Ultraman Finem
Ultraman finem
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Gender: Male
Age: 52,000 years
Height: 60 meters
Weight: 72,000 tons
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Moedari
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Family None
Affiliation None
Created by Stephan222

"You are Genesis, I am the Apocalypse.You are the Alpha, I am the Omega. You are the Beginning, and I am the end. "

―Ultraman Finem to Ultramen King, Noah and Lugeno

Subtitle: The Omega



"I exist to destroy the Hidden Being and withhold the Great Names in the End when even the stars will fail. I am the end-all; the Requiem of the Omniverse!"

―-Ultraman Finem

Although his history is largely unknown, he believes his sole reason for existing is to defeat the Hidden One. He recognized King and Noah, although they had never heard of him before, which implies that he had studied other races considerably. 

Finem "was sent" because all the great races such as the Sollux and the Fire People no longer existed. He calls himself the savior several times, which contradicts his seeming confidence in the End. 



"What am I? An Ultra like you. What else am I? That's another question entirely."

―-Ultraman Finem to Ultraman Moedari
  • Finem is Latin for "end."
  • He is all silver and black; his design is meant to call to mind the vestments a priest wears during a Requiem Mass. 
  • "I am the Apocalypse" refers to the last book of the bible; The Apocalypse of Saint John, which is often called Revelation. 
  • Finem was originally intended to be the final villain of Moedari, after consuming The Hidden One.