Ultraman Gaixus
Human Host/Form: Jun Nazumi
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 46 meters
Weight: 46,000 tons
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman Reuz (Continuity)
Type: Hero

Former Villain



Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Beam Fighter
Family Ultraman Reuz (Rival/Enemy)
Affiliation FEARS (Force Engage Attack And Resque Squad)

Ultraman Reuz (Rival, Former ally)

Created by Apexz

Ultraman Gaixus (ウルトラマンガイハロウィン, urutoraman gaixus) is an Ultra from ancient time that contrasting to Ultraman Reuz who came from the future. His fighting style is best known as Physical fighter type, with his human host Jun Nazumi. Gaixus Lens is the item that use by Jun to transform into Gaixus.

Appearance Edit

Ultraman Gaixus has Red, Silver parts, gold and Black lines on his body. He's armor quite resembles Ultraman Hikari and Ultraman Nexus, but his shoulder and chest armor similar to Ultraman Victory. He has V shape crystal of light but in diffrent directions pose unlike Victory. His colour timer also V shape. But he has a Blue line that show he has Crystal of light on his chest. 

Etymology Edit

The word "Gaixus" is a version of Kai x Us, roughly "We are Reborn".

History Edit

Ultraman Reuz Final MixEdit

Ultraman Gaixus, an Ultra come from ancient time, the Gaixus Lens hold the great power by Nazumi Kosuke, a man who discover the item on his discovery on a Ancient Temple. But an unknown force use the Gaixus Lens for the destruction of the Ancient people, a mad scientist hungry for power use Gaixus Lens to summon an Ultra name Gaixus destroy everything he saw, but Kosuke earlier retrieve the Lens, having destroy all the dark power inside, he kept it for his son to become the next Ultraman Gaixus. 

Profile, Techniques and Body FeaturesEdit

Profile Edit

  • Height : 46 meters 
  • Weight : 46,000 tons
  • Age : Unknown
  • Flying Speed : Faster than supersonic jet (Generally between mach 2 and 2.5)
  • Jumping Height : 1220 Meters, or maybe higher
  • Jumping Distance : 450 Meters, or maybe farther
  • Running speed : 410 kph or maybe faster
  • Strength : Gaixus possess higher strength than Reuz
  • Underwater Speed : 370 knots
  • Human Host : Jun Nazumi
  • Time Limit : Three Minutes
  • Relationship :

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer : A V shape colour timer, but its between a crystal of light. Given him the ground nature, though, going over this limit won't directly affect Jun besides leaving him tired, upon going over the limit Gaixus will forcibly disappear leaving Jun wherever Gaixus was before, potentially leaving Jun in a dangerous situation similar to Reuz and Haruto.
  • Ultra Amor :Gaixus's operates like any other Ultra Armor. His armor is Ground and Thunder resistant to the point that he withstand Melba Electric Shock.
  • Crystal Of Light : Gaixus also posses Zenshin crystal on his forehead between his fin, his arms and shin. His crystal operate the same as Reuz's one, but it glow bright yellow orange in color.
  • Black Lines : The black lines on Gaixus body, it's was the line in V and sometimes cross section on his back. It's also similar to Nexus and Victory ones.

Standard AttacksEdit

  • Hand Slash: A standard Hand slash use from his left arm crystal.
  • Gaixus Haze Blade: Often use on enemies including Reuz when both of them dueling. He charge up from his right arm crystal to perform Haze Blade.
  • Form Change : Gaixus can perform a form change using the Gaixus Lens attaches with all six Secondary Ultra exception Ultraman Victory the seventh use by Haruto to allowed Gaixus transform into Gaixus Evolve Storm.
  • Chaos Break: Gaixus can shot a dark fireball from his left hand. When he finish fire twenty-five of them, he then proceed to fire a massive fireball and can kill an entire army.


{{#tag:tabber| Normal=

Normal Mode

His current mode. Gaixus Zenshin crystal shines yellow-orange sometimes. He has gold stripe with black and red colour body. Given that his similarities to Ultraman Cosmos Eclipse and Ultraman Victory, Gaixus operate changing his crystal of light color according to his abilities to his strongest move. Gaixus can perform well in the midair but lacking strength underwater due to Jun sea sick.

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Gaixium Shot : Gaixus can fire a powerful orange-red-colored ray. But it's an "L" shaped style. This attack is similar to Ultraman Victory Victorium Shot. Can vaporized an opponent in one hit. When using it in Normal Mode.
  • Gaixus Breaker : Gaixus Victory Blade can released an aura to form a shape of a Hammer. Gaixus perform a spinning attack and last with a punisher stamping the enemies with the hammer.
  • TBA

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Gaixus Elbow : Gaixus can hit an enemy with his elbow with a great force.
  • Gaixus Lifting : Gaixus can lift an opponent and throw them.
  • Gaixus Hyper Kick : Gaixus can perform a very fast and powerful kick.
  • Gaixus Multi Kick : It can be High kick, roundhouse kick, straight kick or even a speed kick. Often use on the side of Enemy.
  • Gaixus Impact : A punch from a charged fist, often on the land.
  • Gaixus Hyper Punch : Gaixus can perform a powerful and intense punch.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Flight : Gaixus can fly very fast, exact same speed as Reuz, without hand movements.
  • Teleport : Gaixus can teleport into far distance when ever he wants.




Gaixus Meteor is the latest form of Gaixus. Achieved when Jun learn Gaixus full potential and his father history. When he ask Haruto wether this could match Ex- strength, Haruto tell him to believe his own strength. Overall, Gaixus features a orange and silver colour body, armed with a gold armor attached to his shoulders, shins and his wrist along with his V colour timer, Gaixus still has black pattern running down to his underneath. His crystal of light remain yellow red in colour. Gaixus strength matches Reuz Cosmic strength.

  • Height : 46,000 m
  • Weight : 46,000 t
  • Strength : Possess super strength.
  • Defense : Storm Gaixus possess enough strength to match Reuz Cosmic

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Gaixium Chaos Storm : Gaixus fire an L style gold and red ray toward the enemy and destroy them. By doing this, Gaixus must first rise hand in + formation and absorb the light and darkness together to created pure light to his color timer and move his left arm to the left and fire the L style ray. Can vaporized an enemy in one hit.
  • Gaixium Brutal Blast: Gaxius second strongest attack.

|-| Dark Impulse=

Dark Impulse

Gaixus Dark Impulse is a terrible darkness form of Gaixus once he absorb half of Dark Ketaros power from Haruto via Jun place the Gaixus Lens on Haruto's chest. First appear in episode Ultraman Reuz FM Episode 15 : To the Phantom Prison : Chapter 1. This form is much more powerful than Ultraman Reuz Cosmic Mode but this form couldn't last long since it's too powerful for even Gaixus or Jun to handle.

  • Height : 46,000 m
  • Weight : 46,000 t
  • Strength : Strong enough to Overwhelm everyone
  • Defense : Gaixus covered by dark aura that protects him from harm

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Gaixium Cero: Gaixus in Dark Impulse mode can generates powerful dark energy and fires a powerful and huge ray that can annihilate everything that came across.
  • Gaixium True Judgement: Gaixus summons True Judgement darkness from the sky, generates a highly destructive energy and fires using his right hand, this power is powerful not even Reuz can counter with Lightning Reuz however he was save by Paradox when he cast barrier to protects him from the attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Ultraman Gaixus is similar to Ultraman Leo on how they use Physical attack rather than power.
  • Gaixus shared similarities to other secondary ultra that gave aid to primary.
  • Gaixus is one of the three major villain Ultraman Reuz Final Mix +.