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Ultraman Cennon
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Gender: Male
Age: 15,000 years old
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Weight: 35000 tonnes
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Series: Ultraman Cennon
Type: Hero
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Family Unknown
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  • Age:15000 years old
  • Home World:Land of Light
  • Weight:38000 tonnes
  • Height:48 meters
  • Swimming Speed:Mach 5
  • Flying Speed:Mach 3
  • Burrowing Speed:Mach 4
  • Hobbies:Discovering new moves,Swimming and Karate
  • Dislikes:Belial and Bullying
  • Human Host:Tomoya Kenzuki
  • Family:Ultrawomen Jane(Mother)
    • Ultrawomen Zeth(Step-Mother)
    • Ultraman One(Step brother,Superior)
    • Unnamed Father
    • Ultraman Klan(Friend)
    • Ultraman Zero(Step-Father)

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Power Beam Lamp:Not a normal beam lamp,it is shaped like a star with a lamp in the middle.Similar to Ultraman Uzone's power crystal.It is more powerful than the average beam lamp.
  • V Color Timer:Not a normal one, but,it is similar with just v shaped and the circle in the middle,more powerful as it has time limit of 4.5minutes.
  • Artificial Supporters:Cennon has some supporter on One of his arms to straighten his hands due to a serious injuries happen when he was a baby.
  • Metallic Arms:Due to this, Cennon has metallic devices install on his hand to uses his powers.
  • Braces:Cennon has braces on his hand and legs.
  • Crystals Of Power:Cennon has crystal on his hands and legs as they all seemed to connect to its protectors.
  • Protectors:Cennon has protectors in his chest.
  • Ultra Armor:Cennon has a armor that is resistant to fire and lasers,however unlike One he is poor towards the cold.
  • Eyes:Cennon can see very well,even in the dark,he could see perhaps the entire Specium.