Ultraman Ginga (ウルトラマンギンガ, Urutoraman Ginga?) is the name of the newly revealed Ultraman. This Ultra celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Tsuburaya Prod.'s Ultraman franchise and is the main ultra in the tv series New Ultraman Retsuden.

Ultraman Ginga

Leak and RevealEdit

Tsuburaya Productions registered the name "Ultraman Ginga" using the copyright database IPDL. According to TV Magazine, this Ultra would be revealed during the Ultraman Film Festival between April 12 to April 14th. In the reveal, it was known the new Ultraman will be featured in New Ultraman Retsuden in a 30 minute episode format, unlike Ultra Zero Fight, and is stated to last 11 episodes with 2 specials. Its unknown whether or not he is from the Nebula M78 universe or a whole new universe. EtymologyEdit The Japanese word "Ginga" (銀河) means Galaxy in English. HistoryEdit

New Ultraman RetusadenEdit

Ultraman Ginga (series)Edit

 "Who is that Ultraman?"

—Ultraman Taro, seeing Ultraman Ginga's first appearance

Where Ginga and his Spark item came from are unknown, even to Taro. From the little that is known about the story, a multiversal war named the Dark Spark War raged between the side of good side and the side of evil, as represented by the participants the Ultramen, monster and evil aliens of the universe. It is known that Ginga, with the Ginga Spark, previously fought the owner of the Darkness Spark, but lost and like possibly every Ultra and monster in the Ultra series multiverse had been sealed by the Darkness Spark into form of an action figure called a Spark Doll, afterward the event that came to be known as the Dark Spark War, due to its ending, some of these dolls later fell to Earth in a meteorite shower with the Ginga Spark and the Ginga Doll hidden within it.

A young man named Hikaru Raido somehow found the Ginga Spark, which lets him combine with the action figures and possess the abilities of the being in the action figure through a process called Ultra Live. Unlike other Spark Dolls, Hikaru's Mark of Courage must be made to shine upon which Ginga's Spark Doll can be called from within his sacred item. Ginga then was summoned by Hikaru to fight Thunder Darambia and finished the monster off using its Ginga Thunderbolt. Thunder Darambia turn's back into spark doll .


Ultraman Ginga's host can use the Spark Dolls to obtain the powers and techniques of the beings turned into them using the Ginga Spark. While transformed into Ginga, he can use the Dolls to give Ginga special Techniques he wouldn't have access to other wise. Ultraman Ginga also shown to have an ability similar to mode change. Each of his special moves causes the crystals on his body to shine a different color correspondingly to the rainbow. In total Ginga has 8 special moves.


Height: Micro~Infinity Weight: 0~Infinity Flight Speed: Unknown, fast enough to reach escape velocity Time Limit: Three Minutes

Body featuresEdit

Color Timer: Ginga's operates like any other color timer. Given his Spark Doll Nature, going over his time limit will have a side effect on Hikaru's life force. Ultra Armor: Ginga's operates like any other Ultra Armor. At one point it was seen glowing bright white. His armor is fire resistant to the point that he withstand King Pandon's flames. Crystals of Light: The crystals on Ginga's forehead crest, forearms, chest and shins. They are the means by which several of his finishers are accessed. Strength: Ginga possess enough strength to throw a being like Kemur-jin out into space with little effort.


Specium Ray: Ginga can fire a powerful beam from his arms like the original Ultraman. However, it is an "L" style ray. First used on Alien Valky and Dark Tiga . Can destroy a monster in one hit. Ginga Thunderbolt: Ginga raises his left arm to the air, shooting bolts of electricity and creating a swirl of storm clouds. He uses this to form a disk, Ginga then throws the collected bolts as a vortex with his right hand. Can destroy monsters in one hit, even overpowering electrical monsters like Thunder Darambia. It was first used against Thunder Darambia. When used Ginga's crystals shine yellow and emit electricity. Ginga Fireball: Ginga fires numerous magma like fireballs that appear around him simultaneously. He then uses his fist to controls the magma fireballs to hit the opponent. This attack has a homing effect, it will keeps tracking it's target until destroyed. It was first used against Kemur-Jin. When used Ginga's crystal's shine red and emit flames. Ginga Saber: Ginga can create an energy blade from his right arm. He then strike it into the ground to generate a shockwave that destroys the opponent with a burst of magma. It was first used against King Pandon. The saber is similar to the light blades used by Ultraman Nexus, Mebius and Hikari. However the blade is generated differently, with the blade tip being generated first. When used Ginga's crystal shine indigo. Ginga Comfort: Ginga can shines a soft ray from his right hand which rains down on the opponent sedating them, this results in Spark Dolls using Dark Live to revert to their user. It was first used against Ragon. When used Ginga's crystals shine green. Ginga Slash: Ginga can fire Light Blades from the crystal on his forehead, despite the name the blades explode on contact. It was first use again JeanKiller. When used Ginga's crystals shine purple. Ginga Kick: Ginga can perform a kick that is very powerful. It can draw upon the others dolls' powers. Super Kick: A kick technique, he gained by the Spark Doll of Ultraman Leo. Ginga Elbow: Ginga can hit the opponent with his elbow with great force. Ginga Flying Mare (Unconfirmed): Ginga grabs the opponent by the head and/or neck and throws them. First seen used on Thunder Darambia. Ginga Lifting (Name unknown): Ginga lifts the opponent with one hand and throws them. First seen used on Thunder Darambia.

Ginga Shield (Name Unknown): Ginga can create an energy shield similar in appearance to a spiral galaxy by waving his hand in a circle. Used to counter Tunder Darambia's attack. Ginga Acceleration (Name Unknown): Ginga can move as a blur( Similar to cosmos Acceleraction ) . Used to counter Kemur-Jim attack

Human HostEdit

Ultraman Ginga's host is Hikaru Raido, a 17 year old high school student.

Transformation SceneEdit

Ultraman Ginga's human host uses the Ginga Spark to transform into Ultraman Ginga. Unlike the other Spark Dolls, Ginga's appears when the Ginga Spark opens up. Hikaru grabbs it and places it on the Spark causing the face to appear and a voice to declare "Ultra Live: Ultraman Ginga". In the transformation scene. Hikaru body is enveloped by light which forms twins galaxies in an X formation. Ginga rises out of this spinning. Ginga than lands often kicking up a circle of dirt.

Hikaru transforming

Hikaru in the middle of his transformation scene

Ginga's Rise scene

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