Ultraman Coral
Ultraman Coral
Human Host/Form: Nore (First Human Host)
Kourin Yuki (Second Human Host)
Aoki Asukawa (Current)
Gender: Male
Age: 200,000 years old
Height: 55 m
Weight: 53,000 t
Home world: Planet Earth
Series: Ultraman Coral
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: Swordsman
Fighter Sub-type: Speed Type
Family Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Created by DominatetheFreedom

Ultraman Coral (ウルトラマンコーラル Urutoraman Kōraru?) is an Ancient Ultra that was born from the coral and inherited the power of Sea.


Pre-Ultraman CoralEdit

Coral is actually an Ancient Ultra who has appeared 1000 years ago. According to the myth, Coral will appear when the Crisis-Secret incident has started. Any humans that died for protecting the humans from the Secrets with any means, Coral will merge into them and giving them the second chance. After the Crisis-Secret has ended, he will separate from his human host and the human can live in peace and warned them that the Crisis-Secret might happening again sometime.

Nore is the very first human that merged with Coral who had died from being shot by the Secrets when he tried to protect his village in 1098.

Kourin Yuki was the second human host of Ultraman Coral that died from being crushed by the Secrets after she saved her daughter from being crushed by the monster in 1969.

Profile Edit

Statistics: Edit

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 53,000 t
  • Weakness: Like all other Ultras, he is subjected to three-minutes limit.

Body Features: Edit

  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Karā Taimā?): Coral has an oval-shaped vertical Color Timer.
  • Coral Energy (コーラルエナージ Kōraru Enāji?): Coral possesses a circle-shaped Color Timer that acts as a backup power for Coral. It is rechargeable, but it takes a month to fully charged it.
  • Zen Crystal (全クリスタル Zen Kurisutaru?): The Crystals on Coral's shoulders, leg and chest.


Ultraman Coral


Atlantic (アトランティク Atorantiku?) is Coral's default form which aquired after his third merge with Aoki. This form primarily focuses on Speed and Swords fight.

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