The fourth episode of Ultraman Draco. Note, this is only fan fiction story and Ultraman is copyrighted by Tsuburaya and I don’t make profit from it. It just a normal fan fiction story and nothing else. Enjoy it, guys .

Title: Broken PartnershipEdit


The Crustacean Type Beast: Grantella

The Light : Ultraman Draco

Previously In Ultraman DracoEdit

Both Takato and Misaki starts their hard training before they becomes the official members of PASM. However, in the training Misaki was very jealous when Takato referenced about Misuzu and Mayu. Fortunately, Takato managed to reconcile with Misaki, at the same time tight their relationship. But, Yumi secretly recorded their romantic moments.

Due to Takato’s reckless attitude to let everyone get some rest, Commander Tanaka was shot down by Sarabi, due to he protected Takato. Takato also reveals his identity as PASM member to his father. But, his father, instead claims that Takato is no longer his son.

“You are now my son!!!” said Takato’s father angered

All of PASM members soon execute a plan to attack Sarabi, albeit it still failed. However, Commander Tanaka, who is still injured, still enters the battlefield. However, Sarabi shoots him down again. Fortunately, Takato saves the commander in nick of time, albeit the two still will die. However, Takato transforms into Draco and saves the commander. He soon battles Sarabi and easily defeats the monster using the Flame Cut.

Takato soon reconciles his relationship again with his father. Not only that, Commander Tanaka pulls the order to attacks Ultraman Draco. At the same time, Takato also suggests the giant’s name is “Ultraman Draco.” Unfortunately, Yumi broke those happy moments by uploading the video that contains Takato and Misaki’s romantic moments. Making most of the people chase Takato and Misaki.

“What is this after all?” asked Takato and Misaki


In an unknown place, there is so much debris on the ground. There are so many collapsed and destroyed building. Even there is still some fire traces in some building. The ground also covered by the building’s debris, even there is no ground that wasn’t covered. There, Misaki was standing there with confusion. She still wears her black tank top with her mini cream pant. She is looked very confused.

“Where is this?” asked Misaki in confusion

“Yumi!! Shuji-kun!!! Commander!!!!!! Takato-kun!!!!!!! Where are you guys!!!??” shouts Misaki

But alas, even there is no sound. Misaki was very scared, she imagines that she was in a horror movie or something.

“Takato-kun!!! Where are you!!?” asked Misaki

“Brrrrrr…. Please respond me, anyone, please!! Where are you guys!!!” shouts Misaki

However, there is still no sound. Misaki then slowly walking through the debris. She was very scared, as there is no anyone. Even, she can’t find his secret beloved, Takato. Suddenly, Misaki’s foot seems like touching something. Reluctantly, she looks down.

“Haaa!!! Shuji-kun, Yumi, Commander!!” said Misaki while seeing her friends were lying on the ground motionlessly

“Are you guys alright!!!??” asked Misaki worried

However, when Misaki touches Shuji’s hands, she feels it was very cold, like dead hands.

“So, cold!! Hey, wake up, Shuji-kun!! Wake up, Yumi, commander!!” said Misaki while shaking their bodies

But, alas, they don’t respond. When she places her finger on their nose, she realizes that they don’t’ breath.

“Hey, hey, don’t joke me! Please wake up, everyone!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….. Wake up, everyone!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, huuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa!!!!” cries Misaki

“Is that you Misaki-chan…” said a voice

Misaki then sees Takato was also lying on the ground. However, much to her surprise, Takato’s chest was stabbed by a halberd.

“Takato-kun!!! Are you alright!?” asked Misaki worried while approaching Takato

“Well….. I think this is the end,” said Takato

“Huhuhuhu, don’t say like that!!” said Misaki while pulls the halberd from Takato’s chest

“I’m sorry, Misaki-chan. I can’t fulfill my promise. Good bye” said Takato with a hard breath

“Don’t say like that, Takato-kun!! What about our happiest moments? What about our promise? You must keep alive, Takato-kun!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…..” cries Misaki

“I know. But, I can’t stand it. Misaki-chan… ha…. ha….. ha….. keep alive for me….” said Takato

“You must keep alive for me!!!!” said Misaki while pushing Takato’s chest with her palms

“It’s useless…. I will die, Misaki-chan. I won’t forget our happiest and romantic moments. I also won’t forget my moments with Shuji, Yumi-chan, commander, Mayu-chan, Misuzu-chan, *****, *******, and most importantly, you Misaki-chan,” said Takato as he almost passed out

“Don’t die, Takato-kun!!! Don’t die!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, you are very stupid, Takato-kun. You forget our promise!!!! Huuuuuuuu, huuuuuuaaaaaa,” cries Misaki

“Well I may die, but I will always in your heart…. ha…. ha… ha…. ha……. I promise, in the heaven, I always remember you, Misaki-chan… ha…. ha…… ha…. ha….. One more…. I…. I…” said Takato

“I, what?” asked Misaki

“I… I… I….. I…… lo………” said Takato before he closes his eyes

Suddenly, Misaki broke to tears.

“I lo… what? I lo.. what!!?? You can’t die Takato-kun, you can’t, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” said Misaki while pushing Takato’s chest with her palms

But, alas, Takato didn’t respond at all.

“Please wake up!!! Wake up!!! Wake up, Takato-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Misaki

Misaki then places her finger in front of Takato’s nose, and she finds that Takato doesn’t breathe anymore. Misaki cries even more hard.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……… you are a ****, Takato-kun!!!!!!!!! Why you forget our promise!!!? How you can be so mean? You are so mean, Takato-kun, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……….. Huuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuhuuuuuuuuu, huaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” cries Misaki very hard while hugging Takato’s lifeless body

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Huaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu, Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatooooooooooooo-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cries Misaki, which her cries can be hear until the space

“Taaaaaaaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaaatooooooooooo-kuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Misaki while she wakes up in the real world

Misaki then sees that she returns to her room. She then sees the surroundings, there is no any debris nor her friends, especially Takato dies.

“Haaaaaaaaaa…… ha……… ha……. haaaaa…… I glad that it was just a dream,” said Misaki with a glad breath

Suddenly, Misaki cries.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…… Takato-kun, you are very stupid!! You forget our promise!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…….. Thank goodness you still alive, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob,” cries Misaki

However, Misaki feels that she not sure if Takato is still alive. She then slowly opens her room’s door and reluctantly walks through the corridor. Her heart beats more faster, as she afraid if Takato is really die, like in her dream.

On the other side…., Takato was in the same place where Misaki was. He looked very confused.

“Where am I? Misaki-chan!!!!!!!!!! Shuji!!!!!!!!! Yumi-chan!!!!!!!!!!!! Commander!!!!!!! Where are you, guys!!!!!!??” shouts Takato

However, like Misaki, there were no sound. Takato reluctantly walks through the debris.

“What is this feel…..?” said Takato while his heart beats more faster

“Where are you guys!!!!!!!!!???? Shuji!!!!! Misaki-chan!!!!!” shouts Takato, but there is no respond

“What is this place?” asked Takato

Suddenly, he sees a petrified Ultraman Draco is lying on the ground. Takato was very shocked.

“That……….’s meeeee…..!!! How come!!? If I still alive how….. ohhhh!!!! This is complicating,” said Takato in disbelief

Takato soon sees a corpse of two persons that he doesn’t know. The first has a blonde hair with a black jacket and red shirt. The other has a golden hair, he also has a backpack in his back.

“Who is that two?” asked Takato in confusion

Takato’s foot then touches something. Much to his shock, he sees Shuji, Yumi, and Commander Tanaka was lying on the ground, like what Misaki already seen.

“Shuji!!! Yumi-chan!!!!! Commander!!!! Wake up!!!!!” said Takato while shaking them

However, they didn’t respond.

“Hey wake up, guys!!!!” shouts Takato but they didn’t respond

Takato then places his palm to their face. He feels that they don’t breathe. Takato was very scared, he is shaking them more hard.

“Hey, don’t kidding me!!! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato

But alas, they still don’t respond. Takato is soon a little crying.

“Huhuhuhuhu……hi…., hik……, hik…., hik……, Wake up, guys!!!! Huhuhuhuhu…..” cries Takato

“Uuuuuuuuugggggghhhh….” groaned someone nearby Takato

Takato soon very surprise to see Misaki was lying on the ground. However, her stomach has a bullet shot and her stomach also bleeds greatly. Her mouth also spilt blood.

“Misaki-chan!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato while quickly approaching Misaki

Takato soon shakes Misaki’s body.

“Hey, wake up, Misaki-chan!!! Hold on!!! Hold on!!!! Please alive, Misaki-chan!!!!” shouts Takato

“Uuhhhhuukkk….., uhukk….., uuuuhhhhuuukkk…., Takato…….-ku…….n is that you?” asked Misaki while opening her eyes

“Misaki-chan….., thank goodness you are alright,” said Takato

“But….., but…., I can’t hold on much longer,” said Misaki while rubbing her bleeding stomach

“Hey, your stomach is bleeding, I must get you to a nearby hospital!!” said Takato

“Haaaaa……… haaaaa……. haaaaaaa….. it’s useless, Takato-kun. I can’t live more….. My blood type is a special O-type. I can’t get a normal O blood type so easily. It seems I need leave you,” said Misaki

“Don’t say like that!!!!! Remember our promise!!! Remember our moments!!!!! You must keep alive, Misaki-chan!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu…..” cries Takato while trying to stop the bleeds, only Misaki loses more blood

“Haaaaaaa….. ha……….. ha……. It seems I can’t fulfill my promise…… ha…. ha….. Takato-kun, promise me you will keep alive……. ha………..,” said Misaki while she almost loses her conscious

“Don’t die!!!!!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu, sob, sob, sob, sob, you must fulfill your promise!!!! If you die, I don’t know what I would do without you, huhuhuhu…….” cries Takato

“Why are you crying…………? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa….. haaaaaaa…… haaaaa….. I can’t hold it longer, but I really happy to meet you, Takato-kun. This is my most happiest time. Even if I die, I will always in your heart. You won’t forget our happiest moments, so do I,” said Misaki while wiping Takato’s tears

“Misaki-chan………. I won’t forget you!! I promise!!!” said Takato with full determination

“Haaaaaa….. haaaaaaaaaa….. haaaaa… Thank you, Takato-kun!” said Misaki with a smile, before she closes her eyes

Suddenly, Takato feels his heart was stabbed and he also broke to tears. Moreover, there is also rains in the scene.

“Hey, don’t kidding me!!! Wake up, Misaki-chan!!!! Wake up!!!! You must keep survive for me!!! Wake up!!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuuuhuuuuuuuuuuu….. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaa…….!!!!!” Cries Takato

However, nor Takato’s shouts or the rains’ water, could make Misaki even moving her head. Takato only can cry as hard as he can.

“Huhuhuhuhu…… Why do you forget our promise!!!! You are so mean, Misaki-chan, hik….., hik……, hik…., hik….., haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………., huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa….. Please!!!! Answer me, at least once!!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa……..” cries Takato

However, Misaki still doesn’t respond, indicating she is really dies. There is nothing Takato can do to make Misaki wakes up, again. But, Takato hugs Misaki more tightly

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………., hiiiiiiikkk……., hiiiiik……, hikkkkk….., hikkkk, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……………., huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato in the rain

However, Takato’s eyes become red before his eyes become purple.

“Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato in the real world

Takato reluctantly opens his eyes. He then sees he is sleeping in the floor. He also sees his own room. Moreover, there is no more the corpse of his deceased friends, especially Misaki.

“Hooooooooo….. Thank goodness, that is just a dream,” said Takato while covering her face with his palms

“But……, what was that dream? Why I dreaming Misaki-chan dies?” asked Takato to himself

“Also, what if Misaki-chan still dies, like in my dream,” said Takato while slowly opens his door’s room and slowly walks through the corridor

Takato’s heart beats more faster. He can’t stand if Misaki dies. He can’t do anything without her support. In a corridor, both Takato and Misaki meet each other. They were very surprised but also glad since they know that both still alive. Both Takato and Misaki are speechless. They don’t know what they should say. Their feelings like a fusion of happy and sad feelings.

“Aaaaaaammmm, hello, Misaki-chan,” greeted Takato

“Hello, Takato-kun. What are you doing in the middle of the night?” asked Misaki

“Aaaaaammm, just get some fresh air. How about you? It’s not good for a young girl like you still awake,” said Takato worried

“Aaaaammm, I need to go to the toilet,” said Misaki

“Aaaaaammm, bye, Misaki-chan,” said Takato

“Yeah, see you, Takato-kun,” said Misaki

Soon the two face back and starts walking to their room. However, the two stop for a while. Their bodies like shaking a little. The two then face each other again. Surprisingly, both Takato and Misaki are broke to tears. They soon approach each other.

“Misaki-chan!!!!!!!” shouts Takato

“Takato-kun!!!!!!!!!” shouts Misaki

The two soon hugs each other.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……. Takato-kun, I have a dream that you are dead. I really scared, huhuhuhuhuhuhu, I really scared if you really die…. hik….., hik….., hik….., hik……” cries Misaki in Takato’s hug

“Huuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuhuuuuu…. I also very scared. I also have a dream that you also die. If you, if you, if you die, I don’t, huhuhuhuhuhuhu….., what I would do in the future without you, sob, sob, sob, sob,” cries Takato while hugging Misaki

“Please, huhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuuuhuhu….., keep alive for me……, don’t die!! Huuuuuuuaaaaaaa….” cries Misaki harder

“I know! Please you also keep alive for me, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………” cries Takato

“I will,” said Misaki

Suddenly, Takato releases his hug, albeit he still holding Misaki’s shoulders. Both then staring at each other for a while. Slowly but sure, their lips slowly approaching each other. Their lips more and more close to each other. Both Takato and Misaki are surely will do a kiss at each other. Their lips now only a few millimeters now. When they are gonna do a kiss, both Takato and Misaki shook their heads off.

“What am I doing?” asked Takato

“Yes, what am I doing?” asked Misaki

“Well, Misaki-chan, I have something,” said Takato while taking a ruby necklace

“What is that?” asked Misaki

“This is my mother’s precious necklace. I want you to wear it,” said Takato

“Aaaaah, no, thanks, Takato-kun,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan. After all, my mother wants this necklace has an inheritor,” said Takato

“Well, if you say so, please, let me wear it,” said Misaki

“Sure, but I will wear it to you,” said Takato

“Aaaahhh, I can wear it,” said Misaki

“Aaaahh, don’t be shy,” said Takato

Takato then wears it to Misaki. On the other side, Misaki places her palms to her chest. Her heart beats more faster. Her cheeks become red.

“What is this feelings? So warm, so joyful, so lovely,” said Misaki in her mind while now places her palms to her cheeks

“Naaa! That should do it!!” said Takato

Misaki then sees her new necklace. The necklace is so pretty. No girl or women can’t stand to be attracted by the necklace.

“So, pretty…. Thank you, Takato-kun!!” said Misaki with a very big smile

“Your welcome. One more. If you miss me, just look at that necklace. Also, that would be the mark about our promises and it also your luck charm,” said Takato

“Yes, Takato-kun!!” said Misaki while hugging Takato

The two soon releases the hug. Both Takato and Misaki soon go back to their room. However, before Misaki enters her room, she looks at her necklace.

“Thank you, Takato-kun…” said Misaki with a big smile before enters her room


“A young man received a torch. However, he didn’t know the responsibility of having the torch,” said the narrator in a black place before it lights up a bit, revealing Takato is standing there.

“Would he bear the responsibility of the torch? If he can’t use it, all of his close one would die,” said narrator while Takato slowly raises the Drago Lens.

“He must become an Ultraman, in order to protect his close one and the other,” said the narrator while the Drago Lens was opening, making a four elemental dragon flies through the screen

Opening: Rising High

Battle Theme: Gaia no Chikara

Chapter 1: Shopping In The Mall & Takato’s Strange AttitudeEdit

In a nearby bus stop, a bust stops for a while. There are so many passengers that come down from the bus, including Takato, Shuji, Misaki and Yumi. As usual, Takato wears his dark blue square shirt, while Shuji wears a green T-Shirt. Misaki also wears a pink shirt with a mini skirt while Yumi wears a red tank top with a brown jacket. They are walking to a nearby mall.

“Haaaaaaaa……. I can’t believe I need to go shopping with a nosy woman,” protests Shuji

“Hey! I’m really a nosy woman, so what do you want?” asked Yumi angered

“So, you want to fight me, huh?” said Shuji

“Hey, don’t dispute in this place. It’s so embarrassing if the citizen see us,” said Takato

“Yes, Takato-kun is right,” added Misaki

“Alright,” said both Shuji and Yumi

They then enter the mall, before they are going up to the third floor, which has so many cloth shops. Well, only Misaki and Yumi who were excited, Takato and Shuji just feel neutral, not happy or sad either.

“Huh! I will go the fourth floor which has books counters,” said Shuji

“Huh! Do whatever you want,” said Shuji

“Well, I will stay with the girls. They need some protection,” said Takato

“Alright, Takato-san,” said Shuji while leaving them

When they are walking, Yumi decides to leaves Takato and Misaki alone, which they accept it. On their way, Takato and Misaki meets Hikaru and Misuzu.

“Oh, hello, Takato-sempai,” said both Hikaru and Misuzu in unison

“Hello, Hikaru-san, Misuzu-chan,” said Takato

“What are you doing here?” asked Hikaru

“Just going shopping with Misaki-chan, how about you?” replied Takato

“Just the same as you,” said Hikaru

“Oh, yeah, Takato-sempai, are you really sure you are not doing any romantic moments or anything?” asked Misuzu

“Aaaammm, dunno,” said Takato

“Let’s talk about it,” said Misuzu while dragging Takato to somewhere

However, a jealous Misaki and Hikaru soon drags Takato and Misuzu, instead.

“Aaaaaammm, I’m sorry, Misuzu. But, I and Takato-kun is really busy an thanks for cutting my hair,” said Misaki

“Sure, your welcome,” said Misuzu

“And, Takato-sempai, we also busy. So, see you later,” said Hikaru

“Yeah,” replied Takato

Takato then leaves Misaki on her own, because she can’t choose any clothes that she wants. Takato then buys a French fries. And as usual, he puts so much salt on the French fries. He then starts eating it

“Uuuuummmm, delicious. French fries with salt is always tasty,” said Takato in joy

However, Misaki meets Takato again, but she carries a ton of clothes.

“Uuuuugggghhhhh, Takato-kun…. Here I think it’s enough,” said Misaki while carrying the clothes

“Woooooooaaaaaa, enough!? That’s too many, Misaki-chan. You must choose it,” said Takato while defending himself, so the clothes won’t be dropped to him

“But…. but…. They were all pretty an sexy,” said Misaki while shedding a tear

“I know you want to buy it. But, in the end, you must choose it,” said Takato

“Uuummm,” said Misaki

Unfortunately, Misaki accidentally dropped her clothes, making Takato was buried by the clothes. But, Misaki manages to help him.

“Oh yeah, Takato-kun. Here a present for you,” said Misaki while showing a dark blue shirt with a dark red jacket with a dark green jeans and yellow kets shoes

“Hey, I don’t want it. I don’t interested in fashion,” said Takato

“Don’t worry. I will buy it. It’s very fit to you,” said Misaki

“Alright,” said Takato

Takato then enters the changing room and wears it. He then comes out from it. Suddenly, Misaki’s heart beats faster and her cheeks become redder. He can’t stand to see Takato is so handsome with those clothes. She then reflexes to hug Takato.

“Takato-kun!!” said Misaki while hugging Takato

“Hey, Misaki-chan… It’s so embarrassing, please release me,” said Takato while his cheeks becomes redder

“Alright,” said Misaki while releasing her hug

Misaki then enters the changing room and soon tries those clothes. She tries a cowboy clothes.

“No!” said Takato while eating his French fries

Misaki then tries to switch with a punk girl clothes and a rocker clothes.

“No!” said Takato while eating his French fries

Misaki then tries a sexy rider clothes, an astronaut clothes, a clothes with mini skirt, pink tank top and a blue jacket then a red sleeveless sweater with a blue jeans.

“No!” said Takato while eating his French fries

Misaki then tries with Gomora’s clothes, a mermaid clothes, a sleeping clothes, a witch clothes, a kimono clothes and much more.

“No!” said Takato while eating his French fries

Misaki then tries with a long yellow halterneck clothes and a swimsuit.

“Bruuuuuuussss…………… No!” said Takato while eating his French fries while shocked to see Misaki is wearing a swimsuit in a mall

“How about this!” said Misaki while wearing a high school uniform

“Hey, is that the uniform present from Misuzu-chan,” said Takato while eating his French fries

“Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that I also brought it, but that’s the last,” said Misaki saddened

“Don’t be sad, just look for another clothes. Oh yeah, I nee to buy more French fries,” said Takato while he and Misaki are departing again

However, Takato feels an acute headache. He can’t stand it, it’s like the world is spinning and he almost beheaded.

“Why…..? Why, I feels so spiny. It’s like the world upside down,” said Takato before he collapsed to the ground

“Misaki-chan……….” whispered Takato before his eyes become red

Takato soon gets up, with still having his red eyes. He then gives out a little evil smirk. He then sees Yumi and Misuzu were entering a changing room. He then takes a nearby hanger.

“This will be exciting….. Muuuuuuuahahahahahahaha,” laughed Takato

When Misuzu is almost opens her shirt, she sees the door was forcefully opened.

“Hey!!!! Who is that!!!? Is not polite to see a girl is changing her clothes,” protests Misuz

But, she was very shocked before the camera becomes blank. Misaki, on the other side, found an interesting clothes.

“Wow! This is so pretty and sexy,” said Misaki before she is walking to the counter

She stops for awhile. She is staring something, she even doesn’t flinch. Her eyes are full of stars. She then drops the clothes and holding her hands in her cheek.

“How……. cute!!!!???” said Misaki with a chubby face

After Misaki’s thins were all packaged, she sees Takato is approaching her, with a normal eyes.

“Eeeh, Takato-kun. Come here!” said Misaki

“Yes,” said Takato

“What’s wrong?” asked Misaki

“I don’t know…. My head was spinning around before I fell unconscious. When I opened my eyes, I… just standing in the middle of this place,” said Takato while shooking his head

“Heeeee… a strange experiences?” replied Misaki

Suddenly, Hikaru approaches Takato with an anger face, while Misuzu was like a shocked girl and her body is chills. Yumi also approaches Takato with an even anger face.

“What’s happening, guys. Why you all looked angry?” asked Takato

Suddenly, Hikaru punches Takato, right in his cheek with great force, making Takato falls to the ground. Yumi also swings her bag to Takato, injuring Takato more. Misaki was very worried and approaches Takato.

“Takato-kun, are you alright?” asked Misaki worried

“Yeah… Hey, why you all acting like a villain?” asked Takato in confusion

“Takato-sempai, I know you are a human…. But what did you do is very menacing!!!!!” said Hikaru

“Yeah, Takato-san. You are even more menacing than Shuji-san!!!!” said Yumi

“Haaaaaaaa…..??” replied Takato in confusion

“Don’t play with me. You forcefully opened the changing room that contains Misuzu. You ten made her fell unconscious. You then took all of her clothes from her boy and in that room!!! Do you know how Misuzu was very embarrassed and shocked!!!! Do you know that!!!!???” said Hikaru very angry

“Same with me!!!” said Yumi

“Hey, don’t blame Takato-san,” said Shuji while approaching them

“Yeah, that can’t be Takato-kun. He is a good guy,” said Misaki

“Yeah, I don’t know what are you talking about,” said Takato

However, they sees a CCTV television, showing a big evidences for what Takato is already done.

“Now way…..” said both Misaki and Shuji in shocked

“That can’t be me!!!! I don’t do that!! Really!!!! I don’t even remember that!!!!” said Takato

“Huh! I thought you are a good senior, but I think I was very wrong… Come on, Misuzu-chan,” said Hikaru while leaving them, same with Yumi

“Oi, Yumi!!! Are you not trusting Takato-san!?” said Shuji while chasing her

Takato looks down, very upset.

“I don’t do it! I don’t do it!! I don’t remember it!!!!Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….” cries Takato

“Don’t worry, Takato-kun. That can’t be you. Let’s go,” said Misaki

“Thanks, Misaki-chan. Aaaaammm, what I you buy?” asked Takato while trying to see Misaki’s package

“That’s a secret,” said Misaki while hiding the package behind her

Because of the intense reaction from Yumi, Takato tries Shuji’s newest invention, Riding Vendor. A motorcycle that can’t be controlled from afar and can be changed to a vendor machine. Misaki then hugs Takato. She is very happy to hug Takato again. But, Takato is very confused. Both then rides to the their base.

“I really don't remember or even do it!” said Takato while riding his Riding Vendor

Chapter 2: Takato’s Friends Abandoning HimEdit

Takato was sleeping in his room. He sleeps like a baby, hugging a bolster.

“Zzzzzzz……. Zzzzzzzz…..” snores Takato

Suddenly, someone is throwing a basket full of cold water to Takato.

“Puuuuuaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Who did that?” said Takato while taking a deep breath since he was forcefully woke up

He then sees he was surrounded by his friends. They seem very angry. Takato could only sweating, seeing his friends is very angry.

“Aaaaamm, what do you want guys?” asked Takato while sweating more

“Why…? Why…? Takato-sempai!? Why did you this to me? Huhuhuhuhuhu……” cries Misuzu

“You are heartless, sempai!!!! You are no longer the senior that inspired me!!! You are a beast!!!!!!” shouts Hikaru

“Wait, I don’t, I don’t…” said Takato

“Don’t do it!!???? Heh!!! We already seen the record!!! Don’t lie to yourself!!!!!” shouts Yumi

“I thought you are a good guy, Kagawa…. But, I think I was wrong!!!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka

“I have to said this again…. You are not my son!!!! Not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato’s father

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhu, but, dad, I really don’t do it, hik…. hik…., hik….., hik……” cries Takato

“Stop, your crocodile’s tears. We don’t need it!!! You are not a figure that I really admired for you, Takato-san!!!!” shouts Shuji

“Shuji…….” said Takato while shedding more tears

Suddenly, Takato’s mother appears with angry face also.

“Takato…….. I didn’t grow you up like this!!!! We are not a son and mother anymore!!!! I’m not love you anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato’s mother

“But, mom….. I didn’t do that!! Trust me!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu…..” cries Takato while holding his mother

“Stop it!!! You are not my son anymore!!!” said Takato’s mother while releasing Takato

They then prepare a bat. Takato could only helplessly watch they will hit him with the bats.

“I can’t trust you, Takato-kun. I’m not love you anymore!!! I have someone that more care about me!!!! Good bye!!!!!” said Misaki before they hit Takato with those bats

“Wuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa!!!! Misuzu-chan!!! Hikaru-san!!!! Yumi-chan!!!! Commander Tanaka!!!!!! Dad…. Mom….!!!! Shuji!!!!!!!!! Misaki-chan!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato while he was hitted by the bats

Outside on Takato’s room window, there is Drago who is lying on the night sky while eating a big popcorn. He eats them lazily while sees Takato was mercilessly beaten by his friends.

“Exciting!!!!” said Drago while eating more popcorn

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Takato

However, when he opens his eyes, there is no one in his room. Takato looks closely on his room which bathed by the moonlight. But, still there is no one in his room, except himself. Takato then gives a deep breath.

“Fuuuuuuaaaa….. I’m glad that was just a dream,” said Takato while wiping his sweats

He then sees the clock that it still 10:00. Surely, because of that tiring day, he needs to go sleep early.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….. Why…? Why….!? Why Hikaru-san and Misuzu-chan won’t trust me!!? I really don’t do it!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh…..!!!!” said Takato while throwing his pillow to the floor

But, he realizes that he still have Commander Tanaka, Shuji and Misaki who still trust him.

“I won’t make them distrust me!!!” said Takato with full determination

Suddenly, someone is knocking the door. Takato then opens his room door, only to find Shuji.

“Hey, Takato-san. Good night. How is your night?” asked Shuji with a smile

“Well, I can’t get asleep because all of that blames in that mall,” said Takato

“Heeeemmmm…. Those guys don’t know what they think!! How come Takato-san, who is a very nice guy could do that,” said Shuji angered

“Yes… But…, I still don’t know something….” said Takato

“Something…?” asked Shuji

“Nevermind! What are you doing?” asked Takato

“Well, just follow me to my room,” said Shuji while they enter Shuji’s room

Takato didn’t surprise to see Shuji’s room, it’s just like his own room.

“So, what is this mean?” asked Takato in confusion

“Hehehehe… Just take one of my books,” said Shuji

Takato then takes one of the books from the shelf. Much to Takato’s surprise, he founds the book if full of blueprints. Takato was shocked and takes another book, and it’s still full of blueprints. Takato takes more books, but it’s still contains blueprint.

“Wha…, what…, what is this mean, Shuji!?” asked Takato in horror

“Are you don’t know? My dream is to become a famous inventor. When I was a kid, I read about “Doraemon” comics. Since then, I decided to become an inventor, so the people in our world will become more happy,” said Shuji with a big smile

“Wow… Your dream is so big. I hope you could achieve your dream,” said Takato

“Yeah, thanks. Except, my paths are a distraction for my dreams…” whispered Shuji

“Eeehhh? What did you say?” asked Takato

“Aaaaammm, nevermind,” replied Shuji with a big smile

“Oh yeah, how long did you take for creating my motorcycle?” asked Takato

“Oh, Riding Vendor. Not long, I can finish it only half a year,” said Shuji

“But, creating a motorcycle isn’t easy you know,” said Takato

“Yes, but I already learnt more about technology, after all I have my men,” said Shuji

“Men…?” asked Takato

“Nevermind. Oh yeah, not only that, I decide to create a car that can convert air to it’s energy, a small and big flashlight, solar panels, some machine that can convert chemicals to a safe food and drink, anywhere door, a plan to create a factory that won’t pollute the environment, and much more,” said Shuji while showing some of it’s blueprints

“Wow!! If you really become an inventor, we will surely live more well than now,” said Takato

“Wait a minute, I will get some milks for you and I,” said Shuji

When Shuji leaves his focus to Takato, Takato feels the same headache that he felt in the mall.

“No… not this headache again,” said Takato before his sight becomes blank

“Here, Takato-san!” said Shuji while throwing Takato a milk

Takato slowly opens the milk’s caps. However, he doesn’t drink it, Takato just sees the milk, much to Shuji’s confusion.

“Aaaaaaammmm, Takato-san… Why are you standing still?” asked Shuji

“Eat this!!” said Takato while throwing a bottle of milk to Shuji

“Taka…to…-san… What are you doing?” asked Shuji while wiping some milk in his face

“Huh!? A dream to become an inventor? Don’t kidding me!!!! You know that I hate inventor so much!!!” shouts Takato to Shuji

“Takato-san… Why did you say like that!!!?? Didn’t you also happy I become an inventor!!!??? So, what you already said is just a lie!!?” said Shuji very disappointed

“Yeah!!! That’s a lie!! Becoming an inventor is one of most fault in life!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato

“So…, you really are a bad person. No…, you are a beast!!! Neither human would say like that!!!!!! Yumi and Misuzu-chan were right…. You are not my friend again!!!!!” said Shuji

“Dream on!!!” said Takato while he rips Shuji’s books

“Takato-san…. What are you doing!!!??” said Shuji while trying to stop Takato from ripping his books

“Release me!!! I will destroy your dream, muuuuuahahahahahaha!!!” laughed Takato while he throws Shuji down and keeps ripping Shuji’s books

“Please…, stop… Please, stop, Takato-san….. Please!!!!!” shouts Shuji while crying

However, Takato soon stops ripping the books. He then looks at his surrounding. Takato only finds that there is so much paper on the ground. Takato was surprised to see Shuji was lying on thr ground.

“Shuji, what’s happening?” asked Takato while approaching a saddened Shuji

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Shuji while punching Takato right in his cheek

“Shuji… what are you doing?” asked Takato confused

“Look! Are you happy now for destroying my books? Destroying my dream? Are you happy now, Takato-san!!!!!!!!???” shouts Shuji

“Destroying your books…? I even don’t know about that! I don’t do it! I swear,” said Takato

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!” shouts Shuji while pulling Takato to exit his room, before he throws Takato to the floor

“Look, Takato-san…. We are not friends, anymore!! Friends won’t destroy their dream each other!!!!” said Shuji before he forcefully closes his door

“Shuji…” said Takato

Takato was walking through the corridor. He can’t believe Shuji also abandons him. It’s like Takato doesn’t have any desire nor any dream or even mind again. He just like a walking zombie.

“Why…? Why…? Why…? Why, god!? Why everyone abandons me!?” asked Takato

Takato then hears someone is singing. He then goes to the place where the sound was played. Much to his surprise, it was from Yumi’s room. Takato slowly opens the door and sees Yumi is singing a song. And Takato was impressed, it was like he heard an angel’s sounds. After Yumi ends his sing, Takato enters her room.

“Eeeeeehhh!? Takato-san, what are you doing? Are you want to do something bad to me also?” asked Yumi

“Well, I have to admit, your singing is very good. Why don’t you become a singer?” replied Takato

“Huh! Don’t try to be nice to me. It won’t work!” said Yumi

“Well, I want to say something to you…” said Takato

“What?” asked Yumi

Takato then feels the same headache.

“Huh! Your singing making me sick. I can’t believe a bad singer like you live!!” said Takato

“Hah!!? So…, you really a beast, Takato-san!!! You are a dream destroyers for us!!!!!!!!” shouts Yumi

“I’m really a dream destroyers, want to protest? Dream on!!!!!!!” shouts Takato

Takato then takes Yumi’s cassettes and cd’s.

“What are you doing?” asked Yumi

“Since, you claim that I’m a dream destroyer… I will destroy your dream!!!” said Takato while stomping all of Yumi’s cd’s and cassettes

“No…. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..” cries Yumi

However, Takato then once again looks at the surrounding again and approaches a saddened Yumi.

“YUmi-chan, are…” said Takato

“Don’t touch me, dream destroyer!!” shouts Yumi while slapping Takato’s cheek

“What, what did you mean?” asked Takato in confusion

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa, just ask to yourself!!!” shouts Yumi while she shuts down the lamp and goes to sleep

“Eeeeehhh, Yumi-chan…” said Takato but she doesn’t respond

Takato then walks through the corridor, saddened. He already lost his friends. He doesn’t know what to do. If there is a monster, it’s like he wants to punch it. Takato then leans on the wall.

“Why? Why? I must get this hard test from God? Why?” asked Takato while shedding some tears

“Oi, Kagawa. How are you tonight? You look sad” asked Commander Tanaka while finishing drinking his coffee

“Yes, commander… Everyone abandons me…” said Takato

“Well, I can’t understand why they do that to you. As, I saw you as a good guy,” said Commander Tanaka

“Me neither,” said Takato before he feels his headache again

“How about, guarding this base? This could be a good chance for you to get some fresh air,” said Commander Tanaka while touching Takato’s shoulder

However, Takato forcefully releases Commander Tanaka’s touch.

“Look! I’m not a type of guy who always follow orders! So, get the **** out of the hell and don’t give me any orders!!!” said Takato

“Hey, Kagawa… I just give some advice to you. Not ordering you,” said Commander Tanaka

“Huh! You think because you are the boss, you can give me some advice and orders!? You must think back!! For me, you are not a captain,” said Takato

“Now, I’m really mad, Kagawa. Now, apologized for me!!!” ordered Commander Tanaka

“Weeeeee!!!! I don’t take any orders!!” said Takato while showing his tongue

“You!!!!” said Commander Tanaka angered

Suddenly, Takato shakes his head again. He is the confused to see Commander Tanaka was very angry.

“Commander… why are you angry?” asked Takato

“Why don’t you just ask to yourself!!! I will send some requests to Chief Takashina to disband you!!!” said Commander Tanaka

“Why, commander!!! I don’t do anything wrong!!” protests Takato

“How about this!” said Commander Tanaka while switching on a recorder.

“Look! I’m not a type of guy who always follow orders! So, get the **** out of the hell and don’t give me any orders!!!” said Takato

“But, I swear, I never say like that!!” protests Takato

“I have the evidence and I already heard it, so stop lying!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka

“Huhuhuhuhuhu…… But, I really never say it! Please, don’t fire me!! Huhuhuhuhuhu….” cries Takato

“Stop your crocodile’s tears! I really hate it!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka before taking his leaves

“Commander…” said Takato while he only can see Commander Tanaka leaves him

Takato even more traumatized of what he already experienced. He can’t believe that his friends are leaving his friends one by one. Takato now is crying while walking through the quiet corridor.

“Huhuhuhuhuhu……. Why? Why I must got something like this!” said Takato while still crying

Suddenly, he stops in front of Misaki’s room. Takato then hopes something like what he already experienced won’t happen against Misaki.

“At least… I still have Misaki-chan,” said Takato before he slowly opens Misaki’s room’s door a little bit

He then sees that Misaki is like hugging something.

“Uuuuuummmm, you are so cute…. No wonder, I had bought you,” said Misaki while hugging something more tightly

Takato becomes more confused.

“Please, don’t go anywhere. I’m really scared if I must sleep alone,” said Misaki while rubbing that thing with her cheek

Takato becomes more even confused to see Misaki’s strange attitude.

“Muaaaa, muaaa, so cuuuuuttttteeeeeeeee…… Please don’t leave me…. I’m really afraid,” said Misaki while kissing the thing that she hugged

Takato then enters her room.

“Aaaaaaammmm, Misaki-chan……” said Takato politely

Miskai was very surprised and hides the thing that he hugged, rubbed and kissed in her back.

“Aaaahh, Takato-kun… What are you doing?” asked Misaki panicked

Takato then takes a seat in Misaki’s bed. He then gives out a deep breath.

“Well… Shuji, Yumi-chan and Commander were all abandon me. I don’t know what they said. They said that I already do something really bad, but…. I’m really don’t do it nor remember it!!” said Takato while punching Misaki’s bed

“I also don’t understand them. Why they dislike you. I mean you are a gentleman, kind, patient and very friendable,” said Misaki

“Aaaaaa… Don’t make me embarrassed. I really frustrated by it,” said Takato frustrated

Misaki then touches Takato’s hands.

“Don’t worry, Takato-kun. I promise I won’t leave. How I can leave such a nice guy like you. I will be your shoulders if you sad,” said Misaki with a big smile

Takato then hugs Misaki tightly.

“Huhuhuhuhuhu….. Thank you, Misaki-chan. Thank you very much, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….” cries Takato

“Your welcome,” replied Misaki

After they release their hug, Takato asks something.

“Oh yeah, I saw you doing some strange attitude to something,” said Takato

“Aaaa, nothing. It’s just a pillow,” said Misaki panicked

“Well, what do you hide on your back,” said Takato while trying to see Misaki’s back

“It’s nothing,” said Misaki while trying to hide something in his back

“I want to see it,” said Takato while trying to see what Misaki hides from him more

“It’s nothing,” said Misaki

“I really want to see it!!” said Takato

“I said it’s nothing!!!!!” said Misaki angered

Takato was very shocked to see Misaki was very angry. Misaki was taking a deep breath.

“Okay, I will show it to you. But, please, hik…, hik…., hik…., hik…., don’t laugh,” said Misaki while crying a little

“Stop crying, Misaki-chan. I won’t laugh,” said Takato gently

“Okay, thanks, Takato-kun. Say hello to…” said Misaki before she covers her face with her Gomora plus toy doll

“Gomora-chan!” said Misaki behind her Gomora’s doll

“Wow! So cute!” said Takato impressed

“Yes, Gomora-chan is very cute, right? That’s why I bought him in the mall,” said Misaki while rubbing her cheek to Gomora-chan

“Yes, that’s doll is very cute. No wonder you are very interested in that doll,” said Takato

“Yeah. After all, I’m quite afraid of ghost. So, I hope Gomora-chan will always with me, protecting me. And you also too, Takato-kun,” said Misaki with a big smile

“Thanks, but why you hid it in the first place?” asked Takato

“I’m afraid if you will laugh to me. Because, you know, a young girl with a cute doll and a kid piyama, no one who doesn’t state that I’m a childish girl. I’m very scared if I’m insulted as a childish and immature girl, huhuhuhuhuhu,” said Misaki while shedding some tears

“I think it’s not,” said Takato

“Ehh?” replied Misaki

“I mean a cute doll and a kid piyama actually is your characteristic. Never erase it. Be yourself. After all, all of that things actually shows that you are a really nice girl,” said Takato

“Haaaaammm, are you really serious with your words, Takato-kun?” asked Misaki

“Here the evidence,” said Takato before he kisses Misaki’s forehead

Misaki was silent for a moment. Takato kisses Misaki for about two minutes before he releases it. After that, Misaki hugs Takato tightly.

“Thank you, Takato-kun,” said Misaki

“Your welcome,” said Takato

“Oh yeah, I also bought a new clothes. I will wear it, be sure to watch it,” said Misaki before she enters her toilet

“Yeah,” replied Takato

After waiting for 5 minutes, Misaki finally comes out from her toilet. Takato’s eyes were shine, it’s like he sees an angel. Takato can blink his eyes, his focus were to Misaki. She is now very pretty. She is wearing a blue jeans and a yellow tank top. She also has a pink long sleeves jacket, but she hasn’t worn it.

“So…, how is it, Takato-kun?” said Misaki while spinning around elegantly

“I can’t say anything. You are really pretty, Misaki-chan. You are the prettiest girl I have ever met,” said Takato impressed

“Really? Don’t make me embarrassed, I think it just normal,” said Misaki with a red face

“Well, I’m serious. You must confident. Maybe this would help you,” said Takato before he hugs Misaki

“Thank you, Takato-kun,” replied Misaki

However, Takato soon falls to his knee. He feels the same headache that he already experienced.

“Not this headache again…” said Takato in his mind

“Are you alright, Takato-kun,” said Misaki worried

After some silence, Takato finally replies.

“Yes, I’m alright,” said Takato

“Thank goodness. How about me now, am I still pretty?” asked Misaki while wearing his pink jacket and spins around again

“Pretty!? Tch! You are the ugliest girl I have ever seen!!!!” said Takato to Misaki “Wha, what, are you serious, Takato-kun?” asked Misaki

“Yes, I’m serious!!! Do you not see my face!!?” shouts Takato while showing his red eyes

“But, but, what about your encouragement, your praise, that hugs, that kiss. Did you forget it?” replied Misaki

“Tch! You really an easy-manipulate girl!! Do you think I love you? Do you think I’m a good person? You must think twice!!!” shouts Takato

“It’s impossible, impossible, impossible. This is not you, Takato-kun. Wake up!!!” said Misaki while shedding some tears

“It’s really me. I’m a bad person. Are of that kind is just a façade!!! I’m really a bad guy, here!!!” shouts Takato

“Iiiiiiimmmmmmppppooooooossssssiiiiibbbbbbblllleeeeeeee!!!!” cries Misaki while hugging Takato

However, Takato releases her hug and slaps her right in her cheek. Misaki can’t believe she was slapped by Takato. She touches her cheek before she is crying as hard as she can.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……, huuuuuuuuaaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaa, hik….., hik….., hik….., hik….., hik….., Why did you do this to me, Takato-kun, huhuhuhuhuhu, I can’t believe you are a bad guy,” said Misaki while trying to kiss Takato

“Stop that kiss!!!! I really hate it!!!!!” shouts Takato while throwing Misaki to the wall

“Misaki can’t hold it anymore and she really cries very hard.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hik……, hik……., hik…….., hik………, hik……., sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……………………, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you are so mean!!!!!!” shouts Misaki

Suddenly, Takato’s eyes become normal again. He then approaches the fallen Misaki.

“Misaki-chan, what happened?” asked Takato worried

“Don’t touch me!” said Misaki

“Hey, what happened, you seem very sad,” said Takato

“Even after said so much words like that, you are still lying!!?? Takato-kun, you are so mean!!!!” shouts Misaki to a confused Takato

Misaki then jumps to her bed and covers her body with blanket awhole. She then cries in her bed.

“Misaki-chan, what happened?” asked Takato

“Don’t lie again!!! You are a bad guy, you insulted me and said that what you already done is just a façade. I’m really disappointed. You even slapped me and throwed me to the wall!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu” cries Misaki

“What are you saying, I don’t do that nor remember it!!!! I swear!!!” said Takato

Misaki then gets up and slaps Takato. Takato was shocked.

“Even after what I already said, you still lie. You are a beast, Takato-kun. Now, we are not friend anymore, and even is we are a boy and girlfriend,” said Misaki before she continues to cover herself with blanket

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…….” cries Misaki

“But, I really don’t do it, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. I don’t want our relationship broken…. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. I don’t want we must get a distance….. uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…… I don’t want….” cries Takato

“Stop your crocodile’s tears!!!” said Misaki

Takato was very shocked to hear Misaki’s words. He then sadly exits Misaki’s room. He then sadly walks through the corridor. He then enters his room. He then remembers all of the events that he already experienced.

“Takato-sempai, I know you are a human…. But what did you do is very menacing!!!!!” said Hikaru

“Look, Takato-san…. We are not friends, anymore!! Friends won’t destroy their dream each other!!!!” said Shuji before he forcefully closes his door

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa, just ask to yourself!!!” shouts Yumi while she shuts down the lamp and goes to sleep

“Stop your crocodile’s tears! I really hate it!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka before taking his leaves

“Even after what I already said, you still lie. You are a beast, Takato-kun. Now, we are not friend anymore, and even is we are a boy and girlfriend,” said Misaki before she continues to cover herself with blanket

Takato then leans his forehead to the wall. He then cries on the wall.

“Why? Why? Why everyone is abandoning me!? Why God? Why!!!? Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu” cries Takato while punching the wall multiple times

“Why God? You may can take everyone from me, but please, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, hik….., hik….., hik….., hik…., don’t take Misaki-chan from me!!! Huuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Takato while punching the wall

“Please don’t take Misaki-chan….. Deep in my heart, I really love her!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please don’t take her!!!!!!” said Takato while punching the wall, creating a crack

Takato then finds his hand is bleeding, because he has punched the wall. He then uses the bandages in the first-aid kit box. However, he is very unexperienced about putting bandages and ends up bleeds his hand more. He then sees his hand. Takato remembers that when his hand is bleeding when he was playing soccer when he was in high school. Misaki soon bandages Takato’s hand and he feels that he is really happy, even Misaki kisses Takato’s hand, in hope his hand would recover soon.

“It wasn’t same if it isn’t bandaged by Misaki-chan!!!!” said Takato while punching his bed, only his hand is bleeding more

Takato then takes a seat in his bed and could only watch the silence of his own room. He could only remember what his friends already said and abandons him, especially Misaki. Takato then cries as hard as he can in the silence of the night.

Chapter 3: Draco vs Grantella Part 1Edit

It was 09:00 A.M. Every PASM members are in the command center, except Takato and Commander Tanaka. Unlike before, the command center is like a grave. There is no sound. Misaki, Yumi and Shuji could only silence for a long time, they can’t believe that Takato is a bad guys. Even Yumi can focus reading her comic and Shuji feels that his milk is so plain. Misaki on the other side, looks down to the table with sad eyes. She can’t believe what Takato had already done to her last night. Reluctantly, she cries a little bit.

“Why God? Why you must make a distance between me and Takato-kun?” asked Misaki in her heart while shedding some tears

“Misaki-chan, are you crying?” asked Shuji worried

“Aaaaammm, not at all!” replied Misaki while wiping her tears

“Don’t lie to yourself. I know that it was very shocking to see Takato’s true personality. But, you know, it’s not easy to forget someone that you cared,” said Shuji

“But why? Why Takato-san didn’t show it to us in the first place?” replied Yumi

“If only I didn’t meet Takato-kun at the first place…. This won’t happen!!” said Misaki while punching the table

“But, don’t you think it’s strange that a good and kind person, like Takato-san could change personality so fast?” replied Yumi

“I agree, how Takato-san who we know to be nice can be a rude guy in a matter of seconds?” asked Shuji

“It’s impossible, Takato-kun already said that what he had done is just a façade!!!” said Misaki angered

The others could only silence for a moments. They fully trust now that Takato is a bad guy. They think Takato is a beast, especially Misaki, who her heart was stomped by Takato. Suddenly, Takato enters the command center. However, he seems doesn’t get enough sleep, his eyes’ sheath were black. He even doesn’t wear PASM members’ uniform. Unlike before, Takato is more like despaired young man. He is now very moody and not optimistic anymore. Secretly, Takato is shedding some tears while taking a seat. An as predicted, his friends don’t want to face Takato. Takato even becomes more sad.

“Everyone…. Shuji……..Yumi-chan……..Misaki-chan……..” said Takato in his mind while shedding some tears

But, they don’t respond. However, for Misaki, silencing Takato is very hard to her. It seems in her heart, she is crying. She can’t stand to abandon her love. But, she knows that Takato is bad guy that she must be hated.

“Takato-kun is bad guy…. Bad guy….. Bad guy…..!!! Bad guy!!!!!!” shouts Misaki in her mind

“Misaki-chan……. I love you……..” whispered Takato while placing his hand that was bleeding last night

Misaki seems to hear Takato’s previous words and secretly sees Takato, same with the other. Much to their surprise, Takato’s hand is quite dirty because of the non-stop bleeds dirtying the bandages that Takato used. Misaki was very worried to Takato and soon gets up from her seat and approaches a saddened Takato.

“Takato-kun, are you alright…….?” asked Misaki worried

Unfortunately, before Misaki could touch Takato’s bleeding hand, she stops. Misaki then changes her mind.

“Huh!!!!” replied Misaki while turning back Takato and takes her seat again

Takato soon holds his head, out of frustration. He then cries more. But, everyone don’t notice it and even if they are, they are still silencing Takato.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……… Misaki-chan………. Why? Why? Why do you hate me? I really love you…… Huhuhuhuhuhu” whispered Takato while crying

Suddenly, Commander Tanaka enters the command center.

“Oi, Kagawa… You should thanks to Chief Takashina. He told me that he will give you some times to introspect yourself. Until that time, you aren’t allowed to do any activity that have any relation with PASM,” said Commander Tanaka

Takato could only nod and sadly exits the command center. After some minutes, Msiaki feels very worried to Takato. She then gets up and exits the command center.

“Where do you want to go, Misaki-chan?” asked Shuji

“Aaaaaammmm, just go to the toilet,” said Misaki before she really exits the command center

However, Misaki secretly goes to Takato’s room. She tries herself to be not noticed by anyone. After some minutes, Misaki in front of Takato’s room. She actually wants to reconcile with Takato, despite he is a bad and rude guy.

“Why I feel that I want to reconcile with Takato-kun….?” said Misaki in her mind before she opens the door

Much to her surprise, there is no Takato. More surprisingly, Takato’s room is so disorganized. All of the books in Takato’s shelf were throwed down to the floor. Takato’s laptop also heavily damaged and his bed now upside down. Moreover, the window also broke. Most of Takato’s books also ripped. Misaki could only gazed to see the disorganized room of Takato. She couldn’t believe that the impact of abandoning Takato was so huge. Misaki then sees that Takato also ripped their photos. She then falls to her knee. Misaki then collects the remaining pieces of their photos and places it on her chest. She then cries over what he already saw.

“Hik…., hik….., hik……, hik….., hik….., hik….. Why? Why God? Huhuhuhuhuhuhu…… Why you must make a distance between me and Takato-kun?” asked Misaki to herself

On the other side, Takato was sitting on a bench in a park. He is eating a very salty hamburger.

“Uuuummmm, it’s not so delicious when I’m not happy,” said Takato very desperate, as he already putted the remaining salt to the burger but he still tasted it as sour

Suddenly, Takato’s handphone is ringing. He then finishes his burger and start to chat with the person on the handphone.

“Hello, who is this?” asked Takato

“Hello, Takato,” said the voice

“Aaaaaammmm, who are you?” asked Takato in confusion

“How can you forget me? I already cared about you since you were little,” said the voice

“Cared about me since I was little….. Don’t say that you are……. Impossible!!!! Koyomi onee-chan!!??” replied Takato very surprised

“Bingo!!! Did you forget me?” said Takato’s sister

“How I can forget you? You already take cared me since I was 7. Long time no talk, onee-chan. Last time you must leave me when I was 16, because you must get work overseas,” said Takato

“Yes, I really miss you, Takato, my little brother,” said Takato’s sister

“I really hope if we can meet again. I really miss you, onee-chan. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…….” cries Takato

“Hey, hey, it’s not like you. Don’t worry Takato, soon I will return to Tokyo back. I promise I won’t leave you again,” said Takato’s sister

“Thank you, onee-chan……” said Takato while wiping his tears

“Oh yeah, why you sound like you are really sad?” asked Takato’s sister worried

“Well, it’s nothing!!” said Takato

“Hey, don’t forget, Takato. We are family. Moreover, we are siblings. I will always become your place to confide in. Don’t be shy to express it,” said Takato’s sister

“Well, onee-chan… I was hated by my friends. It’s so hurting my heart….. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………….. I don’t want to be hated…… Especially, I really don’t do what they think I had done something bad, huhuhuhuhuhuhu…….” cries Takato

“Aaaaammmm, I’m not an expert in this kind of situation. But, had you already apologized?” asked Takato’s sister

“Apologized? But I really didn’t do it nor remember it,” replied Takato

“Well, it’s not about you really do it or not. But, it’s about yourself, Takato. I mean the Takato that I know is that he will take any suffers from his friends. That mean, despite you are innocent, remember your true self, Takato. Takato who is not thinking about he is innocent or not but rather about is he takes everyone else’s suffers. That’s my Takato, my little brother. You should apologize to them. If you don’t want to be hated, just do anything that will take and cool down everyone’s suffers,” said Takato’s sister

“Onee-chan….. Thanks….” said Takato

“You’re welcome. I will always near you, Takato. By the way, did you do something that is risky?” asked Takato’s sister

Takato is silenced for a moment. He can’t tell his sister that he becomes an Ultra. If she knows that her little brother is fighting to the dead, Takato’s sister would be really worry.

“Aaaaaammmm, no. Why do you ask me like that, onee-chan?” asked Takato

“Because…., after 4 years, I finally can meet my lovely little brother. Hik…. hik…. hik….. hik….. hik…. If I return to the Tokyo and find my little brother becomes a corpse, I can’t stand to believe it, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” said Takato’s sister while a little crying

“Don’t worry, onee-chan! I promise I will be alright!! We will always together until one of us dies. I promise!!!” said Takato

“Sob, sob, sob, thanks, Takato. You really are my little brother. You never change,” said Takato’s sister

Suddenly, Takato feels an earthquake. Then a humanoid scorpion appears from the ground. That monster is mostly blue, he has two blue pincers and a tail cannon in his head. The monster soon gives out a loud screeches, which can be heard by Takato’s sister.

“Aaaaaammmm, Takato…. What is that sound?” asked Takato’s sister

“It’s nothing! We will talk more after you arrive in Tokyo. Bye!” said Takato before he hangs up his handphone

The monster, called Grantella, soon opens his chest, revealing so many cannons on his stomach. He then fires the cannons, destroying the city. While most citizen were run in terror, Takato charges in to Grantella.

“Can I get a little vacation when I’m out of works? Oh well, let’s go Drago!!” said Takato while showing his Drago Lens

“Tch! Okay, Takato!!” said Drago

“Draco!!!!!” shouts Takato before the Drago Lens opens

Suddenly, the screen becomes black, before a flame dragon flies through the screen, leaving a fire tornado. Draco Flame Burst then rises with each rise he becomes bigger and bigger and the screen shine more gold and gold. There is also a voice when Draco rises.

“Flame Burst! Bou, bou, bou, bou, bou!” said the voice

Draco soon jumps in to the battlefield. He then circles Grantella a little bit.

“Now, let’s battle!!!” shouts Draco before he charges in to Grantella

(Instrumental Theme: Life is SHOW TIME Instrumental Ver.)

Draco then performs his usual flying side kick, staggering Grantella for a moment. After that, Draco then performs multiple reverse kicks to Grantella, before uppercuts Grantella, with both of his feet. Draco then jumps into the air and grabs Grantella’s shoulders before he executes a multiple kicks to Grantella’s stomach. Draco then performs a hook drop kick, making Grantella falls to the ground. Draco then jumps in to Grantella’s body, he then performs so much punches to Grantella’s body. However, the monster throws Draco aside. Grantella then fires his Spiracles Cannon to Draco multiple times. Draco can’t even get up, he could only watch helplessly that he is attacked by Grantella.

“Guuuuuuuwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa!!!” shouts Draco while attacked by Spiracles Cannon

At the climax, Grantella grabs Draco and fires his Tail Cannon, right to the Ultra’s Life Gauge. Draco was thrown several meters away and he can’t get up. In Draco’s mind, it can be seen that Takato is clutching his chest. Takato was greviously injured, even the impact of Tail Cannon, making a perfect hole in his shirt.

“Oi, Takato, get up!!!!!” shouts Drago

“Haaaaaaa…… Haaaaaaaaa……. Haaaaaaaaa…… I can’t, Drago. I feel a great pain from my chest, aaaaaaaa…….. aaaaaaaa…… Misaki-chan…….. Uhuk…… uhuk…….” said Takato while clutching his chest, moreover, Takato’s mouth now bleeds so much blood

Grantella slowly approaches Draco. If he fires his Tail Cannon to the Ultra’s Life Gauge again, Takato must bid farewell to Misaki and the others.

“What should I do?” asked Takato to himself while seeing Grantella is charging his Tail Cannon

However, Grantella was shot in his back by all three PASM’s Flyers.

“So, Ultraman Draco appears again,” said Misaki

“Please be safe, Takato-san,” said Shuji in his mind

“I hate to say this but let Ultraman Draco does the rest of the battle. We only help him if he is in danger,” Illustrator

“Why should we do that?” asked Yumi

“We must collect enough data of Ultraman Draco,” said Illustrator

“Roger! Stand by, guys!” ordered Commander Tanaka

Back to Ultraman Draco. He then gets up, with full determination. Whenever, there is Misaki, Takato gains more fighting spirit.

“Yosh! Thank you, Misaki-chan!” thanked Takato to Misaki, despite she hates him now

Before Grantella could fire his cannons again, Draco uses Dragon Enlargement to enlarge his hand. Draco then picks Grantella and slaps the monster to the ground multiple times. Draco then throws the monster aside, before the Ultra performs multiple reverse kicks to Grantella. Draco then performs so much roundhouse kicks as much as he can before performs an uppercut kicks. Draco then performs a headstand and performs a drop kick to Grantella, throwing the monster several ways. The Ultra waste no time to pull Grantella’s tail and throws the monster to the ground. After the monster gets up, Draco performs a superman punch to Grantella, staggering the monster. Though Grantella tries to hold the Ultra’s hand, Draco whip the monster away. The Ultra soon performs so many spinning chops to the monster’s neck, before changing it into roundhouse kicks. Draco then swipes the floor, making Grantella falls down, but before the monster could touch the land, Draco performs roundhouse kick front and back leg before he uppercuts Grantella using his foot. Draco then jumps into the air and once again hold Grantella’s shoulders and performs as many kicks as he can. Draco then performs an hook kick to make Grantella falls to the ground. Draco then performs an axe kick to the monster while Grantella still bouncing in the ground. Grantella was very mad and tries to whip the Ultra using his Tail Cannon. However, the Ultra instead performs a salto in the air and chops Grantella’s head, making Grantella was shrieking out of pain. The monster soon fires his Spiracles and Tail Cannon to the Ultra with two blue energy balls from his pincers. However, Draco absorbs all of those attacks with the Dragon Shield. After Grantell stop attacking, Draco converts his shield into his hand, before releasing it to Grantella as an energy blast, creating a big explosion.

“We did it!” said Takato with a glad breath

“Yay! Ultraman Draco win!” said Misaki with a joyful smile

“No, it’s not finished!” said Drago

Suddenly, Grantella appears out of the dust, albeit he is greviously injured. Grantella was very mad and start to charge his cannons.

“If that attacks hit use again, we will die for good” said Takato scared

“Hmmmm…. Oh yeah, use Dragon Chains!” ordered Drago

“Okay!” replied Takato

“Die, Ultra!” said Grantella telepathically

“I won’t die!! Not before I say “I love you!” to Misaki-chan!” said Takato while as Draco he concentrates himself and creates 5 small fire circles in the ground

The small fire circles soon releases some fire chains that bind Grantella, making him can’t fire his cannons. And he also vulnerable for any attacks.

(Instrumental Theme Ends)

“Now, finish him, Takato!” said Drago

“Okay!” replied Takato

Draco soon performs the complex moves to charge his Dragon Flame Cross Blast. However, Takato sees some mall and house behind Grantella. Takato thinks that if he fires his beam now, Grantella will be thrown backward and will destroy the citizen and it’s explosion will also kill them. Takato is on gamble to kill Grantella or saving the citizen.

“What are you waiting for? Shoot Dragon Flame Cross Blast now, Takato!!!!!” said Drago

“But, if I use that technique, the monster will be thrown back and the citizen in the house will be killed,” said Takato

“How about that monster?” asked Drago angered

“I know. But I can choose to kill a solely monster for those innocent citizen,” said Takato

“I don’t care anything about citizen!!!” said Drago

“How you could be so cold toward the citizen?” protests Takato

“I don’t care the citizen! I don’t care if they will die!! Just let them get killed and I have my supper!!” said Drago

“Supper….? But, they are innocent! I can’t kill them!!” replied Takato angered

“You are so stupid!!! That monster will kill even more citizen if you don’t kill him!!!” said Drago angered

“Now, I understand! You are a bad guy here, right!!?” replied Takato with a distrust to Drago

“Yes, if I’m a bad guy, what do you want!!?” replied Drago

On outside, Draco was standing there like a statue. Grantella soon smirks a little. He then charges his Tail Cannon right to the Ultra’s Life Gauge.

“Die!!” said Grantella while firing his Tail Cannon

Takato and Drago was very surprised to see Grantella is attacking them. They forgot to bind Grantella’s Tail Cannon.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” shouts Takato while closing his eyes

“Watch out!!!” shouts Misaki while charging to the blast

Unfortunately, Misaki takes the blast and now her plane was flying uncontrollably.

“Kyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Misaki while her plane was spinning around crazily

“Misaki-chan!!!” said all of the PASM members

“Misaki-chan!!” said Draco while trying to save Misaki

However, Drago stops him, making Draco can’t move.

“Why you stop me!!!??? Misaki-chan is in danger!!!!” said Takato very angry

“Defeat that monster first!!!!” ordered Drago

“But, Misaki-chan will die if I defeat that monster first!!!” protests Takato

“Oooooohhhhhh, weeeeeellllll!!! I have to take it by force!!!” said Drago while concentrating himself

Suddenly, Draco charges the Drago Flame Cross Blast. However, Takato not controls Draco, but rather Drago. While Misaki is still flying crazily. Moreover, she feels very sick because she always spinning now. Even she crashed some building. However, Drago not care her and prepares the finisher.

“Misaki-chan!!!! Drago, we must save her!!!” said Takato while shedding some tears

“Shut up!!!” replied Drago

At climax, Misaki’s plane now flies high to the sky before crashing down to the ground with a great force. Flyer 1 was bouncing in the ground some times, before it explodes a little. Takato couldn’t believe what he already seen. He soon break to tears.

“Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssaaaaaaaakkkkkkkiiiiiii-cchhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!!!!” cries Takato while Draco fires his Dragon Flame Cross Blast

The blast was very strong that it managed to push Grantella backward, before the monster explodes. All of the citizen that wasn’t evacuated were all consumed by the explosion.

Draco soon falls to his knee and in inside, Takato was very sad and was almost fell to despair. He then cries as hard as he can.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhu………… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………. haaaaaaaaaaaa……. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” cries Takato before he cancels his transformation as Draco

On the ground, Takato is searching Misaki.

“Misaki-chan!!!! Where are you!!!??” shouts Takato but there was no answer

Takato then meets his teammates. However, they rushes to search Misaki without greeting Takato first.

“Misaki-chan!!!!! Where are you!!!!??? shouts the others with Takato

Takato then find Misaki. However, she is on crisis. Her head is bleeding greatly, her skins even bleeds more, her clothes were all ripped and moreover, her mouth bleeds blood greatly. If Misaki wasn’t care, she would die because losing so much blood. Takato rushes to her unconscious body.

“Hey, Misaki-chan! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!!” shouts Takato but Misaki doesn’t respond

“Be strong, Misaki-chan!!!! Be strong!!! Be strong!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu……… Don’t die, huhuhuhuhuhu, don’t die!!!!!” cries Takato

Takato then hears Misaki’s heartbeat. But, he hardly hears it. Takato was very scared. He doesn’t want Misaki dies, not before he confess his feelings. Takato tries to put his finger to Misaki’s nose, but same he hardly feels Misaki is breathing. Even if she is breathing, it would be one breath for every 10 seconds.

“Misaki-chan, wake up!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu……… huuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa…. Please don’t die!!! I need to tell you that I love you!!!! Don’t die!!!!!” cries Takato while hugging Misaki so tightly

But even so, Misaki didn’t respond.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!” cries Takato

Chapter 4Edit

Drago’s TruthEdit

Takato slowly opens his eyes. He then notices his surrounding, he was in a room in hospital.

“Where am I?” asked Takato to himself

He then notices Misaki was sleeping in a bed.

“Misaki-chan!! Oh yeah, after she was critically injured, I have carried her to a hospital. And I also accidentally slept too,” said Takato to himself

Takato suddenly cries when he sees a badly injured Misaki.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…. I’m terribly sorry, Misaki-chan…. Hik, hik, hik, hik, hik, if only I had captured you, you wouldn’t have got this kind of situation, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………. I’m sorry…..” cries Takato

Takato then waits for Misaki to awake. However, time flies. Takato already waited for it for 3 hours. But, Misaki still doesn’t open her eyes. “Hmmmm….., why Misaki-chan doesn’t awake?” asked Takato

Takato then sees Misaki’s hand falls from the bed and swing motionlessly.

“Ehh!?” said Takato confused

Suddenly, Takato sees the heart rate scanner and it’s has a red flat line now, meaning Misaki’s heart doesn’t beat anymore. Takato was shocked.

“No way!!!” said Takato shocked

Takato soon shakes Misaki’s lifeless body.

“Hey, Misaki-chan!!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……… Don’t die!! Don’t’ die!! Please be alive, Misaki-chan!!! Please be alive!!!!!” shouts Takato

However, Misaki doesn’t even flinch. This even makes Takato cries harder. Takato then hugs Misaki tightly.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhu………. You are a liar!!!! How about your promise to keep alive for me!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…………. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……… huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………… Please wake up, Misaki-chan….!!! Please wake up!!! I can’t alive without you!!! Please wake up!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………… huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………. Miiiiiiiisssssssssssaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiii-cccccccchhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn……” cries Takato

Takato then cries for about an hour non stop. He now can’t say anything. His throat is dry now.

“Huuuueeeekkk, hueeeeekkkk, huuuuueeeeeekkkk, huuuuuuueeeeeekkkk, Mis…. Huuuueeeekkkk….-han,” said Takato with a dry throat

Suddenly, Drago enters the room like a ghost.

“Heh! Now…., how is the taste of despair?” asked Drago sinisterly

Takato can’t say anything.

“You should be happy because this is just a dream,” said Drago

Takato soon gives out a glad breath, as he thought that Misaki is really dead. Takato slowly can talk again.

“Drago…, I suddenly can’t control myself… Why that happened?” asked Takato

“Tch! I actually don’t want to take your control. But, you left me with no choice. Takato, listen!!! You must defeat a monster, because I will eat that monster’s life force!!” said Drago

“What!? So, you used me just for your own greed. Drago, it’s impossible,” said Takato

Drago soon morphs himself into his human form. His human form has a blonde hair and sinister eyes. Drago wears a white T-shirt and a red jacket. He also wears a black jean. Drago soon grabs Takato’s collar.

“Look, Takato!! I don’t care about citizen, your lovely Misaki-chan, or even yourself!!! What I’m thinking now is to survive!!! I will do anything to get feed, even if that means to sacrifice tons of innocent people!!!!” said Drago

“What!!? So, you want to sacrifice the others for yourself? You almost kill Misaki-chan!!! Your attitude is more like a beast!!! How about our friendship!!!??? Is that a lie!!?” asked Takato angered

“I don’t care anything. I just care about food. And also, we are not friends. We just created a pact. I’m the client and nothing else!!!” said Drago

“No way!!? So, you just use me so you can get feed?” replied Takato with a saddened tone

“And lastly, I also controlling you when you are hated by your friends. It’s so exciting to see that you are hated by your friends. Muuuuuahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Exciting!!” said Drago in happiness

Suddenly, Takato becomes very angry and set his fist. He then punches Drago right in his cheek. Drago’s cheek now bleeds greatly.

“Oi, what are you doing, Takato!!!!???” asked Drago angered while punching Takato

Takato’s cheek also bleeds greatly. However, Takato just wipe his bleed and his secret tears.

“You are a beast, Drago!!! You are a beast!!!! Don’t you know my feeling when everyone hated me!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu…… You can take everyone from me!!! But, please don’t take Misaki-chan from me…. Huhuhuhuhuhu……… I want to see her smiles, her cares, her happiness!!! But, you broke it!!!! You also want to kill Misaki-chan, just because you want a food!!! ??? You can’t be a good guy if you don’t care the others and more think about yourself!!!!! You can’t be a human if you don’t care about the others’ life!!!!” said Takato while punching Drago twice

Drago soon punches Takato trice, making Takato almost lose his left eyes’ sight. Even more, Takato’s cheek bleeds more and his mouth also bleeds blood greatly.

“Heh! I’m a beast!!! I’m not a human!! I don’t care anything but food! I also really happy to see the others’ sorrow, like when you are hated by your lover. I also don’t care if your lovely and cute girlfriend will die if that means I will get my feed!!!!” said Drago

“Hah!! I now know that you are a bad guy!!! You happy when Misaki-chan hated me and when she almost dies from her plane crash!!! Even there is no human that like you!!!” said Takato

“So what do you want!!?” replied Drago

“I won’t use your power again!! I won’t use Flame Burst!!! I will only use Growing Burst!!! There’s no point to use a power that meant to kill everyone, including, Misaki-chan!!!” said Takato

“Heh! You think you could win without my power. Think about you almost die when that vampire monster greviously injured you!! I won’t stop you!! If you want to go to the hell, I will be very happy!!!! Muuuuuahahahahahahahaha!!!” laughed Drago

Takato becomes even more mad and tries to punch Drago. Drago also tries to punch Takato with full force. Both punches soon collide with each other’s cheek, bleeding their mouth greatly. Takato soon opens his eyes. He found out that he still in the hospital. Takato soon checks Misaki’s heart rate and it’s still a green line. Takato then places his palm to Misaki’s heart and he feels Misaki’s heart still beats.

“Hoooooooo……… Thank goodness Misaki-chan still alright…” said Takato with a glad breath

However, Takato soon punches a nearby table.

“Drago……………..!!!! I can’t believe you are a bad guy!!!! I won’t forgive you!!!!” hissed Takato but angrily

Takato soon hears Misaki was talking while sleeping.

“Uuuuuummmmmm………. Takato-kun…. Don’t leave me… huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……. I’m terribly sorry to hate you…… huhuhuhuhuhu…….. I love you………. Huhuhuhuhuhu…… huuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa……. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa….. don’t leave me…… I love you!!!” said Msiaki while still sleeping

Takato was surprised that his feelings also as same as Misaki. He now knows that they can a couple too. Takato then wipes Misaki’s tears and makes Misaki smiles.

“I also love you too…..” whispered Takato in Misaki’s ear

Takato soon exits Misaki’s room.

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