Ultraman Extreme (ウルトラマンエクストリーム, Urutoraman' ekusotorimu) is the hero soul of Ultraman Axul actually not a fusion with Ultraman Reuz.

Body Features and TechniquesEdit

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Extreme Ray : Extream ultimate attack. He can fire a rainbow ray from his right arm.
  • Extreme Slash : Ultraman Extreme can fire attack which is Extream Slash.
    • Extreme Knuckle : A light purple attack from his fist. It was base on Axul Knuckle.
    • Extreme Saber : Ultraman Extreme can created a Rainbow Blade which is stronger than Axul blade. 
  • Extreme Breaker : Ultraman Extreme can break enemy attack with single hand, without any dodge or acceleration.
  • Extreme Thrasher : A ring of light that cuts through enemies, it is similar to Ultraman Ultra Slash.
    • Trasher Double: A multiple of ring of light that could cut the enemy without letting it escape.

Not in Use in Movie/series

  • Extreme Cyclone : Ultraman Extreme can created a massive wind or typhoon that cover his body and spin to an oppenent.

Physical TechniqeusEdit

  • Ultra Punch : A basic punch.
  • Ultra Kick : A basic kick.
  • Ultra Headlock : A powerful headlock.
  • Ultra Chop : A stronger version of Ultra Chop.
  • Ultra Lifting : Due to his grip streangth over 190,000 he could easily lift a heavy monster.
  • Extreme Elbow : Ultraman Extreme prosess a powerfull elbow attack.
  • Drill Extreme : A powerful hitting techniqeus, change by energy from his energy core or Colour Timer (It never blink)
  • Extreme Light: A powerful kick he use to hit. He jump higher than enemy height, and performe a kick turning from left to right.

Other TechniqeusEdit

  • Extreme Shield : A shield that protecting him from any enemies attack. It never break somehow.
  • Extreme Cutter : A powerful blade creating from Extreme Crystal of Light from his right arm.
  • Extreme Accelaration : Extreme can move in blur blue colour on Maximum Speed. He also use to teleport himself.
  • Extreme Plasma : Somehow, Ultraman Extreme could blast a energy burst from his Energy Core or Colour Timer.



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