Ultraman Flame is a fire-manipulating Ultra from an unknown planet and an ally of Ultraman Legacy.

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Ultraman Flame's name obviously comes from the word "flame" which relates to his fire-based attacks.

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Ultraman Flame was an Ultra from an unknown planet, who arrived on Earth in search of a proper challenge to test his power. He took on the form of a human by the name of Kai Kaen, taking on some boxing matches, but ultimately remaining unfulfilled. Flame made himself known when the Kaiju Zambolar attacked, and soon after began battling the Kaiju and aliens that attacked the Earth in order to test his abilities, taking a liking to the human race in the process.

Initially a bit of a glory hog, Flame would begin helping Earth's fellow defenders, and while Ultraman Legacy liked the new Ultra and tried to befriend him, Ultraman Sect distrusted Flame, seeing him as an arrogant kid that would get in the way of their mission, or perhaps had an ulterior motive. Flame and Legacy got along well nonetheless, and the young Ultra helped Legacy and Sect in a a number of battles.

Ultimately however, he remained unsatisfied and looking for more of a challenge. Eventually, Flame would challenge Legacy himself to a battle, in order to test his own abilities. Flame and Legacy battled, with Legacy beating Flame. This served to humble the young Ultra, and Flame soon learned not to be so arrogant and hungry for battle.

Flame would aid Legacy in several more battles, notably the battle against Orochi, where Flame merged with Legacy and Sect, granting Legacy his Blazing Mode. Legacy defeated Orochi soon after gaining this new power, and after the battle Flame became very excited, stating that the power they had wielded in Blazing Mode was awesome.

Flame helped Legacy attain Blazing Mode again for the battle against U-Killersaurus. Legacy was defeated and Flame later separated from Legacy and Sect, and fought off several Choju alongside Sect, Mother and Father of Ultra, and Earth's Kaiju while Legacy/The Ultra Brothers battle U-Killersaurus in Infinity Mode.

Flame battled the forces of the Baltan invasion defeating Baltans left and right. Flame, along with Legacy, Sect, and the Ultra Brothers, broke into the Baltan mothership while the Space Garrison dealt with the rest of the invasion force with some help from Earth's Kaiju. Flame battled the Baltan guards with the Ultra Brothers while Legacy and Sect transformed into Fusion Mode to combat the Baltan Emperor with some help from Ultraman, Jack, and 80.

Flame would later help Legacy battle the corrupted Ultra Brothers.

Ultraman Flame's final appearance in the main series was during the battle for the Land of Light, in which Flame battled Belial's 1 Million Monster Army alongside the other Ultras. Flame fused with Sect and Legacy into Blazing Mode for the final time in the main series in order to combat Belial directly. They succeeded in defeating Belial, however he used the Giga Battlenizer to create a much larger version of Beryudora. Flame watched with Sect as Legacy battled Beryudora in Infinity Mode. Flame was one of many Ultras beaten and defeated during Arch Belial 's rampage. Flame was awestruck when witnessing Legacy in Legendary Mode battling Arch Belial and celebrated with the other Ultras upon the end of the battle and their victory.

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Crossovers Edit

Ultraman: Legacy of Warriors Edit

Flame is set to appear in the crossover with Ultraman Mana alongside Legacy himself

Ultra Hero Taisen! Edit

Flame appears in the taisen alongside Legacy and Sect, where they aid Ultraman Card against a Tyrant then an EX Tyrant, before all three die from a fatal high five. Luckily, they were revived at the end by Ultraman King, and none of this was canon anyway.

Renius and Legacy: Rise of The Dark Cross Edit

Flame appears in the chat roleplay series alongside Legacy and Sect. He is similar to his series portrayal in his willingness to charge into battle, and he also quips a lot in the roleplay, even making fire puns. His forth wall breaking skills are lesser than Legacy's, but better then Sect's. Later on in the role play, Flame gains a new form, this being his volcano form.

Ultraman Odyssey Edit

Flame will possibly appear in the series, likely to aid Legacy.

Ultras' Bizarre Adventure Edit

Flame is a recurring character in the series, alongside Legacy and Sect of course, where he battles the various evils and other random stuff the heroes face.

Rise of the Dark Cross 2 Edit

Flame appears alongside Legacy and Sect at the beginning of the roleplay, and continue to be recurring characters throughout. At the end of the roleplay, Flame gains a new from, called Magma Burst, from the same yellow orb of energy that Sect got his Excalibur form from, which he uses in the final battle against the Core.

Personality Edit

Flame is a very hot headed (no pun intended), headstrong Ultra. When he first appeared he overestimated his own abilities, though this happens much less often now. Flame is still arrogant, a quality which annoys Sect. Legacy is more able to put up with this, and Flame will often aid Legacy in making jokes. Flame is however able to learn from his mistakes, and although he will charge into a battle, he does understand the notion of teamwork and, although he won't admit it, prefers to have an ally by his side rather than fighting alone. Flame also enjoys a good challenge

Forms Edit

Ultraman Flame
Flame's normal form.

Abilities: Edit

  • Flamium Beam. An extremely hot beam of energy fired from Flame's arms in the "L" posistion
  • Flame Dynamite. Similar to the Ultra Dynamite but less powerful
  • Flight duh
  • Flame Stream. A stream of powerful fire from Flame's hands
  • Flame Blast. An energy blast from Flame's color timer
  • Flame has a longer time limit than normal ultras, because he generates his own solar energy.
  • Flaming Punch (an ability any self-respecting Ultra has according to Flame and Akreious)
  • Flaming Kick.
  • Flame Burst. An attack similar to the Mebium Burst, that works to the same effect.
  • Flamium Orbs: Flame can fire small fireball esc projectiles from his hands to attack foes.
  • Energy absorbtion. Flame can absorb heat based attacks from foes and other forms of energy in order to make himself stronger.
  • Travel Sphere. Like Ultraman or Zoffy, Flame can utilize a travel sphere to move throughout the universe. Uniquely, Flame's travel sphere is incredibly hot and can be used offensivley. It even resembles a minature sun.

Ultraman Flame Volcano

A more powerful form for Flame that he gained during the Rise of the Dark Cross Roleplay series. Form by Flurrthegamermixel.

Abilities Edit

  • Eruptium Beam. A more powerful version of Flame's Flamium Beam, capable of destroying even highly durable Kaiju in one shot.
  • Volcanic Flames: An upgraded version of the Flame Stream attack, where the streams of fire are much hotter than in Flame's normal form, being hot enough to burn most Kaiju to a crisp.
  • Lava Spray. Basically an offensive version of the Ultra Shower technique, in which Flame fires a stream of lava from his hands to harm an enemy.
  • In this form Flame can presumably use stronger versions of his other normal form attacks, though this is not explicitly shown.


Flame transform into this form by unleashing all of the energy stored within his body, pushing himself to the limit and using his energies at full strength. The transformation can also be triggered if Flame absorbs enough energy from attacks.

Transformation Edit

Flame has no transformation item, and can transform into Ultra form at will. When he does this, his body bursts into flame, before releasing a blinding (and harmful) burst of fire, which Flame rises from.

Rise Scene Edit

Flame appears from a burst of fire in the background.

Trivia Edit

  • Ultraman Flame is the third Ultra of the series. Whatever you call those.
    • I have since learned the term is "tertiary"
  • Flame takes inspiration from general hotheaded characters with fire powers and their tropes, with Glenfire being the best example in the Ultra series. Unlike some of those characters however, Flame is more immediately heroic, even in spite of his desire to be challenged.
  • Flame redesign images by Furno.

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