Ultraman Cosmos(maxpower02’s Continuity)
Ultraman Cosmos
Human Host/Form: Dita Aprilia
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Age: 20,000 years old
Height: 47 m
Weight: 42,000 t
Home world: Unknown
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Type: Hero
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Affiliation EYES
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman Dyna
Ultraman Gaia
Ultraman Agul
Ultraman Justice
Ultraman the Next
Ultraman Nexus
Created by Tsuburaya Productions, adapted by maxpower02 as a fanfic

Ultraman Cosmos is a gentle Ultra from an unknown galaxy. He is known for his calm and gentle fighting style. As with the other Heisei Ultramen, Ultraman Cosmos has been adapted into a fan fiction by maxpower02 set in an alternate universe in Indonesia. Whilst the plotline mostly follows the series, there are significant modifications to the characters with Ultraman Justice appearing as well and several new monsters and plot twists.


Pre-Ultraman CosmosEdit

Ultraman Cosmos was a being from a galaxy of light, his duty was to patrol the universe for any kinds of threats or conflicts and will try to settle them in the most calm and peaceful manner, mostly without causing any bloodshed. One day, Cosmos heads for the planet Juran, having heard from rumors that the warrior of light protecting it has abandoned the planet. When he landed at the planet, Cosmos was shocked to see that the once peaceful haven was now a barren wasteland, its lush greenery has been replaced with dry sand and the beautiful buildings that once decorated the planet has been reduced into ruin. As Cosmos investigated the planet for any signs of life, he saw the ones who had caused all of this death and destruction – a cluster of destructive, infectious light called the Chaos Organisms. Chaos Header, the organisms’ hive mind, saw Cosmos and immediately started its attack by firing several light bullets, forcing the hero off the planet. As Cosmos saw Chaos Header flying away from the ravaged Juran, ready to lay waste to another planet, the Ultra took chase. Eventually Chaos Header made its way towards Earth, where it announced its arrival to the Earthlings by destroying an Indonesian city as in its Chaos Organisms form. Later Chaos Header showed up at the artificial Eden Island, where it infected the peaceful monster Ridorias, turning it into Chaos Ridorias. Chaos Ridorias went on a rampage at Jakarta, in the process killing its caretaker, Dita Aprilia, as she was saving some children from Chaos Ridorias’ energy beam. Cosmos, who has just arrived to Earth, was touched by this selfless sacrifice and merged with Dita, reviving the young woman and giving her the ability to summon the giant of light when in need.

Ultraman CosmosEdit

Cosmos would appear to face countless enemies such as Golmede, Gabora, Chaos Bug, Bemstar, and many more, destroying some and freeing others. Facing down lines of chaos monsters and new invaders, this new wave of attackers seemed endless. Later Cosmos also encountered Ultraman Justice, the warrior of light that previously guarded Juran, who has a vengeful vendetta against Chaos Header for destroying the planet that he protected dearly. Soon Cosmos and Justice clashed their ideals into the battlefield, before eventually working together to defeat their common enemy. Chaos Header and its Chaos Organisms soon began sending out stronger opponents for the two Ultras, sending out Chaos Header agents Chaos Header Iblis, Chaos Header Mebut, and Chaos Header Valkyrie. Unable to contend with them in just Luna and Corona Modes, Cosmos soon unlocks two other forms suitable for battling these threats, Eclipse and Future Modes. Justice later acquires Crusher Mode to keep up with his comrade.

Crossing Over into the Tiga UniverseEdit


Final Battle Against Chaos HeaderEdit


Ultraman Cosmos: The Final BattleEdit


Forms and StatisticsEdit

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer: Cosmos had a timer color like any other Ultras, it behaved in exactly the same manner.
  • Orb: A small crystal on his forehead.
  • Ultra Armor: Like any Ultra, Cosmos is resistant to beams and fire.
  • Arms: As a blue Ultra Cosmos strengths dwell in psychic and mental abilities using the power of light. His basic form is not well suited for combat compared to other red Ultras.

Standard AbilitiesEdit

Acceleration: Cosmos can move at blinding speeds, however this is only for short bursts. The more powerful his form the greater his speed and its duration.

Mode Change: Cosmos can change into any of his forms at will. Unlike Tiga and Dyna who can freely cycle through Types for combat purposes, Cosmos changes his Modes in a sequential order, first appearing as Luna, then Corona, Eclipse, and finally Future. However he can revert back to Luna if necessary.


Luna Mode
Luna mode

Luna Mode

Luna Mode (ルナモード, Runa Mōdo)
Cosmos' default form, the all blue body of Cosmos is fast and boasts impressive mental and energy abilities. His blue form represents the 'kindness' of Ultraman.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Traveling Speed: Mach 2
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 2
  • Jumping Distance: 1000 meters
  • Grip Strength: 65,000 tons (Equivalent to a human's 65)


Ray TechiquesEdit

  • Full Moon Rect: Fired from his right palm, instead of an attack this soft ray quiets excitement and calm emotions in others.
  • Luna Shootless: Fired from his hand, this beam is used to zap the power of an opponent and is also Ultraman Cosmos’ primary attack while in Luna Mode. He can also use this beam to rid a monster of the Chaos Organism.
  • Pinpoint Cross: While in Luna Mode, Ultraman Cosmos can fire white missile-strength blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Moonlight Smash: Fired from his right arm, this beam was Cosmos’ only offense-based attack in his Luna Mode.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Luna Spin Block: By spinning his body rapidly, Ultraman Cosmos can deflect most projectile weapons.
  • Mast Arm Protector: A defensive skill, using Ultra Psychokinesis to flick away energy attack with the elbows.
  • Mast Hook Protector: The same skill except with the legs, also useful against blades.
  • Pinpoint Cross: Creates cross shaped energy on Comos' left hand. Create a plaster like seal where it lands.
  • Luna Disable: A skill to parry enemy attacks or disable them.
  • Luna Punch: A jab, hook, straight punch, uppercut, his signature is the palm strike known as the Palm Punch which can send flows flying.
  • Eclipse Punch: A feint attack that ends with a right hook punch.
  • Luna Chop: Various chop maneuvers usually aimed for the head of neck.
  • Picking Broke: A chop to the head while in the air.
  • Suede Shaver: A horizontal strike chop, it has high destructive power.
  • Luna Kick: A variety of kick techniques.
    • Nimble Kick: A round house kick.
    • Moonassault Kick: A somersault jump followed by a diving double kick to the chest.
    • Knee Smash: A knee strike.
    • Knee Drop: A knee strike while falling towards the opponent.
  • Luna Whipper: A throwing technique.
  • Luna Flying Mare: The art of throwing someone from their neck.
  • Luna Leg Whip: A monkey flip backwards as an opponent rushes him and uses the momentum to send them flying.
  • Luna Elbow: An elbow strike
  • Elbow Smash: An elbow strike to the throat or neck.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Cosmos Healing: If Ultraman Cosmos is wounded, inner-light exposed, he can heal the damage by rubbing his hand over it.
  • Cosmos Stoper: An energy ray from the right palm used to stop missiles and bullets.
  • Luna Strike : Cosmos’ answer to the Hand Slashes of Tiga and Dyna, a blue dart of energy fired from his fingers.
  • Luna Suspension: A ray from both hands, acting like a suction beam, it collected all the ammunition stopped by the Cosmos Stopper.
  • Moon Light Barrier: A barrier using both or one hand that dissipates attacks on contact.
  • Reverse Spike: Ultraman Cosmos can create a shield, known as the Reverse Spike, that can block projectile weapons. This can be just a small shield, covering a portion of his body, or a full-body shield that blocks his whole body from attacks.
    • Moon River Spike: A variation of the Reverse Spike, is a square wall, it can collapse and be used to wrap around the opponent.
    • River Spike Barrier: A defensive skill to defend oneself with a wall of energy. Not malleable as the Moon River Spike.
  • Cosmos Capture: Ultraman Cosmos can create a small ray to capture small beings. Sometimes, it can be set to large for capturing enemies.
  • Luna Rainbow: Ultraman Cosmos can emit a beam that will teleport immobile objects to a secure location from his hand.
  • Luna Cold: When needed, Ultraman Cosmos can spray a cool mist from his hands that can lower the temperatures of the hottest beings or objects.
  • Cosmo Kausa: A light from both hands that restores an object or being to their previous form.
  • Transformer Bubble: Ultraman Cosmos can emit a harm-free beam from his hands that will trap a monster inside a protective bubble and allow him to fly it to another destination.
  • Cosmos Force: Using a ray from his right palm Cosmos can revive the injued.
  • Energy Shot: Another Ray from the Right palm, gives energy to the target.
  • Luna Potion: A beam from his right hand that would restore targets to their original place.
  • Ramis Pure: Cosmos can fire a small green energy from a small orb from his head that could revive others.
  • Luna Pure: Ultraman Cosmos can generate a light from his hand to purify any monster that has gone wild.
  • Cosmos Realize: Ultraman Cosmos can shoot a living ray which used to temporarily bring to life any inanimate object.
  • Wake Ricer: An energy beam from the entire body that could restore anything, even an entire planet.
  • Miracle Realize: Ultraman Cosmos can use a soft light to repair destroyed buildings.
  • Acceleration: When needed, Ultraman Cosmos can increase his speed so that he appears as a blur. This burst of speed does not last long.
  • Transformation: When needed, Ultraman Cosmos can change into his Corona Mode, a mode specifically to battle against opponents who can not be reasoned with or calmed down.
  • Digitization: Cosmos can transform his body into a blue orb of energy and enter electronics, allowing him to move around within them and follow the plug-ins.
  • Dynamic Size Change: Cosmos can change his size between that giant and a human and perhaps even smaller. He uses a similar stance used by the original Ultraman only he is accompanied by an aura of light.

Corona Mode

Corona Mode

Corona Mode (コロナモード, Korona Mōdo)
Cosmos' red and partially blue form, it is his combat form, The red light is evoked when a peaceful solution can not be achieved, often when Cosmos faces sentient opponents with evil desires. Cosmos' red form represents the 'strength' of Ultraman.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 9
  • Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Jumping Distance: 1200 meters
  • Grip Strength: 80,000 tons (Equivalent to a human's 80 kg)


Ray TechiquesEdit

  • Blazing Wave: Formed by the hands first in a praying position then by waving the hands around as red streams of energy gathered around. The energy is gathered into Cosmos' hands and fired as a wave of heat and flames.
  • Naybuster Ray: Ultraman Cosmos’ primary attack in Corona Mode, this beam is charged in the arms and then fired from his hand.
  • Strength: This form is Cosmos' battle mode, when the enemy cannot be reasoned with or calmed down by the Luna Shootless. Thus it gives Cosmos much greater physical strength than his Luna Mode, but offers less mobility
  • Prominence Ball: A large ball of energy that Ultraman Cosmos, can charge up and fire from his hands. This attack is capable of completely obliterating whatever it hits. Cosmos can also just shoot the heat energy, instead of throwing the ball when needed. If an opponent is able to survive the attack, they will still be pushed back hundreds of yards and plow through anything behind them.
  • Corona Shootless: Like in his Luna Mode, Ultraman Cosmos can also fire the Corona Mode version of Luna Shootless. Fired from his arm, this beam is used to zap the power of an opponent. He can also use this beam to rid a monster of the Chaos Organism. It also seems that the Corona Shootless is stronger than Luna Shootless.
  • Cosmo Kausa: A light from both hands that restores an object or being to their previous form.
  • Hand Draft: While in Corona Mode, Ultraman Cosmos can fire white missile-strength blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Shinning Fist: Similar to the Hand Draft but a consecutive stream of arrow shaped energy blasts.
  • Thunder Smash: Hit an opponent in the head with lightning summoned from the sky.
  • Sunlight Barrier: Ultraman Cosmos can create a shield, known as the Sunlight Barrier to protect himself, it is stronger than the Moonlight barrier.
  • River Spike Hyper: A shield that absorbs energy shot at it and allows for that energy to be fired back as a beam. However there are limits to how much it can absorb.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Corona Windmill: Floating in the air, Cosmos spins around at high speed creating a barrier.
  • Corona Protect: Using Ultra Psychokinesis, deflect energy blasts with his arms.
  • Corona Punch: The variety of punching manuers Cosmos uses in Corona Mode.
  • Corona Chop: The variety of chop techniques used in Corona mode.
    • Solar Chop: A chop to the neck and chest.
    • Suede Shaver: Same as in Luna Mode.
  • Corona Kick: A variety of kicks.
    • Corona Flying Kick: A jump kick to the chest.
    • Solar Brave Kick: A diving kick from the air at Mach 9.
    • Corona Rolling Harper Kick: A trick kick to the vitals of the opponent.
    • Corona Suspend Kick: A kick while hovering in the air.
  • Corona Elbow: Elbow attacks, including an elbow smash and drop.
  • Corona Shoulder Attack: A violent tackle using the shoulder.
  • Corona Swing: Holding the arm and leg throws the opponent.
  • Corona Neck Hanging: A skill to lift and tighten the enemy's neck.
  • Corona Back Drop: Grabs the opponent from behind and leans back smashing the crown of their head into the ground.
  • Corona Head Butt: Jumps up and head-butts the opponent.
  • Corona Head Lock: A headlock.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Corona Branch: Cosmos splits into two or more identical beings, all with identical powers.
  • Acceleration: When needed, Ultraman Cosmos can increase his speed so that he appears as a blur. This speed does not last long.
  • Transform: The Corona Mode of Ultraman Cosmos can transform back into the Luna Mode or into Eclipse Mode. He can also change his size from giant to human and back again when needed.

Eclipse Mode

Eclipse Mode

Eclipse Mode (エクリプスモード Ekuripusu Mōdo) Cosmos' third form, it was achieved after Cosmos' defeat at the hands of Chaos Header and his revival under a lunar eclipse. This form represents the 'courage' of Dita which revived Cosmos and combined the powers of Luna and Corona.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 16
  • Running Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 2.8
  • Jumping Distance: 1800 meters
  • Grip Strength: 90,000 tons (Equivalent to a human's 90 kg)


Ray TechiquesEdit

  • Cosmium Beam: Ultraman Cosmos’ primary attack in Eclipse Mode, this beam is charged in the arms and then fired. This attack can instantly kill the Chaos Organisms within a monster’s body and continue out the other side. It has enough power to also destroy some of the strongest monsters in just one hit.
  • Eclipse Blade: An attack where Cosmos charges his arms and creates a crescent moon shaped construct and fires it in front of an energy blast. It is a powerful finishing move.
  • Eclipse Spark: A continuous stream of arrow shaped energy blasts from the right hand. The power is low but it can stun the enemy.
  • Eclipse Blow Shot: A very powerful ray fired into the air from the entire body.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Eclipse Windmill: Ultraman Cosmos can use super speed to float in the air and starts spinning to deliver a barrage of attacks and ends it with a sky kick.
  • Lightning Defendor: By spinning his body rapidly, Ultraman Cosmos can deflect most projectile weapons.
  • Eclipse Receipt: Using the arms, Cosmos can block energy blasts.
  • Eclipse Punch: Refers to any of Cosmos punch techniques.
  • Eclipse Kick: Any of Cosmos' kick techniques.
  • Sub Side Shock: A strong horizontal chop.
  • Flying Sparky: A dive kick, also a heel drop, which was used on Sandros in the second movie.
  • Hoist Swing: A swing using the enemy's tail and legs.
  • Eclipse Chop: Various chop techniques.
  • Eclipse Head Lock: A head lock using superhuman strength.
  • Diamond Crash: An intense straight punch, charged by his color timer, energy is gathered into Cosmos' fist and dished out in a simple punch delivering a blow that would destroy the average monster.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Eclipse Potion: Works the same as the Luna Potion.
  • Suspend Shot: Electrical beams from both hands that would stop enemies in their tracks.
  • Golden Light Barrier: Ultraman Cosmos, when in Eclipse Mode, can create a barrier of golden light that can collect the energy of an opponent’s attacks and then send it straight back. He can shoot this barrier forward, forcing Chaos Organisms out of an opponents body or cutting enemy ships in half.
  • Tissue Alter: Cosmos can alter the tissues of his opponents to disable them.

Future Mode
Ultraman Cosmos Future

Future Mode

Future Mode (フューチャーモード, Fuyūchā Modo)
The giant of hope, this mode represents 'Hope' and combines the power of 'Kindness', 'Strength' and 'Courage' to create the strongest form Cosmos wields.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 18
  • Running Speed: Mach 4.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 3
  • Jumping Distance: 2000 meters
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 tons (Equivalent to a human's 100 kg)


  • Cosmium Impact: Ultraman Cosmos’ primary attack in Future Mode, this beam is charged in the arms and then fired. This beam can push through other beams of energy and explode with tremendous force and also combine with Justice’s Dagrium Ray to make an even stronger attack.
  • Golden Extra Barrier: When needed, Future Mode Ultraman Cosmos can put up an energy shield that can block attacks. After repeated hits it changes color it is an upgraded form of the barrier he uses in Eclipse mode.
  • Future Force: If an ally is low in energy, Ultraman Cosmos can transfer some of his energy to them by touching them.
  • Cross Perfection: Cosmos can combine his power with Ultraman Justice's, and both will release a super-powered energy beam from their hands. Cosmos releases a blue beam from his right arm, and Justices releases an orange one from his left. Before hitting the target, the two combine into one, large beam of green energy. Can destroy monsters in one blow. The Ultimate Attack.

Miracluna Mode
Miracluna Mode

Miracluna Mode

Miracluna Mode (ミラクルナモード, Mirakuruna Mōdo)

  • Height: 154 feet
  • Weight: 42,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Not Available
  • Running Speed: Not Available


  • Luna Final: Fired from his arm, this beam is used to zap the power of an opponent and is also Ultraman Cosmos’ primary attack while in Miracluna Mode. He can also use this beam to rid a monster of the Chaos Organism, even if the Chaos Organism is hard to get rid off from the monster.


Fighting StyleEdit

Cosmos generally did not destroy his enemies with any damaging abilities. Depending what being he that he fought, if he fought a simple misplaced or aggravated monster, he would calm the monster down. However if he fought a sentient and evil being he would be forced to destroy the aggressor. His fighting style in Luna and Corona Modes has been compared to the Crane Style of Chinese Martial arts, while in Eclipse and Future Modes Cosmos uses a variety of martial arts moves.

Transformation ItemEdit

Ultrmn Csms

Cosmos' rise

Cosmo Pluck: Dita holds the Pluck then holds both her hands to her chest in a formation as if she's holding on to a sphere, Cosmos' energy' then form in Dita's hands then flash away, Dita then immediately raises the Cosmo Pluck to the air and shouts "Cosmos!". Cosmos' then emerges in his default form, the blue Luna Mode.