Ultraman Bushido
Ultraman Bushido (First Form Comet)
Human Host/Form: Tatsumi Akairashi
Gender: Male
Age: 7,500 years old
Height: 70 m
Weight: 56,000 tons
Home world: Land of Light
Series: Ultraman: Knights of the Cosmos
Godzilla: Evacuation Saga
Type: Hero
Fighter Type:
Fighter Sub-type:
Family Ultraman (Father)

Ultraman Spirit (Brother)
Ultraman Belial (Great-Uncle)
Ultraman Geed (Uncle)

Affiliation Ultrawoman Hitomi (Girlfriend),
Good Kaiju
Created by GeedWarrior26
Ultraman Bushido (ウルトラマンブシード Urutoraman Bushīdo?) is the son of the original Ultraman, and a fusion Ultra. He uses the Ultra Cartridges to transform.


Ultraman Bushido is the son of the original Ultraman, while young, friendly, and strong, he's very brave for an Ultra. (Even tho most Ultras are brave)

He currently uses Fusions to transform.


Body FeaturesEdit

  • Eyes: Bushido has light blue-colored eyes that are inherited by his uncle Belial's orange-colored eyes. Whenever he initiates a special ability, his eyes will brighten up. When he goes into a darkness fusion, his eyes become red.
  • Color Timer: Bushido has a unique shaped Color Timer.
  • Protector: Bushido has 2 metallic pieces of smaller protectors on his chest, they upgrade even more when in different fusion forms.
  • Arm Blades: He sport two arm blades, similar to Geed.
  • Face Plate: Bushido wears face plates can fold and unfold, and serve the purpose of protecting his face.
  • Forehead Crystal: He has a crystal on his forehead that changes color according to his forms. It can be used to fire beams.
  • Sluggers: He has two large sluggers as Sentinel Sword.
  • Star Marks: He gets the star marks, when he becomes Crystal Zen.
  • Zenshin Crystals: Bushido gains Zenshin Crystals as Crystal Zen.


Ultraman Bushido (First Form Comet)

Comet (彗星 Suisei?) is Bushido's default form which uses assets of Ultraman Geed Primitive and Ultraman Orb Orb Origin. This form debuts in episode 1. In this form, he has the powers of Geed Primitive and Orb Origin, where he is both strong and skilled.

  • Dragon Wrecker (ドラゴンレッカー Doragonrekkā?): Bushido's finisher attack. Like Orb and Geed, Bushido puts his arms in a plus (+) sign, with his right arm vertical and his left one horizontal, he can fire a powerful beam from his right vertical hand that can destroy monsters in one hit.
  • Dragon Cutter (ドラゴンカッター Doragonkattā?): Red energy arcs shot out from his hands.
  • Dragon Saw Ring (ドラゴンソーリング Doragonsōringu?): Bushido forms a purple buzzsaw-like projectile disc to slice his opponent. Once thrown, it travels on a straight path, but if needed, it can be caught and redirected.

Ultraman Bushido (Second Form Sharpshooter)-0

Sharpshooter (シャープシューター Shāpushūtā?) is Bushido's strength form which uses assets of Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Max. This form debuts in episode 3. This form is both heavily armored and a streamline shooter, he is skilled with long ranged attacks.

  • Sharp-cutter: A slugger weapon, styled after Ultraman Max's Maxium Sword.
    • Sharp-cutter Slash: A slash attack, Bushido jumps and slices the enemy into half.
    • Sharp-cutter Multi-Shot: Bushido can cause his Sharp-cutter to multiply into a flock of blades decimating an opponent.
  • Shooting Cannon: The bracer on Bushido's left hand transforms into an arm cannon, which charges itself with particles before firing a powerful beam. Can destroy monsters in one shot.
  • Leo Max Kick: Bushido jumps to an amazing height of 1,000 meters into the air and charges his foot with energy, striking his opponent with a powerful jump-kick. It is said that power of this technique is equal to 10,000 dynamite plants. There are several variations of this ability that are seen throughout the show.
  • Leo Max Chop: Bushido can charge his hands with the same energy of his Leo Max Kick and chop his enemies to bits. There is a single batting killer type that shoots exactly aimed at the weak point of an enemy with one hand and a continuous attack type that reduces the enemy's fighting force by alternating with both hands. There are several variations of this ability that are seen throughout the show.
  • Multiply: Bushido can create multiple duplicates of himself, all with the same powers. He does this by use the his own version of the High Spin.

Crystal Zen
Ultraman Bushido (Third Form Crystal Zen)

Crystal Zen (クリスタル・ゼン Kurisutaru Zen?) is Bushido's speed form which uses assets of Ultraman Hikari and Ultraman Ginga. This form debuts in episode 7. In this form, he has the powers of Hikari and Ginga, where his fighting style is that of a swordsman and is very agile and quick on his feet. He also has several ice-based powers.

  • Shard Saber: A blade of cold energy extends from Bushido's right arm. He can use it to perform a finishing attack where he stabs it into the ground, causing several ice spikes to erupt from below and impale the opponent.
  • Crystal Zen Lance: A trident weapon, based on the Ginga Spark Lance.
  • Blue Tide Impact: A wave of ice that pushes the opponent away. Similar in performance and function to the Atmos Impact.
    • Ravaging Shard: A lethal variant of the Blue Tide Impact, which freezes and then shatters the opponent. Fired from the same position as the Ginga Cross Shoot.
  • Zen Thunder Strike: Combining the motions of the Knight Shoot and the Ginga Thunderbolt, Bushido launches an electric disk which cuts through the opponent.
  • Crystal Zen Comfort: A healing and calming beam.

Sentinel Sword
Ultraman Bushido (Super Form Sentinel Sword)-0

Sentinel Sword (センチネルソード Senchineru Sōdo?) is Bushido's super form which uses assets of Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Zero. This form debuts in episode 8. In this form, he has the powers of Mebius and Zero, where his strength rival's that of Geed Magnificent's.

  • Sentinel's Blade: An energy blade that generates from his arm, but can be detached and wielded in a similar fashion to the Zero Twin Sword.
  • Sentinel Shoot (センチネルシュート Senchineru Shūto?): Bushido's L-style beam finisher. Said to be 770,000 degrees Celsius in temperature.
  • Metallic Cross Cut (メタリッククロスカット Metarikku Kurosu Katto?): A cross-shaped slicer tossed from Bushido's hand.
  • Sentinel Slugger Launch (センチネルスラッガー打ち上げ Senchineru Suraggā Uchiage?): Bushido can launch his Sentinel Sluggers at his targets, and it can be returned to him like a boomerang or Ultraman Zero's Sluggers.
  • Sentinel's Shield (センチネルのシールド Senchineru no shīrudo?): Bushido's barrier technique. When performed, an energy construct resembling the Ultra Array appears when it is used. He can also make a handheld, energy shield.
  • Sentinel's Metallic Punch (センチネルのメタリックパンチ Senchineru no Metarikkupanchi?): A powerful punch attack using either or both of his hands.
  • Sentinel's Metallic Kick (センチネルのメタリックキック Senchineru no Metarikkukikku?): A powerful kick attack.
  • Hand Cutter: Bushido channels energy from his shoulder guards into the small slicers and blades on his hands and uses them to slice the opponent.
  • Durability: Bushido is shown to be more durable in this form than Comet or Sharpshooter, as he can withstand attacks and deflecting the opponents attacks easily with his hands.

Exceed Master King's Armor

Exceed Master King's Armor is Bushido's most powerful two-Cartridge form, which uses assets of Ultraman Exceed X Beta Spark Armor and Ultraman Geed Royal Mega-Master. Currently it is unknown when this form will debut, though presumably sometime between Season 1 and 2.