Ultraman Coral
Ultraman Coral
Human Host/Form: Nore (formerly)

Kourin Yuki (formerly)

Aoki Asukawa (current)

Gender: Male
Age: More than 200 million years old
Height: 55 m
Weight: 53,000 t
Home world: Deep space (original)

Planet Earth (current)

Series: Ultraman Coral
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: Swordsman
Fighter Sub-type: Speed Fighter
Family Unknown
Affiliation Secret Virus (sworn enemy)
Created by DominatetheFreedom

Adopted by KitsuneSoldier

Ultraman Coral is an ancient Ultra that landed on Earth long ago and inherited the power of the sea.


Pre-Ultraman CoralEdit

Coral is actually an Ancient Ultra who landed on Earth during the Triassic Period. According to legend, Coral appears at the beginning of the Crisis-Secret incident. He will merge with humans that die protecting their own kind from the Secrets by any means, giving them a second chance. Each time he merges with a human, he gains a new default form, but given time can access his past forms from other hosts. After the Crisis-Secret ends, he will separate from his human host and allow them to live in peace, but not without a warning that the Crisis-Secret may happen again in the future.

In the year 1098, a man named Nore became the first human to merge with Coral after being shot and killed by the Secrets when he tried to protect his village.

In 1969, Kourin Yuki became the second human host of Ultraman Coral after she saved her daughter from being crushed to death by a Secret monster at the cost of her own life.

Profile Edit

Statistics: Edit

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 53,000 t
  • Weakness: Like most other Ultras, Coral is subjected to the three-minute rule. However, he can use the Energy Coral to go over the limit on occasion.

Body Features: Edit

  • Color Timer: Coral has an oval-shaped vertical Color Timer.
  • Energy Coral: Coral possesses a circle-shaped, Color Timer-like device around his regular one. It acts as a backup power source, and is rechargeable, but fully restoring its power takes a month.
  • Zen Crystals: The crystals on Coral's shoulders, legs and chest.


Ultraman Coral


The fourth form Coral gained, and his current default, acquired by merging with Aoki. This form primarily focuses on speed-based combat and swordsmanship.