Ultraman Chronos is a mysterious Ultra with the power to control time. He is one of the most powerful Ultras in Project D.

Ultraman Chronos
Human Host/Form: Unknown
Gender: Presumably Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 60 meters
Weight: 60,000 tons
Home world: Clocks
Series: Project D
Type: Anti-Hero
Fighter Type: Cheater
Fighter Sub-type: Wizard
Family None
Affiliation Moirais (lesser incarnations)
Created by Sentinel 72

Name Edit

Chronos is the Greek word for 'time'. Also called the Time Lord by the general public. Is also given the nickname Clock Fetishist by some.


Chronos' backstory is full of contradictions and paradoxes that it's not even funny. Nobody's sure where he comes from and how old is he. Ultraman Chronos only appears during temporal disturbances caused by time-travel and during Light Jumps. He's the only being in Project D (apart from The Almighty Script obviously) that can outclass the Ultra Overlord.

Personality Edit

Has a massive obsession with clocks. Chronos doesn't care about anything as his only goal is to ensure that the time continues to flow. Unfortunately he has a massive ego due to his powers.

Techniques Edit

  • Clockwise: With a roundhouse kick, Chronos can instantly destroy anything in the entire timeline.
  • Counter-Clockwise: With a spinning punch, Chronos can instantly restore anything in the entire timeline.
  • Fast: With a flick, Chronos can instantly speed time.
  • Loop: Brings something from a point in time to the area.
  • Pause: With a flick, Chronos can instantly stop time.
  • Reverse: With a flick, Chronos can instantly reverse time.
  • Travel: Chronos, being the Lord of Time, can travel through different periods of time with ease.

Moirais Edit

The Moirai are Chronos' bodyguards and his lesser incarnations.

Clotho Edit

Clotho is one of Chronos' incarnations and represents decisions. Clotho heavily relies on psychokinesis and mental manipulation but is extremely fragile.

Lachesis Edit

Lachesis is one of Chronos' incarnations and represents destiny. Lachesis is the most balanced of the three, using both psychic powers and physical powers to fight.

Atropos Edit

Atropos is one of Chronos' incarnations and represents fate. Atropos heavily relies on physical powers and durability to fight at the cost of speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Chronos was created after the writer saw his old watch.
  • Chronos is officially the most overpowered Ultra Sentinel 72 has ever created.