"The name's Chimera. Ultraman Chimera."

―Ultrman Chimera
Human Host/Form: TBA
Gender: Male
Age: 12,000 years
Height: 53 meters
Weight: 44,000 tons
Home world: Unknown
Series: TBA
Type: Ultra
Fighter Type: The Beam Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: The Wizard
Family TBA
Affiliation Dark Giants
Created by Zombiejiger
A yellow Ultra. PENDING


Ultraman Chimera was a Dark Giant that fought in the Ultra Civil War. At the end of the war, Chimera and the other Dark Giants were exiled to Lulu Island in their human forms.

Profile and Body FeaturesEdit



Body FeaturesEdit

  • Chimera Fangs: Large blades on Chimera's arms, similar in function and appearance to Ultraman Powered's Powered Stabilizers.
  • Ultra Armor: Chimera's Ultra is very sturdy, and appear similar to Darramb's, but in yellow, grey and silver. The shoulders do not go into points like Darramb's. It protects him from fire, lasers and the cold, and does not show scratches.
  • Color Timer: Chimera has a Color Timer on his chest that shows his time limit.
  • Eyes: Chimera's eyes allow him to see in the dark.


Special TechniquesEdit

  • Storm-Electric Ray: Ultraman Chimera's signature move, he collects dark light and electrical energy and fires it from a reverse L position.
    • Storm-Needle Ray: A combo with Kamila's Needle Storm and Chimera's Storm-Electric Ray.
  • Chimera Moonlight: A finsher fired from Ultraman Chimera's fists, similar to the Ginga Sunshine. It is his strongest move.
  • Viper Beam: A finisher fired from Ultraman Chimera's Chimera Fangs.
  • Timer Bolt: A finisher fired from Chimera's Color Timer.
  • Charge Slash: An Generator Charged energy slash fired from Chimera's hand.
  • Dark Specium Ray: A dark version of the Specium Ray, used by all five Dark Giants.

Melee TechniquesEdit

  • Meteor Bomber: Ultraman Chimera grabs the enemy and covers them with energy. He then throws them, making them explode.
  • Ultra Punch: A basic punch.
    • Force Punch: A stronger version of the above.
  • Ultra Kick: A basic kick.
  • Ultra Chop: A basic chop.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Generator Charge: Chimera can charge his hands with dark light energy to improve his attacks. It can also be used to catch weak energy attacks. Chimera is left vulnerable while charging, as he must concentrate to charge.
  • Moonlight Dark Shield: Chimera can create a yellow energy shield to block attacks.
  • Dark Energy Ruins: Chimera can drag opponents into a dimension of ancient ruins simply hovering in the middle of dark energy.
  • Chimera Vision: Chimera can fire beams from his eyes that make whatever they hit grow. If used on one of the Dark Giants, they transform into their Ultra form. Another ability that appears exactly the same makes invisible targets become visible.
  • Teleportation: Chimera can teleport.