Ultraman Extreme is a new fusion ultra that appears in the Reuz and One movie to defeat the final villain. He is a fuse with the other ultra brothers, and is the most powerful ultra that ever set foot in the universe.




  • Weight: 55,000 tonnes
  • Height: 56 meters
  • Flying Speed: Mach 10
  • Burrowing speed: Mach 8
  • Human Host: One Otari, Shin Hayata, Dan Miroboshi, Seiji Hokuto, Hideki Goh, Gen Otari, and the other hosts of the ultra brothers.
  • Home World: Heart of Ultras.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Star Gem Lamp: Star light gem looks like a star, it is very powerful as it is a fusion of beam lamps. It has a lot of powers needed to be used from this lamp.
  • Color Timer:He has a colors like other ultras from the land of light.
  • Extreme Bracelet:A bracelet on his hand, most of his powers depend on this bracelet and the gem lamp. Has a powerful channel effect.
  • Ultra Armor: His armor, which is very powerful as it can resist any form a damage. In magazine scans, he is shown to withstand Tyrants's attack and Zetton's fireball.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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