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Created by: Zombiejiger
Ultraman Khopesh is a Cyber Ultra.

Profile, Features, and TechniquesEdit


  • Height: 50 meters
  • Weight: 40,000 tons
  • Age: N/A
  • Health/Vitality: 1200
  • Energy: 2300
  • Strength: 1000
  • Endurance: 1000
  • Speed: 1300
  • Flight Speed: 1800
  • Stat Total: 8600


  • Forehead Crystal: A sapphire crystal used for energy manipulation.
  • Protectors: Armor on Khopeh's chest and shoulders.
  • Sobek Gauntlet: A large bladed bracer on Khopesh's right arm, used for combat.


  • Specium Ray: The classic Specium Ray.
  • TBA

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