Ultraman Kabutro is a red Ultra, but his red is a slightly darker shade than normal. He has gold and bronze markings, and features bronze protectors. He has glowing green eyes and a small diamond on his forehead. His crest is very large, with it stretching along his samurai helmet-like head. He has two horns on either side of his head. These are organic looking, rather like Father Burai's. He has a green color timer that is shaped like a circle. There is a bronze diamond shape around the color timer, acting as armor.




Special TechniquesEdit

  • Specium Breaker: Kabutaro fires a powerful bluish-bronze beam from a "+" position. It can break through most energy barriers/shields.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Kabutaro Crusher: Kabutaro punches the enemy extremely hard, shattering bone.
  • Kabutaro Strike: Kabutaro lands a powerful chop to the enemy.


TBA wears a bronze and gold amulet around his neck. In it there is a glowing green emerald. When TBA transforms into his Ultra form, he presses the emerald. There is a green flash, and Kabutaro appears. He then becomes giant in a blast of energy.


  • Kabutaro is not named after the Kamen Rider. He is named after the Japanese word for helmet (mostly those worn by Samurai), kabuto and taro, as in the

    A very ornate kabuto helmet

    mythological character.

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