"All thse fancy Ultras with their fancy gimmicks and their fancy inspirational quotes..."

Ultraman Kynigos in Ultraman Odyssey
Ultraman Kynigos
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 10000 years
Height: 50 m
Weight: Varies with forms
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Odyssey
Type: Main Character
Fighter Type: Beam User
Fighter Sub-type: Golden boy
Family Unknown parents
Affiliation Great Ultra Heroes
Created by UltraGrenburr12678

The main protagonist of Ultraman Odyssey.

Appearance Edit

In his normal form, he is blue, red and gold with several silver markings, and has other body parts including protectors and a backward crest. After getting drained by The Darkness Bringer, he turns all grey and loses his bodily features and patterns. Even the colour timer is lost.

Personality Edit

Prior to Ultraman Odyssey, he was a merciless fighter that would have no problems wiping out entire civilisations to defeat a single enemy. However throughout the series, he learns how to be a proper Ultra from the Great Ultra Heroes that he meets.

History Edit

Before Ultraman Odyssey, Kynigos went to several galaxies in his home universe, challenging and defeating many strong opponents. He had also participated in many fighting tournaments and championships, winning each and every one. Hence, he had not earned the title of Ultraman, instead he was called The Gladiator.

When he was traveling between galaxies, he encountered The Darkness Bringer and tried to defeat it. Instead, he himself was defeated, and lost his powers.

He drifted off into space and into a wormhole that led him to the Temple of Legends, where he finds the Ultra Hero Brace and puts it on.

To defeat The Darkness Bringer, he brings the Ultra Hero Brace with him into the Monolith Worlds and meets the Great Ultra Heroes, who give him their strength and teach him to be a true Ultra.

Forms Edit


His default mode that was lost in his first battle with The Darkness Bringer. He regains this form at the end of Ultraman Odyssey.


  • Time limit: None
  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 45000 tons
  • Age: 10000 years
  • Home World: Unknown
  • Flight Speed: Mach 30
  • Jump Height: 1500 m
  • Running Speed: 1000 km/h
  • Swim Speed: 400 km/h
  • Strength: Can easily lift at least 1000000 tons
  • Relationships: Great Ultra Heroes(allies)


  • Finisher Beam: A beam that he has not bothered to name. Can destroy opponents in 1 hit. He gathers energy from the cosmos and everything around him into his outstretched hands, brings them together and fires the beam from both fists forward.
  • Slash Attack: Another attack he has not bothered to name. Can cut through opponents.
  • Subspace creation: Used in the finale to seal The Darkness Bringer. The first attempt failed.
  • Ultra Hero Brace usage: Kynigos can use the all powers of the Great Ultra Heroes without changing forms.


A weak and grey form which is severely weakened and is lacking in techniques. His base form throughout the series. When using another Ultra's powers, his whole design changes into that of the other ultra's except for his face. Some of the powers of the Ultras he uses seem to be weakened as well, but are still more powerful than this form.


  • Time limit: None
  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 20000 tons
  • Age: 10000 years
  • Home World: Unknown
  • Flight Speed: Mach 2
  • Jump Height: 100 m
  • Running Speed: 100 km/h
  • Swim Speed: 40 km/h
  • Strength: Can lift at least 10000 tons
  • Relationships: Great Ultra Heroes(allies)


  • Specium Ray: A basic + style Specium Ray.
  • Ultra Hero Brace usage: Kynigos can use the Great Ultra Heroes' powers via the Ultra Hero Brace, however he must change forms and can only use 1 at a time.

Ultra Hero Modes



  • Slash Beam: Same as Ultraman's.
  • Ultra Slash: Same as Ultraman's.
  • Axilium Ray: His + style ray used as a finisher.
  • Axilium Shot: His L style ray and most powerful finisher.
  • Mist spray: Mist from his hand when put in a position similar to Jack's Ultra Shot.
  • Axel Blade: A smaller cutting beam than the Ultra Slash that is normally performed while jumping.
  • Telekinesis: He can use telekinesis to push or pull objects as large as monsters.
  • Psychic blast: Using his mental abilities, he can exert a great blast on the opponent.
  • Light Grenade: A small ball of light that can explode with missle strength.
  • Smash Beam: A beam of average strength from his fist.
  • Axel Bomber: An energy bomb that surrounds its target before blowing it up from the inside.
  • Energy Buster: A bomb of pure energy that can defeat enemies in one shot.
  • Energy Stream: His third most powerful finisher where he fires a stream of energy from both his hands pointed forward.
  • Golden Light Burst: A golden beam, it is hiss second most powerful finisher.
  • Barrier: A barrier wall in front of him to block oncoming attacks.
  • Reflect: He can reflect beams and energy missiles back to the enemy.
  • Revival ray: He can send portions of his energy to other Ultras to revive or heal them.


Body Features

  • Alpha Core: A triangle-shaped warning light. It is his equivalent of the colour timer. This allows him to fire beam attacks.
  • Alpha Bracers: Similar to the Armed Nexus, this possesses retractable blades.
    • Alpha Cross Blades: The retractable blades located in the Alpha Bracers, they are virtually indestructible.
  • Elemental Stones:Found on the Alpha Bracers, this allows him to adapt to any environment, it also allows him to control the elements, hence the name.
  • Armour: His armour is resistant to almost anything, since he has the ability to adapt to every environment possible. His armour is capable of absorbing the mana that surrounds him.



  • Alpha Aura: Alpha possesses a golden aura.
    • Alpha Blade: Alpha uses his aura to generate a blade.
  • Alpha Power Punch: A powerful punch.
    • Alpha Aura Punch: Alpha concentrates his aura into his fist, he then punches his enemy.
  • Alpha Power Kick: A powerful kick.
  • Alpha Aura Kick: Alpha concentrates his aura into his leg, he then kicks his enemy.
  • Mana Absorption: By staying in the environment that he adapted in, he can empower himself with the surrounding mana.
  • Alpha Arrows: He fires energy projectiles at the opponent.
  • Alpha Barrier: He generates a wall of energy capable of holding back attacks.
  • Alpha Comfort: By raising his hand in the air, he draws energy from space, which in turn overpowers what is making the Kaiju evil, purifying it.
  • Specium Ray: Alpha can fire the classic beam technique in a "+" sign. It is 2 times more powerful then the original one.
    • Alpha Specium Ray: Alpha can fire a beam technique in a "+" sign. It is 10 times more powerful then the original one.
      • Holy Specium Ray: Alpha can fire a beam technique in a "+" sign. It is 20 times more powerful then the original one.
  • Alpha Guillotine: By charging his Alpha Cross Blades with searing red energy, Alpha can slice through monsters as if it was a sheath of paper, it can be fired as a projectile or used in close-range combat.
  • Elemental Control: With the Elemental Stones, he can control the elements at his will though some will drain him more then the others.
    • Fire: Alpha can unleash a series of burning flames that can rival Fire Golza's fire attacks.
      • Plasma: Alpha can unleash a burning ball of plasma as hot as a lighter to the core of the sun.
    • Water: He can control water at will.
      • Leviathan Canon: Alpha unleashes a stream of pressurized water shaped like the legendary sea serpent Leviathan.
    • Ice: Alpha can control the element of ice at his leisure
    • Earth: He can manipulate the Earth, but it will drain him.
      • Wrath of Gaia: By using his Geokinesis powers, Alpha can unleash a wave of rocks enhanced with his aura making them explode on contact with any other living creature's aura.
    • Air: Alpha can control the winds.
      • Firestorm: By combining the elements of fire and air, Alpha can create a storm of fire.
    • Electricity: He can control electricity at will.
      • Staff of Jupiter: Alpha can summon a golden staff with an eagle located on the top made from his own aura.
        • Roaring Thunder: Using the Staff of Jupiter, Alpha can unleash a serie of deadly thunderbolts.
    • Gravity: Alpha can control gravity, he can even become a replacement for the Sun's gravity, but by controlling this element will exhaust him greatly.
      • Black Hole creation: Alpha can create a black hole, though it is very risky.
      • Gravity Cannon: A beam made of gravity that can destroy monsters by compacting them.
    • Time: Alpha can partially control time, but in doing so it can kill him and his host.
    • Space: Alpha can control space, but in doing so, it can kill him and his host.
      • Dimension-travel: He can dimension-travel even without the Paladin armour.
  • Psychic Powers: Alpha can use psychic powers.
    • Telekinesis: Alpha can lift objects or "push" enemies.
    • Telepathy: Alpha can communicate with any living being in their mind if they are in a one galaxy radius
    • Astral Projection: Alpha soul can separate from his body when he's asleep in order to find out what's happening around him.
    • Scrying: Alpha can see the near-future.
    • Aura-reading: Alpha can see the auras surrounding every living being.
    • Dowsing: Alpha can locate objects or living beings.
    • Healing: Alpha can heal other beings or himself.
  • Transmutation: He can transmutate things.
  • Holy Shoot: Alpha brings his arms on top of him, he then slashes them down quickly, creating an upside-down V. He does a 360 degree turn with in turn finishes the V, turning it into a triangle. He finishes the attack by punching the center, unleashing a deadly white beam.
  • Radiant Shot: By gathering energy around him, Alpha can unleash a deadly blue beam from the Alpha Core.

Phantom Mode


  • Phantom Slash: By pulling his arm downwards, Alpha unleashes a crescent-shaped black projectile that will cut through the enemy.
  • Phantom Blade: Alpha can generate a white blade that can cut through titanium.
  • Phantom Arrow: Alpha can fire arrow-shaped projectiles that can be invisible.
  • Phantom Disappearance: Alpha can "disappear" at will by turning invisible.
  • Phantom Teleportation: By covering himself in dark clouds, Alpha can teleport to anywhere he wants to.
  • Phantom Speed: Alpha can run at high speeds.
  • Phantom Meteorite: Alpha surrounds himself in an orb made of his own aura, it protects him from any attacks, but will gradually weaken, being his aura. He can either use it as a shield or charge at his enemies with it, causing it to explode on contact.
  • Transmutation: He can transmutate things.
  • Phantom Destroyer: By collecting mana in the form of black clouds around him, Alpha can unleash energy.
    • Phantom Destroyer Blaze Mode: A ray fired from his Alpha Core, it is meant to destroy one single target.
    • Phantom Destroyer Pulse Mode: A forcefield-like pulse that is meant to destroy all that is around him.
    • Phantom Destroyer Beam Mode: A ray fired in a "L" position.

Superior Mode


  • Ultrans: By scanning the character card of a normal monster, Alpha can manifest the chosen monster's weapon into either of his hands.
    • Armoured Darkness Trident: Alpha can summon Armoured Darkness' trident.
    • Zamusha Katana: Alpha can use Zamusha's katana.
  • MonsArmour: by scanning the character card of a Cyber Kaiju, Alpha can equip himself with his version of the MonsArmour, covering his chest, his shoulders, his arms and his legs.
    • Cyber Bemstar Armour: The Cyber Bemstar Armour includes- the chest-plate, a shield, wings and claws.
    • Cyber Dark Galberos Armour: The Cyber Dark Galberos Armour includes- the chest-plate, claws and 2 heads(located on his shoulders).
    • Cyber Hyper Zetton Armour: The Cyber Hyper Zetton Armour includes- the chest-plate, Hyper Zetton Scissors and Hyper Zetton Wings.
  • Superior Zenshin Crystals:The crystals that cover Ultraman Ginga's and Victory's body, covers Alpha's body except for his left arm.
    • Ginga Fireball: A series of flaming fireballs.
    • Ginga Thunderbolt: A blast of electricity.
    • Ginga Comfort: A purifying ray.
    • Ginga Saber: A blade made of white energy.
    • Ginga Slash: A beam of purple energy.
    • Ginga Sunshine: A blast of pink energy capable of destroying a monster.
    • Ginga Cross Shot: A white beam made of destructive energy.
    • Victorium Slash: A projectile fired from any of his Zenshin Crystals.
    • Victorium Burn: A flaming beam fired from his right Zenshin Crystal.
  • Mebium-Knight Brace: The version of the Mebium Brace used by Ultraman Mebius Brave Mode. It is located on Alpha's left arm.
    • Mebium Shot: Using the same hand movements, Alpha can fire the Mebium Shot.
    • Mebium-Knight Blade: Alpha can generate a blade made of red energy.
      • Blade Slash: By slashing downwards with his blade, Alpha can fire a half-moon-shaped projectile.
      • Blade Overload: Using the Mebium Knight Blade , Alpha can slice enemy easily from far distance with his size-changing blade.
    • Mebium Burst: Alpha can create a large ball of fire in his hands; first he places his hand over his Mebium Brace and throws his arms in the air. He bring his hands together at his chest, holding the fireball. He then hurl the fireball at his foes.
  • Twin Superior Blades: Alpha can generate two blades with his own energy/mana/aura.
    • Blade Storm: Alpha can rotate at high speeds , this will allow him to slice his enemies into pieces.
  • Dimension-travel: Like his other forms, Alpha can crossover into other universes.
  • Superior Guillotine: An energy blade used to slice monsters in half, it is 10 times stronger then the Alpha Guillotine.
  • Transmutation: He can transmutate things.
  • Specium Ray: Alpha can unleash the classic ultra beam by holding his hands in a "+" sign.
  • Wide Shot: Alpha can fire UltraSeven's finisher beam by holding his hands in a "L" position.
  • Cinerama Shot: A beam fired in a 'L' position. It can destroy monsters in one shot. The attack is said to be 10 times more powerful than Ultraseven's Wide Shot.
  • Metallium Ray: By throwing his arms behind him and putting them in front of him in a "L" position, Alpha can use Ace's signature beam.
  • M87 Ray: Alpha can use Zoffy's signature beam through the same hand movements.
  • Storium Ray: Alpha can unleash a "T" shaped ray.
  • Leo Kick: By jumping in the air, Alpha can destroy his enemy with a flaming kick.
  • Saxion Ray: A "L" shaped beam.
  • Burning Plasma: Alpha pulls his two arms apart in a vertical angle. he then unleashes 2 blue beams
  • Mega Specium Ray: A powerful beam that's 10 times more powerful then the original Specium Ray. It is fired in a "+" sign.
  • Neo Magnium Ray: A golden beam fired in a "+" sign.
  • Zepellion Ray: It is charged using his arms and then fired off as a white, incinerating laser. It is fired in a 'L' position.
  • Delacium Light Stream: Through the same hand movements, Alpha can use Tiga's finisher move from his Power type.
  • Ranbalt Light Bomb: Alpha can unleash a powerful blue energy arrow by spreading his arms upward to gather power, then coming together at his left side, his left hand cupped, and his right hand open over it. Hethen tosses the gathered energy at his foes with his right hand, destroying them.
  • Solgent Ray: A beam fired as an electric blue ray in a '+' sign.
  • Revolium Wave Attack Type: Alpha can use Dyna's signature move in Miracle type though the same hand movements as him.
  • Garnate Bomber: A large burst of energy that will rip a hole through any of Alpha's foes.
  • Photon Stream: After gathering energy, Alpha will go into a crouching position, place his hands in front of his chest. He will then slide one hand vertically up and one hands vertically down. A beam of destructive energy will then be fired.
  • Liquidator: Alpha can fire a ball of energy at his enemies.
  • Cosmo Strike: A beam of energy is unleashed by charging energy in his arms.
  • Dagrium Ray: The signature ray of Ultraman Justice.
  • Over Arrow-Ray Storm: Alpha firstly generates a blade, he then places his hand on his chest which summons a bow. By pulling his left hand back and letting go, he fires an arrow. It destroys his target's particles/atoms.
  • Triple Maximum Canon: By spinning at high speeds, Alpha can unleash three separate Maximum Canon beams.
  • Mebium Dynamite: Alpha can coat himself in burning flames and do a kamikaze, but he will reform.
  • Knight Shot: Alpha can fire Hikari's signature beam.
  • Wide Zero Shot: A golden beam fired in a 'L' position.
  • Garnet Buster: By coating his fist with burning flames, Alpha can unleash a beam made out of flames.
  • Revolium Smash: A pulse of blue energy from Alpha's hand.
  • Ginga Especially: Alpha can use Ginga's most powerful attack.
  • Victorium Especially: Alpha can use Victory's strongest attack.
  • Xanadium Ray: Alpha can fire X's signature beam in a "X" position.
  • Mythical Ray: A finisher beam powered by all the powers of the Nexus. Fired in an "L" position.
  • Ultra Fusion Shoot: A finisher fired in a '+' position, it is powered by all of the Heisei Ultras.
  • Cosmo Miracle Ray: A beam powered by all of the Ultra Brothers.

The different varieties of the Paladin Armour, each with different power levels.

Standard Paladin Armour


  • Dimension-Travel: By cutting with The Sigma Blade downward, Alpha can open a portal to another universe.
  • Time-travel: By cutting with the Sigma Blade downward, Alpha can open a portal to another timeline, it drains him of his powers so much that he cannot summon the Paladin Armor for a day or months or even years, depending on when he is going to. He only uses it when the situation is desperate.
  • Ægis: An indestructible shield made from Olympium, a fictional alloy 10 times stronger then Paladinium.
  • Sigma Blade: A sword made from Olympium. With it, Alpha uses all of his finishers.
    • Paladin Slash Projectile Mode: An energy slash.
    • Paladin Slash Terra Mode: By stabbing the Sigma Blade in the earth, Alpha can unleash a "path" of energy similiar to that of EX Red King's Flame Road.
  • Final Slash: By putting all his fingers on all of the squares of the panel and sliding it across the blade, the Sigma Sword is coated with Specium Energy. He then slices the enemy with the blade.
  • Sacred Arrow: By putting 4 of his fingers up to the 4th square of the panel and sliding it across the blade, Alpha spins the blade in circles in front of him until the energy is focused to the center of the circle. He then thrusts at the ball of energy which unleashes an arrow-shaped projectile at the enemy.
  • Superior Shoot: By putting 3 of his fingers up to the 3rd square of the panel and sliding it across the blade, Alpha gathers all of the energy around him to the blade of the Sigma Sword. He then holds it horizontally and shoots out a destructive yellow beam.
  • Alpha Judgement: By putting 2 of his fingers up to the 2nd square of the panel and sliding it across the blade, Alpha is surrounded by a blue energy that will unleash by random, blue thunderbolts that will disintegrate everything it touches. Alpha cannot control this technique.
  • Holy Phoenix: By putting 1 of his fingers on the 1st square of the panel and sliding it across the blade, Alpha is surrounded by blue energy shaped like a phoenix. He will then unleash the blue phoenix at the enemy. At the minimum, he can destroy a planet, at the maximum, he can destroy 5 galaxies or even more. Alpha cannot control this technique.

Banshee Paladin Armour


  • Dimension Travel: He can dimension travel.
  • Spirit Sigma Blade: A black and gold variant of the Sigma Blade.
  • Screaming Sonic Punch: A punch that creates a sonic boom.
  • Screaming Sonic Kick: A kick that creates a sonic boom.
  • Death Cry: An energy projectile generated by thrusting.

Neo Mebius

Base Mode


  • Mebium Shoot: A stronger form of the Mebium Shot, It is now almost quadruple times stronger than the Mebium Shot.
  • Mebium Shot: Mebius' original Signature attack, Mebius still uses this quite often and able to destroy monsters in one hit. This attack barely takes any toll on Mebius anymore because of his massive energy reserves.
  • Mebium Slash: A chargeable Arrow-shaped attack. It can charge up to the strength of the average Specium Ray. This is still able to be used in human form although with 1/4 of the true effect. It is able to stun the enemy by temporary paralysis if it's a direct hit. This can be fired in rapid succession but is 3/5 of the original force.
    • Mebium Dart: An attack originally used on Lesser Bogal, it carries electrical properties. It is normally fired in triples, but has been shown to shoot up to tens and even twenties.
  • Timer Blast: The strongest beam attack mebius has in base mode, he fires a Golden Ray from his color timer, with the force able to harm even Gatanoza and Greeza. This will tire Mebius very quickly, shown when he can only fire up to 45 seconds of sustained fire to keep Greeza at bay. This was based on old myths about Ultraman Tiga's Glitter Timer Blast attack.
  • Storium Cannon: Before the events of the Series, Mebius continued his studies under Taro. He had been attempting to learn the Storium Ray from him, although being unable to replicate it. After gaining the power of Neo, Mebius is able to execute a newer version of the Storium Ray, done in the same manner. It is stronger than the original Storium Ray. The beam has more gold in it than the original Storium Ray.
  • Mebium Defense Arc: When needed Mebius can create a barrier of four interlocked Mebius Strip (infinity loops) to defend himself from attacks and even reflect them. This is of course upgraded as well to be able to withstand extemely high damages, the likes of the Oscillation Ray of Gomora and the Zetton Fireball Spam being unable to severely damage the shield.
    • Mebium Defense Dome: A dome version of the Defense arc, it is extremely powerful. Even the likes of the Zero Twin Shoot can't even leave a scratch on it. It is even able to temporarily defend against the Greeza Dark Lightning and Temporarily, the dark version of the Final Ultimate Zero.
    • Dual Defense Arc: a doubled version of the normal Mebium Defense Arc, Mebius makes two of the Mebium Defense arcs on either side and overlaps them infront of him to double the Defense. The likes of the Zero Wide Shot and Knight Shot does not have the required firepower to pierce the shield. Used as one of Mebius' ace defences and only used when serious the majority of the time.
  • Infinite Dimension: Mebius is able to open a portal to a pocket-dimension like a shield, sucking in and nullifying energy attacks. Mebius is able to use one hand to do this. Only used when Mebius is at maximum power.
  • Mebium Reflect: if an Energy-Based attack hits Mebius' Colour timer, Mebius can suck it in and fire it back as a Mebium-Burst like attack. The side effect is Mebius' stamina is able to be drained quickly after prolonged use or used against a extremely strong attack.
  • Mebium Plasma Buster: One of Mebius' few plasma-based attacks, Mebius can charge up an attack similar to the Mebium Slash. The bolt can reach up to the maximum temperature plasma can get to and then some, able to melt through entire asteroids.
  • Mebium Lightning Counter: Mebius places his right hand over the Mebium Brace, spinning the crystal, it is charged with energy and he releases a powerful beam of lightning in an infinity pattern via a punch. It is strong enough to destroy The average Kaiju in one blow, but is weaker than the Mebium Shot and designed for Knock-Back.
    • Mebium Lightning Counter Zero: The point blank version of the technique, instead of firing a beam Mebius punches the opponent and releasing the energy, which would most likely disintegrate the enemy or extremely knock back the target.
    • Solar Mebium Lightning Counter Zero: a modified version of the standard Counter Zero, it is more dangerous. Although not disintegrating, it can send a 800,000 Ton monster into space from sea-level in under a minute. Temperatures can reach up to 500 thousand degrees. It utilizes solar power and is best done during the Day, as such Mebius does not need to charge up this attack like the original. Done like the Noa Inferno, and is derived from the Noa Inferno.
  • Mebium Pinger: Mebius, using the Mebium Brace, can emit a wave made up of large, yellow energy rings from his right palm. These can dispel illusions of any kind or undo disguises.
  • Mebium Charge: Mebius charges energy with his Mebium brace on his fist, spins and high speeds creating rings of energy able to revive other Ultras or dead beings. Although if the user is dead by disintegration or any other form of total-destruction, this is not able to revive them but only able to jump-start their hearts or core then healing damaged tissue.
    • Mebium Seal Charge: The type Mebius did in the Ultra Brother 8 movie, this variant destroys surrounding seals or can be focused into a singular beam if the seal is extremely powerful.
  • Wide Shot: While training under Taro, Mebius attempted to replicate other a Ultra Brother techniques as well. Mebius is able to recreate the Wide Shot perfectly, as such Mebius' Wide Shot is nearly identical to Sevens. It is more gold in colour but otherwise the same.
    • Charged Wide Shot: Due to Mebius' lack of a Solar Panel Protector, Mebius can compensate for it by absorbing the surrounding area's heat, then transmitting it through his hands and into the Wide Shot. Mebius takes advantage of this trait whilst fighting his dark copy by absorbing the heat from an entire volcano, making his beam several hundred times more powerful and with the force able to atomize an entire city.
    • Wide Zero Shot: A Copy of Ultraman Zero's ray. Not nearly used as often as the other "copy" rays. Just as powerful as Ultraman Zeros version.
  • Saxium Ray: Mebius can replicate the Saxium ray from Ultraman 80, Being exactly equal in power and more yellow in colour.
  • Metallium Ray: Mebius can replicate Metallium Ray from Ultraman Ace, It is exactly equal in power and was the first beam attack he learned and replicated.
  • Cinerama Shot: Mebius can replicate the Cinerama shot from Ultraman Jack. Unlike the other techniques, Mebius accidentally learns this from messing with his Inner Ultra, giving Mebius the idea to replicate the Ultra Brother's techniques.
  • Mebius Flash: Mebius can replicate Leo Flash, slightly weaker than the real version.
  • M87 Ray: An attack that Mebius actually asked for Zoffy to teach him, it is one of Mebius' most difficult techniques to use right next to the Storium Cannon. It is just as powerful, but can drain Mebius' Energy quickly due to it being one of the strongest beams Mebius has. As such it is one of the most powerful beams in the universe.
  • Mebium Blessing: Mebius can store extra energy that far surpasses any normal Ultra before a fight or slowly generate more in human form. He can then charge other ultras back to a stable energy level. He can do this roughly 20 times on average before he himself will turn red.
  • Mebium Punch: By charging energy from the Mebium Brace into his fist, and punch to deliver a powerful flaming punch, it is able to leave the enemy lying in a crater.
  • Mebium Drill Kick: A friction-based attack that surrounds Mebius in a giant drill-flame. It is able to penetrate Mebius's own Mebium Defense Arc, and rip apart kaiju. It is strong enough to drill through Mt. Everest in mere seconds.
  • Martial Arts/Combat Prowess: As a member of the Ultra Brothers, Mebius is a experienced warrior in combat. However, due to dedicating himself to his Ultra duties so much that even Zoffy would tell Mebius to cool down, Mebius has learned and developed several hundred arts, including human ones. Ranging from Aikido to MMA, Zero was so impressed by Mebius' prowess he states he knows hundreds if not thousands of mastered forms, and many more not mastered. Unrestrained, with the boost he got from his series, he is able to fight so quickly that his fists could be a mere blur to normal Ultras, although the force of these strikes are lethal.
  • Hyper Mode: By using a variant of Ultra Valour, Mebius' speed increases dramatically, movement speed almost quadruples in speed, but Mebius is unable to do energy attacks unless he leaves this mode. (Flying speed is left untouched).
  • Lightning Thrasher: Mebius uses the same actions he uses to charge the Mebius Shot, but instead of bringing his hands together he uses the energy coating his hands to increase the destructive power of his chops. Repeated chops are able to severely damage the Zetton shutter and break it.
  • Mebium Power Lift: Mebius can use the power lift technique to lift an opponent otherwise exceeding his lifting capacity and slam them into the ground.
  • Ultra Punch: Mebius can coat his fist with Ultra Energy, increasing punching damage. Not as powerful as Mebium Punch.
  • Ultra Kick: Mebius can coat his kick in a Leo-kick like fashion. It is slightly weaker than the Leo Kick, but can still pierce a Kaiju's hide to rip off limbs.
  • Drill Ray: A physical technique replicated from Ultraman Ace, It is just as powerful as Ace's version. Uses yellow energy instead of blue.
  • Mebium Blade: Mebius' original weapon made from the Mebium Brace, it is a highly durable and sharp Golden blade, able to slice through asteroids and average monsters with ease. It is shown to also be able to cut through seals, breaking them. This is a very efficient blade, as when even broken, Mebius can always reform the blade.
    • Charged Mebium Blade: Mebius can put in extra energy into the Mebium blade giving it even more of a yellow tint. This increases sharpness and durability, to the point that even a Power-Type Ultra and Martial Arts Ultras like Leo, Zero and even the attack of his own Imitation Mebium Lightning Counter Zero are unable to leave a scratch on it.
  • Mebius Exceed Strike: By charging even more energy than the Charged Mebium Blade, Mebius can cover himself in a yellow aura and strike the enemy. Done like the other Exceed Slashes. Able to severely injure EX Kaiju.
  • Teleportation: Mebius is able to teleport in a same manner to the original Ultraman, able to even teleport across galaxies in mere seconds. This does not drain nearly as much energy as it did originally with mebius' Power-up.
  • Mebium Dynamite: Mebius is able to do a banned attack made by Ultraman Taro, able to exceed the super bomb, Heart of Stars, which is roughly 500 Tsar bombs. Mebius will then reform himself from the particles in the area. This does not drain as much as before but still takes out a substantial amount.
  • Hyper Speed: Mebius is temporarily able to exceed his limit and dash at light speeds, similar to the way of Cosmos. One of Mebius' not mastered skills.
  • Twinkle Way: Mebius can create stable wormhole to return to the Land of Light or any destination he wishes quickly. Quicker than teleporting and more efficient, able to go basically anywhere as long as Mebius knows where it is.
  • Digitize: In order to enter a computer-created world, Mebius can turn himself into energy and enter a computer system.
  • Transformation: Mebius is able to fuse and transform like any normal Ultra.
  • Phantom Aviation: Whilst being unable to fight on par with the faster monsters, Mebius remembers his time with the GUYS Crew and their battles, then copies the METEOR of the Gun Winger. Mebius' flying speed and turn speed increases dramatically. Mebius can do this indefinitely.
  • Mebius Slugger: Mebius is able to generate a Specium-Made Eye Slugger that is a replica of Ultra Seven. It is homing and able to duplicate itself up to 100 duplicates at a time. These sluggers are slightly weaker than the real versions.
  • Hope Factor: The result of an Ultra further evolving and mutating, Mebius is the first to gain this factor. The more hope or trust a creature gives Mebius, the more powerful he gets. Actually first shown during the original show, during Mebius and Taro vs Imperializer. There is no set limit on this factor.
  • Duplication: Mebius is able to temporarily make clones of himself, up to 10. These are just as strong as the original and have nigh perfect teamwork.
    • Split: An alternative to Duplication, this splits Mebius directly in half. Meaning all his stats are cut in two (Particularly energy output). If a universes light does not give energy to one of the two, one of the halves can be created by pure Baraghi energy. This technique combined with the Baraghi's ability to sync with a host, created a female Mebius, Ultrawoman Mebius.
  • Mebius Aura: By overcharging himself with Specium Energy, he can surround himself with this energy as a defense. Normal Ultras normally wouldn't have enough, but Mebius has more than sufficient. This multiplies his normal statistics by multiple times, anywhere from 5-50x. The one time he used this, he maxed himself out to 50x as he was unable to go into burning brave, easily dominating an army of Imperialers. After using at maximum potential, Mebius' body will go into an extremely damaged condition due to changing from a high level to a lower level.

The Brave series of forms increases Mebius' ability to tap into his latent energy.

Brave Form


  • Mebium.K Shoot: Done in the same manner to the original Mebium Shoot, This has blue electricity coursing through the beam along with a few blue energies along with the normal Mebium Shoot energy shot out although not nearly as strong as with Phoenix Brave. Stronger than the Mebium Shoot and the Strongest Shot.
  • Knight Defense Arc: an upgraded version of the Mebium Defense Arc, it is able to survive an over-charged Hyper Zetton fireball, although with damage.
  • Blade Slash: While using the Mebium Knight Blade, Mebius is able to create a larger and stronger version of the mebium slash done by the hand. Able to slice right through an imperializer with little difficulty (Even though it regenerated).
  • Mebium Knight Spark: A passive attack, Mebius slashes a 8 into the air leaving a trail of a blue-ish yellow energy and shooting it at the enemy, passifying the enemy or stunning sentient beings.
  • Blade beam: Utilizing the blade's hidden potential, Mebius can shoot a powerful beam of shocking energy, surpassing the Mebium.K Shoot in power, easily able to destroy strong Kaiju. The blade is so strong that when fired in a specific way, can open a rift in space-time about the size of 3 trucks, allowing smaller creatures to traverse to other universes.
  • Mebium Knight Blade: A more yellow-tinted blade, It is Mebius' blade combined with Hikari. It is almost triple the strength of Mebius' blade, also being impossible to break. Although because of its insanely increased strength, Mebius has a hard time controlling its power. Mebius is able to emit the excess potential of the blade to shoot a golden energy wave able to slice entire mountains in half.
  • Variable Blade Size: Mebius can manipulate the size of the blade indefinitely, although the more it gets longer the heavier it gets. Easier to use in space with the larger sizes.
  • Blade Overload: The blade starts to have electrifying arcs surrounding it, further increasing cutting power. It can slice a small planet in half while extended to said size It is most effective using Variable Blade size, although can be used without it. When clashing with something of equal power, fire and electric arcs are released onto the area, which causes collateral damage.
  • Knight Exceed Slash: By charging an extreme Excess energy into the blade, Mebius can cover himself in a red/blue aura like the Exceed X Slash. Able to severely injure Greeza. Only used twice in the actual series. Superior to the Silver Exceed Slash.

Burning Brave


  • Mebium Brave Shoot: A empowered version of the Mebium Shoot, It is 10x stronger than the Mebium Shoot. The beam's colour is red in colour now.
  • Mebium Burst: One of Mebius' Most powerful attacks, it is used in the same way as the original style. Although now Mebius can charge the attack to a for 50 seconds to launch a Mebium Burst that can scorch and disintegrate the average planet (Never shown in full-power since planet-destroying isn't his goal). Mebius is still able to use this attack at it's original power.
    • Exceed Burst: A full-body version of the Mebium Burst, instead of just charging the chest area, Mebius' entire body is used to charge the attack. All of the gold parts (V-Fins, Fire symbol, etc.) will glow brightly, his body resembling Mebium Dynamite, and when fired, will shoot a beam version if the Mebium Burst, a giant wave of heat. 5x more powerful than the Mebium Burst. Requires a lot of mental energy to condense and focus the energy to just the beam. Used to halt Vaccumon, and later destroy Vaccumon from the outside.
  • Brave Slash: Mebius can shoot an empowered version of the Mebium Slash, It is able to shatter the Zetton Shutter and cleave a small moon in half. These also home-in on targets now.
  • Burning Defense Arc: An upgraded version of the Mebium Defense Arc, the colour of the arcs are tinted to a golden-flame colour. It is able to survive Supernova and then some.
  • Cosmo Miracle Ray: A very powerful finisher attack. It is a replication of Ultraman Taro's Cosmo Miracle Beam. It is very close to being 100x the power of the Space Ranger Specium Ray.

Physical Qualities/Techniques

  • Empowered Body: Mebius is now able to walk inside the Valley of Flames easily with absolutely no ill-effects. Mebius now also has high-resistance to Electricity and Cold, as well as increased resistance to manipulative-energies as well as mental capabilities.
  • Mebium Drill kick: The same Drill Kick, Mebius can repeat the process and do this move again. Although now, the Strength is double the normal force.
  • Increased V-Fins: Mebius' body is now plentiful in V-Fins. His energy manipulation is at its normal peak.
  • Burning Blade: The Mebium Blade at its strongest form, it has a more red tint than normal and also twice as strong as the Mebium.K Blade along with an optional flame effect. The blade is nicknamed the Blade of the Phoenix as well.
  • Burning Mebium Dynamite: A even stronger version of the Mebium Dynamite, the force alone is able to completely obliterate two Earths. Mebius regularly avoids this attack as it is originally banned anyways, He is hesitant if he can keep the force weak enough at the original Ultra Dynamite level.

Junis Red


  • Mebium Storm: Mebius is able to do Junis' classic finisher attack. It is stronger than the Mebium Shoot. Mebius still perfers Mebium Shot/Shoot.
  • Junis Shoot: The Mebium Shoot empowered by the power of Baraghi, it is stronger than the Mebium Shoot and Storium Cannon.
  • Junis Defender: Mebius can erect a shield that is a cross of Nexus' shield and his defense arc, it is sturdier than Nexus' version, it is well able to survive his own Mebium Storm despite the molecular breaking ability.
  • Junis Armour: Mebius gains the Junis chest plate, pauldrons (shoulder armour), and extra markings across his body that originally belonged to Nexus. They're unable to show scratches.
    • Junis Chestplate: an Armour over Mebius' color timer, it is where the V and the new color timer is stationed at. There is a gold V from the side of Mebius and under the power timer.
    • Nexus Bracers: Mebius gets Nexus' bracers, they're never actually used for the most part with the exception of using then as blades.
  • Junis Punch: an enhanced Mebium Punch, it has the potential to send a creature flying.
  • Baraghi's True Power: temporarily tapping into the will of Varaghi gives Mebius nigh unlimited power. Mebius' arms glows with violent fiery energy, and his entire body glows a red aura. This drains Mebius at a steady pace. Demonstrated to lift 80 Trillion tons, This is assumed to be the Aegis' true strength in a weakened state.
  • Junis Inferno: Junis Mebius can form a fireball that can melt Absolute Zero temperatures and hurl it at an enemy. This drains most of his energy and can cause his power timer/Color timer on his chest plate to go red or revert to his normal form.
  • Meta-Field: Like Nexus, Mebius can generate a Meta-Field that empowers light Ultras. Unlike Nexus, Mebius is shown to be able to enter a power struggle with Dark Ultras that convert the normal Meta Field to a dark field.

Junis Blue


  • Mebium Arrow Storm: Mebius is able to do the Junis Blue signature attack, It has a higher chance of ripping a monster in half than before. It drains Mebius' energy quickly, about 10 times before his timer goes red. Main Finisher.
  • Junis Blue Stream: Mebius is able to do a more advanced version of the basic Specium Ray. It is the secondary finisher when he is unable to do Mebium Arrow Storm.
  • Junis Edge: Mebius can shoot a blue version of his Mebium Slash, it is stronger than the Mebium Slash and can damage a Zetton Shutter with severe cracks, while two will break it.
  • Junis Blue: Due to the nature of Junis Blue, Mebius is faster than before in exchange for being weaker than Junis. He also gets the protectors that comes with the original Junis.
  • Junis Blur: Junis blue is able to create illusions in Junis Blue mode. The illusions are of Mebius' desires. Despite other illusions being resisted by strong-willed beings, Even the strongest beings will be put under illusions. Although they can be easily dispelled from stronger enemies.
  • New Style: Mebius in this form prefers a style of fighting similar to Ultraman Cosmos' way of fighting (Luna), Focusing on quick strikes.
  • Speed: An Extremely notable part of Junis Blue's characteristics, Junis Blue Mebius is one of the fastest Ultras in recorded Land of Light. Shown to be able to dodge several hundred Ultra beams at once, and eventually outspeed and win against LunaMiracle Zero in a 1 vs 1.
  • Baraghi's True Power: Emphasizing Baraghi's speed, Junis Mebius is able to temporarily go at the speed of light with ease. His entire body glows blue. Was temporarily able to easily overpower Hyper Zetton with sheer speed.
  • Zero Junis: Junis Mebius is able to generate 50 Star's worth of electricity into one incinerating beam. Done like Mebium Counter.
  • Junis-Aviation: Mebius is able to enhance the Phantom-Aviation into the Junis Aviation. The Afterimages and trails are now teal in color rather than the gold. Mebius is able to temporarily travel at near speed of light speeds during the Junis-Aviation at the cost that he has a 1 minute time limit of usage before his timer goes red unlike his original.
  • Junis Weapon: Mebius is able to generate a bright blue trident (Like Ginga), it is extremely durable and is Mebius' weapon of choice as Mebius cannot use his Mebium Blade in Junis Blue.
  • Single Stream Lancer: Mebius is able to temporarily go at the speed of light in a infinite pattern, repeatedly smashing high speeds particles into the opponent unfortunate enough to have Mebius do this technique on them. Able to destroy a monster in mere seconds.



  • Leg Kick: An extremely powerful flying kick and Leg's favorite attack.
  • Leg Shoot Kick: An improved version of the Leg Kick Leg develops after undergoing Ultraman Eeznus' rigorous training. It combines kicking with shooting a beam from his foot at the same time.
  • Hot Leg: A flaming kick attack similar to Ultraman Zero's Ultra Zero Kick.
  • Hot Hot Leg: An improved version of Hot Leg developed after Eeznus' training. The flames are much hotter, capable of melting even Rolltonder's heavy armour.
  • Leg Laser: Leg's main beam attack. It's basically an extra-powerful Specium Ray fired using the legs.
  • Extreme Leg Laser: A powered up version of the Leg Laser developed after undergoing Eeznus' training.
  • Hot Leg Bofight: Leg's version of Eeznus' Blazing Bofight technique. A combo of thousands of simultaneous Hot Leg strikes, it's been developed to defeat Brotein's IleLeumina Buster, however, it's still slower and less powerful than it.



  • X-Beam: Ultraman Xeo's ultimate finisher move. It makes that of a huge "X" symbol that can dice through Kaiju.
  • Energy Ball: A special ball of raw energy he can summon at will with his hands and blast a gust of wind like ball.


Body Features

  • Gamma Crystal: A blue crystal on Ultraman Gamma's forehead, absorbs light and is used for attacks, similar to a Beam Lamp. He also uses this to mode change, touching it with both hands. It then emits a flash of light, changing Gamma's mode.
  • Protectors: Reinforced armour on the arms provide more protection.

Standard Techniques

  • Gamma Needle: Tiny needles fired from Ultraman Gamma's fingers. These are very weak but can be fired in rapid succesion.
  • Energy Barrier: Ultraman Gamma can create an energy shield, but it is different in each form.
  • Ultra Growth: Gamma can change his size at will with his maximum height being from 53 meters.
  • Teleporation : Ultraman Gamma can teleport.
  • Type Change: Ultraman Gamma can change between any of his three forms.

Omni Mode


  • Gamma Stream: Ultraman Gamma's signature move, he absorbs energy ito his right hand before punching to send an blue beam from his hand. Finisher.
  • Gamma Slash: Ultraman Gamma can fire a blue version of Ultraman Ginga's Ginga Slash from his Gamma Crystal.
  • Rapid Cutter: A crescent-shaped energy blades from both hands, flies very fast. Used to damage Space Baltan's claws.
  • Light Shuriken: A small shuriken made of light fired from Ultraman Gamma's hand(s). Good for suprise attacks.
  • Specium Ray: Ultraman Gamma can use the Specium Ray.
  • Ultra Sky Whip: Ultraman Gamma leaps into the air and flips, striking the enemy with his hands and feet.
  • Gamma Shield: Ultraman Gamma can create an blue shield to block attacks.
  • Gamma Acceleration: Ultraman Gamma can run at extremely high speeds, but only for a short time. Similar to Ginga Acceleration.
  • Gamma Breaker: Ultraman Gamma can coat his fist in energy and punch an enemy's energy shield or force field, breaking it.
  • Light Flash: A bright flash of light from Ultraman Gamma's Color Timer. Used to blind enemies.
  • Purifying Ray: A purifying beam fired from Ultraman Gamma's palm. Used on Sangohebi Oni to turn him back into a statue. 
  • Flash Split: Splits Ultraman Gamma into as many copies as he needs. Each of these copies can function seperatly and use the Specium Ray.

Speed Mode


  • Light Shock: Ultraman Gamma can fire a blue lightning bolt made of light from his fist. Finisher.
  • Flash Shot: Ultraman Gamma can fire blue blasts of energy from his palms.
  • Improvised Specium Ray: Ultraman Gamma can fire a blue, weaker version of the specium ray.
  • Extreme Speed: Ultraman Gamma can run, fly and fight faster than his other modes, but is physically weakened.
    • Machine Gun Punch: Ultraman Gamma can punch the enemy 10 times in 2 seconds.
    • Machine Gun Kick: Ultraman Gamma leaps into the air and hovers, all while landing multiple kicks to the enemy.
    • Flash Buzzsaw: Ultraman Gamma does multiple lightning-fast flips turning himself into a living buzzsaw.
    • Gamma Dash: Ultraman Gamma can coat himself in energy and run through the enemy, creating a flash of light and destroying them. Similar to the Ultra Dynamite, finisher. 
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Ultraman Gamma can leap very high.Furasshuburēdo
  • Healing: Ultraman Gamma can heal cuts with a wave of his hand.
    • Heal Wave: Ultraman Gamma can create a blue wave of energy from his hands used to heal multiple beings.
  • Gamma Flash Shield: Ultraman Gamma can almost instantly create an energy shield to block attacks, but this is not as strong as his other shields.
  • Flash Freezer: Ultraman Gamma can release a blast of blue mist the can freeze opponenets.


Body Features

  • Ultra Armour: His armour is very strong, able to take atomic heat rays, and space age weapon with impunity. Corona is famous for not only his strength but also endurance. His skin's state is very possibly the result of harsh training and long fights.
  • Corona Crest: His glowing crest, it gathers light energy from around him to replenish his strength. Legend says he draws strength directly from the last star he visited, but that is unproven.
  • Life Gauge
  • Eyes: Corona can see through matter, across space, in the dark and pick up on invisible enemies.



  • Critical Ray Ejection: He brings his arms and elbows together, charging energy, then fires a powerful beam. The technique places great strain on him.
  • Corona Slash: His color timer generates a field of energy which he gathers in his crest and fires a beam from his head.
  • Corona Whipper: With one arm, Corona throws his opponent, such that they seem to soar through the air.
  • Bone Breaker: A hammer fist strike meant to break the opponent's bone(s).
  • Corona Punch: A punch, sometimes charged, upon impact, it sends shock waves through the target.
  • Corona Kick: Corona's kick can send monsters flying backwards



  • Cutter Swing: Corona swings his spear hand, releasing a blue arc of energy.
  • Halo Slash: Corona can a halo slash to cut through the enemy
  • Arm Cutter: Corona uses his entire forearm and hand, as a blade.
  • Regeneration: Corona can recover much faster than in his normal form
  • Flash Kick: Corona jumps and moves as a flash of light to land a high speed flying kick.
  • Esp: His mental abilities are greater here, than his other forms.
  • Icing Shower: A shower of light from his hands which puts out fire and reduces heat.
  • Prison Ring: Corona sends out circles of energy that serve as restraints, they can combine to increase their strength.
  • Bubble Ray: A beam which traps the target in a sphere of energy.
  • Ultra Hyperspace: Corona's ability to create pocket dimension, and travel to different dimensions.


Body Features

  • Zenshin Crystal : The crystals on Reuz's head fins to his forehead, forearms, chest and shins. They are the means by which several of his finishers are accessed. These crystals change colour when Reuz uses one of his finishers.

Standard Techniques

  • Hand Slash : Can fire a arrow shape slash while sliding his right hand to his left crystal on his left arm.
  • Joker Punch : A Ultra punch stronger than normal one. When Reuz fist fill with Orange light. This is also called "Trump Card Ability".
  • Fang Kick : Reuz jump high and performe a basic Ultra kick. When his feet turn into White Light.
  • Zantetsuken : His hand turn into purple light, like a knife, he can perform a intense and powerful punch.
  • Form Change : Reuz can change his form either to Limit Form or Cosmic Form.
  • Spinning Slash : Reuz aerial battle when he spin his twin saber for spinning slash.
  • Horizantal Slash : Reuz can perform a horizontal formation attack in the mid air.
  • Cross Swing Blade : On the ground, he charge up his saber and accelerate to perform a cross attack.
  • Explosive Finish : Reuz upon his final combo, Reuz gained his energy and leap to mid air before hit the ground with his twin saber causing an explosive burst to destroy an enemy.

Reuz Blue Crystal : This is his current mode or normal mode he use.

  • Reuz Cross Shot : Reuz can fire a powerful rainbow-coloured ray. But it's an "L" shaped style. This attack is similar to Ultraman Ginga Cross Shot. Can vaporize an oppenent in one hit when using it in Normal Mode.
  • Reuz Salvation :  Allows Reuz to perform a powerful spinning attack and hit enemies with lots of columns of light at once. This is one of his finishing move but he must be near the enemy and hold it before performing the finisher.

Reuz Yellow Thunder : This is change when Reuz use his special attack Reuz Thunderbolt. When use it all of his crystal when to yellow with light bolt.

  • Reuz Thunderbolt : Reuz rise his left arm to the air, shooting bolts of electricity and creating a swirl of storm clouds. He use this to form a disk, Reuz then throws the collected bolts as a vortex with his right arm hand. This attack is similar to Ultraman Ginga Thunderbolt. When using it, his crystal change into a Yellow colour.

Reuz Red Flame: Due to the fire attribute when he use the Overdrive. When using it, his crystal will change to red colour with flame around. Overdrive consist a large amount of flame, so it cover the crystal. This is also the four colour that was use by Reuz to Dupe himself with his new techniques called "Colour Dupe" which he can duplicate himself into many clones of himself according to his Colour techniques amount. 

  • Overdrive : Reuz dynamic flame. He gathered fire energy to his hand forcing it to the right elbow and blast. It is quite Strong since it is fire attribute. This attack is similar to Ultraman Tiga Power type, Delacium Light Stream. When Reuz crystal turn Red with flame.

Reuz Violet Slash : Violet is his new colour form of his crystal. When Reuz use his Omni Slash, his crystal change into violet and a gravity force cover his body.

  • Omni Slash : Reuz only attack that performed with his head. His can fire a light blade from his crystal. An explosive attack and Powerful. This attack is similar to Ultraman Gaia Photon Edge. When Reuz crystal change into violet colour.

Reuz Indigo Aqua :When using his Reuz Saber, his crystal suppose to change into light blue but it's shine Aqua. This colour is similar to Ultraman Ginga Saber.

  • Reuz Saber : Reuz can created or perform a energy blade from his right arm. He can then strike it into the ground to generate a shockwave that destroys the enemy with a burst of magma. It was first used against Hyper Kyrieloid. This attack is similar to Ultraman Agul light blade. When use it, his crystal change into Indigo colour.

Reuz Green Calm : The only attack that not destroy monster but making dizzy, calm and reverse them back to their original form. When use Luna Zone, his Crystal will change into green cyclone colour.

  • Luna Light : He charge a light particles form his hand and comfort the enemy purified to their original life back such as into Keychain Dolls nature. This attack is similar to Ultraman Cosmos Full Moon Rect. While in his crystal in green colour. 

Reuz Orange Courage : Orange colour is the new power from Reuz, although he didn't know he had them. When changing into this Colour on his crystal of light, Reuz become braver to fight the Darkness inside the Enemy, even For Haruto didn't scared of Darkness. His strongest attack will be Reuz Crescent. When use it, his crystal change into Orange with light surrounding his crystal on his arm, Chest and Head.

  • Reuz Crescent : An attack power creating from light. Reuz can create a half blade light which look a bit like crescent moon to destroy an enemy. This attack is similar to Ultraman Cosmos Eclipse Mode, Eclipse Blade. When Reuz crystal change orange colour.

Reuz Pink Sunshine : The only colour that he will be gentle or purified the others, but the attack will destroy the monster. The colour exist because of Haruto successful comfort Marina and they both in Reuz activating the second last colour. When reuz using this colour, he can fire a yellow ray toward the opponent. When use it, his crystal will change into Pink colour.

  • Reuz Sunshine : Reuz can fire a powerful energy beam from his fists. It was first used against Megaflash. This attack is similar to Ultraman Ginga's Ginga Sunshine. When used Reuz's crystals shine pink.

Reuz Green Hurricane : This is the brighter green, different from the Luna Light. The hurricane is a type of wind technique or cyclone, use by Reuz in the Episode 8. The colour exist due to Haruto fights Gazort to save Marina once more. When using this colour, he can control wind and air while performing a cyclone surrounding him while he in the air, he trust the wind into a Hurricane to make it like Cross Shot. When use it, his crystal will change into Light Green Colour. 

  • Reuz Cyclone : Reuz can perform a hurricane style or cyclone covered him and hover around the battlefield, when he on the air, he spin his right hand and attack the opponent using a Hurricane which is likely a ray attack, the hurricane wind charge like a cross shot.

Reuz Brown Land : It's an upgraded form use by Haruto in episode 9. When he had trouble fighting Marina's father, Hibiki who was possess by the Dark Dummy Spark and transform him into Ultraman Dark or Ultraman Ace Dark, Marina tried to defend him. Haruto transform into Reuz again and battle until he unleashed the new type of colour, Brown. The colour exist due to Haruto desire to bring back Marina childhood past, even she has no more hope left before she died in episode 12. When use it, his crystal of light change into Brown Colour. 

  • Reuz Land Crusher : Reuz can perform a land style technique where he use a telekinesis power to lift off tons of volcano rocks and trust them to the opponent and destroy them.

Reuz Water Blue : It's the last colour before Pink Sunshine or Especially Extreme colour were used by Haruto. The colour exist due to Haruto tears to bring back Taro from froozen, the colour is first appeared in episode 10 when fighting Daiguren. This is the weakest colour or simply can defeat one of the oppenent in one attack. When use it, his crystal of light shines dark blue, or brighter blue. 

  • Dragon Mystic : Reuz can perform a water style to make it like a liquid saber, he jump to the air while spinning and slice down the oppenent and frooze the oppenent inside and explode.

Reuz Rainbow Ultimate : Reuz's last and strongest special moves. It was first used in the final battle against Darker Being. When used Reuz's crystals shine rainbow, specifically the colors of his previous special moves. The Raibow Orb comes after Marina disappeared, this might be because the Raibow combine her emotion and memories to form the last colour for Ultraman Reuz.

  • Reuz Espacially : Reuz last and strongest attack, he charge the rainbow galaxy into a pure light cross ray, he fire using all of his crystal of light on his body. Use to destroy Dark Ketaros.

Normal Mode

His current mode. His Crystal Of Light is colored in Blue light in this mode. He is Red, and has sliver strips on his body. Given that he is the successor of Ultraman Ginga, he is similar to him. Reuz can change the color of his crystal to any color representing a different ability. When fighting a strong opponent like Ultraman Dark, he will eventually active a deep blue aura covering his body somehow.


  • Reuz Cross Shot : Reuz can fire a powerful rainbow-coloured ray. But it's an "L" shaped style. This attack is similar to Ultraman Ginga Cross Shot. Can vaporized an oppenent in one hit. When using it in Normal Mode. 
  • Cyclone Slash : Reuz fire a wind type hand slash form his right hand. When he charging both of his hand to form a twin attack, first use on Ultraman Dark. It more powerful than his Hand Slash. While in his Normal mode.

Physical Techniques

  • Reuz Elbow : Reuz can hit an enemy with his elbow with a greath force.
  • Reuz Lifting : Reuz can lift an oppenent and throw them.
  • Reuz Hyper Kick : Reuz can perform a very fast and powerful kick.
  • Reuz Multi Kick: It can be High kick, roundhouse kick, straight kick or even a speed kick. Often use on the side of Enemy.
  • Reuz Impact : A punch from a charged fist, often on the land.
  • Ultra Head Butt : A basic head butt but Reuz use it with a greter force. Making it more Powerful.
  • Kick Strike : Allow Reuz to performe a Ultra Kick of his current style. It much stronger then normal one. 
  • Telekenisis : Reuz can grasp an oppenent and trow them instead (Gravity). Gained this power form Dyna.
  • Headlock : Reuz prosses a powerful headlock. With his strength it is nearly impossible to get out.
  • Reuz Hyper Punch : Reuz can deliver an intense and powerful punch.
  • Ultra Jumping Knee Drop : A flying knee strike.
  • Ultra Whipper : A skill to throw the oppenent a great distance.
  • Reuz Head Crush : He grab or holding the enemy upside down position, he then slam them on the ground, the head will first reach it.
  • Reuz Receipt : Using the arm, Reuz can block the Enemy energy blast or any attack. 
  • Ultra Power : Ultraman Reuz can summon a great strength. First use on Nosferu to throw him far away.
  • Ultra Single Outtakes : A techniques use to catching a sword between one hand. First use on Oni in Episode EX.
  • Reuz Back Drop : Reuz rise up the enemy by hug them on the stomach, and drives them down to his behind. It's has the same techniques as the WWE champion superstar user's. 
  • Vulcan Swing : Ultraman Reuz can swing monsters/enemies in the air by grabbing their tail and toss it to the sky. 
  • Reuz Hyper Crush: An intense straight punch, charged by his color timer, energy is gathered into Reuz's fist and dished out in a simple punch delivering a blow that would destroy the average monster.

Other Techniques

  • Barrier : Reuz can create an energy shield similar in appearance to a spiral galaxy by waving his hand in a circle. Use to counter Gorzelium Fireballs.
    • Reverse Barrier : Whenever Reuz activing Barrier to counter a powerful attack, he can reverse back by spinning the barrier absorbing the attack and throw back the barrier to his the oppenent.
  • Acceleraction : Reuz can move as a blur. Used to counter Ezpadas attacks. This attack is similar to Cosmos and Ginga's acceleration.
  • Magic Ultra : Reuz secret techniques. It is unknown what it does.
  • Duplication: Reuz can create some clones of himself, and as much as he wants. It is unknown whether these clones are real or illusions.
  • Reuz Spark : Reuz can also use the Reuz Spark as a weapon. Though, whether it's potential as weapon is unknown, due to it being used by the previous Reuz during a brief flashback. Reuz also can change Reuz Spark into a Battle Energy Spark Saber.
  • Deflect : Reuz can deflect attack using his hands. It was first use to deflect Scorpiss attack in the Special Movie.
  • Reuz Blow Shot: A very powerful ray fired into the air from the entire body. Use in the Special Theater.
  • Change Size: Reuz can change his size depend on what size he wants. Used to enlarge himself, but when he was doing that, his body will surrounding with blue aura. Similar to The Next Anphans Mode before transform into Junis Mode.
  • Colour Dupe: A new techniques he gained. This techniques is similar to Kamen Rider Wizard, Drago Timer. With this techniques, Reuz can dupe himself into any other Special techniques colour of his clone, etc, he created a clone of Reuz which is Reuz Saber, Aqua.
  • Luna Restoration: Reuz can gather up some energy from his body to revive fallen beings.
  • Cross Shield: A yellow beam from his either hands, used to create a barrier with One, Xena and Giga.
  • Reuz Stopga : Reuz somehow has the power to manipulated time like stopping the time for a longer period but it never truly show. It's only state by Alien Eternal when he studying about Reuz capabilities.

Limit Mode

Reuz Limit form is his accelerate mode. Transform when Reuz sliding his right arm crystal of light, it sudden the wind spin itself to transform Reuz with his zenshin crystal shine red, his red pattern become black and silver remain. This show that he passing though time to the years with no color. This form gave Reuz the power of time, his speed increase drastically and his strength increase moderately.


  • Limit Cross Shot : Presumably, the cross shot power is still in normal stats. But Reuz Limit fire his cross shot in different and any directions, in 10 seconds.
  • Limit Saber : Reuz accelerate himself to slashing the enemy in 10 seconds. He strike the enemy in different direction.
  • Limit Tornado: Reuz can created a tornado just by spinning himself in circle before released it to the enemy.


Body Features

  • Shadow Crystal: A warning light that will act like any other.
  • Demon Claws: The claws that hold the Shadow Crystal, it is said to contain the life force of every being that Necro has ever drained.


  • Staff of Demise: A staff that Necro possesses that will double his power, it also contains a retractable blade.
    • Death Spear: By charging his Staff of Demise with dark energy, Necro can fire a spear that will impale things.
  • Revival: With his own energy, Necro can revive any living being and they will serve him. But he can give their free will back (that is never going to happen...).
  • Self Resurrection: If in any case, Necro dies, he can always live again.
  • Creeping Shadows : Any thing done with the opponent's shadow, will be inflicted upon the opponent's physical body.
  • Soul Reaping: By turning his arm intangible (or any other body part), Necro can grab his opponent's soul and devour it, by passing his hand through his heart area.
  • Soul Draining Shadow Claw: His Demon Claws will materialize into an actual black arm that will grab the opponent and drain them of their life forces or trap them within the Shadow Crystal.


Body Features

  • Type Change Crystal: Just like Tiga and Dyna, Zach can change from Super mode (Red and Blue) to Neo Mode (Red) or Shine Mode (Blue)
  • Color Timer: A device on Zach's chest that monitors his power limit.


  • Gallium Ray: a beam fired as a traditional Specium Ray. It was first used on Gasmons.
  • Mega Gallium Ray: An increased version of the Gallium Ray, it is triple the size of a normal Gallium Ray. It can only be used in Super Mode. It was first used on Bemstar.
  • Decium Blast: a shockwave fired by Zach punching his fists together. It was first used on Pandon.
  • Eye Slugger: just as a traditional eye slugger, Zach throws it from the top of his head. It was first used on Eleking.
  • Flame Blast: Zach creates a fireball to throw at his opponent. It was first used on Reigubas.
  • Size Change: Zach can change size. It was first used in the episode What's So Funny?
  • Ultra Shield: Ultraman Zach uses a traditional ultra shield. It was first used to counter Megaguirus' fake Gallium Ray.
  • Shine Ray: a beam fired from Zach's Ultra Eye, but he only has an Ultra Eye in Shine mode. It was first used against Alien Baltan.
  • Zach Punch: Similar to the Leo Kick, Ultraman Zach's fist catches fire and does much damage on impact. This can only be done in Neo Mode. It was first used on Alien Zarab.
  • Healing Beam: a beam that takes 80% of Zach's energy to cure a Dark Surged Creature. It was first used on Dark Surged Ultraman Jet.


Body Features

  • Beast Slayer's Armor: A powerful suit of armor, extremely durable in combat.
    • Wrist Blades: The armor has a pair of large blades running from the wrist to the elbow, to be used in combat.
    • Drac Wheel: The large ring on Naga's back, which has several special abilities.
  • Color Timer: Like most other Ultras, Naga has a color timer. This is covered by the Beast Slayer's Armor.
  • Beam Lamp: Naga has a beam lamp.


  • Specium Ray: The basic Specium ray, fired from a "+" position.
  • Dragon's Blaze: Naga can fire a blast of blue fire, his main finisher.
  • Naga Cracker: Naga crosses his arms in front of him, and fires an "x" shaped energy beam.
  • Martial Arts: Naga is a skilled martial artist.
  • Emerald Burst: A blast of energy from the six emeralds on the Drac Wheel, which can either spread out or target one particular enemy.
  • Crescent Guillotine: A powerful green crescent-shaped energy slash capable of cutting through all but the toughest enemies.
  • Energy Buzzsaws: Naga can launch energy buzzsaws from his arm blades by crossing his arms in front of his body and rapidly pulling them apart.
  • Energy Blades: Naga can charge his wrist blades with energy (think Destoroyah's horn).
  • Durability: The Beast Slayer's armor grants Naga increased durability in combat, allowing him to tank hits.


Body Features

  • Giz Crystal: The crystal on Giz's forehead, it is required for Giz's mode changes. It is also used to manipulate light energy for various other techniques.
  • Eyes: Giz possesses natural night vision as he can see just as clearly in the dark as he can in bright light. He can also see in the Dark Area.
  • Giz Lines: The "V" shaped lines on his upper body surrounding his color timer, these are very strong and change color depending on his current mode.
  • Ultra Armor: Giz's skin can withstand high heat environments and low temperatures. It is does not show scratches and is resistant to fire and beams.
  • Power Bracers: The bladeless protectors on his forearms, these are used for his techniques.

Standard Techniques

  • Hand Slash: An energy blast fired from his hand. Just a standard energy blast, performed by cupping one hand to his side, and using the other to toss the energy, like a disc, or a slash from his head.
  • Ultra Growth: Giz can change his size at will, with his maximum height being 50 meters.
  • Giz Teleporting: Giz is able to teleport anything he wants to anyplace he wants. This move uses an amount of energy depending on what he teleports and where.
  • Giz Barrier: Giz can create a powerful barrier with his both palms extended outward. This can stop any energy based attacks.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Giz can leap to great heights and distances.
  • Mode Change: Giz can switch between any of his four other modes: Elemental, Wind, Lava and Knight(this one after episode 6).
  • Gizonium Saber: Giz owns this saber made of Baltanian Crystal, which can absorb the spirits of dead kaiju. Extremely sharp and nearly indestructable.

Lava Mode

In Lava Mode, Giz becomes red in coloration theme, it is called upon when Giz wishes to exert more physical power but the cost is speed and agility. It is designed for high power and combat in high pressure environments. Its body colors are red, black and silver.


  • Lava Bomb: Lava mode's primary finisher, Giz gathers heat energy, before releasing a powerful ball of fire. Can kill foes in one shot.
  • Magma Beam: A secondary finisher, Giz gathers heat energy, before releasing it as a beam from the same position as Tiga's Delacium Light Stream. Can kill foes in one shot.
  • Super Strength: In Lava Mode, Giz's body boasts incredible brute strength, being able to pick up and toss monsters with little difficulty. His endurance is also increased.
    • Ultra Head Crusher: Giz can grab the opponent, holding it upside down and then with all his might slams them head first into the ground. This can leave the opponent trapped with their head in the ground.
  • Giz-Punch Blitz: Straight punch using unleashed stored up energy. There is an explosive discharge on impact.
    • Giz-Kick Blitz: A powerful kick charged with energy, upon impact the energy is discharged into the target.
    • Dropped Giz Power Heel: An axe kick from 500 meters after a jump. The technique requires the foot be held high.
    • Giz Power Punch: Instead of using the gathered energy to perform the Magma Beam, Giz can absorb the energy into his body, this is performed to charge up for a powerful punch that dishes out all power of the body concentrated into the arms.
    • Ultra Power Chop: A chop using stored up energy.
    • Ultra Back Breaker: A bear hug that breaks the enemy's spine.
    • Ultra-Lifter: A skill for lifting and throwing heavy opponents.
    • Ultra Whipper: A skill to throw the opponent a great distance.
    • Ultra Swing: A skill where the enemy is swung around and thrown using their legs and/or tail.
    • Giz Holder: When Giz crosses his arms, he can easily hold enemy's physical attacks.
    • Ultra Spin Attack: Giz runs towards his opponent and somersaults forward landing on them they brought down with the head caught between his legs.
    • Giz Deflect: Giz Lava Mode can deflect enemy beams off his arms with ease.
  • Miraculous Balloon Beam: Giz's hands come together at his chest, cupped, to create a huge bubble, and then hurls it with both hands still cupped at his foe. This move can encase monsters in a huge bubble. It can change a monster that was once an animal into the creature it was before mutation.
  • Giz Hold Light Wave: Giz can create strings of energy, going from one finger to the other. His fists then come together to release the waves at his opponent. These waves, when used, can stop a monster from trying to disappear. It can also be used to catch enemy fire and return it back as well as reversing a teleportation.

Wind Mode

Wind Mode, Giz's blue form, he trades much of his strength for great speed, agility and long-range ray attacks, this makes him much faster than any of his other modes. It is designed for high speed melee combat and aerial fighting. Its body colors are silver, gold and blue.


  • Tornado Buster: Wind Mode's finishing move; Giz can unleash a powerful blue energy beam by placing his hands on his color timer, then spinning them as a swirling energy arc. Giz then spreads his arms, and a tornado drops out of the sky and funnels into his color timer. He then places his left fist in the armpit of his outstreched right arm. It can destroy monsters in one blow.
  • Giz Charged Ram: Giz flies toward his opponent, then flies through them. Can kill in one shot. Used unsuccessfully on Bemuzun.
  • Super Speed: In Wind Mode, Giz's body boasts incredible super speed, being able to get out and run from any tight situation with little difficulty. Giz can also combine his attacks with the form's speed.
    • Giz Wind Kick: A jump kick designed to take down airborne enemies, it flies upward instead of down.
    • Giz Wind Chop: A powerful chop dished out using timing and speed, can be used continuously.
    • Ultra Drop Heel: A kick technique using rotation to add power.
    • Ultra Leg Whip: A throwing technique using the opponent's legs and/or feet.
    • Ultra Whipper: A throwing technique similar to Ultraseven's Flying Mare.
  • Healing Ability: Like any Ultra, Giz bleeds light not blood making easier for him to recover, but in Wind Mode any injury, even those prior to using that form will be healed in fifteen seconds.
  • Ultra Star Block: Giz can create a powerful barrier, able to block very strong attacks.

Aqua Mode

Aqua Mode, Giz's silver form, is considered his super form. His strength is slightly less than Lava Mode's, with speed slightly less than Wind Mode. He can swim at high speeds in this form, which is a less powerful version of Knight Mode. Its body colors are silver, blue and sea green.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 6
  • Traveling Speed: Mach 1
  • Underwater peed: Mach 10
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach .5
  • Jumping Distance: 900 ms
  • Grip Strength: 60,000 t

Special MovesEdit

  • Aqua Spear Kick: Giz jumps to 900 meters, then liquifies himself, changing into a 32,000 ton spearhead that runs the opponent through.
  • Aqua Beam: A powerful blast of elemental water that blows the opponent apart.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Liquification: Giz can turn into liquid at will in this form. This allows for the following:
    • Super Flexibility: Giz has flexibility in this form surpassing that of Kamen Rider W LunaJoker.
    • Shapeshift: Giz can shapeshift body parts into weapons or other items.
    • Invulnerability: Giz's liquification allows projectiles to just pass through him.


Body Features

  • Babylon Brace


  • Babylon Ray


Body Features

  • Color Timer: Nitro's color timer acts like any other ultra's.
  • Ultra Armor: Ultraman Nitro has ultra armor that is immune to electricity.


  • Nitro Kick: Ultraman Nitro delivers a powerful kick to the opponent.
  • Nitro Punch: Ultraman Nitro delivers a powerful punch to the opponent
  • Nitro Blast: Ultraman Nitro blasts the enemy
  • Nitro Buster: Nitro puts his hands in an L shape and blasts the enemy with a yellow beam.
  • Nitro Wave: Nitro fires a wave of yellow energy at the enemy.
  • Quantum Buster:A much stronger version of the nitro buster
  • Ultra Spin: Taken from his mentor, Nitro spins around hitting the opponent with a flurry of spinning kicks.
  • Hyper Fist: Nitro's fist glows red as he then punches the enemy.
  • Hyper Kick: Nitro's leg (Either) glow red as he kicks the opponent.
  • Quantum drive: An attack used by his lightspeed form
  • Hyperium Cannon: Nitro's hands glow red as he puts them in a cross position. A red beam is then fired
  • Form Change: Changes to Lightspeed form.


Body Features

  • Color Timer: Haruhiko's Color timer operates like any other.
  • Ultra Armor: Haruhiko's skin has the standard weakness of a Showa Ultra but he has immunities. He is immune to electricity, the cold and chemical erosion.


  • Teleporation: Ultraman Haruhiko can teleport, however, this cost him a good amount of energy.
  • Fire Palm: Ultraman Haruhiko can fire a stream of flames from the palm of his hand.
  • Finger Beam: Haruhiko can fire a beam from his fingertip at his opponent.
  • Shuriken Ray: Haruhiko can fire a small energy beam from his hand, even though it is not enough to kill strong enemies, it can be fired in a rapid sucession.
  • Ultra Growth: Ultraman Haruhiko can grow from the size of a human to 40 meters.
  • Mode Change: Haruhiko can change between his modes.
  • Sonic Ray: When Haruhiko puts his arms in a (+) sign, with his right arm vertical and his left one horizontal, he can fire a beam from his right vertical hand.
  • Charged-Up Sonic Ray: If his normal Sonic Ray isen't enough, Haruhiko can charge it up to its max to make it have better effect and strength. This is stronger than the normal Sonic Ray, but not as strong as the Neo Sonic Ray.
  • Neo Sonic Ray: This is the same as the Sonic Ray, however, it is 2x stronger than the normal Sonic Ray. It cost Haruhiko more energy than his normal Sonic Ray.
  • Ultra-Attack Ray: Haruhiko can fire an energy attack from his hands called the Ultra-Attack Ray. More powerful than the Sonic Ray.
  • Ultra-Slash: Haruhiko can form a buzzsaw-like energy disc in his hand and toss it at foes.
  • Slash Ray: Ultraman Haruhiko can fire a stream of arrow shaped rays from his hand when he places his other hand above it. Can also have explosive effects.
  • H-Ray: When Ultraman Haruhiko puts both of his hands side by side and all his fingers pointing towards the opponent, he can fire a ray from his fingertips. It electrocutes foes on impact.
  • Ultra Shot: Ultraman Haruhiko can fire an energy beam from his hand.
  • Super Molten Kick: Haruhiko leaps into the air, does several flips before a orange-reddish aura surrounds his foot, then he flies at his opponent, and delivers a powerful kick to the opponents face.
  • Energy Chop: Haruhiko has the ability to coat one of his hands in his own energy, and then strike the opponent. The energy increases the damage of the chop up to the point it can break bones or cause internal damage.
  • Ultra Head Butt: A self explanatory technique.
  • Ultra Chop: A basic chop.
  • Ultra Punch: A punch skill to assess the weaknesses of the enemy.
  • Meteor Kick: A kick that is used while jumping extremely high.
  • Ultra Kick: A kicking technique using concentrated power in the legs.
  • Dive Kick: A double kick from high altitudes.
  • Flying Kick: A skill to kick with both feet squarely
  • Ultra Swing: Grabs the opponent, swings them around and throws them.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Haruhiko has little trouble jumping to great heights.
  • Haruhiko Power Lift: A skill to lift heavy opponents into the air and then throw them or slam them into the ground.
  • Monkey Flip: When faced with a charging opponent, Ultraman Haruhiko grabs them, falls on his back and uses the opponents momentum and his leg to flip them over.
  • Ultra Barrier: Haruhiko can create a wall of light to defend himself, it takes the form and shape of his choosing.
  • Ultra-Shower: Ultraman Haruhiko can emit a stream of water from his right hand when he places his other hand above it, in a similar fashion to the Slash Ray. This can be used to put out fires and such.
  • Ultra-Tunnel: Ultraman Haruhiko can spin around at such fast speeds he can tunnel underground.


Ultraman Animus Soulless

This is Animus standard form and his first form, it focuses on speed and ray attacks, and defeating the enemy as fast as possible.


  • Teleportation: He can teleport at will thanks to a gold bracelet on his arm.
  • Mortemus Blade: He has two spikes on his arms similar to the Armed Nexus, when he taps them, a Dark and Light Powered blade is sheathes from them, which can easily slice a weak to slightly powerful Kaiju in half, and hurt a powerful being very badly.
  • Iluminage Ray: A light Ray fired when he puts his pointer finger and middle finger together similar to how a child would pretend to shoot a gun, the I-Ray as he likes to call it is fired from his right hand and is powerful against Dark Ultras or Dark beings.
  • Umbranage Ray: A dark Ray fired from his left hand exactly the same way as the I-Ray except his thumb is pressing against his middle finger, it is powerful against Light Ultras and light beings in general.
  • Consummatorem Ray: His most powerful Ray and his finisher usually, he first yells, "We're doing things my way!!!" Then his body becomes incased in a gold shine, and he puts his hands on his energy core than lets go of them which fires the gigantic Ray which can obliterate beings as powerful as Etelgar, granted this is only if they are weakened first.
  • Musicum Slash: A ball of energy that can be used in two ways, first as a rapid fire bolt that is used to knock down the victim, or as a Slash that hurts the victim but also confuses their nerves,randomly making them think Animus is their true love. He doesn't like using the Slash in this way on unless it's on a woman. I haven't figure out why yet, to be honest.
  • Coffee Slinger: Animus 99.999999999999% of the time has coffee with him when he's going anywhere, his mug is special I that it can change size and the liquid in it too. He commonly throws it at his enemies to not only burn them but humiliate them, and it can do quite some damage with it even blinding Fire Prosecutor.
  • Mind Overule: Being an expirenced lawyer he can relay just the right amount of info to people and when someone detects he's suspicious or he is hiding something, he can completely deactivate their mind reading abilities, and if they overdue it he still can stop them by basically putting up a psychic lock blocking the hem from access to his mind
  • Soul Stealer: A petrifying attack used to acquire new forms for himself and increase his power while defeating the kaiju. He first uses his blade to leave the body as a husk by transferring the soul energy to him where he stores them in a holster which only he can open, so he can use them at will. Unlike Athena and Marine, he can do this to anyone.

Pedan Soul Power

The second form of Ultraman Animus. This form was obtained after defeating Super King Joegue with the help of Ultraman Max, this form gives him Pedanium Armor which goes all the way to the right side of his head, this form is focused on offensive and has a heavy amount of firepower and does not go down easily. But this form is extremely weak to EMPs.

  • Hyper Destroyer Ray: An array of dark energy blasts fired from his blaster, each shot doesn't do much damage but it can be fired rapidly and can home in on the victim.
  • Split: Animus can split his armor into four parts, Breachnova, a sentient part of his armor that is the fastest but the weakest, this is usually used by Animus as a spying mechanism. The second is Angelstrike, a powerful healer that also doubles as Animus' chest piece, it can give energy to Animus and is the only other sentient peace of armor. The third is Porscheattacker, Which is Animus's blaster that also can be strapped to his right arm and has the most firepower, it also doubles as a lance that Animus can duel with. And the final piece is the Corebreaker, the source of this form's power, it is the most dangerous, being able to cause a gigantic explosion if not kept in check, it can fire deadly energy blasts and is equipped to Animus' back, Animus can never decide whether Angelstrike or Corebreaker is better though.


Body Features

  • Eyes: According to himself, he can see faraway objects and spot disguises
  • Colour Timer: A circular colour timer. Warns him if he is low on energy or is running out of time.
  • Ultra Armor: According to himself, the silver parts on his body is armor. Much more durable compared to other Ultras.
  • Crest: A small backwards crest. Has no use.
  • Dorsal Fin: A strange thing on his back. Apparently all Ultras have these.


  • The Terra Bracelet is a bracelet forged from the Earth's core. It can transform into various weapons:
    • Terra Burners: A pair of jetpacks that is used by Ultraman Dent to fly. Unfortunately it has a limited time limit and prevents the use of other weapons using the Terra Bracelet.
    • Terra Lance: A long lance designed for melee combat. It is similar to Ultraman Jack's Ultra Lance.
    • Terra Rifle: A powerful multi-mode rifle used mostly for long range engagements. There are 3 modes: Close Quarters, Burst Fire, and Long Shot.
    • Terra Shield: A durable shield that can withstand the M87 Ray.


  • Corium Ray: A left handed + style beam that can kill monsters in one shot. One of his few beam attacks.
    • Ultimate Corium Ray: A much more powerful version of the Corium Ray, fired in an L-style beam. This consumes a lot of energy though.
  • Tectonic Shockwave: After charging his arms with energy, Ultraman Dent punches the ground, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It's similar to EX Red King's Flame Road attack.
  • Magnetic Pulse: A powerful blast that disables machines and electricity. It also prevents the enemies caught within the blast radius to fly as they will permanently stick to the ground until Dent disappears or dies.
  • Corium Arrow: A beam arrow that can severely injure monsters.


Body Features

  • Gozu Eyes: Can detect the presence of hidden enemies & release rays.
  • Gozu Crystal: The crystal on his forehead which is always lighten if he still alive, can release a very powerful ray to destroy enemies in one blast.
  • Gozu Color Timer : His color timer is pentagonal curve,which is divided in 5 proportional triangles,separated by metal list, & cover by metal in every side.this is the main signature gozu's body features can release destroyer ray to blow up his enemy.
  • Gozu Chest Shield: The protectors on his chest, they are the sturdiest parts of his body and in theory, indestructible.


  • Gozu whipper
  • Tornado swing
  • Gozu flying punch
  • Gozu volleykick
  • Gozu capuerra kick
  • Destroyer uppercut
  • Gozu one hand throw
  • Gozu forehead ray
  • Gozu eyes shoot
  • Gozu shoot(finishing attack)
  • Gozu ray whip(alternate finishing attack)
  • Gozu chopper
  • Gozu scissor kick ray
  • Gozu color-timer blast
  • Gozu open gate inter universe ray
  • Gozu dome shield
  • Revival ray


Normal Change

In this form, S has balanced power, agility and intelligence into his main form.


  • Crossium Ray: A powerful beam shot from crossed arms. S gathers prismatic energy from the surroundings to his core by positioning his straightened palms horizontal to the Color Timer. He then raises his right hand, surrounded by orbs of light, upwards, brings his left hand to the side while bringing his right hand down simultaneously (think the Xanadium Ray, but facing to the left instead of behind), and then finally brings his arms together in a clockwise motion to form a "+". Beam is greenish-yellow in color. Can kill monsters in one shot, even Corrupted ones.
  • Specium Ray: A sealed technique, what power it entails is unknown.
  • Energy Slash: Same as the Ultra Slash, only pure blue in color, but is much stronger. Used to cut foes into half.
    • Energy Slash V2: In this variation, S does not release the Energy Slash, but insteads lets it stay on his palm, and he can use it as a melee weapon.
  • Barrier Dismissor: S shoots out white-colored beams from his eyes, which dismisses barriers. Used on Corrupted Baltan's barrier. Similar to Ultraman's Ultra Discernment.
  • S Rings: S spins around so fast, that he creates energy rings out of his body, that can ensnare/capture foes. He can choose to cause the rings to explode, by clenching his fists in a similar fashion to the Ultra Attack Ray.
  • Orion Crush: S gathers energy in his hands, and fires them at the foe in the form of an energy blast.
  • Timer Cannon: A beam fired from S' Color Timer, which is very taxing on his body. Used only as a last resort.
  • Palm Shot: Gathers energy in the palm, and shoots out bullets. Stance is similar to Tiga's Ranbalt Bomber.
  • Energy Bomber: Gathers energy from his crystals into a circular-shaped ball, and throws it at the enemy. Moderate damage.
  • Ultra Punch: Basic Ultra Punch, but much stronger as S is trained in martial arts.
  • Ultra Kick: Basic Ultra Kick, but much stronger as S is trained in martial arts.
  • Ultra Chop: Basic Ultra Chop, but is much stronger as S is trained in martial arts. Has different variations.
    • Double-Hand Chop: S uses both hands to perform an strong double chop.
    • Simultaneous Chops: A chop technique, which uses both hands to simultaneously perform chops.
    • Energy Bringdown: S gathers energy in his hand, and puts it on the enemy, and slashes it downwards.
    • Nerve Chop: Most difficult technique of Unarmed combat. S aims for vital components/organs of a monster, and deals a powerful chop to that area, which can or cannot prove to be fatal, depending on the circumstances.
  • Ultra Headbutting: Basic Ultra Headbutting, but much stronger as S is trained in martial arts.
  • High Kick: Basic High Kick, but much stronger as S is trained in martial arts. Several variations.
    • Double High Kick: Jumps into the air, and kicks the enemy with both feet.
    • Swirl Kick: S jumps and swirls his leg, which comes into contact with his enemy.
    • High Spin Kick: S jumps up to great heights, and spins down on his enemy. Similar to Mebius' Mebium Spin Kick.
  • S Drop: Lifts the opponent into the air, and slams them down.
  • S Flip: When faced with a charging opponent, S grabs them, falls on his back and uses the opponent's momentum and his leg to flip them over.
  • Headlock: S headlocks his opponents to seal their movements.
  • S Throw: Carries the enemy above his head, and throws them down.
    • S Spin Throw: Carries the enemy over his head, and spin-throws them. Can be spun into the ground or into the air.
  • Gravity Mare: Grabs the opponent by the neck and throws them.
  • Defensive S: S can either create a circular greenish-yellow shield, through moving his arms in the shape of the shield, and then projecting a force to generate the shield, to block incoming attacks, or block weaker attacks with his bare arms.
  • Teleportation: S can teleport to any place he wishes, but this is limited to twice per day.
  • Twinkling Way: Sorta can create a wormhole and go to any destination he wishes. Similar to teleporation, but only for long distance travelling.
  • Physic Powers: Used to stop incoming missles, as shown when S stopped Alien Grakyas' missles from hitting a F.A.C.T. fighter jet, by will. S' telekinesis abilities are weak, however.
  • Telepathy: S can communicate with advanced beings, such as aliens, through telepathy.
  • S Stream: S shoots a stream of water from his hands. Taught to him by the original Ultraman.
  • Flight: Basic flight ability, able to fly through the vacuum of space.
  • Travel Sphere: A red colored sphere made of pure energy, which S uses to transverse the universe at high speeds.
  • Size Alteration: S can grow from microscopic sizes to his normal size, depending on the circumstances.
  • Enlighten Shootless: A calm ray of light comes out of S' Color Timer, and heals or frees the target from "Corruption". It can also be used on the offensive, to damage pure-evil beings.

S can perform combination attacks with either Contra or SD, or both.

  • Ultra Particle Stream: A combination of all three Ultras' finishing rays, powerful enough to destroy a city. Used in the final battle against the dark figure.
  • Extreme Rebound: All three Ultras combine their energy barriers to defend themselves. Powerful enough to resist the dark figure's beam for a while, but eventually it failed. Used in the final battle against the dark figure.
  • Spark Light Array: A combination of S' Palm Shot and Contra's Sparkium Bullets, used to destroy several invaders' UFOs.
  • Geist Orion Crush: A combination of SD'sGeist Crush and S' Orion Crush.
  • Ultra Combination Drift: A combination of Reuz , One , and S' finishing rays, enough to send Faust flying backwards.
  • Form Change: This applies to all of S' forms. Putting his arms together in a "X" shape, Sorta concentrates his energy to change his form.

Fire Change

In this form, S has increased power, agility and intelligence, but not to the maximum level. Some can say that this is his most well-balanced and powered form.


  • Crossium Ray Up: An improved version of the Crossium Ray, kills the average monster in one shot.
  • Fire Charge: A ray of fire is shot out of S' arms. Finisher.
  • Timer Cannon: A beam fired from S' Color Timer, which is very taxing on his body. Used only as a last resort.
  • Burning Bomber: A ball of fire gathered from his Forehead Crystal, is then thrown at the enemy. One-shot kills the enemy.
  • Palm Shot: S gathers energy in his palm, and shoots it at the enemy, in the form of energy bullets.

Same as Normal Change, but with new abilities:

  • Fire Kick: A kick charged with the power of fire. Similar to Leo's Leo kick.
    • Double Fire Kick: A more powerful variation to the Fire Kick. Uses both legs to hit the enemy.
  • Flame Punch: A punch charged with the power of flames. Medium strength.

Same as Normal Change, but with a new ability:

  • Fire Stream: An alternate version of the Ultra Stream, instead of using water, it is replaced by a stream of fire.

Water Change

In this form, S' speed is at its maximum, allowing him to move at blinding flashes. But the cost of this is the reduction of his power, so this is considered the fastest, but weakest form.


  • Speed: This form specialises in speed, and it can accelerate up to Ultraman Max's top speed for a longer time.
  • Water Whips: Whips made up of water, but are very durable and strong. These whips make up for the loss of S' power, but require a water source nearby to form.
    • Icicle Finish: Utilising his overwhelming speed to his advantage, S freezes the whips into a solid sword-like shape, impacting and stabbing through the enemy using speed.
  • Timer Cannon: A beam fired from S' Color Timer, which is very taxing on his body. Used only as a last resort.
  • Water Bubble: S creates a bubble, and traps the enemy in it.
  • Tsunami Splash: S gathers water into his hands, and fires them as a stream travelling at high speeds. Pierces the enemy with ease.

Similar to Normal Change, but with new abilities:

  • Speed Chop: S uses his advantage in speed to perform hand slashes against the enemy.

Similar to Normal Change, but with a new ability:

  • Electricity Conductivity: Unsurprisingly , S can conduct electricity in this form, and use it to his advantage:
    • Electrical Spout: S conducts the electricity and shoots it back towards the opponent.
  • Ice Spark: S can shoot out a stream of ice at absolute zero temperatures.
  • Steam Spout: S can shoot out a spout of steam which distracts enemies.

Earth Change

In this form, S' physical power is at its maximum, but the downfall of this form is the reduction of speed, so this is considered the strongest, but slowest form.


  • Physical Power: Among the five forms, Earth Change has the greatest strength of them all. Only a few enemies can match up to this power, for example, Death King.
  • Timer Cannon: A beam fired from S' Color Timer, which is very taxing on his body. Used only as a last resort.
  • Palm Shot: S gathers energy in his palm, and shoots it at the enemy, in the form of energy bullets.
  • Earth Pillar: A pillar made up of earth and rocks combined together, making it very durable. Requires a source nearby to create. Forms on his left arm.
    • Crustal Break: S jumps and smashes the pillar down on the enemy, crushing them in an instant.
    • Stratos Smash: When S smashes the pillar down into the ground, it has such great force, that a magma from within the Earth comes out of the surface and Scorches the enemy.
  • Powered Punch: In this form, S can form a punch, similar to the Ultra Punch, but much stronger.
  • Powered Kick: In this form, S can form a kick, similar to the Ultra Kick, but much stronger.

Wind Change

In this form, S' strategic abilities and telekinetic powers have increased, but his strength and agility are still at the normal level, so this is considered the "Strategical Form". However, when S is mentally unstable, he instantly changes into this form, and causes a rampage.


  • Mental Prowess: Among the five forms, this form focuses more on mental powers, so he is more experienced in telekenisis in this form.
  • Timer Cannon: A beam fired from S' Color Timer, which is very taxing on his body. Used only as a last resort.
  • Palm Shot: S gathers energy in his palm, and shoots it at the enemy, in the form of energy bullets.
  • Whirling Wind: A gust of wind is fired from S. Used to send the enemy backwards.
  • Tornado Blast: S starts to spin at high speeds, and materializes blades at his elbows. He then spins towards the opponent. A finisher.
  • Improved Telekinesis: S' telekinetic powers are improved and is now up to the limit, being able to stop 100 nuclear missles from destroying Japan, but this drained him both physically and mentally.
  • Telekinetic Smash: S, with just his hand, can push the enemy back a few miles at the most, using his mental powers.
  • Telekinetic Freeze: S can use his mental powers to freeze the enemy, so that they can't move at all.
  • Improved Telepathy: S can now communicate within a galaxy cluster radius.


Flash Type

This form is Renius' main form. In this form, Renius has a great balance between both melee and ranged combat. This form represents strength and speed. Special

  • Infinintium Cluster Ray: A + style white energy beam that can destroy monsters in one shot. It is similar to the Specium Ray in all aspects.
  • Light gattler: A beam that can damage monsters a lot. It is similar to the M78 ray

Ground Type

This form is Renius' form for melee combat. In this form, Renius' punches and kicks becomes stronger but reduces his effectiveness in ranged combat. This form represents strength. Special

  • Ground Crusher Slugger: An X style red energy beam that can destroy monsters in one shot. It is similar to Ultraman X's Xanadium Ray.

Cloud Type

This form is Renius' form for ranged attacks. In this form, Renius has an increased set of mid-to-long range attacks but reduces his effectiveness in melee combat. This form represents speed. Special

  • Sky Cluster Slasher: An L-style blue energy beam that can seriously injure or kill monsters. It is similar to Ultraman Tiga's Zepellion Ray and Ultraman Orb's Sperion ray


Ultraman Legacy Enhanced Mode

Legacy's new default form which he gained from the leftover energies of the Plasma Spark in his body. He can access his other forms in Enhanced Mode as well as suppressing the energies of the Plasma Spark in order to return to his normal form (the latter is never seen). Legacy generally appears in Enhanced Mode in any post-series stories.


  • Enhanced Legacy Beam. A beam of bright gold and light green energy fired in the "L" position. It is much more powerful than his normal beam.
  • In Enhanced form, Legacy's time limit is longer than usual
  • Legacy duplication. Legacy retains this ability in Enhanced Mode. For unknown reasons, his duplication forms do not gain extra energies even if he uses them in Enhanced Mode.
  • Enhanced Legacy Blade. A blade of white energy that Legacy can create from his hands, and can cut through almost all materials. Much stronger than the original
  • Flight. duh
  • Telepathy
  • Ultra Senses. These are heightened in Enhanced Mode.
  • Transformation from human to Ultra form. duh
  • Ultra Fusion. Legacy can slightly power up his fusions in Enhanced Mode.
  • Energised punch/kick. Legacy is capable of channeling his energies into his physical attacks. The ability does much more damage in Enhanced Mode.

Ultraman Legacy Duplication

In this form Legacy remains physically identical to his normal form but gains use of the Specium Ray and the Ultra Slash, as well as the Ultra Barrier for defense purposes. He can also use the Ultra Shower but has yet to find a use for the ability.

Ultraseven Legacy Duplication

In this form Legacy gains use of Ultraseven's Eye Slugger, as well as his beam lamp. Legacy's protector also changes to resemble Seven's. He can use both the Eye Slugger as well as fire the Emernium Ray in this form.

Ultraman Jack Legacy Duplication

In this form Legacy gains the Ultra Bracelet as well as all of it's abilities, such as the Ultra Lance.

Ultraman Ace Legacy Duplication

In this form, Legacy gains Ace's head crest and beam lamp,as well as the ability to use the Ultra Guillotine and as it's many variations.

Ultraman Leo Legacy Duplication

In this form Legacy takes on Leo's head crest, protector, and that thing on his arm, and gains the use of the Leo Kick. He can also channel the energies of Astra in order to preform the Double Flasher. In this form, Legacy can also preform a "Triple Flasher" alongside Leo and Astra.

Zoffy Legacy Duplication

In this form, Legacy gains Zoffy's Stars Marks, use of the M78 Ray, and embarrassingly the Ultra Twinkle Way as well.

Ultraman Taro Legacy Duplication

In this form, Legacy gains Taro's head crest, Ultra Horns, and those gold things on his head. He can use the Ultra Dynamite and Storium Ray in this form.


Body Features

  • Color Timer: Light on his chest that blinks when he is active for more than 999 seconds.
  • Eyes: Very keen eyesight. Ability so see an ant on the ground 100m away. Neko can see very well in the dark. Visual field of view of 200°
  • Ultra Armor: Ultra durable skin. Resistant against certain beams. Resistant against the vacuum of space.
  • Ears: Keen sense of hearing. Neko can judge within 76 mm the location of a sound being made 50m away.


  • Ultra Chop
  • Ultra Punch
  • Ultra Kick
  • Ultra Nenriki
  • Timer Shot: A beam fired from his colour timer.
  • Neko Beam: Neko puts his hands in a "L" position and fires an orange beam. Capable of killing kaiju in one shot.
    • Neko Prismatic Beam
  • Neko Windmill: Neko jumps into the air and spins like a windmill. When enough energy is gathered, he dives down and hits enemies.
  • Claws: Who could forget about the amazing retractable feline claws?
    • Claw Beam: Bolts of energy fired from his claws.


This mode was breifly used in the finale of Ultraman Odyssey to defeat The Darkness Bringer. It was gained when the Great Ultra Heroes fused with him. In this form he is all gold in colour and shines with a bright inner light.


  • Time limit: None
  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 45000 tons
  • Age: 10000 years
  • Home World: Unknown
  • Flight Speed: More than Mach 30
  • Jump Height: Above 1500 m
  • Running Speed: above 1000 km/h
  • Swim Speed: Above 400 km/h
  • Strength: Can easily lift several million tons
  • Relationships: Great Ultra Heroes(allies)


  • Finisher Beam Finality: A beam combined with all the Great Ultra Heroes' signature beams. A beam that he has not bothered to name. Can destroy opponents in 1 hit. He gathers energy from the cosmos and everything around him into his outstretched hands, brings them together and fires the beam from both fists forward. In this version, energy rings pulse off of it when it is fired.
  • Slash Attack: Improved version of the same attack. Can easily cut through entire planets.
  • Ultra Hero Brace usage: Kynigos can use the all powers of the Great Ultra Heroes without changing forms.


  • Him geting defeated and drained of his powers is a reference to a somewhat common recurring event in video games.
  • His name was contributed by HoshinoKaabi.

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