The second episode of Ultraman Draco. Note, this is only fan fiction story and Ultraman is copyrighted by Tsuburaya and I don’t make profit from it. It just a normal fan fiction story and nothing else. Enjoy it, guys .

Title : Awakening, the Hot Fury PotentialEdit

Characters :

The Bloodsucking Demon Beast : Kyuranos

The Light : Ultraman Draco

Previously On Ultraman DracoEdit

In a quarry, Shuji and his colleagues found a torch with a red jewel.

Takato who was very excited to see it, sneaked into the quarry at night. When he touched it, he suddenly saw the “Unleashed Day” events.

Unknown to him, Takato already released the seal of all monsters, making Gorgam was unleashed in Tokyo city.

In order to save the other, Takato lured Gorgam into following him. When he took a break in the rooftop of 40 floor building. Gorgam smashed the building, making the building collapsed.

Takato was falling from the collapsed building. Before he met his death, Takato grasped the torch, called Drago Lens, enveloping him in a white light.

Seeing the building collapsed, Misaki and Shuji cries over their friend’s death, especially Misaki herself.

However, from the collapsed building, rose a giant called Ultraman Draco, which Takato already transformed into. Draco then fights Gorgam furiously, using kicking and punching. Despite almost lost due to he was bitten by Gorgam and shocked by Gorgam, seeing Misaki, Takato gained more power to fight Gorgam. Draco then flied to the sky and dive down to Gorgam while unleashing a kick.

“Dragon Kick!!! Seeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” cries Draco while went through Gorgam, destroying the monster.

His two friends soon rejoiced to see their friend still alive.

“I… already transformed…” whispered Takato softly while hugged by Misaki


It was a quiet night as usual. Unlike most night, this night there is a full moon. There is no one at the town, blank, only some of them who still out of their home. There isn’t any sound. Just really quiet and no one out of home, with some exceptions.

In a park, there is a business man who is drunk. Sure because he is drunk, he can’t walk or see anything properly.

“Hik… Hik… Hik… My boss is very unfair!! Hik… Hik… Hik… Why he fired me, I’m working hard in his office? Why? Why? Hueeekkkk….” said the business man

The man then sees a woman is sitting in a bench. She Is wearing a usual clothes for woman. However, her hair is very long, long enough to cover all of her face. The man then quickly sit next to the woman and touch her shoulder.

“Hik… Hik… Hik… What such a beautiful woman is here at this peaceful night!? Hik… Hik… Hik…” said the man

However, the woman didn’t response. She only just keep sitting like a statue.

“So, you also fired from your office work. Hik… Hik… We could be a good friend. Hik… Hik… Do you want that?” asked the man

Suddenly, the woman hugs the man.

“Hehehe, so hik… hik… hik… that’s mean, yes?” asked the man excited

“No,” said the woman for the first time

“I want your blood!” said the woman while showing her mouth, revealing she has fangs

“Uwwwaaaaaaaaa!!!” screams someone in a quiet night

On the other side, there is a someone who rides motorcycle in a very quiet area. It seem he doesn’t know the area, as he always turn his head to left and right. He then sees a middle-aged man is walking through the sidewalk. The man who rides motorcycle then opens his helmet and approaches the middle-aged man.

“Aaammm, excuse me. Do you know where is Hiroshima road?” asked the man

However, the middle-aged man didn’t respond.

“Aaammm, do you know where is Hiroshima road?” asked the man again

The middle-aged man then touches the man’s shoulder and approaches the man’s ear.

“Aaamm, are you shy enough so you only can say through whispers?” asked the man

“No! I just want your blood!!” said the middle-aged man for the first time

“Wuuuuuuuaaaa!!” screams someone in a quiet night

On the other side, in a church-like area, there is a man who drives his car. He then goes out to the car, because his car was broke down. After he already out of his car, he calls someone.

“Sorry, my wife. I had a shift work and now my car is broke down. So, I’m maybe late,” said the man

“Huh! You must be in a club, full with woman, right!!??” asked his wife angered

“No! I swear my car is broke down!!” said the man

On the same time, there is someone who is standing at the top of church. He is wearing a black coat. He then sees the man who calls her wife. A sudden wind blow up a little the mysterious man’s coat, revealing he has a big red eyes. The mysterious man then dive down from the top of church. As the camera moving, it seem like the mysterious man is flying. The man then was fall downed by the mysterious man.

“Hey!! If you still in the club, I won’t forgive you!!” said the man’s wife, before the mysterious man crushes the handphone with his feet

He then sees the previous woman and middle-aged man. They are approaching the mysterious man.

“So… Are you satisfied with our lunch?” said the mysterious man

Both didn’t say anything, just give the mysterious man a nod.

“Haha. Good. It’s almost dawn. So, it’s better if we enter our nest again,” said the mysterious man while going to church’s door, followed with the woman and the middle-aged man

The mysterious man the opens the door. However, he said something, before they enter it…

“Oh yeah, there is a bunch of tourists would come in to our nest, tomorrow. They come in on noon, so better hid yourselves. I will try to hide our presence as hard as I can. Hahahahahaha,” said the mysterious man before he, the woman and the middle-aged man enters the church and door was closing, making the camera went black.

Once again, Drago is flying through the screen.


“A young man received a torch. However, he didn’t know the responsibility of having the torch,” said the narrator in a black place before it lights up a bit, revealing Takato is standing there.

“Would he bear the responsibility of the torch? If he can’t use it, all of his close one would die,” said narrator while Takato slowly raises the Drago Lens.

“He must become an Ultraman, in order to protect his close one and the other,” said the narrator while the Drago Lens was opening, making a four elemental dragon flies through the screen

Opening: Rising High

Battle Theme: Heat the Flame

Chapter 1Edit

Takato and Shuji’s RevelationEdit

After Gorgam’s incident, Takato, Misaki and Shuji went back to Takato’s apartement. It was as usual a peace and quiet morning. However, the quiet morning was soon disturbed by a shout from Takato’s apartement.

“Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttttttt????!!!!” shouts Shuji in disbelief

“Sssssssssttttt… Quiet, Shuji. This is a Saturday morning, not much people already wake this morning,” whispered Takato

“I already said not to stole the torch!!” said Shuji quietly

“It’s name is Drago Lens,” said Takato quietly

“Drago or what… In the end you must responsible,” said Shuji

“I know. But….., I just wonder and excited on what the mystery that the Drago Lens hold,” said Takato

“Haaaaaaaaahhhh… What should I say to director…” said Shuji while covering his face with his palms

“Sorry…….” said Takato in a low tone

“Don’t worry, Takato-san. I couldn’t mad and fault you, after all you did this by instinct, right?” said Shuji

“Yes,” said Takato while drinking water

“Oh yeah, do you feel there is something strange when you stole that Drago Le… or whatever it’s name?” asked Shuji

“Ummmphh, brusss… Uhuk… uhukk.. uhukk… uhukk,” choked Takato, he was accidentally chocked by the water he drank

Shuji then rise from his seat and slaps Takato’s back rapidly.

“Are you alright, Takato-san?” asked Shuji while slapping Takato’s back

“Uhuk… I’m alright. Just a little chocked up… uhuk…” choked Takato

After some minutes, Takato manages to recover.

“Ha… haaaaaaaa…. ha……. I’m glad I’m still alive, thank you, Shuji,” said Takato while taking a deep breath

“You’re welcome,” said Shuji

“Oh yeah, I will go out to take my daily newspaper. Just take a break,” said Takato before he is going out

Takato then opens the door and soon take the newspaper.

“Let’s see. Aaaammm, a politician has done a corruption, not interesting. A popular swimming pool has been closed, not interesting,” read Takato while walking through the corridor and take a seat back to the dining room.

“So…, is there is something interesting?” asked Shuji

“I haven’t found it. Ooooouuuu……” said Takato

“What is happened, Takato-san?” asked Shuji

“Hah!! There is a dracula killer in this city,” said Takato in disbelief

“Oh! That news… I already heard about it,” said Shuji

“Really?” asked Takato

“Yes. It’s because in the morning after half to full moon night, there is found a corpse, who is already lost 80-95% of their blood,” said Shuji

“So… Why it’s because a Dracula or vampire or something?” asked Takato

“In their corpse, there is a fang bite on their neck. The fang bite is like two injection trace. So, it’s conclude that the culprit is a Dracula,” said Shuji

“Ooooooo…..” said Takato

Shuji then takes out a mini map, he then makes a cross line on the map.

“Look, Takato-san. I already crossed the place where the Dracula killer appears. If we draws a line that goes through each cross, it will make a circle. And I suspects that there is something fishy about the church in the center of Tokyo, since other than the circle line, the killer also appears somewhere near the church,” explained Shuji

“Ooooo… Let’s go find out!” said Takato

“Takato-san, it is really reckless!! We don’t know what we will face. It’s too risky!!” said Shuji

“But… It’s really exciting,” said Takato

“You also said the same words about that Drago… what?” said Shuji

“Lens…” said Takato

“Look…” said Shuji while the two sees Misaki is cooking their breakfast

“Takato-san… You already makes Misaki-chan crying, even twice. She is really worried to you. You should never makes her worried again. When you almost get killed, she cries over you death as hard as she can,” said Shuji

“Yes…” said Takato

“By the way. How you could get survived from that falling? asked Shuji

“Aaaammm, I was lucky that before the building was destroyed, I jumped out to the nearest building and luckily the building almost as high as the skyscraper building. So…, I didn’t get so much bruises,” said Takato

Shuji was silenced for a bit.

“Hah! Since you are rarely to lie, I trust you,” said Shuji

Takato gives a glad breath. He then sees the Drago Lens below the floor.

“I must keep this as secret, if that means Shuji and Misaki-chan would be safe,” said Takato in his mind

Misaki then appears and puts the breakfast.

“Breakfast is ready!!” said Misaki while wearing a pink cooking clothes

The two then stares Misaki without even blinking.

“Ummm, is there is something wrong?” asked Misaki, seeing her two friends were staring at her

“Nothing!” said Takato and Shuji in unison

“Yosh!! Let’s eat it, Shuji!” said Takato

“Okay, Takato-san!!” said Shuji

“Oh yeah, I and Misaki found you with a red and black uniform. Are you join some sort of a worker or something?” asked Takato

Shuji was silenced for a bit. But, he gives a smile.

“Well, that uniform is from the uniform of the firefighter that I joined,” said Shuji

“Okay, then!” said Takato

Shuji then gives a glad breath, knowing his identity as PASM member is a secret, albeit for now. The three then eat their breakfast.

“Oh yeah, Takato-kun. You still remember to go sightseeing a church?” asked Misaki while chewing the food

“Sure, after all I’m looking forward to it!” said Takato while chewing food

“Hey, you two! Remember that the Dracula killer’s base could be in a church, so be careful!” said Shuji while chewing food

“Sure!” said both Takato and Misaki

After some minutes, they finish their breakfast. They rest a bit in their respective chair. It was very quiet, until Takato shouts.

“Oh man!! I forgot it!!” said Takato

“Forgot what, Takato-kun?” asked Misaki

“I forgot to meet my father this day!” said Takato

“So, quickly meet your father, Takato-san,” said Shuji

Takato then quickly packs some things and rush to the front door. Takato soon wears his shoes and prepares to leave the apartement. Before Takato leaves, he said something…

“Misaki-chan, Shuji, please take care the house!” said Takato

“Okay!” said the both in unison

Takato Meets His FatherEdit

In an old 80-style house, there is a little pond and some small plants. There, Takato was sitting in a room, next to the little pond. He seems to waiting someone. Suddenly, a 45-years old man enters the room.

“Well, long time not see you, Takato,” said the man while put some herbal tea to the table

“Ah, don’t worry, dad,” said Takato to the man he called dad or father

“So, what about your live in the apartement?” asked Takato’s father

“Good! It’s quite enjoyable, and now two of my friends live also in my apartement,” said Takato

“Yes, I’m also happy. Do you have any jobs recently?” said Takato’s father

“Too bad, no. Since, I have arrived in Tokyo some days ago,” said Takato

“Remember, Takato, you must find a job as fast as you can!” said Takato’s father

“Yes, dad!” said Takato

“Remember your grandfather’s words. As a man, we don’t know when we will die. So, it’s better to get a job as fast as you can,” said Takato’s father

“Yes. And, we should face the future with a tomorrow underwear,” said Takato

The two then laughs. “Hahaha, your grandfather surely up to something,” said Takato’s father

“Yes, hahahaha. The previous words is quite good, but the later part that makes…. ahahahahaha” laughs Takato

“But, what he already said actually useful. I always prepare an underwear before going to work,” said Takato’s father

“Yes, I also prepares an underwear before going out,” said Takato

“Oh yeah, this day marks 10 years after your mother’s dead,” said Takato’s father while the two sees Takato’s mother’s photo on the same room

Takato was staring at his mother photo for a long time. He always remember that day, he would never forget that day


Takato as a child was carried by his father, while his father run as fast as he can from almost explode car. The car soon explodes. Takato’s father was soon sheds a tear.

“Mooooommmy!!!” cries Takato

Flasback ends

“Your mother was very kind, too bad she has to died so quickly,” said Takato’s father

Takato was soon breaks to tear. Takato’s father soon approaches his son, in hope to cheer up him.

“Don’t cry, Takato. I’m sure that your mother would be upset, if she sees you like this,” said Takato’s father

“Hik…hik…hik… I’m know it, dad,” cries Takato

“Oh yeah, you should go to the church, it’s already 9:25,” said Takato’s father

“Oh yeah!! I almost forgot it, thanks dad!” said Takato while rushing to go out his father’s home

“Wait… Hmmm, he is already gone. I’m actually wants to give him a good present,” said Takato’s father

The ChurchEdit

A man enters church and soon meets the church’s priest with some workers.

“I’m Shinjiro Gozo,” said the man

“I’m Kyu Yamagoshi,” said the priest

“May I use this place for religion activities,” said Shinjiro

“Unfortunately, no,” said Yamagoshi

“Why not?” said Shinjiro

“Ammm, actually, this place is not clean enough for religion activities,” said Yamagoshi

“Oh, too bad,” said Shinjiro

When Shinjiro about to go out from the church, he suddenly was tripped and accidentally dropped something from a bench, he then sees a map full of crosses.

“Excuse me, Yamagoshi-san, why you are crossing the map,” said Shinjiro

Suddenly, some workers close the door and the windows.

“Hmmm, I though I could release you, but I should change my mind,” said Yamagoshi

“What do you mean?” said Shinjiro

Suddenly more workers appear and show their fangs, making Shinjiro scared.

“This the answer why I can’t use this place for religion activities. Go get ‘em, this are your dinner,” said Yamagoshi to his workers

The workers soon circling Shinjiro and prepares to bite him.

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa!!!!” screams Shinjiro

“Hmmm, I should not make this place so suspicious,” said Yamagoshi before his eyes turns red

Chapter 2Edit

PASM’s Members Gathering MeetingEdit

Back again in PASM’s command control room. As, usual, Shuji, Yumi and Commander Tanaka were there again.

“So, Commander, what do you want to talk about?” asked Shuji

“It’s about that giant that we saw yesterday,” said Commander Tanaka

“Oh yeah, that giant who save the city,” said Yumi

“So, what’s the matter, he already saved the city, wouldn’t that mean he is a good guy,” said Shuji

“We can’t tell like that, yet. After all, he could do that, because he wants us to trust him and stab us from the back,” said Commander Tanaka

“Commander…, you seem not trust that giant,” said Shuji

“Surely, anything big like him can attack the city any time. We still don’t know if he is a good guy or not. And despite, he could prove us that he is a good guy, I won’t trust him. Not even once,” said Commander Tanaka

“Why not?” asked Shuji

“It’s my personal experience, you don’t need to know it,” said Commander Tanaka

“But, didn’t he already fight the monster really hard. I know it. From his actions, I can see he is really a good guy, why should he has to fight a monster really hard, if he wants to gain our trust and stab us from the back,” said Shuji

“Yeah! At least in your eyes,” said Commander Tanaka while trying to drink his coffee

“Hey, who drinks my coffee?” asked Commander Tanaka, seeing his cup is empty

“I’m,” said Yumi while reading a “Love Touch” manga

“Hey, Yumi. I already said don’t drink my coffee. How many time I should tell you this?” said Commander Tanaka

“A million. Fufufufu,” laughed Yumi

“Hey, we are talking about serious problem. And you just sit there, reading a manga and you already disturb our debate,” said Shuji

“None, of our business,” said Yumi while still reading her manga

Shuji then takes Yumi’s manga, much to her dismay.

“What are you doing?” asked Yumi angered while retrieve back her manga

“You are too nosy. First, drinking Commander’s coffee and disturb our debate…” said Shuji

“Don’t worry, Shuji. We should continue our debate, let Yumi does what she wants,” said Commander Tanaka

Suddenly, Illustrator appears.

“Hello, everyone, someone will appears to our command room, sonly,” said Illustrator

“Who?” asked Shuji and Commander Tanaka

“You will know it. By the way, you seem are talking about the giant. Yes, I agree with Commander, we don’t know the real nature of the giant,” said Illustrator

“But, he already help us and save the city, why you two could coldly say that the giant is a bad guy!!” said Shuji angered

“It’s because, of what so many monsters had already done,” said a person who enter the command room with two bodyguards

All of them soon bowed the person. It seem, he is a big ranking person.

“Welcome, Chief Takashina,” said Commander Tanaka

“Good morning, PASM. I’m sorry, if I come in without permission,” said Chief Takashina

“Don’t worry, Illustrator already said about your arrival,” said Commander Tanaka

“Good. Now, Tanaka, Nakayama, please left me and Motogawa. Illustrator, go back and stay ready for any monster’s actions,” said Chief Takashina

Yumi and Commander Tanaka soon leave the room with Chief Takashina’s bodyguards. Illustrator also soon disappears back.

“Now, member Motogawa, I should say that you shouldn’t fully trust that giant,” said Chief Takashina

“Wh… why not?” asked Shuji

“25 years ago, there is something that changes our point of view about any giants nor monsters. I may can’t tell you about it, but I suggest you, not to trust that giant,” said Chief Takashina

Shuji couldn’t say anything. He knows that he is talking with a high ranking person in PASM, he couldn’t say anything that rebelled Chief Takashina nor anything that protect his own mind. Chief Takashina soon leaves the command room, with Commander Tanaka and Yumi soon enter back the room.

“So, what’s Chief Takashina already said?” asked Yumi

“Aahh… Nothing!” replied Shuji with a smile

The Church SightseeingEdit

In front of a church, there is a bunch of people were standing and waiting something. Amongst of them, there is Misaki who always glance her watch.

“Huh!! Where is Takato-kun!!” asked Misaki to herself with an anger

It almost 10:00 but Takato still doesn’t show up. Despite Misaki already waiting for him for ages. The someone appears in front of them.

“Ladies and gentleman. Sorry for making you all already waiting. Now let’s go sightseeing in this church, shall we?” said the guided tour man

“Yes!!” said the tourists

“Aaahh!! Even with this time situation, Takato-kun still hasn’t show up,” said Misaki in frustration

Suddenly, a man square-motif clothes and wearing a jeans appears He also wearing a kets shoes.

“Wait hahaha…. A minute…. I’m Takato…. Kaga…ha…ha…ha…wa,” said the previous man, who is revealed to be Takato

Takato soon joins the tourists’ groups. Takato’s left shoulder was soon punched by Misaki.

“Ouuuccchh, what are you doing, Misaki-chan,” said Takato

“That’s for what you do, making me waiting for ages. Fufufu,” laughed Misaki

The group soon were going around the church.

“This church was built in 1950. It took 3-5 years to build it,” said the guided tour man

All of the group were all taking the church’s photo, even Takato and Misaki.

“Sadly, this church is rarely to do religion activities and now used for free parking lot,” said the guided tour man

They soon arrives at the back of the church.

“Mr. Now what we are going to do?” asked Misaki

“Good point. This church, despite being big, it’s has second floor. We should go up now,” said the guided tour man while opening the back door and enter it, followed by the other tourists

“Aahhh, Mr. Why we don’t use the front door?” asked Takato

“Actually, the priest don’t want us to enter the hall, so we need to use the back door to go to the second floor,” said the guided tour man

Unbeknownst, to them, Takato was not in the group and rush to the front door and open the door. He then sees the priest was praying.

“Hey, Mr. Priest!” greeted Takato

The priest was quite surprised.

“Hey! I’m already said that no one could enter the hall and my name is Kyu Yamagoshi!” said the priest named Kyu Yamagoshi while approaching Takato

However, a sudden bright sunlight, makes him has to cover his face.

“What’s the matter, Yamagoshi-san?” asked Takato

“Nothing! Now, could you please get out?” said Yamagoshi

“Okay! I’m sorry, Yamagoshi-san, I will leave you again!” said Takato before closing the door

When Takato is about to go to the second floor, he sees Misaki was running passed him.

“Misaki-chan, why you are so hurry?” asked Takato

“Uuummm…. Uuu… I need to go to the toilet. See you later, Takato-kun,” said Misaki before heading the toilet

Misaki soon enters the toilet. Unbeknownst by her, Yamagoshi also opens the door and see her. His eyes then turns into red. Misaki soon get out from the toilet, she then meets Yamagoshi.

“So, how is the church?” asked Yamagoshi

“Good, but unfortunately, it rarely do religion activities,” said Misaki upset

“How about seeing that plants? Maybe it could cheer you up,” said Yamagoshi

“Yes, that could be helpful,” said Misaki while approaching and seeing the plants. She also takes some photos of them.

Yamagoshi soon opens his mouth a little, revealing some fangs. He then approaches Misaki, without being noticed. Before he could lay a hand to Misaki, suddenly…

“Misaki-chan, I need more film for my camera,” said Takato

“Oh, yes. Here!” said Misaki while throwing a camera’s film

“Hey, you don’t want to join us?” asked Takato

“Why not?” said Misaki while going to the second floor with Takato

“Oh yeah, see you again, Yamagoshi-san,” said Takato

“Yes, see you again,” said Yamagoshi, however, the close up of his mouth, revealing he says something

“That **** boy, I almost get a beautiful and tasty midnight snack, if it wasn’t him,” whispered Yamagoshi softly

The Dracula’s IntentionEdit

All of the tourists were taking photos of the second floor of the church, which seem like a Dracula museum. There even a dracula’s cosplay cape, some footage of the old Dracula, even a red wine. Everything about Dracula were complete in that place.

“Taka…to…ku…n… Brrrr….. Are you don’t scared?” asked Misaki scared while hugging Takato’s hand

“Haaaaa… I even find this place is so interesting!!” said Takato while taking some photos

“Okay… okay…!! Now gathered up!” said the guided tour man

All of the tourists soon gathered up.

“So…, how is the tour?” said the guided tour man

“Interesting!! At first, I thought that this tour is boring. But, the second floor is so much fun!” said Takato

“Oh yeah, I have heard some rumors that this place is the dracula’s nest,” said the guided tour man

Everyone soon were panicked and starts to talks among themselves. Even Misaki now almost hug and cover most of Takato’s body.

“Oui, Misaki-chan. Please get it off. I can’t breath so much easily and I can’t see clearly,” said Takato

“But… but… are you don’t scared?” asked Misaki scared

Takato then releases Misaki’s hug.

“Misaki-chan, if you always scared of this, who could protect yourself, if I and Shuji were dead,” said Takato while holding Misaki’s shoulder

“M… me…” stammered Misaki

“Okay! You will need to be brave against Dracula, you may need it later,” said Takato

Misaki just gives a nod. Suddenly, Yamagoshi enters the second floor’s balcon.

“Excuse me, sir. Please, don’t spread rumors or stories that could makes the other scared,” said Yamagoshi

“Sorry. Now, time’s up. All of you can go home now,” said the guided tour man

All of the tourists soon walk home, because there is no bus. It can be seen, Misaki still holding Takato’s hand, because she is still scared. Before the guided tour man walks home, he is called by Yamagoshi.

“Excuse me, sir. Could you enter our hall?” asked Yamagoshi

“Sure,” said the guided tour man

The two then enters the church’s hall. However, the hall is quite dark, since the windows is covered by curtain. Yamagoshi then closes the door.

“So…, what do you want?” said the guided tour man

Yamagoshi then gives a little smirk, before revealing his fangs.

“I want your blood!” said Yamagoshi

“Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” screams the guided tour man

Soon, many of the church’s workers gathered in the hall, they all are bowing to Yamagoshi.

“Master! What we will do tonight?” said one of worker

“Easy, you know we already attacks so many victim in circular pattern and attacks victim nearby the church in circular pattern,” said Yamagoshi while releasing the map that he already crossed

“So, what we will do next?” said one of the worker

“Simple. I need you all to sacrifice yourselves in order to evoke my true form, Understand?” said Yamagoshi

“Yes, master,” said all of the workers without any complains

“Good!” said Yamagoshi excited

Yamagoshi then puts the map to the floor and takes a cup of coffee.

“Tonight, we will bring despair to the area between the big and small circular pattern!” said Yamagoshi while dropping the coffee to the map, making the area between the big and small circular pattern become dirt

Chapter 3Edit

A Peaceful NightEdit

It was 10:00, as usual this night is really quiet and almost no sound at all. Back again in Takato’s apartement.

“Hmmm, I wonder why Shuji rarely to sleep with us? I know he may busy, but at least he could spend a night we us,” said Takato in his mind seeing Shuji always goes somewhere

“Hmmm, it almost 10:30 and I can sleep,” said Takato

“Gaaaahhhhh!!! I should better go to sleep,” said Takato while shutting the lamp down and covers his body with blanket

Despite it’s already 10:45, Takato still can’t sleep. He always tries to close his eyes, but he can’t sleep. Suddenly, Takato hears a scream,

“Ggyaaaaaaaaaa!!!” screams someone

Takato then knows it was from Misaki, as who else could be living in his house. He then rushes to Misaki’s room and opens the door.

“What’s happened, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while seeing Misaki was very scared

“Ta, ta, ta, Takato…..-kun…. Tha…, tha…, that’s,” stammered Misaki while pointing to the floor

Takato then sees a cockroach on the floor. He then laughs a bit.

“So, this… Hahaha, Misaki-chan, why do you scare with this cute animal?” asked Takato while put the cockroach in his palm and approaches Misaki with cockroach in his palm

“Gyaaaaaaaaa… Takato-kun, get rid of it! Get rid of it!! Get rid of it!!!” shouts Misaki while covering herself with her blanket

“Hey, this animal so cute,” said Takato

“What ever… huhuhuhu, just get rid it... huhuhuhu of,” cries Misaki while closing her eyes

“Okau, okay!! Wait a minute, Misaki-chan,” said Takato while going out to throw away the cockroach

Takato then enter Misaki’s room again.

“Now…, the cockroach already gone,” said Takato

“Ha….ha…. ha… Thank you, Takato-kun,” said Misaki with a glad breath

“Okay I should head back to my room,” said Takato

However, before Takato could even turns back, Misaki pulls Takatos’s shirt. Takato was surprised and turns back.

“Aaaaammm…. Takato-kun…. Could you sleep in my room, tonight…?” asked Misaki with an embarrassed face

“Haaaaaahhhh, Misaki-chan, how old do you think? In this kind of age, you still want someone sleep with you, even not married, yet. Aaaah!! You could be scared with our tour in the church, nothing is very scary there,” said Takato in disbelief

Suddenly, Misaki’s eyes were almost shed tears, while she is looking down. When a girl already crying, Takato usually gives up.

“Okay… I will stay in this room, albeit until you are sleeping,” said Takato

Misaki soon gives a big smile. The two then spends the night with lying on the bed. While Takato was like a **** guy who just staring the ceiling, Misaki read “Love Touch” manga. Misaki starts to feels sleepy. However, before she goes sleep, she asks Takato.

“Ummm, Takato-kun, which type of girl, do you like?” asked Misaki

“Hmmm, I prefer a neck-length haired girl, they actually more pretty than long-haired woman,” said Takato

Misaki then notices that her hair is long, she a little upset that he may not the girl that Takato wants. Misaki then remembers a neck-length haired girl back in high school.

“Huuuuuuuhhhh!! I’m sometimes feel envy to Sakagawa,” whispered Misaki softly

“Haaaahh! Misaki-chan, you say something?” asked Takato

“Aaaahh!! Nothing, Takato-kun,” replied Misaki with a smile

Time quickly passes, it almost 11:30. Despite almost midnight, Takato still can’t sleep, despite trying to close his eyes. He then opens his eyes.

“Haaaaaaahhhh!!! I can’t sleep, why I can’t sleep?” asked Takato to himself

Takato then tries to see Misaki. Much to his surprise, Misaki already sleeping, although her manga book covered her face. Takato then takes the manga and put it somewhere else, so Misaki can sleep and breath well. Takato then sees Misaki deeply.

“A neck-length hair girl, huh! But…, why whenever I close to Misaki, my heart beat more louder? Despite being not my ideal girl,” said Takato in his mind

“Oh well, good night, Misaki-chan,” whispered Takato softly

However, Takato soon feels very sleepy and ends up sleep with Misaki in the same bed, even his left hand is above Misaki’s chest. After some minutes, Misaki wakes up a little. She was quite surprised to see Takato was sleeping with her. She then continues to sleep, knowing this night is her mosthappiest moment.

Kyuranos UnleashedEdit

Back in the church’s parking lot, Yamagoshi was standing there with his minions. He then opens a chest, revealing a zombified man, with the same clothes with Yamagoshi’s.

“Now, all of my minions, sacrifice your self to this voodoo body, then we will bring despair to this city,” said Yamagoshi

“All hail and for master!” said all of his minions

Then all of Yamagoshi’s minions enter the chest, one by one, turning all of them a black spheresin the chest. They do it one by one. Now, there’s only one left, after that person enter the chest, Yamagoshi said something…

“Now, let’s bring despair to this city,” said Yamaoshi before entering the chest and close the chest

After some minutes, the chest soon becomes a black sphere. The sphere soon flies to the center of the Tokyo city.

After in the center of Tokyo city, the sphere becomes bigger and bigger, even to the size of giant. The black sphere then hit the ground, making some dusts appear.

When the dusts disappear, a giant figure appears. His eyes were red and have a humanoid bat body. He has two wings that becomes one with his hands. He has a bat ear and claws in his hands and foot. He also has sharp fangs in his mouth. Now a monster called Kyuranos appears in the city. Kyuranos then gives a loud roar.

“Now, it’s despair time!” said Kyuranos

Elsewhere, all of PASM members were all sleeping in the command room. However, an alarm was ringed, waking up all of PASM members.

“Haaaaa, is there any monster again?” asked Shuji while hardly opening his eyes

Illustrator soon appears in front of them.

“There is no time, another monster appears,” said Illustrator

“Okay, teams, let’s roll out!” said Commander Tanaka to his teammates despite they are still sleepy

All of them soon wear some body protectors and helmets. They also take their weapon. They soon leave the command room. The camera then moves outside, revealing the outside of their base. Soon, Flyer 1 and Flyer 2 flies from PASM base.

“Wow! I can’t wonder we get more jobs very soon,” said Yumi excited

“Standstill, we don’t know our enemy, yet,” said Commander Tanaka

“From our hidden camera, it’s seem it’s a vampire or bat monster,” said Illustrator

“Hiiiii!! A vampire, I’m scared!” said Yumi

“Haaaaa… Don’t worry, it won’t be as scary as a film vampire,” said Shuji in boredom

“Huh! That’s because, you all men is very brave. We girls are not as brave as you are,” replied Yumi

“Stop it, guys! There is no time to chat around!” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger!” said both Shuji and Yumi in unison

“One last thing, I codenamed that monster, Bloodsucking Demon Beast, Kyuranos,” said Illustrator

“Whatever!” said Shuji in boredom

Both Flyer 1 and Flyer 2 will arrive in the Tokyo city in a matter of minutes

Chapter 4Edit

Kyuranos’ WrathEdit

Back in the center of Tokyo, Kyuranos begins his attacks. First, he lets out a screech, shattering window and some motorcycle. He then fires a black sphere from his mouth, continuously. He does it without stopping. Sure, since most people are sleeping, it’s relatively easy to kill them. When Kyuranos about to fires more black sphere, he was attacked from the back. It was revealed it was from Flyer 1 and Flyer 2.

“Iiiiihhh! So scary and disgusting,” said Yumi scared

“Hey, he even not scared me!” said Shuji

“Keep in mind, guys. Focus, focus!! We are fighting new enemy, which probably more stronger than Gorgam since, this bat monster has a humanoid appearances,” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger,” said both Shuji and Yumi

Shuji in Flyer 1 fires spider missiles. Unfortunately, Kyuranos flies backward, evading the missiles. He then fires his black sphere. Though both Flyers managed to evade it, much to their surprise, the sphere is targeting Flyer 1. Shuji then flies the Flyer 1 as fast as he can to evade the black sphere.

“What we are going to do?” said Shuji while evading the sphere

“Hold on, Motogawa-san!” said Commander Tanaka while shooting a laser beam from Flyer 2, destroying the sphere

However, Kyuranos fires more black spheres. Both Flyers is having a hard time to evade it. Even for more sleeker, Flyer 1. Unfortunately, Kyuranos fires more black spheres.

“Is there any way to evade all of this?” asked Shuji

“I don’t know, too. Let’s call Illustrator,” said Commander Tanaka

“Even if you don’t call me, I will always contact you all,” said Illustrator

“So, is there any way to evade this all!!?” asked Shuji

“Simple, just don’t move,” said Illustrator

“Haaaaa…. If we don’t move, we are going to die,” said Shuji

“Just, follow up Illustrator’s words. It always right,” said Commander Tanaka

“Obey Commander’s words!” said Yumi

“Oh well!” said Shuji

Both Flyers soon stop moving. Shuji then closes his eyes, hoping the black spheres won’t attack them. But, miraculously, the black spheres suddenly stop moving. All of PASM members were all very surprised.

“Wha, what happened?” asked Shuji

“Just, as I predicted. Those spheres will only following to any moving objects. So stop moving is the perfect way to evade it,” said Illustrator

“So…, what we are going to do now?” asked Shuji

“Are you forgetting that we also have weaponry,” said Commander Tanaka

“Oh yeah!” said Shuji while both Flyers fire their missiles

The spheres soon followed the missiles and accidentally hit Kyuranos with the missiles.

Both Flyers soon flies a little more far, in order to escape more attacks. However, Kyuranos fires more black spheres to them. But, once again they stop moving.

“Heh! The same trick won’t success again!” said Shuji while locking on Kyuranos

Shuji then fires the remaining spider missiles to Kyuranos, which being followed by the other black spheres. The combination of spider missiles and tons of black spheres, creating such a big explosion. Though survived, Kyuranos was confused to see both Flyers were gone. Unbeknownst to him, both Flyers are diving down in circular pattern.

“Now, Motogawa!” said Commander Tanaka

“Roger, Commnader!” said Shuji

“Both Flyers soon fires their missiles and laser in a twister style, injuring Kyuranos’ head. Both Flyers soon evade from hitting Kyuranos’ head. Having enough playing, Kyuranos lets out a loud screeches. Both Flyers then only can move a little bit.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhh!!! That sound is too loud! It could break my ears!” said Shuji

“Me too!!” said Yumi

Both Flyers can’t move at all and only can struggle.

“Be careful everyone! That screeches can disturb electromagnetic, making you can’t fly properly,” said Illustrator

“So, what we should do?” asked Shuji

“I still don’t know it!” said Illustrator

“What?” said Shuji in disbelief

Suddenly, Kyuranos fires another black spheres to Flyer 1, making the jet is going to fall down.

“Shuji-san!!” said Yumi worried

“Don’t worry you two, I still can eject out from the plane,” said Shuji while ejecting himself from the plane, he then safely lands with the parachute

“What we are going to do now?” said Yumi

Suddenly, Kyuranos’ mouth was shot, making Flyer 2 can fly again. It was revealed that it was Shuji.

“Yumi, Commander, our normal weaponry may couldn’t damage that monster greatly, but at least it can disturb his focus,” said Shuji

“Good, Motogawa. Keep up the good work!” said Commander Tanaka while shooting Kyuranos with laser and missiles

However, Kyuranos shoots a white sphere. Knowing this, Flyer 2 stop moving. However, the sphere soon explodes and encases Flyer 2 in a cobweb. Even worst, Flyer 2 can’t only levitate without moving.

“What’s happening, Illustrator?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Aaaaahhh…. It…. seem… like….. disturbing… electro…. like the…… even I can’t…… proper……,” said Illustrator before he was forcefully hangs up

“****, at least it seem this cobweb is similar to that screeches,” said Commander Tanaka

Unbeknownst to them, Kyuranos is charging his mouth, unleashing a black beam, exploding anything in it’s radius. He also slashes and kicks all the building with no mercy. He also fires his black beam again, destroying ¼ of the city. Seeing there is so many citizen that evacuate, Kyuranos fires his black spheres, killing the citizen without mercy.

“Hahahahaha, this is very interesting,” said Kyuranos before he was shot

He then sees that Shuji is shooting him.

“Aaaaahh!! Young man…, you actually can live more long, at least as the last survivor of this city, before I killed you,” said Kyuranos before he shoots Shuji

Though, Shuji manages to evade it, he was thrown a few meters because of the explosions. Shuji then was lying on the ground.

“Taka…to…-san…!! Help…. u…….s…..” said Shuji before he falls unconscious

Draco’s First Battle Against KyuranosEdit

In somewhere in a green place, there is Takato and Misaki, who they are going to picnic.

“Uuuuummm, Misaki-chan, this onigiri is very good and tasty,” said Takato while chewing Misaki’s onigiri

“Really? I have more onigiri if you like?” said Misaki

“Sure!” said Takato with a smile

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!” screams Misaki

“What’s happened, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato

“Takato-kun, tha, tha, that…” stammered Misaki while pointing something

Much to their shock, they see a big mechanical dragon flying in the sky. The dragon then bashes his tail to the ground. Fortunately, both Takato and Misaki mange to evade it. However, the dragon keeps bashing his tail to the ground, especially focusing to attack Takato. Though Takato manages to evades all of the dragon’s attacks.

“Misaki-chan, quickly escape!!” shouts Takato to Misaki

Misaki then gives a nod and runs as fast as she can. On the same time, Takato then keeps evading the dragon’s attacks. However, having enough, the dragon shoots a gale of wind to Takato, pushing him a few meters back. The dragon then chases Misaki. Seeing the dragon keeps chasing her, she fasten her run. However, the dragon opens his mouth and about to eat her. Unfortunately, Misaki was tripped and fall to the grass. The dragon’s mouth now only a few inches from her.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” screams Misaki before the dragon eat her whole

Takato was shocked and only can gazed to watch Misaki was eaten by the dragon whole. Suddenly, he is crying.

“Miiiiiiiiiissssaaaaaaaaaaakkkiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!” shouts Takato while crying

“Drago!!! Why do you do this!!!!!!!!!!??????” asked Takato angered

“I’m actually the one who should ask this!!!?? Why you are still sleeping when a monster was out!!!” said Drago before he also swallowed Takato whole

“Uuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa!!!” screams Takato before he was swallowed whole

“Uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaa!!!” screams Takato before he realized that he was in Misaki’s room

“Haaa…..haa…ha….., I’m glad that was a dream,” said Takato scared while wiping his sweat

Takato then sees that Misaki was sleeping beside him in one bed.

“Wuuuuuaaa!!” screams Takato while jumping from the bed without waking up Misaki

“Oh my god!! Oh my god!!! I’m already sleeping with a girl, before even become a husband!!” said Takato in disbelief

Suddenly, Takato sees a bright yellow light outside, despite, it’s night, it’s very strange to see a brght light outside. Takato then opens the curtain. Much to his shock, he sees Kyuranos is wreaking havoc in the city, setting the city in ablaze. Takato then rushes to wake up Misaki.

“Misaki-chan, wake up!! We must get out of here!” shouts Takato to the sleeping Misaki

“Uuuumm, just give me 5 minutes more…” groaned Misaki

Having no other choice, Takato splashes Misaki with a cold water to wake her up.

“Bwuuuuaaaaaaaaaa!!! Who do this to me?” asked Misaki shocked

“Miskai-chan, we must get out of here! Now!” shouts Takato while holding Misaki’s hand and they get out from Takato’s apartement

Both then sees Kyuranos is destroying the city with his black beam, setting the city in ablaze.

“Misaki-chan, now let’s split up!” said Takato

“No! I don’t want to split up again, I don’t want you to get hurt again!” said Misaki worried

“Misaki-chan, I promise I won’t get hurt again! Now run as fast as you can to get out from this city!” said Takato

Misaki then gives a nod and run from Takato.

“After all, I have Drago Lens,” said Takato in his mind while sees the Drago Lens

On his way to Kyuranos, he sees someone is falling unconscious.

“Hey! Are you okay?” asked Takato while approaching the person

Much to his shock, it was Shuji.

“Oui, Shuji, wake up, wake up,” said Takato while shaking Shuji’s body

“Thank goodness, that he just falling unconscious,” said Takato while giving a glad breath

Kyuranos then sees Takato and approaches him.

“Oi, monster. I won’t forgive you for hurting my friend,” said Takato to Kyuranos while preparing the Drago Lens

“Uuuuuggghhhh…. What happened?” groaned Shuji while opening his eyes

Much to his shock, he sees Takato with the Drago Lens. Takato then raises the Drago Lens

“Draco!!” shouts Takato while the lens opened, enveloping Takato in a white light

Much to Shuji’s shock, he sees the giant was standing in front of him. He then suspects that the giant is Takato as no one else is around.

“Taka…to…san…” said Shuji in disbelief

“Shaaaaah!” shouts Draco while preparing his signature pose

Draco then charges to Kyuranos. Surely, the monster fires a black dart to the heroes. Fortunately, Draco manages to roll aside to evade it. Kyuranos fires more black dart, but it was easily dodged by Draco. Losing his patience, Kyuranos charges his mouth. He then fires a ton of black darts.

“That won’t work for me!” said Draco while unleashing his energy shield. The shield is strong enough to block Kyuranos’ black darts.

Suddenly, Flyer 2 shoots Draco on the back, making the Ultra loses his focus and the black darts exploding in Draco’s body.

“Uuuuwwwaaaaa!!” shouts Draco while the black darts exploding in his body

Draco then falls into his knee. However, Kyuranos fires more black darts. Surely, Draco manages to evade it by flying to the sky, but Flyer 2 shoots Draco again, making the Ultra falls from the sky. Not only that, Kyuranos fires his black spheres, making them explodes on Draco’s body.

“Uuuuwwwaaaa!!” shouts Draco while falling from the sky

When Draco is trying to get up, Kyuranos slashes Draco furiously. However, Draco manages to parry one of Kyuranos’ slash attacks and perform a punch and roundhouse kick, making Kyuranos was thrown aside. Draco then charges to Kyuranos again and perform a kick to him. Draco then punches Kyuranos’ chest furiously, before uppercut the monster. Kyuranos then was thrown aside a few meters. When Draco is approaching Kyuranos again, he was shot by Flyer 2.

“Seaaaa!!!” shouts Draco while he received the shot injuries

Shuji then contacts Flyer 2.

“Hey, Yumi! Why are you shooting that giant!?” asked Shuji angered

“I don’t know. I just follow orders,” said Yumi with relax and bore tone

“Hey! That giant is on our side!” said Shuji

“We don’t know about him so much yet!” said Commander Tanaka

“But…” said Shuji before he was interrupted by Illustrator

“Hold on, Motogawa. We already said we don’t know the giant’s true color. If we attack him, maybe he would shows up his true color,” said Illustrator

“He is protecting our city and he is greviously injured and you still want to attack him?” asked Shuji angered

“We already said that he may do that because he lures us into trusting him and backstabs us!” said Illustrator

“But, but, but…” said Shuji

“Motogawa, do you have any evidence that the giant is on our side?” said Illustrator

Shuji then remembers the moment he and Misaki spend with Takato. They always smile when Takato is around. Even when we got bad marks, Takato cheers up us. Even our classmates are happy when Takato is in the class. When Takato can’t go to the school because he was sick, the class wasn’t very exciting and seem like a dead class.

“It seem that mean no, attack!!” orders Illustrator to Flyer 2 to shoots Draco

Not only that, Kyuranos also shoots his black darts to Draco. The Ultra can’t stand from the attacks.

“Seaaaaaaaaa!!” cries Draco while receiving so much attacks

Draco’s body now is full of scar and exploding trace. Draco then takes a flight, which followed by Kyuranos. Kyuranos then fires his black darts again, but was dodged easily.

“Take this!” said Draco while shooting the Dragon Slash furiously to Kyuranos

Despite Kyuranos tries to dodge it, some of the blast hitted Kyuranos. Draco then fires more Dragon Slash to Kyuranos, while flying. Not only that, Kyuranos also shoots black spheres. Most of the attacks are collides, making such a big explosions on the sky. But, some of the attacks also hitted both side. More worse, Draco’s Life Gauge starts to blinking red. When Draco about to shoots more Dragon Slash, he was shot by Flyer 2 furiosuly. Not only that, Kyuranos fires his black beam to Draco.

“Uuuuwwwaaaaa!!” shouts Draco while receiving so much attacks.

Draco was falling to the ground once again. However, he was stomped by Kyuranos. Kyuranos then keeps stomping Draco.

“Seaaaaaa!!” shouts Draco while he only can do nothing about Kyuranos is stomping him

However, Kyuranos lets Draco to get up. Unfortunately, Kyuranos slashes Draco furiously again.

“Uwwwaaa!!” shouts Draco while Kyuranos slashes his chest

“Seaaaa!!” shouts Draco while Kyuranos uppercuts Draco

Kyuranos then strangkles Draco’s neck, trying to choke air from the heroes. He even stabs Draco’s stomach, making the Ultra is bleeding light. Kyuranos then bites the Ultra’s neck, bleeding Draco even more.

“Uwwwwwaaaaa!!!” shouts Draco while his neck was bitten

After Kyuranos releases his bite, Draco tries to punch and kick Kyuranos. But alas, not only because he is in low energy, Kyuranos also uses his wings to protects himself. Even Dragon Slash can’t pierce it. Draco then slowly performs a punch, but was parry. He also performs a kick, but Kyuranos also parries it.

“I can hold it longer….” said Takato as Draco, knowing he already too weak and about to collapse

More worse, Flyer 2 shoots Draco again, combined with Kyuranos’ black darts.

“Uwwwwwaaaaaa!!!!!” shouts Takato as Draco while he was being attacked

“Stoooopppp iiiiiiittttt!!” shouts Shuji, seeing his friend is attacked

Having enough, Kyuranos fires his black beam. The beam envelops most of Draco’s body.

“Guaaaa… giaaaaa…. Uwwwaaaaa…” shouts Draco while his whole body is covered by the black beam

Draco was thrown back a few meters and was collapsed to the ground while destroying a building. Draco was lying in the ground motionless.

“I’m sorry, I can’t fulfill my promise, Misaki-chan,” said Takato as Draco in his mind

Draco’s body is full of burnt trace and scar. When Kyuranos about to deliver a final attack, he covers his eyes, seeing the sun rises.

“You lucky!” said Kyuranos while flying to somewhere

Draco soon becomes a particle of light, making the giant disappears.

Shuji then goes to the place where the giant was collapsed.

“Shuji-kun, do you see Takato-kun?” asked Misaki while approaching Shuji

“No, but I think I know where he is,” said Shuji

Misaki then follows Shuji. Both them go to the place where Draco was collapsed. Much to their shock, they see Takato was lying motionless. His body is full of scar and his chest is full of claws’ attacks, his neck also has a bite trace. Lastly, Takato’s body is full of explosion trace.

“Oi, Takato-san wake up!” said Shuji while shaking Takato’s body

“Wake up, Takato-kun. Don’t die… huhuhuhuhu don’t die!” cries Misaki while shaking Takato’s body

“Oui, Takato-san, wake up!!!!” shouts Shuji

“Huhuuuuhuhuhuhu, where is your promise that you won’t get hurt. Huhuuhuuhuuhuhu…. Wake up, Takato-kun!!!” cries Misaki

But alas, Takato didn’t respond at all.

“Wake up!!!!!!!” shouts Shuji while sheds some tears

“Huuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuhuhu, haaaaah, aaaaaaaa,huhuhuhu, Takato-kun!!!!” cries Misaki while hugging Takato

Chapter 5Edit

Fighting StyleEdit

“Oui, wake up!!” said a mysterious voice to Takato

“Who is that…? Shuji…, Misaki-chan….” groaned Takato

“Oi, Takato!!!! Wake up!!!!!” said the mysterious voice

“Am I already dead?” asked Takato while still closing his eyes

Suddenly, something big slaps Takato’s cheek, making him was thrown several meters and surely wake up.

“Oi, who did that!?” asked Takato angered

“Tch! Still stupid as always!” said the mysterious voice, which revealed that he was Drago

“Aaaah, Drago!! How is it going?” asked Takato with a big smile

“I’m actually the one who should ask that!!!???” said Drago while throwing Takato aside with his tail

“What was that?” asked Takato

“I can’t believed you are almost killed by a normal monster like that! I’m very disappointed!” said Drago angered

“I just… Well, I was attacked from the jet and the monster,” said Takato

“So, way you don’t take defense. Remember, I gave you my power, so you can use it for protecting people. But, it would be a waste if you don’t guard yourself,” said Drago

“Sorry….” said Takato while looking down

“Tch! If you want to apologize, try to apologize to your girlfriend, huh!” said Drago

Suddenly, Takato remembers his promise to Misaki, as he already broke his own promise.

“Misaki-chan….” whispered Takato

“Huh! You know, if it wasn’t me, you could have been dead now!” said Drago

“Ha…?” said Takato in disbelief

“You know, as Draco, you already slashed, shot, stab, and get more injuries. Normal human would already dead, because they can’t stand so much strain. Fortunately, because you and I are connected, I can protect you but for a while,” said Drago

“Drago…. As one of someone that could talk in sinister tone, you seem quite a good guy” said Takato impressed

“I just save you, because you are my inheritor,” said Drago

“Oh yeah, one more thing. You lack of fighting style,” said Drago

“Fighting style?” asked Takato

“Yes, fighting style depends how is your performance in battle. But, I see you don’t have a proper fighting style, making you always overpowered. Find a fighting style that was exclusive to you, remember that!” said Drago before he creates a powerful wind blow

“Wait, Drago!” said Takato

However, Takato was flied back a few meters

‘Wait, Drago!” said Takato before he knew that he already in his apartement living room

Takato then sees his surroundings, he doesn’t find Drago at all. He also notices his body if full of bandages.

“Uuuuuugggggghhhhh,” groaned Takato while holding his injured right shoulder

Takato then sees Misaki was sleeping in the table with a first aid kit. Takato then notice that Misaki also doesn’t sleep because her eyes sheath were black.

“Takato-kun…. don’t die……” said Misaki while sleeping

Takato then shed some tears, as he already making Misaki worried again.

“You already wake, Takato-san?” asked Shuji seeing Takato already woke up

“Yeah!” replied Takato with a smile

“Thank goodness, despite you was greviously injured, you already fit enough,” said Shuji while taking a seat

“Yeah, thank goodness…” said Takato while drinking a water

“Oh yeah, Takato-san… are you that giant…?” asked Shuji humbly

“Uuuummmmpppphhh… bruusssss…. Uhuhuhuhuk…uhukk…uuuhhhhuuukkk….” choked Takato

“How do you know that?” asked Takato after being choked up

“I saw you transforming into that giant, with that Drago Lens or whatever. Don’t lie, Takato-san, there is no one in that place,” said Shuji

“Aaaahhh, you win Shuji. Yes, I’m Ultraman Draco,” said Takato

“Ultraman… Draco…, that’s the giant’s name quite cool,” said Shuji

“But…, why you didn’t tell us in the first place,” said Shuji

“Because, I don’t want you two worries me. Especially, Misaki-chan, she must be worries me, if I reveals her that I’m Draco. So, let’s keep this secret, Shuji. Please?” said Takato while seeing a sleeping Misaki

“I understand. After all, I know you don’t want Misaki-chan worried you, right? Don’t worry, we are best friend, I will keep your secret,” said Shuji

“Okay! I will carry Misaki-chan to her room,” said Takato while carrying Misaki

However, Takato soon falls to his knee, while holding his right shoulder.

“Uuuuuggggghhh,” groaned Takato

“Are you okay, Takato-san, maybe I should carry her away,” said Shuji

“Thanks, Shuji,” said Takato while Shuji is carrying Misaki

“Oh yeah, Shuji, do you know fighting style?” asked Takato

“Aaamm, it’s about the way you fight, but I don’t know so much about it,” said Shuji

“Aaamm, do you know, my fighting style?” asked Takato

“I don’t know, because, mostly when we are in the school there is no violent action,” said Shuji

“I see,” said Takato

“But… I remembered you once was save me and Misaki-chan from some yankee. You are so cool, you kick them, jump to the wall and kick them. That was so cool, thanks Takato-san,” said Shuji

Takato then sees Shuji is carrying Misaki to her room. While Takato himself, remembered that event. He remembered he used so much kick and easily overpowers those yankee.

“Kicking… huh?” whispered Takato softly

Lucky Day & Church’s InfiltrationEdit

Now, Takato is visiting his father again.

“What happened, Takato? Yesterday, you already met me. But, you don’t usually meet me on the next day after you visited me,” said Takato’s father

“Aaaaahhh, nothing!” replied Takato with a smile

“Haaahhh… It seem I need to keep my secret from my father also. If my strict father found out I’m an Ultraman, I could be get scold,” said Takato in his mind

“Takato, you seem injured,” said Takato’s father, seeing a bandage in Takato’s head

“Aaaaahh, this! I was actually fell from my apartement’s stairs,” said Takato

“You need to be careful. You making me worried,” said Takato’s father

Takato was quite surprised, as his strict father actually very care about him.

“Dad… What if I die,” said Takato

“Don’t say that!! Is there is something that you concerned?” asked Takato’s father

“Nothing,” said Takato

“You know, Takato. The reason why I’m strict to you, because I don’t want you become a bad person in the future. Thank goodness, you already grew up as a good person. I actually care you, because I don’t want you will also die like Yuuko,” said Takato’s father while seeing his wife photo and sheding a tear

“Dad…” said Takato saddened to hear his father’s words and also sheding a tear

“I’m sorry if I hate you because you was strict to me… hik… hik… hik…” said Takato while crying

“No… I’m actually the one who need to apologize, because I already make you suffer,” said Takato’s father while wiping his tears

“Okay, I will go home now,” said Takato while get up from the floor

“Wait, Takato. Here, take this,” said Takato’s father while giving his son an underwear

“Hoooo….. This an a precious tomorrow underwear,” said Takato while covering his face with the underwear

“Are you happy, Takato,” said Takato’s father with a smile

“Sure! Now I’m feeling very lucky today!” replied Takato with a smile

“Good! That’s tomorrow underwear is actually from your grandfather,” said Takato’s father

“Oh my…., I will pray for grandfather later. Thanks, dad,” said Takato with a big smile

“Your welcome, my son,” replied with a big smile

Takato then goes hom with a great happiness, which making his dad also happy.

On the same time, on PASM’s command center…

“What!!?? You already know Kyuranos’ location,” said Commander Tanaka in disbelief

“Yes, I put a tracker lime on one of Flyer 2’s missiles. The lime is transparent, so you may not notice it,” said Illustrator

“Good! Now where is him?” asked Shuji

“I already saw Kyuranos’ movements while the sun rises, I saw that his signal has gone in this church,” said Illustrator while pointing a church in a map

“Heh! That’s the church where Takato and Misaki went yesterday. It also the church with a vampire legend. It must be the location,” said Shuji

“Takato and Mis…. What?” asked Yumi

“Who is that two?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Aaahhh! Nothing, there just my friends,” replied Shuji with a smile

“Tonight, we must infiltrate it,”said Illustrator

“Roger!” said both Shuji and Commander Tanaka in unison

“But… What if a vampire will come out…” said Yumi

“Don’t worry, Motogawa will protect you,” said Commander Tanaka with a smile

“Hey! Why I must protect this nosy woman?” asked Shuji protests

“Since, you are the only normal member, beside Nakayama, you must protect her. After all, I need to control the field,” said Commander Tanaka

“Okay!” said Shuji in boredom

Battle In A Burned ChurchEdit

“Hey wake up, Takato!” said a mysterious voice

Takato then wakes up.

“Is this a dream? Drago, why are you calling me?” asked Drago

“I finally can talk to you when you still awake. So, let’s go to the church that you went to yesterday,” said Drago

“Why?” asked Takato

“Tch! I found that the bat monster is there. Time for payback!” said Drago

“Okay, okay! I understand,” said Takato

Takato then goes out from his apartement, unbeknownst by him, Misaki is watching him, while following Takato.

On the same side, in front of the church’s door, there is 3 PASM members who were waiting to attacking the church.

“Now!” said Commander Tanaka

“Okay!” said Shuji

“Shuji-san, please protect me!” said Yumi

“I know, I know!” said Shuji before they tackle the door

“Raise your hand!” said all PASM members while pointing their gun

Much to their surprised, there is no one in the hall. However, suddenly, someone is falling to the ground safely, much to their surprise. All of PASM members then pointing their gun to the priest, who is revealed to be Yamagoshi.

“Hahahaha, I don’t know that everyone would fin me,” laughed Yamagoshi

“Are you a monster?” asked Commander Tanaka

“Hahahaha, you right. I killed the previous priest and make him as a voodoo doll, as a vessel of my true body,” explained Yamagoshi while opening the chest, containing Kyuranos’ body with a priest clothes

“That’s disgusting!” said Yumi disgusted

“Hahahaha, why I explain this to you all. Heh! Because all of you will die!” said Yamagoshi while drops the candle to the floor, burning the church

“We must get out!” ordered Commander Tanaka

But alas, some of Yamagoshi’s minions close the door. Not only that, more Dracula minions start to appears.

“This is why I hate Dracula,” said Yumi while shooting the minions, killing some of them

All of PASM member keep shooting the Dracula minions. But alas, they are more Dracula minions starts to appear.

“Behold!! Someone who is trying to interfere us, will die!!” said Yamagoshi

Shuji, Yumi and Commander Tanaka keep shooting the Dracula minions that approaching them.

“What should we do!?” asked Yumi

“Why are you asking me? I even don’t know it!!” said Shuji

“They are keep appearing,” said Commander Tanaka

“Sure! Because, they are all of Japan’s Dracula, I even can’t count how much are them,” said Yamagoshi

All of PASM members keep firing their gun to the Dracula minions, only more to come and appear. Suddenly, two draculas suddenly jumps down and bite Yumi and Commander Tanaka.

“Hey get it out from me,” said Yumi

“Now, Motogawa!” said Commander Tanaka

“Okay!” said Shuji while firing his gun

The two Dracula minions was killed and the three keep firing their gun. Unfortunately, the fire becomes bigger and bigger.

“We must get out from him!” said Commander Tanaka

“We can’t, the draculas guard our way to the door and more are appearing,” said Yumi

Unfortunately, all of the draculas manage to disarm all of PASM members, redering them open for attacks.

“Bring that girl for me!” ordered Yamagoshi while he transform into Kyuranos’ humanoid form

“Hiii…. Let me go! Let me go!” said Yumi whil she is struggling the draculas that carry her to Yamagoshi

Shuji and Commander Tanaka now have to fight hand to hand. But, they are not specialist on hand to hand combat and was quickly overpowered. The Dracula kicks Shuji’s stomach and punches Commander Tanaka’s face, continuously. After they are lying on the ground, the draculas stomp them, furiously.

“Takato-san… help us!” said Shuji

On the other side…,

“Oh my god, the church is burnt,” said Takato in disbelief

“We must get inside!” said Drago

“Oh yeah, I sense that your friend also there. If you don’t want save him, fine!” said Drago

“Shuji! Oh my, what should I do?” asked Takato to himself panicked

However, Takato found a fire extinguisher. He then graps the fire extinguisher and tackles the church’s door. Much to all of PASM members’ surprise, they see Takato charges in to the church.

“Takato…-san…” said Shuji in disbelief

“Wooooaaaa!!! The church is burned. Take this!!” said Takato while unleashing the fire extinguisher to the fire

“Hey! Why are you standing there? Catch that man!” ordered Yamagoshi

“Wha…, wha…, what should I do?” asked Takato, seeing the Dracula minions is approaching him

“First, hit them with your fire extinguisher and shoot the foam to them and save your friend,” said Drago

“Okay!” said Takato while hitting the dracula minions with the fire extinguisher

Takato keep hitting them with the fire extinguisher, continuously.

“Hea!!” shouts Takato while hitting one Dracula

“Sea!!!!” shouts Takato while hitting some Dracula

“Now!” ordered Drago

“Alright!” said Takato

Takato then shoots the fire extinguisher’s foam to the Dracula, blinding them for a while. Shuji and Commander Tanaka then graps their gun and shoot the Dracula that carrying Yumi.

“Hey, young man! You are so brave! Without you, we could have been dead!” said Commander Tanaka

“Thank you, sir!” said Takato

However, more Dracula appears again. Shuji and Commander Tanaka then prepare their gun. However, some of Dracula was shot by someone, not only that more Dracula also got killed.

“Who, who is shooting the draculas?” asked Shuji

“Nakayama, where’s your gun?” asked Commander Tanaka

“I don’t know, I think the gun was thrown quite far,” said Yumi

“Who, who is that?” asked Yamagoshi

Much to their shock, Misaki was shooting the Dracula minions, with incredible aim.

“Wooaaa, Misaki-chan, you are coming to help us?” asked Takato

“Sorry, everyone, but it seem shooting Dracula is seem interesting. Thank you for you advice, Takato-kun, I don’t get scared any more,” said Misaki

“Good to you!” said Takato

However, Yamagoshi then approaches Misaki and despite she keep firing Yamagoshi, he doesn’t effected. Instead, Yamagoshi disarms her and graps her.

“Drop your weapon, or I will this girl,” said Yamagoshi

“Don’t hear what this Dracula said,” said Misaki

After seeing each other for a while, they put down their weapon.

“We can’t risk innocent,” said Commander Tanaka

“Good, graups!” Yamagoshi then bites Misaki

“Hey! That’s not as part of the bargain, protests Shuji

“Fool people, don’t you think I’m hungry now!” said Yamagoshi while shucking Misaki’s blood

“Help… Takato-kun… help…” cries Misaki while sheding a tear

Suddenly, something hit Takato’s mind. He charges to Yamagoshi and performs an accurate roundhouse kick to Yamagoshi, making he let off Misaki. Takato was disbelief at what he just done.

“Thank you, Takato-kun!” said Misaki

“Yeah!” replied Takato while still shocked

“Attack them!” ordered Yamagoshi

“Now, Takato! Unleash your brave and courage, do what you already done to that bat monster!” ordered Drago

Takato then sees everyone is in danger. Knowing if he surrenders, everyone would die. Takato then charges to the Dracula minions.

(Instrumental Theme: Shooting Star Instrumental Ver.)

“Hea!!” shouts Takato while performing a kick

Takato then proceeds to use swiping kick to make the draculas fall. He then performs a roundhouse kick to the crowd, continuously.

“Hea!!” shouts Takato while performing roundhouse kick, killing all the minions easily

“Seaaaa!!” shouts Takato while performing jumping roundhouse kick and continue with a continuous tornado kick

Takato then jumps to the wall with his feet and performs a hook kick to the crowd. He then performs clockwise and anti-clockwise roundhouse kick to each Dracula.

“Seaaa!!!” shouts Takato while performing clockwise kick to the Dracula

“Seeeiiiyaaaa!!” shouts Takato while performing anti-clockwise kick to the Dracula

Despite the Dracula minions were surroundings Takato they were all defeated with a single swipe of jumping roundhouse kick. Takato then formulates a normal kick to normal kick to jumping clockwise roundhouse kick. Takato then attack each Dracula with this formula. He then performs a sliding kick to roundhouse kick to some Dracula.

“Seeeeiiiiyaaa!” shouts Takato while performing a roundhouse kick

Takato then jumps to the wall again, but this time unleashing a flying side kick, continued with a tornado kick. Takato then performs clockwise and anti-clockwise tornado kick to the Dracula minions, easily defeating all of them.

“Seeeiiiiyyyaaa!!” shouts Takato while performing the last roundhouse kick

(Instrumental Theme Ends)

Takato was exhausted after performing so much kicking actions.

“Kyyaaaaaa!! Young man, you are so cool!!” cheered Yumi

“You are really cool, Takato-kun!!” cheered Misaki also

“****, most of my minions were all defeated by a single man. Unbelievable!!” said Yamagoshi in disbelief

The remaining Dracula minions then jumps in into the chest, creating a black sphere that Yamagoshi absorbs. Yamagoshi then grows very large.

“We mus get out of here!!” ordered Commander Tanaka while the other are running to the parking lot

After they arrived in the parking lot, they see Yamagoshi transforms into Kyuranos, much to everyone’s shocks.

Chapter 6Edit

Inheriting The Four Dragon ElementsEdit

Takato, Misaki and all of PASM members were terrified to see Kyuranos.

“What should we do?” asked Yumi

“We must get to our plane first!” said Commander Tanaka

“Wuuuuuaaaaaaaa!!!” screams Takato before he runs away

“Oi, Takato-san, where are you going? ****, he is gone. I thought he was brave,” said Shuji

Kyuranos then fire his black darts to all of PASM members and Misaki, making they are falling unsconscious, safe Misaki.

“What should I do?” said Misaki while sheding a tear, seeing Kyuranos is approaching them

Misaki then remembers that she always depend on Takato. Now, she must be independent, as she can’t depend on Takato forever.

“I must do something, I don’t want to depend on Takato-kun forever,” said Misaki while wiping her tear

She then sees Flyer 1 in the ground. A crazy idea suddenly hits Misaki’s head, she then takes Yumi’s helmet and rushes to Flyer 1.

Meanwhile, Takato…

“Now, it seem there is no one around. I should change to Draco,” said Takato to himself

However, he remembers that he is currently is not strong enough.

“What if… I get beaten again. I need more power to save the other. Drago please give me more power, I’m currently not strong, I need more power!!! Give me, Drago!!!!!!” said Takato while seeing his Drago Lens

Suddenly, the Drago Lens is opened and the red jewel shines, blinding Takato for a second. When Takato opens his eyes, he is now in a black void.

“Meeting me again,” said Drago while flying in the black void

“Please, give me your power, Drago!!” begged Takato

“Huh! I already said, I won’t give you any power!!” said Drago

“Why!?” asked Takato

“Tch! Even if you are the chosen one, don’t think I will give you my full power. If you want to win, save the other, and become strong, just practice!! Understand!!” said Drago

“I know… but if I don’t get strong… hik… hik… hik… everyone will die,” cries Takato

Suddenly a hole appears, making them can see the outside environment. They see Kyuranos were wreaking havoc the city. Many citizen were evacuating and some news reporter are reporting the current news about the monster. Though, some of them also die from Kyuranos’ black darts and black beam. Suddenly, Flyer1 is attacking Kyuranos’ back. Kyuranos the fires his black darts to Flyer 1, but was easily evade. When Takato peeres the pilot, much to his shock, Misaki is piloting the plane. Misaki then shoots spider-missiles to Kyuranos, blinding the monster for a second.

“Thank goodness, I have studied how to ride a plane. The rest are quite easy,” said Misaki

“Hmm, it seem there is a black pilot, huh?” said Illustrator

“Eh! Who are you?” asked Misaki

“You can call me Illustrator, the one who gives PASM members direction,” said Illustrator

Having enough, Kyuranos fires his black spheres, continuously.

“Kyaaaa!!” shouts Misaki while evading all of black spheres

Despite already evading it, all of the black spheres still chasing her. Misaki then shoots spider-missiles to the black spheres. But alas, Kyuranos just firing more black spheres. Misaki then tries to evade it, but the spheres are too fast to be evaded.

“What should I do?” asked Misaki while evading

“Hey, black pilot, just don’t move and you will be alright,” said Illustrator

“Okay! But, if I’m dead, you should take care of my insurance and my name is Misaki, not black pilot,” said Misaki while stopping Flyer 1

Miraculously, all the black spheres are also stop moving.

“So, what next?” asked Misaki while accidentally shoots two missiles

The black spheres soon follow the missiles to Kyuranos, blinding him for a second. Misaki the proceeds to fire more missiles to Kyuranos, furiously. Kyuranos then fires more black spheres, but Flyer 1 soon stop again.

“Take this!” said Misaki while shooting the last pair of spider-missiles to Kyuranos, which the black spheres also follow the missiles to injure Kyuranos

“**** human. You will face my wrath,” said Kyuranos in his head

Kyuranos now fires the black darts from his wings. Flyer 1 has a difficult time to evade it, since there are too many of them. Even more, Kyuranos fires his black beam and hold it to shoots Misaki. Misaki still can’t evade all of the attacks smoothly.

“Takato-kun, help!!!!!” shouts Misaki while evading all of Kyuranos’ attacks

Back in a black void.

“Please, Drago, hik….hik….hik….. If I don’t get more power, Misaki would die, please give me your power,” begged Takato

“Huh! If you can show me how strong you are, I can give you, but that’s impossible, muaaahhahahahaha,” laughed Drago before he leaves Takato

Much to his surprise, Takato kicks Drago, right in the face.

“Sorry, Drago. Hik….hik…hik….. please give me your power!!” begged Takato

“Tch! Alright, alright! I will give you my power, but remember, you must kill all of monsters. Understand,” said Drago

“Thank you, Drago!” replied Takato while wiping his tear

Drago then flies circling Takato before he flies upward.

“Let’s see if you good enough to receive my power,” said Drago while diving down to Takato

Takato then feels strong power surging through his body, he then raises the Drago Lens, which now shines red.

“Draaaaaacccooooo!!!!!!” shouts Takato

Suddenly, the screen becomes black, before a flame dragon flies through the screen, leaving a fire tornado. Draco in his new form the raises with each rise he becomes bigger and bigger and the screen shine more gold and gold.

On the other side, Kyuranos’ black beam now only a few inches from Flyer 1. Misaki then closes her eyes, knowing it could be her last day.

“Kyaaaaaaa!!” shouts Misaki while closing her eyes, with the black beam now only a few inches from her

Suddenly, a red light appears and blocks the black beam. After the light vanishes, it could be seen Draco in his new form. The camera moves through each of Draco’s body parts. His body is mostly red with orange fire motif. The protector now becomes silver, with ruby stones on it. Not only that, Draco’s chest now has a dragon’s head motif. There is also a ruby stone on Draco’s head and his Dragon Horn now becomes longer. Not only that, there is also a voice…

“Flame Burst! Bou, bou, bou, bou, bou!” said a voice

Draco now is holding Flyer 1 that containing Misaki.

“Misaki-chan, now you are free,” said Draco while releasing Flyer 1, though Misaki can’t hear it, because only monsters that can hear it

Draco then faces Kyuranos. He then shouts his personal shouts.

“Seeeeaaaahh!!” shouts Draco

Draco Flame Burst’s Debut BattleEdit

(Instrumental Theme: Life is SHOW TIME Instrumental Ver.)

Kyuranos was shocked to see Draco appears again.

“Why, why, why you always interfere me?” asked Kyuranos

“I won’t let you take this innocent citizen’s life again. Especially my friends!! I will battle for everyone’s sake. Now let’s battle!!!!” said Takato as Draco while charging to Kyuranos

Draco soon performs an elbow attack to Kyuranos, follow up with a roundhouse kick to Kyuranos, throwing the monster aside. Draco then performs a flying side kick to Kyuranos’ chest, Draco then does a roundhouse swipe kick, continued up with an axe kick. Before the monsters can properly get up, Draco hit him with a roundhouse kick. Draco then flies a little bit and performs a hook kick to Kyuranos. Having enough, Kyuranos fires his back spheres. Draco then flies to the sky and spins as fast as he can, repelling the black spheres to Kyuranos. Kyuranos then use his claws to Draco, but the Ultra easily evade it. Draco then performs a judo throw on Kyuranos. The monster then slashes Draco on his chest. But, it seem Draco didn’t affected.

“Wow! Cool!! It didn’t scrath or injure me,” said Takato

“Now, use Flame Saber!” ordered Drago

“Flame, what?” asked Takato

“A saber that comes out from your Life Gauge,” said Drago

Draco then places his fist in his Life Gauge and takes the Flame Saber. Kyuranos then charges in Draco and prepares his claws. However, Draco holds the claws using the Flame Saber. He then slashes through Kyuranos and slashes the monster from the back. Draco then proceeds to side roundhouse kick to Kyuranos, throwing the monster aside. Draco then performs a continuous clockwise and anti-clockwise roundhouse kick. Draco then performs a roundhouse swipe kick, before slashes Kyuranos upward trice. Draco then performs a downward slash, making Kyuranos falls and Draco perform a roundhouse kick, kicking Kyuranos aside. Draco then performs a jumping hook kick twice then a roundhouse swipe kick then an uppercut slashes then to downward slash with Draco finishes his combo with Drago Kick. Having enough, Kyuranos fires his black darts. But, Draco guards himself with Dragon Shield with just one hand. Kyuranos then charges in Draco, but Draco performs a handstand with one hand and kick Kyuranos’ face and slashes Kyuranos’ feet. Kyuranos then collapses to the ground. Draco then graps Kyuranos’ leg and spin the monster and throws him. Draco then performs multiple roundhouse kick to Kyuranos continuously. However, Kyuranos bites Draco’s foot.

(Instrumental Theme Ends)

“What?” said Draco in disbelief

Kyuranos then bites Draco’s foot more deep.

“Wuaaaaa!!!” shouts Draco whilesensing the bite’s sensation

Though Draco wants to slash Kyuranos, the monster throws aside the Flame Saber. Draco could only feel the bit hopeless. He can’t do anything nor fight back. He tries to punch Kyuranos’ face, but his hands are short. Kyuranos bites Draco’s foot more deeply

“Uuuuuuwwwwaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Draco

However, Misaki in Flyer 1 shoots missiles to Kyuranos, releasing his bite. Draco soon jump backward. Having enough, Kyuranos fires his black beam, hitting Flyer 1, making the plane will crash down.

“Kyaaaaa!!!” screams Misaki while the plane is moving wildly

Misaki could only watch that the ground now only a few inches, she closes her eyes, not wanting to see anything horrible. However, Draco slides down to the ground and catch Flyer 1 safely. Misaki then opens her eyes, only to see Draco is now in front of her.

“That giant…” whispered Misaki softly

However, Kyuranos stomps Draco furiously. Draco then places Flyer 1 safely. But, he still suffer from the bat monster’s stomps.

“Wuaaaa!!” shouts Draco while he was stomped by Kyuranos. More over, the Life Gauge now blinks red.

“Hoi, Takato! Fight back!!!” said Drago

“You could say it very easy, but I can’t do it so easy. Uuuuugggghhh!!!” groaned Draco while he was stomped by Kyuranos

“Am I going to be finished?” asked Takato in his mind

“Don’t give up!!!” shouts Misaki

(Battle Theme: Heat the Flame)

Hearing her words, Takato gains more power and raise from the ground, throwing Kyuranos back. Draco then graps his Flame Saber again. Draco then charges to Kyuranos and performs a flying side kick then a roundhouse kick. Draco then performs slashes to Kyuranos before he performs a roundhouse swipe kick to axe kick. Draco then judo throws Kyuranos. The monster tries to slashes the hero, but Draco holds Kyuranos’ claws with the Flame Saber.

“I won’t let you hurt more people,” said Draco before he kicks Kyuranos backward

Kyuranos then flies to Draco’s back.

“I will absorbs your blood,” said Kyuranos before he bites Draco’s shoulder

However, Kyuranos’ teeth were broke after biting Draco’s shoulder.

“Wy I cn be yo dwn? (Why I can bite you down?)” asked Kyuranos

“Huh! My shoulder and chest were protected by Dragon Protector. Normal bite like that won’t affect me,” said Draco before he slashes Kyuranos

Draco then performs a roundhouse kick to Kyuranos. He then performs a hook kick twice, follow up with an axe kick to roundhouse swipe kick. Draco then slashes Kyuranos in a circular pattern. He then performs a spinning roundhouse kick continue with a stinger. Draco then performs a stinger and he slashes Kyuranos furiously, before he slashes Kyuranos back. Kyuranos then fires his black beam. However, much to his shock, Draco cuts the beam with Flame Saber and slahes Kyuranos again. Kyuranos then tries to flies, but Draco slashes through Kyuranos. Kyuranos then flies to the sky, in hope to escape from the Ultra’s wrath, which Draco soon follow up.

“How I am suppose to catch him?” asked Takato

“Use Dragon Extender!” ordered Drago

Draco then extends his arm like a rubber and catchs Kyuranos’ leg and drops the monster down. Draco then slashes Kyuranos furiously before performs a clockwise and anti-clockwise roundhouse kick. Kyuranos then fires a black smoke from his mouth, which covers Draco’s eyesight. Kyuranos then slashes Draco furiously in the smoke. Draco’s Life Gauge now blinking a little faster.

“Is there any advice from you Drago? Wuuuuaaaaaa!!!” asked Takato while he was attacked by Kyuranos

“Use Dragon Light!” ordered Drago

Draco then crosses his arms and releases it, creating an intense light. Kyuranos was shocked and was thrown back.

“Ht, ht, t brd m fsh (Hot, hot, it burned my flesh)” said Kyuranos before he retreats by flying

“Don’t let him escape, use Dragon Paralyize!” ordered Drago

Draco then fires a yellow ray from his hand which stops Kyuranos’ movements for some time.

“Now, finish him! Use Dragon Flame Cross Blast” ordered Drago

“Okay!! But how I’m suppose to do it?” asked Takato

“First, place your arms in our chest and crosses you arms. Then releases it and makesa…” said Drago

“Hey, it’s too complex!!” protests Takato

“Just shut up!!” said Drago

“But I need to perform it in each battle, I can exhausted,” said Takato

“If you want to lose, so don’t hear my advice,” said Drago

“But…” said Takato before he sees Kyuranos now is struggling

“We don’t have time!! Now makes a “+” pose with your arms, with right hand in horizontal an in the front of the left hand, with the left hand behind your right hand and in vertical position. Lastly, releases it to make a “L” style pose with your right hand in vertical and left hand in horizontal,” said Drago

“Like this? Whooaaa!!” shouts Takato, knowing he fires a torrent of flame from his hand. Kyuranos could only helplessly watch the beam almost close to him, before there is an explosion in the sky. Draco then sees Kyuranos was gone with the sun now rises.

(Battle Theme Ends)

“We… did… it…” said Takato before Draco becomes a particle of light and disappears and change back into Takato


PASM’s InvintationEdit

Now, Misaki is near the Flyer 1, staring at the plane.

“Misaki-chan, are you alright?” asked Shuji, while he and the other approach Misaki

“Don’t worry, I am alright!” said Misaki with a smile

“Thank goodness. I saw you was saved by that giant,” said Shuji

“Yeah, wait, where’s Takato-kun?” asked Misaki

“I’m here!!” shouts Takato while he is approaching Misaki and the other

Misaki then hit Takato’s shoulder.

“Hey, what was that for?” asked Takato while rubbing his shoulder

“That’s for leaving us,” said Misaki

“Now, what we are going to do now, Commander?” asked Yumi

“Hmmm, since these two young adults were knowing our existance, it’s better if we…” whispered Commander Tanaka

“So, you two, what is your name?” asked Commander Tanaka while approaching Takato and Misaki

“I’m Takato Kagawa, 20 years-old,” said Takato

“I’m Misaki Tomoguchi, 19 years-old,” said Misaki

“So, Kagawa, Tomoguchi, you two will become the newest members of PASM,”said Commander Tanaka

“What!!!!???” said Takato, Shuji and Misaki

“Simple reasons, because you two already knew about our existence, we have to recruit you two to secure our existence. After all, we need more members,” said Commander Tanaka

“But…, we just a normal civilian,” said Misaki

“Don’t worry, we could teach you. After all, Tomoguchi, I saw that you are brave enough to piloting Flyer 1 and have high accuration on shooting,” said Commander Tanaka

“Aaaam, excuse me, Commander. What about that giant?” asked Shuji

“Don’t worry, about those monsters and giant. We can buster them, from Chief Takashina’s words, he said that the most important is no one is knowing PASM’s existence,” said Commander Tanaka

“Oh yeah, Kagawa, I saw you are great on close hand combat. We lack of close hand combatant. So, if you join us, it would be great,” said Commander Tanaka

“I’m actually a happy-go-lucky person, so I just do what everyone wants. But…, what about Misaki-chan?” asked Takato while seeing Misaki

“Don’t worry, I will do my best!” replied Misaki with a smile

“Okay, here! Go to this location, tomorrow. We are waiting for you, Kagawa, Tomoguchi,” said Commander Tanaka before he, Shuji and Yumi take their leave

“So, are you okay with this, Misaki-chan?” asked Takato worried

“I’m okay, Takato-kun,” replied Misaki with a smile

The next day, in Takato’s apartement…

“Misaki-chan, we must get going! We don’t have much time, come out!” said Takato while knocking Misaki’s room door

Takato then realizes that there is a memo in the floor.

“I’m going to meet my friend for a while. You can go without me,” read Takato

“Oh well, after all, I need to go there as fast as I can,” said Takato while leaving his apartement

On the other side, someone is knocking someone’s door.

“Aaah, Msaki-kun, long time not see you,” said Misuzu while opening the door

“Yeah, very long time, Misuzu,” replied Misaki with a smile

“Now, let’s come in,” said Msuzu while the two enter Misuzu’s house

They soon go to the living room.

“Misaki-kun, are you sure you want to cut your hair? You are actually more fit with a long hair,” said Misuzu while preparing a scissor

“Don’t worry, it will be alright,” said Misaki

“Or do you want to impress Takato-san, fufufufu,” laughed Misuzu

“Aaahhh, that’s a secret,” said Misaki with an embarrased face

“Oh well, let’s cutting,” said Misuzu while preparing to cut Misaki’s hair

“Haaaaaccchhhuuuu!!! Is there someone who is talking about me?” asked Takato while he is walking in a road that near a sea

Suddenly, Takato sees so many guards in front of him.

“Hold on! What do you want?” asked a guard

“I’ Takato Kagawa. I was promoted to become PASM members by Commander Tan… what?” asked Takato

“Tanaka. Okay, we are already waiting for you, Mr. Kagawa. Just go into our car,” said the guard while pointing two jeeps

“Okay!” said Takato

Takato then goes into one of the jeep. Takato also sees the scenery while riding the jeep.

“Sea is really beautiful,” said Takato in his mind

“We already arrived,” said the driver

“Thank you,” said Takato while comes out from the jeep

“We already waiting for you, Kagawa. I’m Chief Takashina” said Chief Takashina in front of the the base’s door

“Your welcome,” said Takato

“Now let’s follow me,” said Chief Takashina while entering the base, which Takato followed up

They are wlking for 3 minutes, before they arrive in front of a room.

“This is your room, Kagawa. Make yourself as home. And here, a map. This place is quite large, so always bring a map,” said Chief Takashina

“Thank you,” said Takato while bowing to the chief

“Oh yeah, where is Tomoguchi?” asked Chief Takashina

“To, oh, Misaki-chan, she was going to somewhere. I bet she would arrive anytime soon,” said Takato

“Okay, I will wait for her,” said Chief Takashina while taking his leaves

Takato then enter his room. Though the room is quite small, it has full features; AC, shelf, refrigenerator and a laptop. Takato then sees another door, he then enters it. Much to his surprise, Takato sees Shuji is drinking a milk.

“Ooo, you already arrive Takato-san? Next time, please knock the door first,” said Shuji

“Okay, Shuji,” said Takato while leaving Shuji’s room

Takato then takes the uniform in his bed and changes his cloth into a white T-shirt. He also sees his tomorrow underwear, before wearing his uniform.

“Yup, I feel very lucky today,” said Takato before he is wearing his underwear

Takato then wears his uniform and for the climax, he zips his uniform. He then goes out from his room, intending to go to the command center, through the map. Suddenly, he hears someone.

“Takato-kun!!” said someone

Takato then sees Misaki is approaching him. Much to his surprise, her hair now a neck-length hair. Not only that, because she is wearing the uniform andzips it, making her somewhat “beautiful.” It’s like there is a light near Misaki. Takato is staring her, until he realizes Misaki was in front of him.

“Takato-kun, what’s happened?” asked Misaki

“Aaahh, nothing!! Let’s go to the command center,” said Takato while shaking his head

They now continue to walk into the command center. Suddenly, Misaki says something…

“Aaaammm, Takato-kun. What do you think about me, currently,” said Misaki with an embarrassed face

“What did I say? Misaki, Misaki, you are a fool,” said Misaki in her mind

“Uuuuum, I think you are more beauty this time,” said Takato with an embarrassed face

“Oh my god, what did I say? Takato you are very stupid,” said Takato in his mind

The two then suddenly stop talking to each other, before they burst into a laugh. They now arrive in the command center. The two then enter the command center, followed with Shuji soon.

“So, Kagawa, Tomoguchi, now you are officially PASM members,” said Commander Tanaka

“Thank you, commander!” said both in unison

“I’m Takato Kagawa,” said Takato while giving a respect

“I’m Misaki Tomoguchi,” said Misaki while giving a respect

“Please for your help and advice,” said both in unison

Three Mysterious PersonEdit

On the other side, in a dark and wet alley, there is someone with a black coat and wearing a black hat. He is also holding an umbrella. He then sees his hand, which soon morphs into a monster hand.

“Just wait it, giant! When I’m fully revive, I will make sure that you will be my first prey!!!” said the man before he goes into a more deep alley

On the same side, in a hotel, there is a young girl who is wearing a blue tank top and a jean. She also has a neck-length hair. She sees news about the giant. She then stabs a photo and throws it to another photo.

“Hmmm, Ultraman Draco, huh? I hope he would give up,” said the girl while seeing a stabbed Takato’s photo in front of Draco’s photo

She then wears her jacket and sees a mysterious mini trident-like device.

Elsewhere, in a top of a building, there is someone who has a silver hair and wearing a yellow hat. He also eats a potato chip

“Aaaahh, Yamagoshi-san was defeated huh? I need to figure out how to make that giant not to become our nuisance,” said the man while eating potato chips

Suddenly, Drago flies through screen, before stops at the right corner of the screen, leaving only his head that appears on screen. Drago then breathes a red flame, burning the edge of the screen, making the edge screen burnt red flame.

Next Time In Ultraman DracoEdit

(Preview Song: Heat the Flame)

“Being a PASM member need a lot of stamina and skills,” said Commander Tanaka

On the same time, Takato and Misaki are push up, climbing a cliff, running, shooting some targets.

“I will show you, what I got,” said Takato while raising his Drago Lens

“Watch out, Kagawa!” said Commander Tanaka while he in Flyer 2 was shot by Sarabi

“I was careless,” said Takato while seeing an injured Commander Tanaka

“Now, Takato-san,” ordered Shuji while Takato in Flyer 1 shoots Sarabi’s neck

“Wuaaaaa!!!” shouts Takato while carrying Flyer 2, which containing Commander Tanaka, while Takato tries to perform an emergency land

Suddenly Draco rises while holding both Fyer 1 and 2. He then slashes Sarabi.

Next: The Team’s Responsibility

Draco picks up Sarabi with a big hand.

(Preview Song Ends)


  • This episode pays a tribute to Kamen Rider Kuuga's episode 2. Because, the element of the two episodes are similar. Like, a dracula killer, a burning church and even Mitsuru Fujio (Zu-Gooma-Gu's actor) is hired to become Kyuranos, a monster with bat motif. Even in both episodes, Kuuga and Draco get a red form.
  • The manga that Misaki read is "Love Touch". This is to pay a reference for Misaki's actress (Ayuri Konno) also played as Amy Yuuzuki (Kyoryu Pink) who is very like the said manga in the series.

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