"Eradication under the moonlight, is the Advent."

― Eclipse states his purpose.
Ultraman Eclipse
Human Host/Form: Tenmei Kirai
Gender: Male
Age: 10 000 years
Height: 49 meters
Weight: 36 000 tons
Home world: Moon
Series: Ultraman Eclipse Continuity
Type: Enemy (Former)

Hero (Current)

Fighter Type: Balanced Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: None
Family None
Affiliation TBA

Lunaiju Ultraman S

Created by Crazybeard1234

Ultraman Eclipse (ウルトラマンエクリプス Urutoramanekuripusu) is a giant born from the eclipse of millennia ago, the phenomenon known as the Shining Eclipse. He combats the Lunaiju who originate from his birthplace, of which he has an affiliation with currently unrevealed.


Ultraman EclipseEdit

Ultraman Eclipse; moonlit giant cast beneath enigmatic shadows, assuming the human disguise of Tenmei Kirai, ultimately translating to "Destiny is mine". Emerging from tenebrous phases, his sole purpose is to combat the Lunaiju: apparitions of darkness materialised into monstrous behemoths, wraiths of obscurum spawned from a millennia-old curse: the Shining Eclipse of 1900.


  • Height: 50m
  • Weight: 36 000 tons
  • Age: 10 000 years
  • Strength: Eclipse is able to bench press 200 000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 6
  • Swimming Speed: 200 knots
  • Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Home Planet: The Moon
  • Human Form: Tenmei Kirai
  • Time Limit: None
  • Occupation: Combatant, astronomer
  • Transformation Device: Moon Shard Counter
  • Relationships:
    • Lunaiju
  • Likes: Relaxing, studying stars
  • Dislikes: The Moon, Lunaiju, humans (formerly)

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Moonstone: A gem that fits into his chest. Unlike most Ultras, it doesn't have a time limit, nor does it base itself on damage count. Instead, when Eclipse is exposed to a Lunaiju's hazardous presence, it will measure his radiation level.
  • Star Cross: Two cross-shaped gems on attached to gauntlets on Eclipse's arms, changes color according to his attacks. 
  • Galaxius Orbs: Red orbs on his hands, enhances the strength of his punches.
  • Protectors: Eclipse has protectors on his body formed from indestructible moonrock.
  • Optic Eyes: Eclipse's eyes are sky blue in color, and are able to see a Lunaiju's radiation.
  • Dioacti Skin: Like all other Ultra Skins, but is also insensitive to the cold. Instead, his weakness is the Lunaiju's unique bio-field, their radiation affects him, and if exposed too long to their effects, he may die.
  • Arms: Eclipse's arms are strong enough to block off weak attacks.

Forms and Techniques Edit

Crescent Shard

Crescent Shard is Eclipse's default form.

Standard TechniquesEdit

  • Omni Spacial Crush: Eclipse can fire a ray with crossed arms, this is a backup for whenever he is low on power. Similar to the Specium Ray.
  • Eclipse Shard: Eclipse can fire several shards of energy that are fired simultaneously. Weak attack power, but good for distracting enemies.
  • Nebulous Collision: A heat wave shot out from both hands.
  • Clustazium Impact: A technique that produces a purple aura that surrounds and tremendously enhances Eclipse's physical attacks.
  • Moonstone Block: Eclipse is able to erect a circular shield, capable of blocking most attacks, whether physical or long ranged.
  • Physical Readjustment: Eclipse has the ability to change his height, from microscopic to large sizes.
  • Spacial Relayer: Teleportation, where a crescent moon cuts him from sight.

Special TechniquesEdit

Unlike most techniques, Eclipse's finishers all depend on his mood to utilise, for example, the Aphroditius Blaze when he's angry, though the Moonlight Finale is an exception.

  • Moonlight Wave Finale: Eclipse can fire an "L" shaped plasma beam, capable of phasing through most tough materials and Lunaiju. Usually causes the enemy to vanish in a trail of blue dust.
  • Zeusium Conduction: Eclipse uses the power of lightning bolts, shooting it in a powerful electrical implosion and frying the enemy alive. Is usable only when he's fired up. Yellow
  • Aphroditius Blaze: Eclipse can conjure up the passion of flames, burning and scorching the enemy with a volcanic blast of magma. Is usable only when he's angry. Red.
  • Aquarius Blizzard: Eclipse summons the power of ice, conjuring up a blizzard of freezing capability. Is usable only when he's calm. Blue.
  • Nepatian Storm: Eclipse summons the essence of wind, and conjures up a powerful hurricane which can pierce enemies or send them back, flying. Is usable only when he's simmering with courage. Green.

Eter nal Half Shard

The evolution he assumes after taking in all the Earth crystals, bears him a new body with slight differences to his previous. He retains all Landstone exclusive techniques.

  • Magni Spacial Shatter: The Omni Spacial Crush, but encased within are luminous shards of varying colors, which serve to magnify its power.
  • Celestius Divnity: An all-powerful multi-colored attack not yet utilised to its full potential, draws its powers from the four Landstones.
  • Tetradrive Slash: Magical circles materialise on Eclipse's leg. He then fires a slash of pure blue energy, kicking into said attack to impact against the opponent.

Radiant Shard

Eclipse's evolved form, the moonrock on his body breaks apart and he gains additional glowing markings and body armour. Accessed through the Lunaztec Starbreaker.

  • Tsuku no Gijutsu: A technique where he utilises the dagger to stab and slice through the opponent's body.
  • Solarius Break: Energy at temperatures the surface of the Sun crackle around his arms, and Eclipse puts both hands towards the opponent, blasting a gargantuan beam which split into smaller trails that come together to attack the opponent.
  • Eclipsium Flare: Magical circles encircle both his arms, enhancing his punches which cause mini explosions to occur.

Rise Scene Edit

See: Moon Shard Counter

Trivia Edit

  • Each of Eclipse's special techniques is based on a planet in the solar system, or related to them in a way.
    • Zeusium Conduction: Zeus is highly regarded as the Greek god representing the gas giant, Jupiter.
    • Aphroditius Blaze: An abbreviation of Aphrodite, is the Greek goddess who is the equivalent to Venus, a Roman entity. Venus is also known for its high surface temperature and countless volcanoes.
    • Aquarius Blizzard: Aquarius is the god represented as Uranus. Uranus is also known for having the lowest known atmospheric temperature in the Solar System, and having high intensity storms, though not comparable to the next.
    • Nepatian Storm: An abbreviation of Neptune, known to have the most powerful and dangerous storms of the gas giants and planets in the Solar System.