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Ultraman Kain
Human Host/Form: {{{Human Host}}}
Gender: Male
Age: 11,000 (Ultra)
Height: 50m
Weight: 42,000 tons
Home world: Space
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Ultra
Fighter Type: Physical
Fighter Sub-type: Powerhouse
Family Ultraman Aaron (Adopted Father)

Ultraman Zach (Adopted Brother)

Ultrawoman Anne (Sister-in-Law)

Affiliation Union of Light


Created by Leo Headquarters
Ultraman Kain was a first an evil being, part of an ancient order called the World Destroyers. He ende many lives. Once he destroyed a planet called Marani. He could not escape the blast in time, and Marani's pure light core tansformed Kain into an infant. Kain floated in space for weeks, until being discovered by Ultraman Aaron. He was then adopted by Aaron. Aaron was the father of Ultraman Zach, and they were brothers for years. They never fought, until Zach was infected by darkness, Ultraman Kain tried to stop Zach from killing more Ultramen but did not succeed. Ultra Father cured Zach, and life returned to normal. Kain helped Zach on a variety of battles, and eventually was stationed in Los Angeles with his own EDF team.

Personality Split Edit

After he was turned into an infant and lost his memory, Kain was raised by Zach's father Aaron, and all through his life he had visions of his past life. One day while serving with EDF LA, Kain snapped and regained all his memories and powers from his past life, while retaining his new ones. He went on a rampage to NYC to fight his adopted brother, while brainwashing EDF LA. After his defeat, Ultraman Kain and Evil Kain began to have two separate minds, and eventually, they grew so different they split into identical Kains, one evil and one good. They each returned to their masters.


Physical AttributesEdit

  • Kellium Shot: A beam fired like Ultraseven's Emerium Ray.
  • Ultra Cutter: Kain puts his hands over his head, lowers them in the traditional way, then then throws the cutter.
  • Body Control: Kain puts two fingers on the side of his head with one hand and points two fingers at his opponent with the other hand, which controlls the opponent.

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