The Ultraman Giz Continuity is an alternate universe with Ultras different from the main universe.


Fiction RatingK+

Some Content may be disturbing, along with prank humor.

Warnings: Gore

Categories: Comedy, Action

Smoking/Alcohol: none

Violence: Monster vs Alien

Crude Humor: none

Sexuality: {{{Sexuality}}}

Episodes and Side StoriesEdit

Like many anime, Ultraman Giz is divided into story arcs called Sagas.  There are four of them

Side StoriesEdit



Ultraman Giz Season 2: The Adventure Continues!



Good UltrasEdit
  • Ultraman Giz: The main hero of the series
  • Ultraman Gardon: Giz's superior; only seen in the tenth and final episodes.
  • Ultraman Shata:  A old rival of Giz, the secondary ultra of the series.
  • Ultraman M: A mysterious ally from another universe, he refuses to tell the others how he got to Giz's Universe.
Evil/Dark UltrasEdit
  • Dark Goethe: The first evil ultra created by Gurnate; first appeared in episode 4.
  • Dark Satan: The second and more powerful of the two dark ultras created by Gurnate.
  • Ultrawoman Gemini: A female ultra, who was abducted and corrupted by Gurnate.  Later reappears as an ally in the final battle.



  • Kyotaro Misaki: The human host of Ultraman Giz.
  • Pierre DuMont: The captain of W.H.A.M.
  • Carl Smith: The weapons expert, invented the Ultimate Plasma capiability.
  • Johnny Clark: The sharpshooter of W.H.A.M, he is the only one who can fire the Ultimate Plasma.
  • Cathy Haggard: The ace pilot of W.H.A.M, she flies the most powerful fighter jet.
  • Pedro Lopez: The computer expert and bookworm of W.H.A.M, he usually stays at the Vulcan Base and analyses fight situations.


  • Yuusuke Hikawa: Shata's Human host, and a former member of W.H.A.M.  He has an extremely interesting, mysterious past.
  • Mr. Jack: An elderly man who aids Giz from the sidelines with bits of advice.  He has many secrets.
  • TBA

Monsters and AliensEdit

Fan monsters are listed after their episode.

Other monsters that do not appear in the series


Opening ThemeEdit

Aoi Kajitsuu

  • By DOA

Battle ThemeEdit

Depends on forms used

Ending ThemesEdit

1st: Beat On Dream On

  • by Tomohiko Kikuta

2nd: Eiyuu

  • by DOA

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