The third episode of Ultraman Draco. Note, this is only fan fiction story and Ultraman is copyrighted by Tsuburaya and I don’t make profit from it. It just a normal fan fiction story and nothing else. Enjoy it, guys .

Title: The Team’s ResponsibilityEdit


The Fiery Hard Shelled Monster: Sarabi

The Light : Ultraman Draco

Previously On Ultraman DracoEdit

In the Tokyo city, there are so many Dracula’s victim, which was revealed that the Dracula is came from Kyuranos. After killing enough victims, Kyuranos was revived. But, he soon battles Draco. Unfortunately, Draco was attacked by both the blood-sucking demon beast and Flyer, resulting his defeat.

Later, all three PASM members soon go to the church, where Kyu Yamagoshi (Kyuranos’ human form) set the Dracula’s base. Fortunately, they were saved by Takato and Misaki. But more worst, Kyuranos was awakened. Takato then pleaded to Drago to give him more power, but Drago refuses. However, Takato kicks Drago in his face, changing the dragon monster’s mind.

Takato then able to assume Draco Flame Burst and saves Misaki from her near-death experience. Though both Draco and Kyuranos were evenly matched, Kyuranos was defeated by Dragon Flame Cross Blast. In order to hide PASM’s existence, Commander Tanaka recruits Takato and Misaki as the newest PASM’s members.

“I’m Takato Kagawa,” said Takato while giving a respect

“I’m Misaki Tomoguchi,” said Misaki while giving a respect

“Please for your help and advice,” said both in unison

Elsewhere, there are three mysterious persons. The one is wearing all black clothes and holding an umbrella, the other is a young girl has a mysterious mini trident-like device. The last is a silver-haired man with yellow clothes and is eating potato chips.

“Aaaahh, Yamagoshi-san was defeated huh? I need to figure out how to make that giant not to become our nuisance,” said the man while eating potato chips


In a forest-like area, there are so much practice targets. There is also an air soft gun on the targets’ body and a dart mark in their chest. On the same side, Takato and Misaki readies themselves for practicing their shooting.

“Are you ready, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while preparing his gun

“Sure, Takato-kun!” replied Misaki with a smile

“Okay, let’s go!” said Takato while the two are performing a friendship handshake

The two then run as fast as they can, while the targets are shooting at them. Takato tries to shoots them all, but he extremely always misses. On the other side, Misaki is hiding in a tree before she comes out and shoots the target right in the center of the dart. Takato is also shooting the target. Fortunately, he manages to shoots at least 3 targets. The targets are shooting to Misaki, but she rolls aside and shoots them all like a breeze. Takato on the same side, is keeps shot by the targets. Whie he is trying to aim the targets, he is always shot in his back or side.

“Haaaaa…. I’m really not good at shooting,” said Takato while keeps shooting the targets

On the other side, Misaki isn’t get shot at all. She always shoots at fast pace and great accuracy. Now she already shot at least 31 targets, while Takato already shot 17 targets. Misaki continues to run, until she notices that the target is surrounding her.

“Misaki-chan!” said Takato while approaching Misaki

However, Takato was shot by the targets helplessly. While the targets are preparing to shoot Misaki, she says…

“Huh! It’s too boring…” said Misaki in a boredom

She then jumps to the tree, while the targets are shooting at themselves. She then jumps down from the tree. Takato then finally can approach her.

“What a tiring practice, ha…, ha…, ha…,” said Takato exhausted

“Really!? I even think this is very boring,” said Misaki while shooting the targets beside Takato’s head

Takato then falls to his knee, as he experiences a near-death experience.

“I’m sorry, Takato-kun. Are you okay?” said Misaki worried

“I, I’m, I’m alright,” said Takato while he gets up with Misaki’s help

Suddenly, Commander Tanaka approaches the two.

“So…, how the training is?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Aaamm, quite difficult,” said Takato

“Huh! It even doesn’t give me a sweat,” said Misaki

“Yeah, because you are good at shooting, Misaki-chan,” said Takato

“Thank you, Takato-kun!” said Misaki

“Well you two can take a break for 15 minutes. We will continue our training to rock climbing, spider crawling, running an at the climax, we will teach you about riding a plane,” said Commander Tanaka

“So many, can we just become an official member without training?” asked Takato

“Yes, I agree. It’s too much for us,” said Misaki

“You two can said like that, because you two still don’t feel my feelings!! You must know that Motogawa and Nakayama are also trained as hard as you are now!! Especially you, Kagawa. You better trains a lot, if you don’t want to lose Tomoguchi. I think you two are very close,” said Commander Tanaka

“Wha, what, what are you saying, commander? I and Misaki are just friend,” said Takato panicked with a red face

“Ye, ye, yes, Takato-kun is my friend. Nothing more and nothing else!” said Misaki panicked with a red face

“Alright!” I will wait you in the next 15 minutes,” said Commander Tanaka

Takato and Misaki are now in a grass-like area to rest. They release their jackets because it’s quite hot. It can be seen that Takato is wearing a white T-shirt and Misaki is wearing a black tank top. Misaki also brings a basket, which contains their lunch.

“Wow!! This food seems really tasty,” said Takato while opening his lunch’s case

“Aaah… It’s just a normal lunch,” said Misaki with an embarrassed face

“Okay, let’s eat! Itadakimasu!!” said Takato while eating his lunch

“Okay! Itadakimasu!!” said Misaki while eating her lunch

While Takato is eating his lunch, he is secretly watching Misaki eating her lunch. Something like a star, shines near Misaki. Takato’s face goes red. Misaki’s neck-length hair and her black tank top, making her looks very beautiful. Takato is staring at her, forgetting to eat his lunch.

“So, beautiful…” whispered Takato softly

“Ehh! Takato-kun did you say something?” asked Misaki

“Aa, aaaa, nothing!” said Takato while continue to eat his lunch

Suddenly, they hear a whistle.

“Priiiiitttt, priiiiitt. Break time is over, now continue your training!” said Commander Tanaka

“But, we haven’t finish our lunch,” protests Takato

“Yes!” said Misaki

“We don’t have time, we don’t know when another monster would appears,” said Commander Tanaka while dragging their hand

“But, what about our jacket?” asked Takato

“Right! I can’t go training with just a tank top,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, I will take them for you later, after all, you don’t need your jacket for rock climbing training,” said Commander Tanaka while dragging the two

Once again, Drago is flying through the screen.


“A young man received a torch. However, he didn’t know the responsibility of having the torch,” said the narrator in a black place before it lights up a bit, revealing Takato is standing there.

“Would he bear the responsibility of the torch? If he can’t use it, all of his close one would die,” said narrator while Takato slowly raises the Drago Lens.

“He must become an Ultraman, in order to protect his close one and the other,” said the narrator while the Drago Lens was opening, making a four elemental dragon flies through the screen

Opening: Rising High

Battle Theme: Heat the Flame

Chapter 1: Dead Or Alive TrainingEdit

Now, Takato, Misaki and Commander Tanaka arrives in a high cliff. Misaki’s legs suddenly trills.

“So, scary, Takato-kun,” said Misaki while hugging Takato’s hand

Takato doesn’t matter Misaki was hugging his hand, as he sees the high cliff.

“Okay, this is the next training, rock climbing training. Now you must climb to the top of this cliff,” said Commander Tanaka

“Ummm, commander. I’m actually okay with this training, but what about Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while they see Misaki is scared by the cliff

“Tomoguchi, I know you must be scared, but there are more danger than this cliff, you know,” said Commander Tanaka

“But, but, what if I will die or Takato-kun will die. I don’t want to die know. This so scary, huhuhuhuhuhu,” cries Misaki

“Tomoguchi, stop crying!!!!! Do you know my hatred of the giant, the hatred of monster and the sorrow of left by my beloved!!!!!!! So, just stop crying and climbs this cliff!!!!” ordered Commander Tanaka

The two then gives the commander a nod, before they wear rock climbing’s equipment. However, they aren’t any clippers for the rope, meaning if you fall you will die. The two then give a hard breath, before they climb the rope. They climb it slowly. 10 minutes passed, the two then rest a little bit in a rock than can be use as a seat.

“Ha…., ha…., haaa…., Takato-kun are you scared?” asked Misaki with a exhausted face

“Yes, I’m okay. But what about you, you seem more tired than me,” said Takato

“Aaaa! I’m scared of high places,” said Misaki while she sees the below cliff and was scared

“Don’t worry, I will help you!” said Takato

Misaki then gives a glad breath. However, soon, there are so many workers with a cage. They then opens the cage and run as fast as they can. They also active a barrier that surroundings the below cliff. Much to Takato and Misaki’s surprise, they see so many snakes come out from the cage, from the deadly king cobra until the big phyton. Misaki was soon panicked.

“What, we are going do, huhuhuhu. We will die, huhuhuhu. Someone please help us!!! Huhuhuhuhu. I can take it anymore, huuhuhuhuhuhuuu…. I don’t want to die now, huhuhu,” cries Misaki

“Sssssssttttt. Don’t worry Misaki-chan, I will always on your side, so don’t panic. Our only chance is by climbing this cliff. And a word of warning, don’t look at the snakes. Understand, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato

“Huhuhuhu, okay, Takato-kun,” said Misaki while wiping he tears

The two then continue two climbs the cliff as fast as they can. However, Misaki accidentally sees the snakes in the below cliff, scaring her.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii, so scary. Please help me! Help me!! Help me!!!” screams Misaki

Unfortunately, Misaki accidentally releases his grip on the rope and about to fall from the cliff.

“Misaki-chan!!!” shouts Misaki

“Heeeeeeeeelllllllppppp meeeeee!!!” screams Misaki

Takato then releases his grip and catch Misaki’s hand and catch the rope before they land in the land of snakes.

“Almost… ha…, ha…, almost…” said Takato while giving a glad breath

“Huhuhuhu…….. Thank you, Takato-kun, huhuhuhu……..” cries Misaki

“Okay, Misaki-chan… I will carry you in my back, so hold on tight,” said Takato while carrying Misaki in his back

Misaki only can give a nod, before they continue their training. Now, they are in ¾ of the cliff. However, Misaki once again looks below.

“Someone, help us… huhuhuhuhu….!” cries Misaki

“Don’t panic, Misaki-chan and don’t struggling, we can easily fall down if you struggles,” said Takato while calm Misaki down

After some minutes, they now in the top of the cliff. They were all exhausted and give a deep breath.

“We made it… ha…, ha…, ha…,” said Takato while giving a deep breath

Suddenly, Misaki bursts into tears and hugs Takato.

“Huhuhuhuhuhu…………. Takato-kun……….. I’m scared…….. huhuhuhuhu…….,” cries Misaki

Takato was speechless, but then he pats Misaki’s back.

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan, everything would be alright…” said Takato while patting Misaki’s back

“Huhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuhhhuhuhuhu… Thanks……,” cries Misaki

“Hey!!!!!! This is not a romance drama or story, get back at your training!!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka

Suddenly, the two get up and jogs to the next training area. Meanwhile, Commander Tanaka takes out a mini book and writes something.

“Hmmmm, Kagawa is weak at shooting and Tomoguchi is easy to be panicked and scared,” writes Commander Tanaka

“Alright!! Now is a running training, you must run at least 10 km from this starting point,” said Commander Tanaka

“That’s no hard,” said Takato

“Oh yeah, now you must carry this heavy bag,” said Commander Tanaka while giving the two a big backpack

“Uuuuuggggh, Takato-kun, I even can’t get up properly,” said Misaki while trying to get up with a huge backpack

“Me too!” said Takato while also trying to get up

“Oh yeah, you must run as fast as you can from this dober, they are hungry now,” said Commander Tanaka while many workers are holding a cage

“Dober?” asked Takato and Misaki

Suddenly, they see a doberman dog in the cage. Takato was terrified, because he is afraid of dog.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A dog!!!!!!! Ptera, Tricera, Tyranno, Putotyranosaurus!!!!” said Takato crazily

“Calm down, Takato-kun. You always get crazy when it comes to your phobia,” said Misaki while calm Takato down

“Okay…, start!!!” said Commander Tanaka while the workers release the Doberman dog

“Okay, now let’s run, Takato-kun!!” said Misaki while preparing to run

Much to her shock, Takato already ran first.

“Wait, Takato-kun!!” said Misaki while running from the hungry Doberman dogs

Takato now already ran for 5 km. He then stops for a second, taking a deep breath.

“Ha…., ha….., ha… I think I safe,” said Takato while giving a deep breath

However, much to his shock, he sees Misaki is already tired and was about to collapse.

“I can’t take it any… more….,” said Misaki exhausted before she collapsed to the ground

Despite Takato was scared by dogs, he charges himself to the Doberman dogs and hit them with his huge back pack. However, one of the dog bites Takato’s hand.

“Uuuuggghhh… I can’t let them hurt Misaki-chan!” said Takato while giving a roundhouse kick to the dog

The other dogs soon retreat. Misaki now opens her eyes and see an exhausted Takato in front of her.

“Taka…to…kun…” groaned Misaki

“Misaki-chan, thank goodness you already awake,” said Takato while helping Misaki to get up

“Thanks, Taka… What happened to your hand?” asked Misaki worried to see Takato’s hand bleeds

“Don’t worry, it just bitten by those dogs,” said Takato

“How can you be so relax, Takato-kun? I must stop the bleeds,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, we must finish our running training first,” said Takato while holding his bleeding right hand

“Aaaahh, Takato-kun,” said Misaki while Takato is running, which she also follows him

The two now are running as fast as they can, before they arrive in the finish line. Commander Tanaka is also already waiting for them.

“Good, you two! Now break for 20 minutes,” said Commander Tanaka

The two soon give a glad breath. Misaki then takes her handkerchief and bands it in the bleeding Takato’s hand.

“Now that should do the trick,” said Misaki with a smile

“Thanks… Misaki-chan…” said Takato

The two soon take their break by lying in a grass and watching the blue sky. They then staring at each other for a long time.

“Hmmm, why I always care about Takato-kun?” asked Misaki in her mind

“Hmmm, why my heart always beats whenever I see Misaki-chan?” asked Takato in his mind

After some minutes of staring at each other, their face suddenly become red. However, they soon greeted by Shuji and Yumi.

“Hello, Takato-san, how is it?” asked Shuji

“Oooohhh, Shuji! Well this training is very tiring. Did you also do the same with us?” asked Takato

“Well…, yeah, but not as extreme as you guys,” said Shuji

“Shuji-san, who is this pretty boy and this sexy girl?” asked Yumi

“Oh this is my high school’s friends. This is Takato Kagawa and Misaki Tomoguchi,” said Shuji

“Nice to meet you, and don’t call me sexy girl,” protests Misaki

“Well, nice to meet you, who are you?” asked Takato

“I’m Yumi Nakayama, one of PASM members,” replied Yumi with a smile

“Nice to meet you, Yumi-chan,” said Takato while handshaking her

However, much to his surprise, Takato is seem shocked by an electricity and was thrown back several meters. Both Misaki and Shuji soon approach Takato.

“Takato-kun, are you okay?” asked Misaki worried

“Uuuuuggggghhhh, I’m alright,” groaned Takato

“Yumi, what are you doing to Takato-kun?” asked Misaki angered

“I’m just give him an electricity with a button in my palm,” said Yumi relaxed

“You!!” said both Misaki and Shuji in unison, while chasing Yumi

“Don’t worry, guys. After all, I’m interested in type of girl like you, Yumi-chan. You seem want to make the situation more lively and bright,” said Takato while getting up

“Ehh!? Really? Well, hahaha, most people call me nosy,” said Yumi

“Now let’s do a friendship handshake,” said Takato while doing a friendship handshake

However, Misaki is seem looked sullen or grumpy and her head is like almost an exploding volcano.

“Amm, Misaki-chan, are you mad?” asked Shuji

“Aaaah… That’s a really dumb question, why should I mad,” said Misaki while changing her emotion into a smile

“Well, I don’t want to tell this in front of Takato-san, but…” said Shuji before he whispers something in Misaki’s ears

“Tha, that, that’s stupid! I don’t have any feelings to Takato-kun,” said Misaki panicked with a red face

However, they were interrupted by Commander Tanaka.

“Hey! What are you doing in this place!? Break time is over!! Motogawa, Nakayama, go back to the command center!! Kagawa, Tomoguchi, get back for training!!” ordered Commander Tanaka

“Roger, commander!!” said all of them in unison

“Hmmm, Shuji, Commander Tanaka is very strict, do you feel it?” asked Takato

“Yes, but he is actually a good guy inside,” said Shuji

They then get back to their ordered place. Now, both Takato and Misaki wear their jacket again. They now see a rope in a web motif in the ground and so many flags.

“Now, this is the next training, the spider crawling. Simple, you must crawling in the ground while collecting as much as you can. Understand?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Yes, commander!” said both in unison

The two soon crawling all to the ground while collecting as much as they can. Though at first it just a breeze, when Misaki is crawling in the ground, much to her surprise, she sees so much spiders. Surely as a girl, she was soon terrified.

“Kyaaaaaaaaa!!!” screams Misaki

“What happened, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato worried while crawling to Misaki’s position

“Prrrrrrriiiiiittttt, prrrrrrriiiiiitttt, Kagawa, get back at your position,” said Commander Tanaka

“But, what about Misaki-chan?” protests Takato

“This is order! I will talk to her later, just follow my order!” ordered Commander Tanaka

“Uuuutsss… I’m sorry, Misaki-chan,” said Takato while going back to his position

“Huhuhuhuhu…. Don’t leave me, Takato-kun, huhuhuhu….” cries Misaki

“Don’t cry, Tomoguchi!!! If you always cry, you will only become an obstacle for Kagawa! You must solve your problem by yourself!!” said Commander Tanaka

Suddenly, Misaki gets more guts and spirits and keeps collecting flags, despite the spiders is crawling over her.

“Thank you, commander,” said Misaki while collecting the flags

“That’s how you should do it?” said Commander Tanaka impressed

After some minutes, Misaki finally manages to get out from the web rope, albeit her body is full of spiders.

“Thank you, commander. I won’t depend on Takato-kun too much again,” said Misaki while wiping the spiders in her body

“Wow! 17 flags! You have done a good job, Tomoguchi!” said Commander Tanaka impressed

Takato also comes out from the web rope. However, his body is full of web and spider, even his face is full of web. Commander Tanaka and Misaki were terrified and run as fast as they can.

“Kyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! A ghost!!!!!” screams Misaki while running from Takato

“Wait, commander, Misaki-chan. It’s me, Takato, I have collected 20 flags,” said Takato

However, the two didn’t hear it and keeps running for their life.

Chapter 2: Training ContinueEdit

“Okay, now you must do push up for 30 minutes,” said Commander Tanaka

“Haaaahhh!? 30 minutes?” asked both Takato and Misaki in unison

Suddenly a worker approach Commander Tanaka and whispers something, before the worker leaves.

“I’m sorry, but you must do push up for 1 hour. Understand?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Yes, commander!” said both Takato and Misaki while looking down

“Oh yeah, you must use only one hand while push up and you must push up with left hand then right hand. Remember that! Lastly, you must use the previous back pack while doing push up” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said both in unison

The two soon do push up with one hand and changing their hand in every push up. They looked very tired. Surely, it’s because they already done so many training and now they must do so much push up for 1 hour.

“Uuuugggghhh, how much you already done, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while keep doing his push up

“Uuuuuuggggghhhh, it seem about 300 times, now how much the time we spend for his push up?” asked Misaki while keep doing push up

“About 20 minutes,” said Takato while keep doing push up

“Haaaaa….? So we must do more push up, come on,” said Misaki while keep doing push up

“If you want to protest, just protest to Commander Tanaka,” said Takato while keep doing push up

“We can’t, he is our superior. Takato-kun, I’m thirsty, I want to drink,” said Misaki while sweating more

“For me, I’m really hungry. I wish I could eat a doughnut,” said Takato while keep doing push up

On the same time, in a store, there is a young man wearing a ruby red ring. He is also eating a doughnut now.

“Haaaacccchhhuuuu…..!!!!!” sneezed the man

“Haruto, what happened?” asked a young girl nearby him

“Don’t worry, Koyomi. It seem there is someone who is talking about me and my doughnut,” said the young man called Haruto before continue to eat his doughnut

Both Takato and Misaki now only need to do push up for 10 minutes. They now are sweating and very tired and exhausted. They even can’t breath properly.

“Uuuugggghh, Misaki-chan, how you can get that neck-length hair?” asked Takato while keep doing push up

“Uuuugggghh, it was from Misuzu. She helped me to cut my hair,” said Misaki while keep doing push up

“Aaaaaahhhhh, Misuzu-chan. She is our junior back in our school. I missed her and her friends. Though, I met her some days ago,” said Takato while remembering he met Misuzu some days ago


Takato was walking through some markets while drinking an apple jus. He then sees a teenage girl, wearing a school uniform. Takato seems to know her and chase her.

“Aaaamm, excuse me…” said Takato while touching the teenage girl’s shoulder

“Aaaamm, wha…, eeeehhh!? Takato-sempai!?” said the teenage girl in disbelief

“Eeeehhh!? Misuzu-chan?” asked Takato in disbelief

“Long time not see you, sempai,” said Misuzu

“Yeah, very long time. You seem more beautiful and sexy,” said Takato before they are hugging each other

“Aamm, thanks, sempai. So, how are you theses days?” asked Misuzu

“Hmmm, I think I shouldn’t tell her about I’m an Ultraman,” said Takato in his mind

“Aaamm, good. After all, I met Misaki-chan and Shuji some days ago,” said Takato

“Really? I’m also already experienced a big experience. I and the other almost die,” said Misuzu

“Really? Why you don’t tell me in the first place?” asked Takato while shaking Misuzu

“Don’t worry, everything are good in the end,” replied Misuzu with a smile

“Oh yeah, do you have any person that you like?” asked Takato

“Aaaamm, may…be…” said Misuzu with a red face

“Suuuuiiiitttt…, suuuuuiiiittt,” whistled Takato, making Misuzu’s face becomes redder

“Oh yeah, what about you, Takato-sempai? You and Misaki-sempai are really close in high school,” said Misuzu

“Aaaahh, wha, wha, what are you saying? I and Misaki-chan are just friend. Don’t think too much,” said Takato panicked with a red face

Misuzu could only laugh at Takato with his face becomes redder also.

“Oh yeah, I need to go home. See you,” said Takato

“Yeah, see you. Oh wait, remember, girl or woman are very sensitive and hard to be predicted. Watch out, Takato-sempai!” said Misuzu

“Yeah, I will watch out,” said Takato before they departs

Flashback ends

Back again in Takato and Misaki’s training.

“And that’s how we meet again,” said Takato

However, Misaki becomes sullen and speed up his push up’s speed.

“He, hey, Misaki-chan, don’t speed up yourself just because it’s almost end,” said Takato

Unfortunately, Misaki sees Takato’s face, before she doesn’t want to face him and continue to do push up. After some minutes, they finally finish their push up training.

“Good! You two are very successful. I think I right to chose you two as PASM members,” said Commander Tanaka with a happy face

However, Misaki passes the commander with a very angered face.

“Misaki-chan, wait!” said Takato while holding Misaki’s hand

However, she releases Takato’s grip.

“Hey, Misaki-chan, why are you angry?” asked Takato

“I’m not angry,” said Misaki while continue to walking, only to Takato holds her again

“Don’t touch me!!” said Misaki while releasing Takato’s grip

“ Misaki-chan…, why you suddenly become mad and angry?” asked Takato

“Huh!! When you are very close to someone else, why you don’t get close to someone in front of you?” said Misaki before she runs as fast as she can

“Misaki-chan… Aaaaaahhhh!!!! Misuzu-chan is right. Girls always very sensitive and unpredictable,” said Takato

“Huhuhu…… Takato-kun, stupid!!! He always gets close to every girl, but he rarely gets close to me. So, am I and Takato-kun are just friend? Huuuuuuaaaaa!!!” cries Misaki

Back again in training. Takato is lying on the ground, waiting for Misaki to finish her pilot training. He is thinking about what Misaki’s words. Even he can’t enjoy watching the blue sky.

“Hmmm, maybe I’m really don’t understand girl’s feelings. Haaaaahhhh!! I’m really stupid,” said Takato

After some minutes, Flyer 1 lands in front of Takato. Misaki soon comes out from the plane, albeit, she still angry.

“Aaamm, Misaki-chan…” said Takato while trying to touch Misaki

Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to see Takato and prefer to passing through him.

“Haaaaaa…. Maybe she really angry to me,” said Takato saddened

“Hey, what are you doing there, Kagawa? Get back to training!” ordered Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said Takato

Takato soon enters Flyer 1’s cockpit, while Commander Tanaka is behind him.

“What’s happened, Kagawa? You look sad,” said Commander Tanaka

“Aaah, nothing! Let’s flying!” said Takato while trying to fly the plane

“Aaaam, Kagawa. We even don’t move at all. Maybe you should read this manual first,” said Commander Tanaka while handing Takato a manual book

“Thank you, commander,” said Takato, before he reads the manual for 30 minutes. He then soon flies the machine

“Okay, Kagawa, look at those targets. You must shoots them all, but beware, there is some turrets below the targets,” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said Takato

Takato soon flies Flyer 1 to the targets and shoot the targets. Unfortunately, due to Takato is weak at shooting, he always misses.

“Kagawa!!! What are you doing?” asked Commander Tanaka angered

“I know,” said Takato while shooting another missiles, but misses again

However, Takato is good at dodging. As show he was able to dodge all the turrets’ missiles. Despite both Takato and Commander Tanaka feels queasy. Takato soon charges in to the turrets and fire the missiles at close distance, while dodging all the missiles. Takato repeats this technique for some times.

“Hmmm, actually, you need to shoot at any range. Shooting at close range is quite risky,” said Commander Tanaka

“I’m understand, commander. I will keep practicing at shooting,” said Takato

Only two more targets to be shot. However, Takato reminds of Misaki and lose his focus.

“Misaki-chan…….” whispered Takato

Unfortunately, Flyer 1 was shot down and must do an emergency land.

“Kagawa!! Do an emergency land!!” ordered Commander Tanaka

“Okay!” said Takato while performing an emergency land

Both soon comes out from the Flyer 1.

“Kagawa…… You must be thinking something, right?” asked Commander Tanaka

Takato was speechless, as he can’t tell the commander about Misaki was angry on him.

“I know you don’t want to tell it, but you better go to the next training. It might be useful to recover you,” said Commander Tanaka while guiding Takato to the next training

Suddenly, when they arrives in the next training area, they heard Misaki is crying.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….” cries Misaki while comes out from a tent and rubbing her left hand

Takato soon approaches her.

“Misaki-chan, are you alright?” asked Takato

“Huh!! Why don’t you just care about Misuzu,” said Misaki still angered and don’t want to see Takato

“Oi, Takato-san, what’s happened?” asked Shuji

“Aaamm, long story…” said Takato before he hears is called to enter the tent

Takato soon enters the tent. However, after some minutes, they heard something.

“Waaatttcccchhhaaaa!!!” shouts Takato

Shuji and Yumi soon enters then tent. But Shuji comes out again and drags Misaki.

“Hey, Misaki-chan, we must help Takato-san,” said Shuji

“Huh! I don’t want!” said Misaki

“Why?” asked Shuji

“Because Takato-kun always talkative to the other girl, except for me!! Do you know how is my feelings, for being left out? I’m always care about Takato-kun, but he… huhuhuhu….huhuhu…. very close to the other girl. Huhuhuhu…. I also want to get close to Takato-kun” said Misaki while crying

Shuji was speechless, before he enters the tent again. Though Misaki is quite angry to Takato, she reluctantly, enters the tent. Much to her shock, she sees Takato was doing continuous kung-fu kick to anything nearby him.

“Why, Takato-san is going crazy?” asked Shuji and Yumi

Misaki soon sees a nearby injector. She remembers that Takato was also scared with injection and always going crazy.

“It’s must be from this,” said Misaki while showing the injection

“Oh yeah, Takato-san is very scared of injection,” said Shuji

“But, we must do something to Takato-san,” said Yumi

“Don’t worry, Yumi, let’s hold Takato-san up,” ordered Shuji

The two soon hold Takato up, despite Takato is struggling.

“Misaki-chan, please inject Takato-san!” ordered Shuji

However, Misaki was speechless. However, she reluctantly injects Takato. Takato was screaming out of loud.

“Wuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” screams Takato before he falls unsconscious

“Takato-kun, are you alright?” asked Misaki worried

However, Takato didn’t respond.

“What happ… whoaaa!!! What happened to Kagawa?” asked Commander Tanaka while approaching the other

“Aaaaammm, Takato-san is scared of injection and was fall unconscious after the injection,” explained Shuji

“This is not good! I remember in a movie, there is someone who dies after he was shocked by his phobia,” said Commander Tanaka

Misaki was shocked about the news and shakes Takato’s body.

“Takato-kun, wake up!!!!” shouts Misaki

But alas, Takato didn’t respond.

“Takato-kun, huhuhuhuhu………., I’m sorry because I’m angry to you, huhuhuhu……. Don’t die!!” said Misaki while hugging Takato

“Uhuk…., uhuk….., uhuk….. Is the doctor already gone?” said Takato while opening his eyes

All of them soon relieved to find Takato still alive.

“Huhuhuhu…. Takato-kun, huhuhuhuhuhu…. I’m glad you still alive. I’m sorry for mad about you, huhuhuhuhu……..” cries Misaki while hugging Takato more tight

“I’m also sorry for hurt your feelings,” said Takato

After some minutes, Takato manages to get through and the two soon enters the command center.

“Okay, Kagawa, Tomoguchi. You two already passed so much training. Before you two become an official member of PASM, you must pass this 10 questions,” said Commander Tanaka

“Okay, commander!” said both in unison

“You only have 1 hour to answer this questions. At the minute of 59, you will get a bonus question, worth 50 points. Normal question worth for 10 points. You must get 70 points or higher,” said Commander Tanaka while giving the questions paper

“Okay, let’s do this work!” said Takato

“Okay, it’s writing time!” said Misaki

Much to their shock, they are sweating. The questions are really hard.

“What is this question?” said Takato

The questions consist:

1. Write the first until the current Japan’s president! 2. Write the first life form in the Earth! 3. Write all provinces in Japan! 4. Write all Mathematic subjects back in high school! 5. Write all planets from Mercurius until Uranus with their moon! 6. Write all chemical elements! 7. Write all formulae of physic in high school! 8. Draw a picture with you and your close friends! 9. Write all PASM members! From as lowly as a maintenance until the chief, with their surname! 10. Write a conclusion about your training as PASM members! “Haaaa…. It’s really hard,” said Takato while giving a deep breath and keep answering the question

Now it’s almost 59 minutes. Commander Tanaka soon gives the two the bonus question. Misaki the looks at the question. Much to her shock, she must write, “The one that she loves.” Suddenly, Misaki’s mind is full of Takato.

“Wha, what, what am I thinking? I and Takato-kun are just friend,” said Misaki in her mind with a red face and holding her cheeks

“Almost 30s seconds,” said Commander Tanaka

“Wha, what, what should I do? Taka, Takato, Takato-kun. Haaaa!!!! I need to think someone else!!” said Misaki panicked while slapping her cheeks softly

“Less than 15 seconds,” said Commander Tanaka

“Uuuuuhhhh, oh well,” said Misaki while closing her eyes and write anything in her mind

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! Time’s up! Give me your paper!” ordered Commander Tanaka

Takato is casually giving Commander Tanaka the paper. But, Misaki is reluctantly giving her paper, even with a red face.

“Hmm okay. Wait a minute, I will see your paper,” said Commander Tanaka

Takato and Misaki are waiting for the commander checks their paper. Commander Tanaka soon get up and tells them their final score.

“Okay! For Kagawa…” said Commander Tanaka

Takato’s heart is beating very loud, as it’s a dead or alive test, which he won’t be a PASM member if he fails.

“70 points,” said Commander Tanaka

“Hooooorrrraaaaayyyyy!!!” shouts Takato in happiness

“Okay, for Tomoguchi…” said Commander Tanaka

Misaki’s heart is also beating. She also is praying.

“100 points,” said Commander Tanaka

“Yeeee!!! We did it, Misaki-chan!!” said Takato while touching Misaki’s shoulder

“Yes, we did it, Takato-kun!” replied Misaki with a smile

“Oh yeah, Kagawa, you must be happy, because Tomoguchi wrote…” said Commander Tanaka

“Aaa, aaaa, aaaaa, please, don’t tell it, commander!!” said Misaki panicked with a red face

“Tomoguchi wrote your name in the bonus question,” said Commander Tanaka

“Haaa!? Misaki-chan, did you really write it?” said Takato while seeing Misaki with an embarrassed

“I, I’m, I’m sorry, Takato-kun. I just wrote something in my mind. I’m sorry,” said Misaki with a red face

“Don’t worry. You can use my name at any time. After all we are friend,” replied Takato with a smile

“Yeah, we are friend,” said Misaki with a smile

However, deep inside her, she says something

“So…, huhuhuhu… I and Takato really are just friend, huhuhuhuhu…” cries Misaki in her heart

“Oh yeah who is this, Kagawa? You wrote in the bonus question paper, Ma…yu… Saka…gawa…” said Commander Tanaka

Suddenly, Misaki is shocked and her inner heart was like slashed by a sword.

“Oh, Mayu-chan. I remember her, she is very quiet in the high school. We are very close at that time. We eat together in the canteen and we read together in the library. Despite, we never meet again, I’m sure she is already become a girl that everyone can be proud of,” said Takato with a smile

Misaki, on the other side, is looking down with a sad expression. Her eyes were almost crying.

“So, is she your girlfriend?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Hmmm, probably. Hahahaha,” laughed Takato, with Commander Tanaka soon followed

Misaki is now shedding some tears. She is very sad at now. Takato soon approaches Misaki.

“Yes! We did it, Misaki-chan!” said Takato with happiness

“Are you happy, Takato-kun?” said Misaki while still looking down

“Sure, I’m happy…” said Takato before he was interrupted by Misaki

“Takato-kun, you are stupid!!!!!!!” shouts Misaki

“Eeeeh!?” said Takato in his mind

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…. Huuuuuuaaaaaa, huuuuuaaa, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….” cries Misaki while covering her face with her palms and running from the command center

“Wait, Misaki-chan, why are you mad again?” asked Takato while holding Misaki’s hand

“Don’t touch me!!” shouts Misaki while releasing Takato’s grip

“Huhuhuhu…. If you want to care about me, why don’t you just care about Mayu!!!!!! Huuuuuaaaaaaaaa…..!!!!” said Misaki before she cries again and run from Takato

“Misaki-chan…” said Takato while trying to touch Misaki, but she already run away

“Haaaa…… Girl always very sensitive and unpredictable,” said Takato

Chapter 3: Calming Misaki Down Edit

In the PASM’s building rooftop, Misaki is sitting on the floor, holding her legs, while still crying. She still depressed on what Takato has already said.

“Huhuhuhuhu….. So…, it’s right that I and Takato-kun are just friend. There is nothing special relationship between us. Huhuhuhuhu…….. Huuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa…!!!” cries Misaki

“Takato-kun is very close and care about Mayu. I also want to get close with Takato-kun, huhuhuhuhuhuhu…….” cries Misaki

“Huuuuaaaaaaa……, huuuuuaaaaa……, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…….. If only I didn’t met with Takato-kun…. Why I met him!!!!!?????” cries Misaki

Misaki then remembers a day in her high school.


“Tleeeennngggg, tleeeeennnnggggg, tleeeeeeennnnnngggg!!” a bell ringed in a school

“Okay, everyone! Now it’s already 12:30, you can go home now!” said a teacher

“Hooorraaaayyy!!” shouted the students in happiness

“Good afternoon, Kawaguchi-sensei!” said some students to the teacher before they go home

Outside of the school, there are so many students come out from the school. Two of them are Takato and Misaki.

“Takato-kun….. Let’s go home together,” said Misaki with a smile

“I’m sorry, Misaki-chan,” apologized Takato

“Why?” asked Misaki disappointed

“I need to go home together with Mayu-chan,” said Takato before he approaches Mayu

“Hello, Mayu-chan!” greeted Takato

“Good afternoon, Takato-san,” said Mayu while bowing Takato

“Hey, hey, don’t call me –san. After all, we are in the same class,” said Takato

“Okay!” said Mayu politely

“Oh yeah, what about our today Math Exam? What about we are going to somewhere?” said Takato while they walking to somewhere

“I just agree with you, Takato-kun,” said Mayu politely

Misaki, on the other hand, feels her heart is stabbed. She envies to see Takato is more close to Mayu than her. Her eyes are almost shedding some tears, but Misaki holds it. In her deepest her, she wants Takato would get close and care about her, like Mayu. Shuji soon touches Misaki’s shoulder.

“Misaki-chan, what’s happened? You look sad,” asked Shuji

Misaki soon wipes her tears.

“Aaamm nothing! See you later, Shuji-kun!” said Misaki before she bids farewell to Shuji

On her way home, Misaki remembers all Takato moments with Mayu. She is very jealous, she wants at least once to get the same attention.

“Mayu-chan, what’s the book you read?” asked Takato while sitting beside Mayu, who is reading a book

“Mayu-chan, can I eat with you?” asked Takato while sitting beside Mayu, who is eating some foods in the canteen

“Mayu-chan, is there any question that you don’t know?” asked Takato to Mayu who is sitting behind him

“Thanks, but there is no difficult question?” said Mayu while keep answering the questions

“Mayu-chan, are you alright?” said Takato while approaching Mayu who her knee is bleeding

“Don’t worry, Takato-san. It would recover a couple of days,” said Mayu

“Mayu-chan, are you okay?” asked Takato worried. He was beside Mayu in her bed, because she was sick

“I’m uhuk…., uhuk…., uhuk….., uhuk….., okay, Takato- uhuk, uhuk….., uhukk, uhuuukkk…., san,” said Mayu while coughing

“You must keep resting, Mayu-chan. I will sing a song to you,” said Takato before he sings “Saite” song

Mayu was very happy, she then closes her eyes to go to sleep.

“Thank you, Takato-san,” said Mayu before she goes to sleep

Misaki always see those events. Every time those events happened, Misaki always shows a sad expression, as she wants to get close with Takato. Suddenly, Takato is saying “Mayu-chan” continuously, on Misaki’s head. Misaki was very angry and sad.

“Stop it!!!!” shouts Misaki

However, Misaki even becomes more sad. She then continue to walk home, albeit with a sad expression. Misaki soon enters her home.

“I’m home,” said Misaki while closing the door

“Good afternoon, Misaki-chan,” said a young man

“Good afternoon, onii-san,” said Misaki to the young man who is her brother

“Why do you look sad, Misaki-chan?” asked Misaki’s brother

“Nothing, onii-san,” said Misaki with a sad tone

“I don’t know what happened, but what about if we are having a lunch. Maybe, it would recover you from your sorrow,” said Misaki’s brother

“Thanks, onii-san, but no!” said Misaki before she rushes to her room

“Haaaaa…. Misaki-chan seems to know more about love, huh!?” said Misaki’s brother Misaki sadly walks to her room and open the door. She then places her bag in the table. Misaki then throws herself down to her bed forcefully. She then covers her face with her pillow. She then looks at the wall.

“Huhuhuhu…… So…, sob, sob, sob, I and Takato are not destined to be together, huhuhuhuhu, sob, sob, sob,” cries Misaki

She then sees the wall. She then looks closely, it seems there is a projection of Takato and Mayu in a sunset. Both lips then are slowly approaching each other. Misaki were very terrified, but she knows that she can’t. Takato’s lip now only a few millimeters from Mayu’s lip. Now, both will do a kiss, however, Misaki was traumatized.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Misaki before she throws her pillow to the wall

She then looks at the wall sadly, before she covers her face with her pillow. She is then crying.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhu, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, Takato-kun………….., huuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa, huhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob,” cries Misaki

Flashback ends

Back again with the current Misaki, albeit she is still crying.

“Why, why, why I met Takato-kun, if only it would her my feelings, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………., huuuuuuuuuaaaa…..” cries Misaki

Takato soon enters the rooftop, finding Misaki who is still crying. Takato then soon sits beside Misaki. Unfortunately, Misaki knows this and turn back Takato, as she doesn’t want to face Takato.

“Misaki-chan, are you okay?” asked Takato, but Misaki just keeps silent

“Are you hungry?” asked Takato, but Misaki just keeps silent

“I have two pop ices, but it’s too much for me. Do you want to eat it with me?” asked Takato while showing the pop ices, but Misaki just keeps silent

Takato also becomes sad to see Misaki is not on her groove.

“I’m sorry, Misaki-chan,” apologized Takato, which seem to touch Misaki’s heart more deep

“Well, I actually don’t know how is a girl feels? I don’t know when they will mad, I don’t know what makes them mad, I don’t know everything. But, I will do my best to cheer up all the girls. However, I’m terribly sorry if it makes you angry,” said Takato

Misaki still keeps silent. However, Takato’s words, seem touch more of her heart. It seems she wants to reconcile with Takato, again.

“I’m sorry if I told you about I met with Misuzu-chan or I wrote in the bonus question paper was Mayu-chan, I’m terribly sorry,” said Takato before he gets up from the floor and ready to take his leaves

However, Misaki grasps Takato’s hand.

“Don’t go,” said Misaki while reluctantly face Takato

“Misaki-chan……….,” whispered Takato softly

“Takato-kun…, how much you care about me?” asked Misaki

“Well, like this…” said Takato while releasing his hands horizontally

“Well, as long as my hands are released. It maybe very small, but with this two hands, I will do anything for you,” said Takato

Suddenly, Misaki’s face becomes red. She also follows Takato to releases her hand.

“Like this……. That’s Takato-kun!!” said Misaki while suddenly hugging Takato

Unfortunately, Takato can’t hold her up and accidentally falls down to the floor. However, in the floor, their face becomes red. As, their face are only a few millimeters from each other. It seem like they want to do a kiss. They are staring at each other for a long time, while their face becomes more redder. Unbeknownst, to them, Yumi is recording all of their actions.

“Fufufufu….., this would be a great art. I must show it to the other,” whispered Yumi while keep recording both Takato and Misaki

“Aaaaahhh, what am I doing?” asked Misaki in his mind while her heart is beating more fast

“This feelings…………… very warm…. Hmmmmmmm, what are you doing Takato?” asked Takato in his mind while his heart beating louder

“I, I, I’m sorry, Takato-kun,” said Misaki with an embarrassed face while getting up

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan,” said Takato

“Aaaammm, Takato-kun, can you accompany me until the sunset?” asked Misaki with and embarrassed face

“Why not?” said Takato

Misaki soon gives a big smile. The two first sees so many birds were flying above them.

“Look, Takato-kun, an eagle,” said Misaki while pointing an eagle

“Yes, look, Misaki-chan. A owl is flying,” said Takato while pointing an owl

“Right, ehhh! Takato-kun, there is hawk,” said Misaki while pointing a hawk

“Hmmm, don’t remind me of that,” said Takato saddened

“Yes, I remember most of our classmates call you, Taka-kun. And surprisingly, there is always a hawk flying nearby you, when you were called Taka-kun,” said Misaki

“Hey, I’m really dislike that name,” protests Takato

“Fufufufufufu….” giggled Misaki

Now, it’s almost sunset.

“Look, Misaki-chan. A beautiful sunset,” said Takato while pointing the sunset

“Yes. Oh yeah, how about if we take some photos with the sunset as the background?” asked Misaki

“Sure!” said Takato

Misaki then gives Takato her handphone. Takato soon photos themselves in front of the sunset. They give a lot of funny and weird expression. At the climax, Takato and Misaki give a peace sign together in the photo.

“Now, I think it’s enough,” said Takato

“Oh yeah, Takato-kun, do you feel cold?” asked Misaki while rubbing her hands

“It’s because, you have released your jacket,” said Takato while giving Misaki her jacket

Misaki didn’t know she already released her jacket.

“Now, let me wear it to you,” said Takato

“Aaaahhh, no, thanks. I can do it,” said Misaki with a red face

“Don’t worry,” said Takato

Misaki was soon wore her jacket with the help of Takato, albeit she is still not zipping it.

“What is this feel?” asked Misaki in her mind while touching her chest with her palms

“So warm…….” said Misaki in her mind

The two soon sits in the floor again, waiting the sun sets while eating pop ice. Takato touches Misaki’s shoulder with his hand.

“This pop ice is really delicious,” said Takato while eating the pop ice

“Yes,” said Misaki

“This feeling is very warm. I hope it would last much longer,” said Misaki in her mind before she places her head to Takato’s shoulder

The sun now already sets and now it’s night.

“That’s a great moment, right, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while sees Misaki

However, Misaki closes her eyes and doesn’t move at all. Even she drops her pop ice.

“Hey, hey, Misaki-chan, wake up!” said Takato while shaking Misaki, but she didn’t respond

“Hey, Misaki-chan, wake up!! Hik… hik… hik…,” said Takato while shaking Misaki and shedding some tears, but she didn’t respond

“Hik…. Hik…. Hik…. Hik….. Don’t die, Misaki-chan, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, sob, sob, sob, sob,” cries Takato while hugging Misaki

But, it was revealed that Misaki is just sleeping, as she was shown to be snores. Takato soon gives a glad breath.

“Haaaaaa….. Thank goodness, Misaki-chan is alright,” said Takato

Takato soon carries Misaki to her room. Arriving in her room, Takato places Misaki in her bed. He then releases Misaki’s jacket and covers her with a blanket. Takato is staring at her for a few minutes. He sees that Misaki is very cute and beautiful when she is sleeping. Takato soon shut downs the lamp. Right before he goes outside, he says something.

“Good night, Misaki-chan, my beautiful angel,” said Takato before he closes the door

Chapter 4Edit

Sarabi AttacksEdit

As usual, this morning is really a peaceful morning. Takato is still sleeping in his room. He slept with happy feelings, since he already experienced a great moment with Misaki. Reluctantly, he wakes up.

“Aaammmm, what’s clock is it?” said Takato while sees the clock

“Haaaa!!! 11:30. Whooooaaa, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late,” said Takato panicked

“I still don’t take a bath, breakfast, what am I going to do?” said Takato very panicked

However, Takato sees the clock once again. It was revealed that Takato saw the clock in upside down position. Now it’s 6:30.

“Hoooooooo…. I’m glad it’s still morning. Everyone would mad to me if I woke up late,” said Takato while giving a glad breath and wears his uniform

“Hmmm, I wonder what do everyone do in this peaceful morning?” asked Takato before he leaves his room, in order to check his friends’ room

First, he slowly opens Misaki’s room door. He then sees Misaki is still sleeping. He also sees Misaki is happy to hugging her bolster.

“Aaammm, Takato-kun….” said Misaki while still sleeping and hugging her bolster

“Takato-kun…… uuuummmm, muuuuaaaahhhh,” kissed Misaki to her bolster while still sleeping

Suddenly, Takato’s face becomes red, because he was embarrassed. But, he also giggled a bit, seeing Misaki’s weird actions.

“Haaaaah!!! Takato-kun, wake up!! Wake up!! Huuuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuhu, huuuuuuaaaa, sob, sob, sob, don’t die, Takato-kun……. huhuhuhu….” cries Misaki while shaking her bolster

Takato suddenly feels very saddened. He now has a new motivation to fight, fight for alive. As, he doesn’t want Misaki cries over his death. Suddenly, Misaki rolls aside to her bed, she now will fall from her bed.

“Misaki-chan!” said Takato before he catches Misaki at a nick of time

Takato soon places Misaki back to her bed and covers her with a blanket. Takato soon leaves the room, but not before he says something.

“Misaki-chan…, I’m promise I will be alive for you!” said Takato while seeing the Drago Lens. He then closes the door and rushes to Yumi’s room

As what he already done to Misaki’s room, he slowly opens Yumi’s room door. He then sees Yumi also talking while sleeping. But, now she is singing “Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star” while sleeping. After she has done her singing, her face becomes anger.

“Huh!!! Shuji-san, why you always tell that my performance is very bad!? You are so mean!” said Yumi angered while still sleeping

“Hmmm, so in Yumi-chan’s dream there is Shuji, huh?” said Takato

“Look, even Misaki and Takato-san are love my singing. You are so mean, Shuji-san!” said Yumi while still sleeping

“Huh! I don’t care if you don’t want to face me again!” said Yumi while still sleeping

Takato then sees that Yumi doesn’t use her blanket. He then covers Yumi with the blanket.

“Huh! Don’t try to be nice with me again,” said Yumi while struggling Takato who is covering her with the blanket

“I don’t want to meet you again!!!” shouts Yumi while grasping a nearby globe and she will throw it to Takato

“Wuuuuuuaaaa!!” shouts Takato before he rushes to the door, before Yumi really throws the globe to him

Takato soon closes the door, at the same time when the globe hit the door.

“Haaaaa….., haa……, haaaaaaaaaaa……., Is Yumi-chan always do that everyday?” asked Takato before he rushes to Shuji’s room

Like what he did to Misaki and Yumi’s room, he slowly opens the door. Much to his surprise, Takato sees Shuji is sleeping on the floor and he also holding a bottle of milk and the milk was dropped to the floor. Takato soon carries Shuji to his bed.

“Huuuuu……, Shuji is really heavy. He must be eat so much food and drink milk,” said Takato after carrying Shuji

Takato then wipes the milk on the floor, while hearing Shuji also talking while sleeping.

“Hmmm, thanks, Takato-san for cheering me up,” said Shuji while still sleeping

“But, I still wonder, who could be my girlfriend,” said Shuji while still sleeping

“Aaaahhh, I don’t want Misaki-chan. She is actually more perfect with you, Takato-san,” said Shuji while still sleeping

Takato’s face becomes red, knowing his friend told him that he and Misaki are a perfect couple.

“Is…. that right?” asked Takato in disbelief

“Naaaaaahhhhh….., what I already said is right, you are chased by Misaki-chan,” said Shuji while still sleeping

Takato giggles a little bit of he is chased by Misaki in Shuji’s dream.

“Haaaahhh!? You want me to be with Yumi-chan. Hah! I can laugh. How is such an arrogant woman like that, would be my girlfriend,” said Shuji while still sleeping

“Haaaaa…. At least, Commander Tanaka is the same as me. He already lost his girlfriend in the past and always be a single since then,” said Shuji while still sleeping

“Hah!? Commander lost his girlfriend. I didn’t know about that,” said Takato in his mind before he leaves Shuji’s room

Takato is walking through the corridor now, thinking about the fact of his superior.

“Huuummm, I promise! I won’t lose Misaki-chan also,” said Takato with full determination before he enters the command center

Takato then sees Commander Tanaka is sitting and drinking coffee, while also reading a newspaper.

“Oh, Kagawa. Hmmm, you seem wake up so early. We can start working at 8:00,” said Commander Tanaka

“Aaaamm, yes….. Oh yeah, commander, did you…” said Takato before he was interrupted by a sudden appearance of Illustrator

“We don’t have much time!! A new monster called Sarabi appears in a forest,” said Illustrator

“Woooooaaaaaa!!!! A ghost!!!!” shouts Takato

“Well, agent Kagawa, this is our first meeting, so I will introduce myself. I’m Illustrator, the strategist of PASM,” said Illustrator

“Weird name, but let’s be friend, Illustrator,” said Takato while giving his hand to Illustrator

“Albeit, I’m a hologram. So, I can’t make any physical contacts,” said Illustrator

“That’s a shame,” said Takato disappointed

“By the way, we must call the other. It’s an emergency!” said Illustrator

“Okay!” said Commander Tanaka while trying to press an alarm button, but he was stopped by Takato

“I will handle it. After all, it’s not wise to wake up Misaki-chan and the other from their dream,” said Takato

“Are you crazy, Kagawa? This is not training!! You can’t handle it alone! Do you want to die!!??” said Commander Tanaka angered

“Don’t worry, I can handle it!” said Takato while taking his helmet and runs from the command center

“Kagawa, wait!!” shouts Commander Tanaka while taking his helmet and follows Takato

On a forest, a monster comes out. He has two large pincers. His body, however, more similar to lobster. His head also like a crab but has a lobster’s antennae. His body is mostly red, with his legs has a little pincers. His back also has four crab’s legs with a large protector. The monster called Sarabi, soon gives out a roar.

“Now, it’s cutting time!!” said Sarabi in his mind

Sarabi soon use his pincer to cut the forest. Surprisingly, not only the tree were cutted, the ground also cutted leaving a huge scar in the ground. He then use his pincer to cut the mountain, which is, surprisingly succeed. He then gives a happy roar, just as Flyer 1 and Flyer 2 arrives.

“Kagawa, don’t do any risk!” said Commander Tanaka

“Don’t worry, commander!” said Takato while shooting four spider missiles to Sarabi, creating a huge explosion

“Yes!!” said Takato with happy expression

But, much to everyone’s surprise, Sarabi wasn’t damaged at all.

“Hah!? He barely survived!?” said Takato in disbelief

“Huh! That even didn’t scratch me. Now, take this! Hahahahahahaha!!!” laughed Sarabi before he shoots fireballs

“Wuuuuaaaa!!” shouts Takato before he and Commander Tanaka dodge the fireballs

“Watchout! Sarabi’s body is full of armor. Normal attacks won’t effect him!” said Illustrator

“So, what we are going to do?” asked Takato while dodging more fireballs

“Fire can melt his armor and ice can also freeze the armor, so only a single touch would shatters Sarabi’s armor,” said Illustrator

“Fire, huh!?” said Takato

“Oh yeah, I have a freezing missiles. I should give it a try,” said Takato while approaching Sarabi

Unfortunately, Sarabis shoots a foam from his mouth, covering Takato’s sight.

“Uuuugggghhh, I can’t see anything,” said Takato while peering through the foam

“Watchout, Kagawa!” said Commander Tanaka

But alas, Takato was shot down by Sarabi’s fireball. Flyer 1 now is flying uncontrollably.

“Wuuuuuaaaaa!!” shouts Takato while the Flyer 1 was flying uncontrollably

“Kagawa!!!” shouts Commander Tanaka

“I’m okay. I will do an emergency land,” said Takato while performing an emergency land

“You…. I won’t forgive you!!” said Commander Tanaka while shooting at Sarabi, even though it’s failed

Takato soon comes out from the Flyer 1 and runs to an open space. He sees Flyer 2 is shooting at Sarabi furiously. Takato then takes out his Drago Lens.

“Look, commander. I will show you, what I got. I will help you,” said Takato while raising his Drago Lens

Commander Tanaka soon sees Takato is standing at an open space. Unfortunately, nothing happen when Takato raises the Drago Lens.

“Eeeehhh!!?? Why it won’t open?” said Takato panicked

“What is Kagawa doing?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Hoooooiiii, Drago!!!! Why I can’t transform into Draco!!!???” shouts Takato panicked

It was revealed that Drago is sleeping in Takato’s mind. He sleeps too deep, even he can’t sense any monsters or hear Takato’s voice.

“Nyaaaaaam……, nyaaaaammm….., I need more monsters’ energy life, nyaaaaaaammm, nyaaaaaaaamm,” said Drago while sleeping

“Hoi, Drago!!! Drago!!!!!” shouts Takato to the Drago Lens

Unbeknownst by him, Sarabi charges his fireball to Takato. Takato soon sees it and covers his sight, not wanting to see anything bad.

“Wuuuuuuaaaaaa!!!”shouts Takato while Sarabi shoots his fireball

“Watchout, Kagawa!!” shouts Commander Tanaka while charging through the fireball, protecting Takato from the fireball, at the cost Flyer 2 was shot down

Takato only could watch Flyer 2 flies uncontrollably, before doing an emergency land.

“Commander!!!!!!” shouts Takato, while seeing Flyer 2 was crashed to the ground

Sarabi soon retreats for a while.

Pressure To TakatoEdit

On a corridor in a hospital, Takato, Misaki and Yumi are sitting on a bench.

“I see, thank you,” said Shuji while comes out from a room

The other soon gets up and approaches Shuji.

“So, how is commander?” asked Misaki

“Well, his head was knocked hard to the glass. But, don’t worry, after some rest, Commander soon will get through it,” said Shuji

“Thank goodness,” said Takato with a glad breath

“Oh yeah, Takato-san. Why didn’t you call us in the first place!?” protests Shuji

“I actually see you guys are sleeping very deep, I don’t want to disturb you guys,” said Takato while looking down

“I know you don’t want everyone to get hurt. But, we are a team. We work together. Remember that! And despite you want to help the other, never burden yourself. Look, because of you, Commander got hurt. Remember, Takato-san, we are a team, we always be there for you,” said Shuji before he takes his leave

“Aaaamm, I’m sorry, Takato-san. Despite, I hate Shuji-san, he is right, for now,” said Yumi before she also takes her leave

“Don’t blame yourself, Takato-kun. It’s good that you don’t want to disturb us, but never do this again. Ganbatte, Takato-kun!” said Misaki with a smile

“Misaki-chan…” said Takato while seeing Misaki’s face

“See you later, Takato-kun,” said Misaki before she takes her leave

Takato now feels very lonely in the hospital corridor.

Now, Takato is in his father’s house. He faces his father eye on eye.

“So, what do you want to say, Takato?” asked Takato’s father

“Aaaammm, I actually…., aammm, in a monster’s extermination team,” said Takato

“What!? You must be kidding, right?” asked Takato’s father in disbelief

“No, dad! I’m serious!” said Takato while showing his PASM member jacket

“This must be a dream, this must be a dream!! My son is taking a huge risk!! No way!!” said Takato’s father before he falls to the floor

“Dad, are you alright?” asked Takato worried while approaching his father

However, Takato’s father becomes very angry and pulls his own son, until his own house’s gate. Takato’s father soon throws Takato outside.

“Dad, why you are doing that!?” asked Takato

“Stop! My son won’t take a huge risk that would may cost his own life!! You are not my son anymore!!!! My son won’t play with his own life!!! You are now my son!!!” said Takato’s father angered

“But, but, dad…” said Takato while shedding some tears

“I’m not your father anymore and you should relinquish your “Kagawa” surname!!!!” said Takato father angered before he closes the door

Takato soon cries, seeing his father now abandons him. He then walks slowly to PASM’s base, thinking about so much pressure he got.

Chapter 5Edit

Plans To Attack SarabiEdit

On a peaceful night, in the hospital where Commander Tanaka was in, Takato enters the room while bringing a flower.

“I was careless…” whispered Takato softly while seeing an injured Commander Tanaka

“But, commander… I promise this won’t happen again,” whispered Takato softly while placing the flower in a nearby table

Much to his surprise, Takato sees a mini notebook. Though it’s the commander’s secret book, Takato reluctantly opens it and reads it. He then knows that Commander Tanaka wrote all of their advantages and disadvantages, in order to each member would close the other’s disadvantages.

“Commander….” Said Takato, seeing Commander Tanaka is thinking those as so far

Takato soon opens the last page of the book. Much to his shock, he sees a photo of Commander Tanaka, who is still quite young, makes a piece sign with a girl.

“This is Commander Tanaka…, so this girl…” whispered Takato while trying to figure out the girl in the photo

“Uuuuggggghhh…, Kagawa, right?” groaned Commander Tanaka before he opens his eyes

“Aaahh, commander, you already awake,” said Takato with a happy expression

“Sure! I can’t sleep when a monster is still alive,” said Commander Tanaka

“Aaaaammm…, I’m sorry, commander. I’m terribly sorry, because I did something reckless and not following your orders,” apologized Takato while bowing to Commander Tanaka

“Don’t worry. As long as you realize it, it’s okay,” said Commander Tanaka

“Oh yeah, who is this, commander?” asked Takato while pointing the girl in the photo

Commander Tanaka was very shocked to see Takato looked at his book. But, he knows that he can’t lie.

“Haaaa… It seem I need to tell you also, like Motogawa. Okay, that girl, hik….., hik….., hik….., hik….., sob, sob, sob, my fiancé, Hikari Koyama,” said Commander Tanaka while a little crying

Takato was quite surprise to see Commander Tanaka that is quite strict, can also crying.

“Hikari was a kind and good girl, but she must die even before we could live together. She dies 13 years ago, you probably was 7 years old,” said Commander Tanaka

“Commander…, I’m sorry if I ask a question that makes you cry,” said Takato while looking down

“Don’t worry. But, Hikari’s death now changes my resolution,” said Commander Tanaka while now has a angry expression

“Eeeehhh!?” asked Takato

“Maybe, I already spoke too much. Well, I need to go to sleep,” said Commander Tanaka before he went sleeping

“Yes, commander,” said Takato while leaving the room

Takato now is in the base’s corridor, thinking about Commander Tanaka lost his fiancé.

“So…, Commander Tanaka orders me to protect Misaki-chan, because he doesn’t want me to get the same fate,” said Takato before he goes silent

Takato thinks if Misaki dies in front of him. He couldn’t stand to see it. He will burst into tears if he sees it.

“Okay, I will protect Misaki-chan. Even if that mean I will sacrifice myself,” said Takato before he enters the command center

In the command center, he sees everyone is there, even Illustrator.

“Oh, so, you are here, Kagawa!” said Illustrator

“Yes!” said Takato

“Hurry and sit, Takato-kun. There is something that we need to hear,” said Misaki

“Okay, Misaki-chan!” said Takato before he takes a seat

“Okay, everyone. We now have the third plane, the Flyer 3. This plane is more big than the other, but it’s speed quite slow, but stores more spider missiles,” explained Illustrator

“Oh yeah!” said Shuji

“Wait, what about that monster?” asked Yumi

“Don’t worry, we have a set of plan,” said Illustrator while opening the big screen, revealing a map of a forest

“Now, we will guide Sarabi to this X area. After that, Flyer 3 will shoot an electromagnetic ray that will be connected to the below electromagnetic tesla coils. It would create a huge barrier, enough to stop Sarabi,” said Illustrator

“So…, what are we going to do?” asked Misaki

“Good question, Tomoguchi. We will use all of spider missiles on Flyer 1, which now has been similar to the freezing missiles. All of the spider missiles on Flyer 1 should be enough to freeze Sarabi. But, the barrier is a full barrier, not a we barrier. So, we must shoot it before the barrier close Sarabi awhole,” said Illustrator

“That’s really a hard job. Who should do this?” asked Shuji to the other

However, the other remains silent, as they know it’s very important job. Fortunately, Takato gets up from his seat.

“I will do it!” said Takato gently

“What!?” asked the other shocked

“Don’t do it, Takato-kun. If you want to do that, let me take your place. I’m quite good at shooting,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan. Everything will be alright. Afterall, I need to repaid to Commander Tanaka,” said Takato while holding Misaki’s shoulder

“But, you must watchout. Sarabi has very sharp pincers, if you don’t watchout, you will be cutted in piece,” said Illustrator

“See…, Takato-kun. It’s too dangerous! I, I, I don’t want, huhuhuhuhuhu….., hik…., hik….., hik….., hik…., you to die,” said Misaki while crying

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan. I promise I will keep alive no matter what. I also will protect you,” said Takato while showing Misaki his little finger

“I will also promise, I will keep alive for you too, Takato-kun,” said Misaki while holding Takato’s little finger with her own little finger

“It’s a promise!” said both Takato and Misaki in unison

“Hmmm, I suppose, despite you two are quite a perfect couple, but remember, our mission,” said Illustrator

“Roger!” said the other in unison

The Takato and his friends soon are going to sleep in their respective room.

Sarabi’s Attack Plan ExecutionEdit

Now, it’s 7:45. It’s already morning. In the hangar of PASM, Takato is leaning on the wall while opening a bag which contains a doughnut. Strangely, the doughnut is just plain without any topping.

“Hmmm, I need a little breakfast,” said Takato before he takes out a bottle of salt

Takato soon sows the salt into the doughnut. He then eats the doughnut with the salt.

“Uuuuummm, doughnut with salt is very delicious,” said Takato while chewing the doughnut

“Hello, Takato-kun,” greeted Misaki while she and the others were approaching Takato

“Oh, hello,” greeted Takato

“Oh, you eat doughnut. You must be like it,” said Misaki

“No,” said Takato before he eats the rest of the doughnut whole

“Eeehhh!?” asked the others in unison

“I more like the salt. Everything with salt always delicious. Salt is the most delicious and greatest food,” said Takato while showing them his bottle of salt

“Wow! I didn’t know Takato-san is a salt maniac,” said Yumi

“Well, Yumi-chan, if you protest me, you should use my bottle of salt in your lunch,” said Takato

“No, thanks,” said Yumi

“Well, even my mother loves salt. She always eats with her bottle of salt. She even gave me a porridge of salt when I was a baby,” said Takato

“Well, yeah,” said Misaki, although she feels Takato is quite strange when it comes of salt

“Oh yeah, it’s time to roll out,” said Shuji

“Oh yeah,” said the other while rushing to the Flyer 1 and 3’s cockpits

“Now, let’s roll out!” said Shuji while he, Misaki and Yumi in Flyer 3 take off and go to the destined forest

“Now, let’s battle!” said Takato while he eats some salt before he takes off

In the hospital, Commander Tanaka saw Flyer 1 and 3 were flying across the hospital. He then releases his bandages and infusion. However, Illustrator appears.

“Well, I were you, I won’t go there,” said Illustrator

“Don’t worry, what is a team without a leader,” said Commander Tanaka before he goes out from his room

“Haaa…. Commander always stubborn as usual,” said Illustrator

In a forest, Sarabi comes out from the ground. He then gives out a loud roar.

“Now, it’s cutting time!” said Sarabi in his mind

Sarabi soon cuts the forest with his pincers and use his foam to melts the forest. Lastly, he uses his fireballs to burn the forest. Sarabi then gives out a happy screech.

“Hahahahahaha!!! This is very interesting!! Hahahahahaha!!!” laughed Sarabi while continuing his assault

Soon, Flyer 1 and 3 arrives on the scene. Shuji then looks the below, he sees the tesla coils.

“Okay, Takato-san. We will wait here. You will guide that monster to this area. After that, remember to shoot all of the freezing spider missiles before the barrier close that monster awhole,” said Shuji

“Roger!” said Takato while charges in to Sarabi

“Watchout, Takato-kun!” said Misaki while her eyes are almost crying

“I know, Misaki-chan. I remember my promise,” said Takato

Takato soon fires a set of fireworks missiles to blind and attract Sarabi’s attention. Takato fires more fireworks missiles, covering most of the forest in a red dust. Takato stops for a while. However, much to his surprise, Sarabi slashes the surroundings with his pincers.

“Waaaaa!!” shouts Takato while dodging all of Sarabi’s pincer’s slashes, despite it’s invisible

“Wait, do you guys find that is strange to see Takato-kun can dodge all of that slashes , that normal human can’t see?” asked Misaki

“No!” said the others two in unison

“Wow! It seem I can predict the next movements, thanks to Drago,” said Takato while guiding Sarabi to the destined area

“******* human!! You will pay for attacking me!! Of course, if you can make me laugh, I will spare you!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!” laughed Sarabi while launching his foam and fireballs

“Uuuuuuggggghhhhh!!” groaned Takato while quite hard to dodge Sarabi’s attacks

“Now, almost, almost, almost!” said Takato in his mind while seeing the destined area is close

However, Sarabi shoots more fireballs to Flyer 1. Fortunately, Takato manages to dodge it. Sarabi then combines his pincers’ slashes attack with his fireballs and foam.

“I will show you, what I got!!” said Takato while impressively dodges all of that attacks

Sarabi increases his attacks, but Takato easily dodges it. Flyer 1 were spinning like a ballerina, Takato easily dodges all of the attacks. He even dives down and flies up to the air to dodges it. Even, Takato guides the attacks to hit each other.

“Wow! Takato-kun is impressive!!” said Misaki with a red face

“Yes! Takato-san is cool!” said Yumi

“That’s our, Takato-san!” said Shuji

“Wait! Sarabi is approaching us. Prepares the barrier!” ordered Misaki

“Now, almost, almost… Now, Shuji!!” ordered Takato while passing the tesla coils

“Alright!” said Shuji while firing an electromagnetic ray from Flyer 3’s under, hitting the tesla coils

Now, the barrier starts to appears and close Sarabi inside it slowly. Flyer 1 soon appears in front of Sarabi.

“Takato-san, remember! Don’t fire it too early, it may won’t freeze him completely, but don’t also too late,” said Shuji

“I understand!” said Takato

Takato still waits for the perfect timing to shoot the freezing spider missiles. Unfortunately, Sarabi also attacks with his fireballs.

“Ouuuuccchhh!” said Takato while dodging the fireballs, but quite losing his focus

“Watchout, Takato-kun!” said Misaki worried

“I know!” said Takato while keep dodging the attacks

“The time is almost over, Takato-san!! Quick shoots it!” said Shuji

“I know, but it’s quite hard,” said Takato while keep dodging the attacks

“I will help you to shoot that monster. Just wait until I say “now”,” said Shuji

“Okay!” said Takato

Takato waits for some minutes while dodging those attacks, before…

“Now, Takato-san,” ordered Shuji while Takato in Flyer 1 shoots Sarabi’s neck

Soon, the barrier closes at the same time when the spider missiles come in. The missiles soon explode in the barrier, freezing Sarabi awhole. After the freezing dust disappears, they sees Sarabi now is frozen.

“Yay! We did it!” said Misaki with happiness

“Haa….. We did it!” said Takato with a glad breath

“Hoooorrrraaaayyy, we did it!!!” said both Shuji and Yumi in unison while trying to take a high-five. Unfortunately, they realize each other and don’t want to see their face each other

“Huh!” said both Shuji and Ymi while they don’t want to see each other’s face

“Okay, finish it, Takato-kun!” said Misaki

“Roger, Misaki-chan!” said Takato while trying to shoot a missile to finish the job

However, much to his surprise, he sees the ice melt in a matter of seconds.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to say that Sarabi’s body could generate some intense of heat from his body,” said Illustrator

“Why you don’t tell us in the first place!?” protests Shuji

But, it was too late, Sarabi now is completely back again. This time he is very angry.

“You ******* human, I will get a revenge for you!!!” said Sarabi angered in his mind

Sarabi soon spins himself as fast as he can, while firing his fireballs, foam, and pincers’ slashes. Both Flyer 1 and 3 are having a hard time to evade it.

“Wooooaaaaa!! This guy is really angry,” said Shuji while dodging the attacks

“Yeah!” said Takato while dodging the attacks

Sarabi still doesn’t stop. He keeps firing all that he got. Now, Flyer 3 can’t do so much maneuver.

“Shuji-kun, if we can’t hold much longer,” said Misaki

“I know, but we can’t attack him just yet. It would only angered him,” said Shuji

While it seems they already lost hope, Flyer 2 arrives and shoots Sarabi stopping his attacks. It was revealed that Commander Tanaka is piloting it.

“Commander, is that you?” asked Takato

“Sure!” said Commander Tanaka

“But, your injuries…” said Takato worried

“Don’t worry, I will even blame myself if you guys die in the battlefield without me,” said Commander Tanaka while shooting more laser and missiles to Sarabi

“Motogawa, Nakayama, Tomoguchi, you all should retreat. This mission is for more sleeker plane,” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said all of the Flyer 3’s pilot while retreat

“Now, Kagawa! You should repaid me!” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said Takato while shooting more missiles

Both Flyer 1 and 2 shoot all of their ammunition to Sarabi, while dodging his attacks. Despite the monster uses his spinning barrage, Flyer 1 and 2 easily dodges it, while shooting more missiles. At the climax, Sarabi finds both plane were gone. Unknown to him, both plane dive down from the sky. The plane soon fires their respective missiles and laser to Sarabi’s head, knocking the monster down.

“Not bad, not bad, Kagawa!” said Commander Tanaka impressed

“Thanks, Commander!” said Takato

However, those happy moments was soon broken by Sarabi. The monster shoots his fireball to Flyer 2.

“Commander!!!!” shouts Takato, seeing Flyer 2 was shot down by Sarabi

Now, Flyer 2 needs to do an emergency land. However, Commander Tanaka fell unconscious. So, he can’t do an emergency land.

“It’s bad, Takato-san. I can’t contact commander. He must be fell unconscious,” said Shuji

“Oh no! I must save him!” said Takato while rushing to the falling Flyer 2

Flyer 1 now is below the Flyer 2. Now, Takato tries to carry the Flyer 2 using his Flyer 1. Everyone was shocked to see Flyer 1 trying to hold up Flyer 2, despite Flyer 1 is smaller than Flyer 2.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuunnnnnggggggg,” groaned Takato while trying to hold up Flyer 2

“Stop it, Takato-kun!!! You will also die!!!” shouts Misaki

“I know! But, I can’t let anyone will die so easily, especially he is my commander!!” said Takato while trying to hold up Flyer 2, but soon the two plane almost crash down

“Drrrrraaaaaaaaaaagggggggooooo!!!! Please give me your power!!!!” said Takato while raising his Drago Lens, albeit, it won’t open

“Drrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggoooooooo!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato

In a black void, Drago wakes up. He then hears Takato’s shout.

“Huuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhh!! After sleeping, I need a breakfast, oh well, I will help you, Takato!!” said Drago while flying up

“Wwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Takato, seeing ground only a few inches, he can’t do an emergency land now

“Taaaaaaakkkkkkkaaaaatttttttttooooooo-kkkkkkkuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!” shouts Misaki while shedding some tears

Fortunately, the Drago Lens opens. The red light soon envelops Takato.

Suddenly, the screen becomes black, before a flame dragon flies through the screen, leaving a fire tornado. Draco Flame Burst then rises with each rise he becomes bigger and bigger and the screen shine more gold and gold.

Back in the forest, Draco Flame Burst was summoned while holding both Flyer 1 and 2. He then places the planes in the ground.

“Hooooo…… Takato-kun is save,” said Misaki while giving a glad breath

Draco soon faces his new enemy.

“I won’t forgive you on what you already done to commander!!” said Draco

On a tree, the same mysterious man with silver hair and wearing a yellow cloth appears. As usual, he eats potato chips.

“This would be interesting!” said the mysterious man while eating his potato chips

Chapter 6: Draco vs SarabiEdit

Draco soon performs his usual stance. He and Sarabi soon circling the battlefield slowly. After some seconds, Draco charges in to Sarabi.

“Seeeeaaaaahhh!!!” shouts Draco while charging in to Sarabi

However, Sarabi soon shoots his fireballs to Draco. Fortunately, the Ultra manages to dodge it. After several rolls, Draco soon put his fist to his Life Gauge, pulling the Flame Saber. Draco once again charges in to Sarabi. Draco tries to slash Sarabi, but the monster easily parries it. Draco tries it for several times, only for the monster throws him aside.

“Uuuuuuggggghhhh…. What should I do, Drago?” asked Takato

“Hmmm, this monster actually need your yellow Burst, but….., I need to think about it more. Attack him for a while, until I figure it out,” said Drago before he hangs up

“Hey, that’s very irresponsible!” protests Takato

Draco now doesn’t have any choice to attack Sarabi. He then charges in again and tries to slash the monster. Strangely, Sarabi widely releases his defense, much to Draco’s surprise. However, when the Ultra slashes the monster, the attacks don’t even scratch the monster.

“What, the!? My sword can’t scratch him!” said Draco while keep slashing Sarabi

However, Sarabi instead uses his pincers to disarm Draco. The monster soon mercilessly slashes Draco with his pincers. He keeps doing this, even he doesn’t give Draco any time to breathe. Sarabi soon gives an uppercut slash to Draco.

“Uuuuuuwwwwwaaaaaaa!!” shouts Draco while was thrown several meters because of that uppercut

Sarabi soon fires his fireballs on the collapsed Draco, without giving the Ultra a chance to get up. The monster then use his pincers’ wind slashes to attacks Draco mercilessly, combines with his fireballs. Draco now could only helplessly watch Sarabi attacks him. However, Draco slowly gets up.

“If…, if I defeated here… ha…., ha…., ha….. That’s mean I’m a loser!” said Takato with full determination before he charges in to Sarabi

Sarabi then shoots his foam, blinding Draco for awhile. He then shoots the Ultra with his fireball. It was revealed that Sarabi’s foam is very flammable, making a huge explosion occurs on Draco.

“Uuuugggghhhh, gyaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Draco before he was consumed in the explosion

Soon, Misaki, Shuji and Yumi were very shocked to see the Ultra was ‘died’ in the explosion. No one can survive from that huge explosion.

“No… way… That giant is finished,” said Yumi in disbelief

“****, I couldn’t save my friend!” whispered Shuji softly

Suddenly, Misaki was broke down in tears. She doesn’t know why she did that. But, it seems that the death of the giant really stabs her heart. She can’t hold on her tears, she is crying non stop.

“Misaki-chan, what’s happened?” asked Shuji and Yumi worried

“Huhuhuhuhuhu……. I don’t know, but, sob, sob, sob,sob, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Something is stabbing my heart, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……., hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Huuuuuuuuaaaa!!!” cries Misaki

“No wonder why Misaki-chan is crying. That giant is Takato, the man who she secretly loves….. I’m sorry, Takato-kun, I can’t save you,” said Shuji in his mind

“Hahahahahaha!!! Finally, you can make me laugh!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!” laughed Sarabi in his mind

However, suddenly, Draco comes out from the dust and performs a flying side kick to the unfocused Sarabi, cracking his body a little. Everyone, especially Misaki gives a glad breath.

“Hooooohhh… I don’t know why but thank goodness that giant is okay,” said Misaki while wiping her tears and gives a glad breath

“How, how you can still survive!?” asked Sarabi in his mind in disbelief

“Sorry, but I used Dragon Dome to protect me,” said Draco

It was revealed that before the explosion occurred, Draco covers himself in a dome, protecting him from the huge explosion.

“So, because my Flame Saber can’t scratch you, I should go to my kicking,” said Draco while performing a side kick to Sarabi

Sarabi was thrown back several meters, but managed to get up. However, Draco performs a roundhouse kick to the Sarabi’s pincer, making the monster loses focus. Draco then performs some kicks to Sarabi’s body continuously. Draco soon performs a side kick to Sarabi, throwing the monster several ways. After that, Draco judo throws Sarabi to the ground several times. Draco then pulls Sarabi’s legs and spins around before he throws Sarabi away. Draco then charges in, only to be shot by Sarabi’s foam. However, Draco uses Dragon Extender to extends his foot and performs a roundhouse kick, throwing Sarabi several meters. Draco then performs some Reverse Kicks, before he performs a roundhouse kick to Sarabi. Draco then performs two roundhouse kicks front leg, before he uses the back leg. Draco then performs a handstand and kicks Sarabi in his chest, before performing a roundhouse kick to Sarabi while still handstanding. Draco then swipes the floor using a roundhouse kick, making Sarabi falls down. Draco then finishes it with an axe kick to Sarabi.

“Ouuuucccchhh, that’s really hurt,” said Sarabi

“Now, the finale!” said Draco while performing a side kick

Unfortunately, Sarabi parries it and instead pincer to bite Draco’s hand.

“Now, feel the pain!” said Sarabi while biting Draco’s hand more deep

“Guuuuuuaaaaa!!!” shouts Draco while his hand is bitten and almost cutted

Not only that, Sarabi also uses the rest of his pincer to strangkles Draco, trying to choke as much air from the hero. Even the monster uses his back’s feet to absorbs Draco’s power.

“Guuuuuwwwwwwaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Draco while his Life Gauge blinks red

On the other side, Flyer 3 arrives on the screen.

“Attention, PASM members! This is order! Attacks that giant now!!” said Illustrator

“Attacking the giant!?” asked all of the remaining PASM members

“Yes, this is order!” said Illustrator

However, seeing Draco was mercilessly beaten, Shuji sees a mortally injured Takato who is being beaten. Shuji, Misaki and Yumi shoot Sarabi, releasing Draco. The Ultra soon rolls aside and grasps his Flame Saber. Sarabi soon gives out a loud screech.

(Ending Theme: Heat the Flame)

“Hey! Why did you disobey orders!!??” said Illustrator

“Well, I can’t attack someone who saved my friend and my commander,” said Shuji

“After all, he is Takato-san,” said Shuji in his mind

“That giant was once saved me. Now, I will repaid him. I also don’t know why, but my heart is really hurts if I see that giant is injured,” said Misaki

“2 vs 1, overrule,” said Yumi

“Uuuuuurrrrrrgggghhhh!! You will pay for disobeying orders!!” said Illustrator before he hangs up

Knowing that he won’t stand a chance, Sarabi tries to burrow underground.

“What should we do, Drago?” asked Takato

“Use Dragon Enlargement!” ordered Drago

Draco soon charges his fist with energy. When Draco opens his palm, his hand becomes bigger and bigger. After that, Draco slaps the ground with his big hand, making Sarabi comes out from the ground. Draco then catches the monster. He then uses his hand that holds Sarabi to slaps the ground multiple times. Because of the huge impact on the ground, Sarabi’s body now cracks, cracking most of his armor.

“My beautiful armor…..” said Sarabi while lamenting his cracking armor

Draco uses this chance to grasps his Flame Saber again and charges in to Sarabi. Draco then performs both roundhouse kick back and front leg with both of his feet, before he slashes Sarabi horizontally with spinning slash. Draco then performs a roundhouse kick on the floor, to trips Sarabi down, before he performs three upward slashes. In the air, Draco performs an axe kick, making the monster falls down. In the ground, Sarabi was helplessly bouncing. Draco waste no time to performs some reverse kick to Sarabi, before he slashes Sarabi upward. Draco finishes it with a side kick.

Sarabi was very angry. He then charges his fireball before he shoots it. However, Draco uses his Dragon Shield. The Ultra the converts the fireball to a big energy ball, like a big soccer ball. Draco then puts the ball into the ground.

“I will show you, what I got!” said Takato

Draco then kicks the ball to Sarabi. Despite, the monster fires his fireballs and pincers’ wind slashes, he was hit by the ball, creating a big trace in his stomach. The ball soon bounces back to the air. Draco then jumps to the air and performs a bicycle kick to the ball. The ball soon hits Sarabi’s stomach again, before exploding, throwing the monster several ways. Now, Sarabi is very exhausted.

Draco then performs some reverse kicks, before he performs multiple roundhouse kicks. Draco then performs a handstand to parries Sarabi’s pincers attacks, before he kicks Sarabi’s stomach while still handstanding. Draco then performs two upward slashes then performs some upward kicks. In the air, Draco then performs some roundhouse kick, before he axe kicks Sarabi then stabs Sarabi’s stomach. In the ground, Draco slashes Sarabi’s body multiple times, before he judo throws him. Draco then performs reverse kick to Sarabi before he performs spinning horizontal slashes Sarabi. As the finale, Draco performs a butterfly kick to Sarabi, throwing the monster several ways.

“I, I, I… will destroy you!!!” said Sarabi in his mind very angry

“Now, finished him with Dragon Flame Cross Blast!!” ordered Drago

“Haaaahhhh….. That’s complex move. No, no, no!!” said Takato

However, Sarabi charges his fireballs and pincers, trying to use all of he got to kill Draco.

“Watchout!!!!!” shouts Misaki to Draco

“We don’t have time!!” said Takato panicked

“Okay, okay, okay, use Flame Cut. Charges your energy to Flame Saber and cut that monster!!” ordered Drago

“Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too complex,” said Takato

Draco then charges his energy to the Flame Saber. Now, the Flame Saber is coated by fire. However, Sarabi launches his fireballs and wind slashes. Not only that, the fireballs and wind slashes now so many, intending to kill Draco. Fortunately, Draco somersault to the back, while dodging the attacks. After that, Draco glides to Sarabi, while the attacks were exploding in the background.

“I will kill you!!” said Sarabi while firing more fireballs

However, it always misses. Draco now only a few inches from Sarabi.

“I won’t die!! I will keep my promise this time!! I will alive for Miiiiiiiissssaaaaakkkkkiiiiii-ccchhhhaaaaaannnn!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato while approaching Sarabi

“Flame Cut, seeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!” shouts Draco while slashing through Sarabi’s stomach

Now, in Sarabi’s stomach there is a fire trace. Sarabi soon falls aside, before explodes. Draco then sees the exploding Sarabi.

“We did it…. again…..!” said Takato exhausted, before Draco becomes a particle of red light and disappears


“****, Sarabi also defeated!? More over, I run out of potato chips!!” said the silver haired man while kneading the potato chips’ pack

The silver haired man soon runs from the battlefield with an incredible speed.

On the other side, Shuji and the other are evacuating Commander Tanaka. Misaki on the other side, is moving her head, she seems want to find something.

“Uuuuuugggghhh…. Misaki-chan, what are you doing?” asked Shuji while carrying Commander Tanaka

“How you can say so relaxed, we didn’t find Takato-kun in Flyer 1’s cockpit,” said Misaki

“Yes, Takato-san is lost, right?” said Yumi

“Haaaaaa…. What he is doing? Don’t say that he already dead or eaten by a nearby animals,” said Shuji

“Don’t say it, huhuhuhuhuhu, Takato-kun must be still alive,” said Misaki while a little crying

However, they soon see Takato is approaching them.

“Hoooooiiii, everyone…….!!!” Shouts Takato while waving his hand

“Takato-kun… What are you doing? I was worried sick about you, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” said Misaki while a little crying

“I was trying to find you guys. Well, thanks to that giant, I and Commander Tanaka,” said Takato

“Sob, sob, sob, sob, thank goodness,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, I will always keep my promise,” said Takato while wiping Misaki’s tears

“Aaaaam, I don’t want to break your romance melancholy, but we need to bring commander to the hospital,” said Shuji, a little envy to see Takato and Misaki’s romance

“Oh yeah, but please, bring commander to safe place. I can’t go with you guys. There is a unfinished business,” said Takato before he runs as fast as he can

“Unfinished…… business….?” asked Misaki

“We need to bring Commander Tanaka to hospital first,” said Shuji before he leaves

“Huh!! Shuji-san is really not romantic. I very envy to see Takato-san and Misaki is very close. Huh! Don’t think you will be my boyfriend, Shuji-san!!” said Yumi angered while also taking her leaves

On Takato’s father’s house, Takato opens his father’s room slowly. He sees his father doesn’t want to face his son again.

“Dad……” said Takato softly

“What do you want!? And I’m not your dad anymore!!” said Takato’s father strictly

Suddenly, Takato falls to his knee and crying.

“Dad……, huhuhuhuhuhuhu, I’m terribly sorry!!! I know I did something without your permission, I’m really sorry, dad!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, but I can’t stand if I see people were hurt. Hik, hik, hik, hik, hik, I joined PASM to save the other people, I need to save everyone!!! Everyone!!!! But, I’m really sorry, if I hurt your feelings, dad, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…..I don’t want to lose more of my family. I already lost my mother, I don’t want to lose my father also!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu!!” cries Takato

However, Takato’s father doesn’t respond. Takato was very depressed and soon tries to leave the room. Fortunately, Takato’s father gets up and holds Takato’s shoulder. Takato soon faces his father again.

“Don’t worry, Takato. I also wrong, because I made you sad,” said Takato’s father

“Dad….” whispered Takato softly

“You know, the reason why I don’t want you to join a monster buster teams, it’s because I don’t want you will also die, like your mother! Hik…., hik…., hik….., hik….., I don’t want you to get the same fate. If you will also die, huhuhuhuhuhu, I don’t know what I will do for the rest of my live,” said Takato’s father while a little crying

Takato is also crying. He then touches his father’s shoulders.

“Huhuhuhuhuhu….. Dad….. I promise I will be alright. I will be alive!! For you and Misaki-chan,” said Takato while a little crying

“Yeah, after all, you already mature and big. I can’t decide your future again. Live on your own path!” said Takato’s father

“Yes, dad. Sob, sob, sob, sob. Aaaammm, dad…, can I take a little nap in your lap, for a while?” asked Takato modestly

“Why not?” said Takato’s father

Takato soon hugs his father and takes a little nap in his father’s lap.

“Dad…. Do I also used to take a nap in my mother’s nap?” asked Takato

“Sure! Do you not remember, that when you are little, you slept in your mother’s nap because you was very sick. She was really worried to you, she was afraid if you will die, because you are an only son,” said Takato’s father while rubbing his son’s back

“Hik…, hik…, hik…, I also want to take a nap in my mother’s nap. If only mother didn’t die, I really miss my mom, dad….. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” cries Takato

“Don’t worry, Takato. She must be proud and happy to you,” said Takato’s father while rubbing Takato’s back

Takato soon takes a nap. However, surprisingly, Takato’s mother’s illusion appears and rubs her son’s back. She soon talks to her husband.

“Seiji…., our son already mature. I’m really happy of it,” said Takato’s mother

“Yes, Yuuko… I also proud of him,” said Takato’s father

“Seiji… Please…, let him to follow his own path,” said Takato’s mother

“Yes, sure. I trust that Takato will be alright,” said Takato’s father

“Yes, I trust my son to you,” said Takato’s mother

“Sure!” said Takato’s father

The two keeps rubbing Takato’s back, before Takato’s mother’s illusion disappears. Takato soon wakes up. He doesn’t know why, but he is really energetic now. He soon bids good bye to his father.

“I don’t know why, but I really energetic. I even can jump high, even I can flip easily. Woooohhhhhoooo, mom, I will make sure you will be proud,” said Takato before he runs from his father’s house

“Yuuko… Our son already mature and big. We are very proud to him,” said Takato’s father

Suddenly, the screen becomes black. There is a sound…

“……naka…..” said the sound before the screen suddenly opens slowly

“………r….. Ta…….ka…..” said the voice while the screen more opens, albeit still blurs

“Commander…….Tanaka….” said everyone before the screen changes an injured Commander Tanaka, surrounded with the other PASM members

“Thank goodness, you alright, commander,” said Takato

“We are very worried to you,” said Shuji

“Yes, I’m sorry if I make you worried,” said Commander Tanaka

However, Illustrator appears.

“Albeit there is a bad news, commander. You subordinates didn’t follow my orders to attack that Ultra,” said Illustrator

The other soon looks down in a sad expression. Even Takato feels guilty, since he makes the others suffer from the punishment.

“Please, commander. Don’t punish my friends. It’s all my fault. Don’t drag everyone else. Also, please don’t attack that giant. He is in our side,” said Takato while bowing

“Don’t worry, Kagawa. I won’t punish your friends nor I won’t attack that giant again,” said Commander Tanaka

The other was very surprised.

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s because that giant saved my life. I just repaid him,” said Commander Tanaka

“Huh! Oh well, do as your wish,” said Illustrator before disappears

“Oh yeah, it’s awkward if we always say “that giant.” We must decide a good name,” said Misaki

“Oh yeah, it’s very awkward,” said Shuji and Yumi

“How about “Ultraman Draco”?” asked Takato

“Draco, huh!? A good name,” said Shuji

“Yes, a cool name,” said Yumi

“I agree with you, Takato-kun,” said Misaki

“Okay, from now on, we will say that giant is Ultraman Draco,” said Commander Tanaka

“Hooooorrrrraaaayyy,” said the others with a happy jump

The four soon exit the room and rushes to the canteen. On the canteen, Misaki and Yumi just eat a normal rice with spinach, fish and fruits, as they must keep diet to be ideal enough for man. For Shuji, he eats a fried rice and chicken. He also drinks milk. For Takato, he just eats a normal rice, with chicken and fish. But, surely, he adds salt also.

“Hey, Takato-kun. You must stop eating with salt. As you may get stroke or diabete in the future,” said Misaki worried

“Don’t worry, Misaki-chan. I will keep fit. After all, I can’t stop eat without salt,” said Takato, much to Misaki’s dismay

Suddenly, both Shuji and Yumi sees a nearby television that was surrounded by many people.

“No… way…” whispered Shuji softly

Yumi just lets out an evil smirks. Both Takato and Misaki approaches the crowd.

“What happened?” asked Takato

Much to their surprise, Takato and Misaki see their romantic scenes when Misaki was jealous to Mayu in the television, which Yumi secretly records it

“Hey, that’s Kagawa and Tomoguchi!” said one of the people

“Kagawa, Tomoguchi are you really did that!?” said one of the people while surrounding them

“Oi, Yumi-chan!! What is this?” asked Takato

“it’s just for fun!” said Yumi

“Takato-kun, what we will do. I can breathe properly, uhhhuukk…, uuhhhhukk…, uhhhhuukkk…” said Misaki while hardly takes a breath

“Aaaaamm, let’s run!!” said Takato while holding Misaki’s hand and soon runs from the crowd

However, the crowd were chasing them. As they want to ask Takato and Misaki. Suddenly, the two stops, as they see Commander Tanaka is standing in front of them. He was really angered.

“Oi, Kagawa, Tomoguchi, this is not a romantic place. So, stop doing any romances,” said Commander Tanaka while limping towards them

Soon, Takato guides Misaki to the other corridor. All of the crowd with Shuji and Commander Tanaka were chasing the two.

“What is this after all?” asked Takato and Misaki before the camera stops

Suddenly, Drago flies through screen, before stops at the right corner of the screen, leaving only his head that appears on screen. Drago then breathes a red flame, burning the edge of the screen, making the edge screen burnt red flame.

Next In Ultraman DracoEdit

(Preview Song: Gaia no Chikara)

Suddenly, Takato’s eyes become red.

“Eat this!!” said Takato while throwing a bottle of milk to Shuji

“Huh! Your singing making me sick. I can’t believe a bad singer like you live!!” said Takato while insulting Yumi’s sing

“Look! I’m not a type of guy who always follow orders! So, get the **** out of the hell and don’t give me any orders!!!” said Takato to Commander Tanaka

“Pretty!? Tch! You are the ugliest girl I have ever seen!!!!” said Takato to Misaki

“Takato-kun is so mean!!!!” shouts Misaki to a confused Takato

“Shoot Dragon Flame Cross Blast now, Takato!!!!!” said Drago

“But, if I use that technique, the monster will be thrown back and the citizen in the house will be killed,” said Takato

“I don’t care anything about citizen!!!” said Drago

Grantella beats Draco Growing Burst mercilessly. The monster slashes most of Draco’s body parts and shoots the hero with his cannons. In the void of Draco, Takato was greviously injured. His clothes were ripped and his skins bleed bloods. Takato’s mouth now spilt blood.

“I…. don’t…. want… to use….. your power….!!!” said Takato

Grantella soon fires his Spiracles Cannon, Tail Cannon and Pincers Cannon to the powerless Draco. Takato was shocked of the attacks that hitted him and collapsed to the ground.

“Goodbye, Misaki-chan,” said Takato while closing his eyes

“Iiiiiiiii’mmmmmmmm sooooooorrrrrryyyyyy!!!!” shouts Drago

“We are not partner, we are friends!!” said Takato while attacking Grantella in Flame Burst

Draco Flame Burst soon uses Dual Flame Saber to Grantella. He then spins Grantella’s tail before throws him. Draco soon performs a back kick on Grantella’s back.

Next: Broken Partnership

“Say hello to…” said Misaki before she covers her face with her Gomora plus toy doll

“Gomora-chan!” said Misaki behind her Gomora’s doll

(Preview Song Ends)

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