Ultraman Giga
Human Host/Form: Mirai Tomoya
Gender: Male
Age: 18,000 years old
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 40,000 tonnes
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Series: Ultraman One
Type: Secondary Ultra, Hero
Fighter Type: TBA
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Family Ultraman Noa(Adopted Father), Ultraman Uzone(Adopted uncle)
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Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Ultraman Giga(ウルトラマンギガUrutoramangiga) is a violet Ultra that comes from the Land of Light, he is one of Xena and One childhoods friends. Despite being a violet Ultra, he prefers to use his alternative form which is red and orange. However, he disappeared after a tragic when he was young but he survived and returned back to help One and Xena to combat Belial and his dark forces. He can combine with his firends to become Seminar and Contrast.



Giga is a young and ambitious Ultra who entered elementary school alongside Xena and One, whom he begans to form a strong friendship and bonds with them.

Ultraman One:Episode 16

At Noa's UniverseEdit

At the middle of Belial's blackhole, an energy ball resued Giga from it, it was revived to be Ultraman Noa and healed him from his injuries. Noa then sealed the blackhole. Soon Noa trained Giga to become stronger as an Ultra, granting him the Baraji Brace with addition to Noa's Lightning Noa, and Nexus's finishers for each form including Meta Field. Giga knew there another attack he could used based on Noa's Nexus of Souls.

Eventually, Noa detected Belial forces invading Earth and Land of Light, using his powers from his Aegis, Giga returned back to Earth where One was fighting.

Ultraman OneEdit

One was facing trouble against Alien Magician, Giga appeared and saved One from the magical alien. Saving the human where Alien Magician assilmated and renamed her under the alisas Mirai Tomoya and merged with her, giving him the Baraji Stone.

After some reunion time, Giga returned to Land of Light to meet Xena and Zero as well as other Ultras. Xena and Giga had alot to talk about. Later, Giga and Xena returned to Earth to fight Fusion Eight King.

Since then, Giga stayed on Earth training and improving his fighting skills as Mirai Tomoya, as well as mastering the power of Nexus of Souls Noa has. Giga witnessed the fight and conflict between One Darkness and Treedon. Later, Giga returned and used his new technique, Barajium Shot against Hell-Death and oblierated it with it.

Giga later fought against Belial but loses in a flash of a second. At the final battle, Giga fought against his clone and won. Mirai/Giga then waved goodgbye to his friends and returned to the Land of Light with One and Xena. Their battle was not over.

Ultraman One vs Showa Ultra Brothers:Cho Final showdownEdit

Giga returned in order to help Reuz and One to defeat Emperor.

Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus:Darkness CorruptionEdit

Giga returned as well in order to combat against Ultraman Virus. Later, he fused with One and Xena to become Ultramn Contrast and defetaed Virus as Fusion Virus.

Ultraman One Season 4-5Edit



Giga is a red and orange around his body with some stripes of blue and purple markings on his body in his normal form.In his space form,he is completely blue and purple and some stripes of orange markings in his body.His has a energy lamp on his forehand and trigular shaped protectors around his chest.Due to falling into a black hole,he possess a line shaped scar on his right hand and has a symbol that has his name that represents his name.


Giga is a fun and somewhat a kind-hearted Ultra.Giga is speedy in nature and likes to take down his foes in a faster way instead of using strength to combat his foes aggressive like Xena or One.He is very forward looking as he looked forwwrd to return to his own universe patiently without crying or winning.He is cold-hearted when he fights and doesn't like to talk much to his oppoennts.He is very close to One and Xena and doesn't seem to hatred of them.


  • Human Host: Mirai Tomoya
  • Homeworld: Showa Universe, Light of Light (Noa Universe-Formerly)
  • Transformation Item/Process: Baraji Stone (Baraji Brace)
  • Grip Strength: 75,000t
  • Brute Strength: 150,000t
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 4.7
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 5
  • Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Height: 850m
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 4.5
  • Pressure: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Training and improving himself, loves to repay others'kindness
  • Dislikes: Any form of evil, especially the name Belial
  • Weaknesses: Giga is originally bound by the 3 minute rule but with Noa's powers, how active Giga is depends on his own willpower or Mirai's will. He is still weak to the cold.
  • Height:50m
  • Weight: 40,000t

(Note the stats here are for his Normal Form)

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer: Like other Ultras, Giga possess a color timer in his chest, it operates like any Ultras.
  • Scar: Due to being struck in a blackhole, Giga gained a scar in his abdomen area which will cause Giga some discomfort occasionally. But, it has healed and does not hindle Giga's ability to fight.
  • Baraji Brace: Giga's bracelet in his hands, which is made from the power of the baraji. This was given by Noa's powers and strenghtens Giga's regular energy attacks and able to inherit some of Noa's and Nexus's powers. This was also his transformation item used by Mirai Tomoya.
  • Prism Lamp: Giga possess a prism-shaped beam lamp on his forehead.
  • Giga Tector: Giga's protectors which is vector-shaped which protects him from attacks but not the strongest attacks.


Giga's violet coloured form, it grants Giga stronger mental abilities, life force and faster speed. Although Giga does not use this form regulary, this is one of his forms he was born with.

  • Grip Strength: 50,000t
  • Brute Strength: 110,000t
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 6
  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Jumping Height: 1050m
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 6
  • Pressure: Unknown, not mentioned or impiled
Special Moves
  • Giga UV Especially: Giga's most powerful attack in this form, unlike in his Normal form, Giga channels UV light from space and fires a very powerful ray of purple energies from his both hands, more powerful than his Giga Thunder Especially. This is first used to destroy the land of Atlantis with One and Xena.
  • Giga Overshoot: Giga's finisher in this form, it is a 'L' style ray that is purple and orange in color.
  • Teleportation Skills: In this form, Giga is skilled in terms of teleportation to other places and allows him to teleport freely after much training.
    • Giga Pinger: Giga creates a ring of light around himself and disappears from the area and appears in any area he wishes.
    • Giga Sphere: Giga can encase himself and his friends, Giga can travel at very fast speeds using the travel sphere. Used to transport his friends back and forth from Atlantis.
    • Giga Accerate: Giga can appears as a blur and rush to other places as fast as possible.
    • Giga Teleport: The regular teleportation ability used by most Ultras.
  • Mental Abilities: In this form, Giga possess advanced mental abilities.
  • Damage Resistance: In this form, Giga's Ultra Armor is stronger due to his enpowered lifeforce which allows him to resist pressure and damage better. Thanks to this ability, Giga only suffered a scar in his abodmen.
  • Giga Meditation: Giga can seat down and meditate himself, he can even heal himself with this. When doing this, white particles are seen.

Via Baraji Brace

Attacks that Giga could use in all forms. All this are provided by the Baraji Brace.

  • Enchanced Attacks: Giga's attacks are further enchanced in this form with the Baraji Brace.
  • Cross Ray Storm: Inherited from Noa, Giga can use Nexus's Cross Ray Storm, it was used during his training days.
  • Over Ray Storm: Inherited from Noa, Giga can use Nexus's Over Ray Storm, it was used in his training days.
  • Lightning Noa: Giga can fire a weaker version of Ultraman Noa's Lightning Noa.
  • Over Arrow Ray Storm: Giga can use Nexus's Junis Blue Over-Arrow Ray Storm against foes.
  • Baraji Shot:This requires intensive training in human form before he can do it. With the Nexus of Souls provided by SACD Members, his friends as well as Noa's memories of him, Giga can charge his entire body with his light and thrusts it in L Style and fires a very large ray of green colour. This is twice as strong as his Giga Thunder Especially. It is also a combination of all other attacks in this form. This has the ability to finish Hell-Death in one shot. After that, he is able to use this attack by charging it the same way. Another version of this attack is used as a purifiying technique, where Giga converts the green ray into green particles, used to purify Vader.
  • Giga Thunder Especially: Giga charges his whole body with lightning and rainbow and combine both the rainbow and the lightning together. Giga then release a very powerful rainbow lightning thunberbolts from his both hands. It is his strongest attack.
  • Giga Shot: 'L' style ray. Can destroy monsters in one blow, it is a green like Ray.
  • Prism Slash:A prism shaped attack from his beam lamp.
  • Giga Energy Shot:Giga can launches small explosive energy blasts from his both hands, he can fire in rapids sucession. It can be charged to make a more powerful attack.
  • Giga Stop:Giga charges his Baraji Brace and releases a red beam from his both hands to stop moving living things.
  • Giga Restore:Giga can restore the energy of others by touching them and gives them light energy.
  • Prism Ray:Giga can crosses his hands and fires a very powerful light beam from them.It is very tiring.
Physical Arts
  • Giga Kick: Giga can deliver a very powerful kick.There a tender kick, succession kick and dive kick.
  • Giga Punch: Giga can deliver a deadly punch against his opponents.
  • Giga Fire Punch: Giga can deliver a more powerful punch with his hand covered with fire attack.
  • Giga Ultra Kick: Trained by Leo, Giga can fly up 1000 meters high and deliver a fire kick towards its opponents.
  • Giga Swing:Giga is strong enough to swing a monster around to defeat them,often used as a technique to weaken monster as he proceeds to finish it.
  • Strength:Under the traning in Noa's universe.Giga is a bit more stronger than One and Xena.But he has slower in his speed movements.
  • Giga Breaker:Giga,using great strength,he can forcefully breaker open bones of foes using much strength he uses.
  • Giga Spark:By using supernova waves in his both hands,he can punch foes.This is similar to Noa's Noa Spark.
  • Giga Shield: Giga can conjure a shield that could shield himself from attacks, there is a wall barrier and circle shield barrier.
  • Giga Slash: Giga can conjure a slash ray from his hands, more powerful the prism slash.
  • Giga Sealing:Giga can fire a yellow ray from his both hands to seal things via the use of his light energies. He only uses this with other ultras. He uses in episode 4 in One series along with Reuz, One and Xena and uses in Cho Final Showdown movie to protect Haruto's world from merging
  • Ultra Combination Drift: Giga can combine his Giga Shot with other ultras to form a very powerful beam. Used with Xena and One to end Virus the first time.
    • Ultra Final Drift: Giga can combine his final attacks with his friends.


  • Giga is the also another male Ultra who merged with a human that is female, Mirai Tomoya. Giga also revealed Mirai is his human host as Mirai is in complete control of herself. Their bond are also very unique, they can communicate via the Baraji Stone no matter whether Mirai is transformed into Giga or not. Also, their personality is also the same.
  • Despite merged with a female huamn host, Giga is the first Ultra to merge with someone whom is formerly possessed by another being that is not an Ultra.
  • Giga is the first Ultra born with two forms, one speed based, which is he first form. Another one is balacned form, his alternate form. However, Giga prefers to be in his alternate form at times, meaning he can transform in any form he likes.
  • Giga is the first Ultra to live in another universe for a few thousand years before returning back. Giga is 18000 years old,Giga spend 10000 years in another universe and only spent 8000 years in his own universe.
  • Giga is the first Ultra to be able to utilize another Ultras power, Nexus and Noa, including mastering Nexus of Souls Noa possesses.