Fiction RatingPG

Sci-Fi violence (Gunfire, fistfights, etc.)

Warnings: Some violence

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action

Smoking/Alcohol: None

Violence: Monsters are dismembered, decapitated, aliens explode, etc.

Crude Humor: None

Sexuality: None


The Ultraman Gamma Continuity is an alternate universe with Ultras different from the main universe.

Opening ThemeEdit

DragonForce's Galactic Astro Domination (Remix).

Plot SummaryEdit

Ultraman Gamma is a powerful alien hailing from the Land of Light. He travels to earth to protect it from alien and monster threats. While on earth, he is pursued by an alien named Phantom.


  • Episode 1: Enter Gamma
  • Episode 2: Tooth and Claw
  • Episode 3: Sign of the Raven
  • Episode 4: The Beast Slayer
  • Episode 5: Silver Moonlight
  • Episode 6: Menticide
  • Episode 7: Death's Eye
  • Episode 8: Endgame

Side StoriesEdit





  • SMART (Strategic Monster Attack and Research Team)
    • Hikari Yamato: The human host of Ultraman Gamma. He is often teamed with Orochi.
    • Sadao Ikeda: The captain of SMART, often teams with Masuyo Miura.
    • Orochi Takeda: The computer expert of SMART, a skilled hacker and programmer
    • Kazuo Ide: The weapons expert of SMART, invented the U Gun.
    • Keiko Yamasaki: One of the two female members of the team, she is often teamed with Kazuo.
    • Masuyo Miura: One of the two female members of SMART, often teamed with Sadao.

Monsters and AliensEdit

Kaiju/Aliens are listed after their episode.

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