Ultraman Belial

Ultraman Belial (ウルトラマンベリアル, Urutoraman Beriaru?) was a very powerful Ultra Warrior, until greed and pride corrupted his senses and he tried to siphon energy from the Plasma Spark to become more powerful, and to make a new universal order under his reign. He failed miserably, because he couldn't stand the Plasma Spark's power and was exiled by the other ultras. He fled to a barren planet, where Alien Reiblood forcibly merged with him. He is considered the first evil Ultra from the Land of Light, and is powerful enough to take down hordes of regular Ultramen. After he was defeated by Ultraman Zero, he was left with a scar over his eye and formed his own empire, but he met with Zero, and was defeated once again. He returned after destroying the seal as his disguise Kaiser Darkness Belial, where he lost to Zero, but possessed him and he nicknamed himself Zero Darkness Belial. He later fell on the hands of Ultraman Zero and turned into space dust, but he was later revived accidentally and he is preparing to become the ultimate ruler of the universe. Ultraman Belial is the most powerful villain and evil on the entire Ultraman multiverse.



Forms, Statatics and PowersEdit

Original Form
Old Ultraman Belial

Belial was normal form and the greatest fighters in the Land of Light not much else is known about him during that time. He was considered to be something like Taro and Zero in his time, a young powerful warrior with great potential

  • Specium Ray: It can be assumed that Belial knew this attack.
  • Ultra Powers: It can be assumed that Belial possessed all the standard powers of an Ultra but from dialogue in the Ultra Galaxy movie one can assume they were much greater than the typical Ultra warrior. Despite his transformation it is only natural that he still possesses these abilities albeit in corrupted forms. It has also been stated that Belial was a comrade of Ultraman Ken in the great Ultra War and a contender for the rank of Supreme

Reionyx Form
Ultraman Belial

Ultraman Belial

Belial's half Reionyx form, after his merger with Alien Reiblood. In this form, Belial gained greater strength, that only Ultraman King could've stopped him in the past. Belial was also armed with the Giga Battle Nizer, a very powerful Battle Nizer that can control a hundred monsters. The Giga Battle Nizer also provided most of Belial attacks, which are:

  • Belial Shot: (ベリアルショット, Beriaru Shotto): An energy bullet.
  • Belial Death Scythe: (ベリアルデスサイズ, Beriaru Desu Saizu): A scythe blade-shaped beam.
  • Belial Geno Thunder: (ベリアルジェノサンダー, Beriaru Jeno Sandā): A lightning bolt.
  • Belial Whip: (ベリアルウィップ, Beriaru Wippu): An energy whip.
  • Belial Black Hole Thunder: (ベリアルブラックホールサンダー, Beriaru Bur'akku Hōru Sandā): According to resources, the technique has Belial "inhale" enemies into the Giga Battle Nizer, empowering it enough to release multiple Geno Thunder attacks far and wide. This technique was not used in the movie.

The weakness of the Giga Battle Nizer is that it can be control by a single Battle Nizer and in turn can take control the monsters. This is show when Rei use his Battle Nizer to make Beryudora paralyzed for a while.

Other possible powers Belial can useEdit

  • Dark Specium Ray:Belial can use a stronger version of the Specium Ray argument end in dark energy.
  • Deflecting Powers:Belial hand can be use to deflect Ultraman rays.
  • Barrier*:Belial can use a dark version of the Ultra Barrier to shield himself from attacks.
  • Dark Ultra PowersBelial had the ultra powers of an Ultraman.


Beryudora is the monstrous form of Ultraman Belial, gain when Belial fuse with the monster and controlled by Giga Battle Nizer. Although, Beryudora almost beat the Ultras, Rei use his Battle Nizer and success stun the monster from Beryudora. See a opening chance, Ultraman Zero use his twin sword and go to the Plasma Sparka and his sluggers merged and he use Plasma Spark slash, Ultraman use Ultra slash ray, and Ultraman Dyna use Solgent Ray, with Mebius use Mebium Dynamite,Ultraman Leo and Astra use their Double flasher, destroying the beast. However, Belial is not die, he would later come back with aliases Kaiser Belial.

Beryudora powers/abilities are:

  • Rain of Fire: The multiple monsters that make up Beryudora's body can fire powerful yellow lasers from their eyes.
  • Multiple Monster Powers: The monsters that make up Beryudora can each function individually and use their own powers.

Kaiser Belial
File:Ultrmn Zr Ksr Bll.png

Ultraman Belial come back as his alias Kaiser Belial. Kaiser Belial now shown with a red blood cape and also has a scar made by Ultraman Zero. Although not truly a new form, Belial doesn't have the Giga Battle Nizer anymore and is now shown with new powerful techniques that don't use Giga Battle Nizer, instead he relies on his natural abilities. These moves are:

  • Deathcium Ray: A Specium Ray used by crossing his arms in an +-shape, augmented with reiblood energy give it a black and red electricity appearance instead of the look of the normal beam.
  • Kaiser Belial Claw: Using his claws, Belial can inject energy into a target known as a "Belial Virus," corrupting their mind and thus brainwashing the victim into turning into his servant.
  • Kaiser Belial Ripper: When his claws are extended, Kaiser Belial can create Red Crescent shaped Shockwaves that can increase physical attacks that involve his claws. Not seen in the movie.

Arch Belial
File:Arc Belial.jpg

Arch Belial (アークベリアル - Āku Beriaru) is a monstrous form that Ultraman Belial takes in his battle against Ultraman Zero. Subtitle: Great Galactic Emperor (超銀河大帝 - Chō Gigna Taitei)


  • Arc Deathcium Ray: Arch Belial can fire a more powerful version of his Deathcium Ray from his mouth, it is powerful enough to destroy an entire planet.
  • Power Draining:When Belial hold an opponents on his hand,his can pull his victim hardly and draining all the powers.
  • Arc Death Claw:Belial used his Claw when on close combat.


Unwilling to lose to Ultraman Zero again. Ultraman Belial fled to absorb the mass quantities of emeralds he had harvested from Esmeralda (as well as possibly the rest of the universe,) converting it into pure raw energy as a last ditch effort to kill Ultraman Zero and his friends. With his new more massive body, Arch Belial tried to crush Ultraman Zero in his hand while shrugging off Mirror Knight and Jean-bot with ease. Fortunately, Glenfire reappeared and rescued Ultraman Zero from Arch Belial's grasp, while bringing with him fleets of ships from planets that Belial's forces had ravaged before.

Arch Belial however refused to let Zero and his Friends win and so attempted to destroy Esmeralda with his Dark Specium Beam, forcing the team to create a massive shield to stop the beam from destroying the planet, which successfully managed to exhaust Ultraman Zero to the point of death. However with the hopes of everyone whom was battling against Belial's forces praying for Zero's success, Zero was revived by Ultraman Noa and thus empowered into become Ultimate Zero. Arch Belial was no match for Ultimate Zero's near-omnipotent power and was defeated by Zero's "Final Ultimate Zero" attack impaling him through the chest breaks his color timer and sealed, trapping the crystal for good.


  • Arch Belial's original name was originally going to be called "Tyrant Belial."
  • Originally, Arch Belial's design was intended to be more humanoid, or even robotic. However it was ultimately stuck with a monster design. Ironically, Arch Belial's costume was rather hard to maintain and was incredibly fragile during filming due to the costume being create behind schedule.
  • Arch Belial's appearance is similar to Spacegodzilla

Kaiser Darkness Belial
File:Kaiser Darkness Belial.jpg
Kaiser Darkness Belial (カイザーダークネスベリアル, Kaizā Dākunesu Beriaru?) Belial's armored form that appears in Ultra Zero Fight. Merging with the suit and Belial was brought back after sealed at the hands of Ultraman Zero. At first Zero believed that Belial was simply wearing the suit of armor but it was eventually revealed when Belial destroys the seal then used new Reionyx powers to possess the Armor Darkness' armor.


  • Armored Darkness Powers: Belial most likely posses all the powers of the Armored Darkness suit of armor
  • Possession: After he destroys the seal, Belial used Reionyx powers to possess the Darkness armor, or by entering their body directly.
  • Darkness Trident: Belial is equipped with a 3-pronged, it in theory posses the same abilities as it would with Armored Darkness. After acquiring it Belial could charge it with powerful bolts of electricity to make his blows more deadly as they shocked his opponents.
  • Darkness Broad: Armored Darkness Broad, it shown capable of matching Ultimate Zero's sword
  • Rezolium Ray: Belial's trident can fire a very powerful red and black beam of energy from it, similar to that of Alien Emperor's Dark Beam. It's head is a ball of dark energy fired with dark bolts of electricity. It is seemingly equal in power to Zero's Garnet Buster.
    • Giga Rezolium Ray: Belial capable to shoot powerful version of Rezolium Ray it able to kill his foe in an instant.
  • Armor: Because of his strong Armor, Belial is resistant to many basic physical and projectile attacks. He withstood a punch to the face from StrongCorona mode Zero with little trouble.
  • Strength: With little trouble Kaiser Belial was able to not only match StrongCorona mode Zero's strength but also over power him
  • Flight: Unlike the original Armored Darkness, Belial is able to fly freely about thanks to his own innate Ultra powers


  • Belial is the fifth to use the power Armored Darkness. But he is the 3rd to keep the armor under his control. The first to were Alien Empera and Alien Reiblood. He is also the first Ultra to control it (he wore the armor after Ultraman Hikari and Ultraseven, who both fell under it control)
  • The difference in Belial's voice is said to be because of his status as a ghost. At the end of Ultra Zero Fight Two, when he was revived his voice began to return to previous tone

Zero Darkness
File:Dark zero.jpg

The form of Belial in Zero's body. This considered as Belial's strongest form. Since, it a fusion of Belial himself and his main rival (Ultraman Zero).


  • Dark Ultra Powers: Zero Darkness displayed frightening dark Ultra powers such as when he took out Jean-bot and Might Anaheim base in one attack. He clearly possesses all of Zero's natural gifts but they have been augmented by Belial's dark Reiyonix/Specium energies.
  • Deathcium Shot: Zero Darkness with a flick of his hand created a crescent shaped burst of energy that not only took down Jean-bot in one hit but destroyed Ultimate Force Zero's base. He does this using the corrupted Ultra Brace implying it may be a dark version of the Ultra Spark used by Ultraman Jack
  • Dark Light Bullets: an unnamed technique that was first used to destroy Mirror Knight's mirror illusions.
  • Dark High Spin: Like Ultraman Zero, Zero Darkness can spin at high speeds, he did this to counter Jean-Nine, Glenfire and Mirror Knight knocking them before they could react.
  • Dark Zero Twin Shot: Belial used a purple version of Zero's Twin Shot to cut Jean-nine is half.
  • Dark Zero Slugger: While he possessed Zero body, Belial had control over the Zero Sluggers. Instead of their green aura they glowed purple
  • Dark Zero Ripper: an unnamed technique that was used on Glen Fire, it used the Dark Zero Sluggers.
  • Dark Zero Wide Shot: It is assumed that Belial also possessed Zero's wide shot it would be a purple version of Zero's Wide Shot.
  • Dark Ultra Brace: Belial had a dark version of the Ultra Brace that glowed every time he used his energy slash attack. It is unknown if he can use it to take on Zero's other forms.
  • Other powers of Zero: After Belial possessed Zero's body, it is assumed that he possessed all the powers of Ultraman Zero but obviously in dark forms.
  • Emerium slash:It is assumed that Beial had a dark version of Zero Emerium slash.
  • Deadly powers:Zero darkness powers's are very deadly that I could enemies in one shot.

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