this form when he was burned my Alien Bana


  • Volcanic ball

throws a hot lava ball that can melt enemies,this attack can destroy greenland

Ice Age
Ultraman Laxcer Water

Freeze! Speed! -prebattle catchphrase
This is the form that Laxcer obtained when he was covered in ice by Alien Babarue,this form focuses on Speed and Beam attacks,Laxcer prefers this form over volcano mode


  • Freeze ray

This attack can freeze enemy,this form is weak to Alien Bana

Ultraman Laxcer Space

Low Gravity! -prebattle catchphrase
This is Laxcer's stronger upgrade,this form makes him easier to walk on space and also lowers the gravity when used on Earth

This form uses the default form's attacks

Ultraman Laxcer Origin

"Servant of Belial! Destroy it!" -prebattle catchphrase
This is Laxcer's form in his older times,he can be deadly by using his claws


  • Clawrigin ray

shoots a deadly ray that is 4x stronger than Laxcium Ray

Origin The Next
Ultraman Laxcer OriginTN

"Purify! Evolve!" -prebattle catchphrase
This form is the stronger version of Origin.Without the claw,this form is still very strong,This requires the origin chip along with the purify chip


  • Purified Clawrigin Ray

Fires a stronger clawrigin ray,this ray is stronger than the normal clawrigin ray

Ultraman Laxcer Light

"Purify! Ultimate!" -prebattle catchphrase
This is Laxcer's super form,obtained when he used the full potential of Purify chip,this form is very powerful


  • Lightium Ray

Shoots a very powerful yellow colored ray

  • Lightium Defend

Creates an unbreakable barrier,a yellow barrier,its very strong,this barrier can broken by a very strong kaiju like Giga Tyrant

Ultraman Laxcer God
"Decide! Rule!"

prebattle catchphrase

This is Laxcer's most powerful form,obtained when he used the powers of all chips,this form is so strong that it can destroy a hyper zetton with 2 punches


  • Godcium Ray

This ray can kill a hyper zetton with 1 shot

  • Godcium Defend

This barrier is so strong that it will absorb alot of damage that can increase Laxcer's damage by 5x

  • Godcium Supreme Ray

Uses the power of all of his forms and shoot a rainbow colored that that can destroy an entire planet

Ultraman Laxcer Zero

This is Laxcer's weakened form,this is his form that Laxcer got by Ultraman King,King purifies his Origin form and this is the result,this form is about universe and modify body parts


  • Seal memories

This feature made him get a memory loss,this is done by removing all of his memories

  • Black hole summon

He can make a black hole appear and suck the enemies into the Black Hole

Ultraman Laxcer Beserk

"Feel the wrath of Belial!" -prebattle catchphrase
This is the form Laxcer uses when Belial and his Human disguise stole his Ultra Chips and without Ultra chips,he can transform into Default but its too hard to defeat Giga Clone Tyrant that is weaker than the original Giga Tyrant,Laxcer uses the Belial's ultra chip,the darkness chip and the brute chip,this form makes him destroy building and this form causes him to go beserk


  • Beserk Ray

A ray that is so strong that it can destroy an entire japan,used agaisnt Giga clone Tyrant

Time Vortex
Laxcer Time Vortex

Bonding! Time Manipulation! -prebattle catchphrase

This is Laxcer's upgraded form when Chronus died,he uses this form to defeat some tough enemies


  • Laxcium Pause

stops the time and stops the enemies's movement

  • Laxcium Restart

Makes the enemy move

Permissions Edit

  • Please do not use my Ultraman as a villian(unless he's brainwashed)
  • You must ask me if you wanna add Laxcer in your crossover series or your Fan Series
  • If i do not like how Laxcer is like in your series(jokester,dumb,gangster,vegetarian wannabe,etc) i will ask you to take it down

Trivia Edit

  • This Ultra is a replacement for Particle since Particle and Takeru died in the new movie
  • Laxcer is Particle's reincarnation and Paradox is Takeru's reincarnation
  • Ultraman Laxcer's series is a sequel to Ultraman Particle because Laxcer is Particle's freakin reincarnation! if this is not Particle's sequel then this doesnt even make sense!
  • Laxcer is a hybrid of Technology and a real ultra,and that is how Laxcer is created
  • Laxcer is Belial's second son and he is Geed's Half-brother the reason of this is because Belial created Laxcer

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