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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman Chimera
Name: Ultraman Chimera vs. Ultraman Ginga: Compared
Owner: Zombiejiger
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A comparison between Tsuburaya's latest Ultra and my latest Ultra.

Zombiejiger (talk) 22:24, February 21, 2014 (UTC)


Ultraman Ginga and Chimera do not look very much alike, Ginga is unique while Chimera is a cross between the four Dark Giants, Tiga (Basic shape), Kamila (Colors), Hudra (Wrist-mounted weapons) and Darramb (Similar armor).


Giga Cross Shot vs. Storm-Electric RayEdit

The Giga Cross Shot and Storm-Electric Ray are very similar in appearance, and are both fired from an "L" position. However, Chimera's is fired from a reverse "L". They are equal, but as Chimera is a yellow Ultra it would be slightly more powerless.

Giga Thunderbolt vs. Storm-Electric RayEdit

The Ginga Thunderbolt has incredible electric power, and is similar to the Storm-Electric Ray. Both use eletricity, but the Storm-Electric Ray uses dark energy, making it slightly stronger.

Ginga Fireball vs. N/AEdit

No comparison.

Ginga Comfort vs. N/AEdit

No comparison.

Ginga Sunshine vs. Chimera MoonlightEdit

The Chimera Moonlight was inspired by the Ginga Sunshine and is fired the same way, by firing energy from the fists when the arms are extended. In terms of power, they are equal, with the Ginga Sunshine being stronger than the Chimera Moonlight during the day but weaker during the night, and vice-versa.

Ginga Saber vs. Chimera FangsEdit

The Ginga Saber is an energy blade, while the Chimera Fangs are natural wrist-mounted blades. Despite this, they would be equal in strength.

Ginga Slash vs. Charge  SlashEdit

The Ginga Slash is far stronger than the Charge Slash.

Ginga Especially vs. Storm-Needle RayEdit

The Ginga Especially is Ultraman Ginga's strongest move, while the Storm-Needle Ray is a combination of Ultraman Chimera and Kamila's strongest moves, making it around equal strength, if Ultraman Chimera uses the Generator Charge.

Ultraman Chimera vs. Ultraman GingaEdit

"UltraLive! Ultraman Ginga!" Hikaru Raido cried, raising the Ginga Spark high. He transformed in a flash of light.

Chimera pulled a Dark Spark Lens from his clothes and held it above his head. The gem flashed yellow, and he transformed in a blast of dark light energy.

The two Ultras stood in the empty field, facing each other.