Ultraman Aurora
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Gender: Male
Age: None
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world: None
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Fusion Hero
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Family None
Affiliation People of the Land of Light
Created by Zombiejiger
Ultraman Aurora is a fusion between Ultraman Gamma, Ultraman Phoenix and Ultraman Sol.

Body features and techniquesEdit

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Aurora Aegis: The two wings on his back, Aurora uses these for the Aurora Final.

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Aurora Buster: Ultraman Aurora can fire a rainbow-colored beam from his fist.
  • Component Ultra Powers: Ultraman Aurora can use the signature moves of his component Ultras.
    • Aurora Stream: Ultraman Aurora can fire a rainbow-colored version of the Gamma Stream.
    • Aurora Dart: Ultraman Aurora can fire a rainbow-colored version of the Blaze Dart.
    • Aurora Arrow: Ultraman Aurora can fire a rainbow-colored version of the Phoenix Arrow using the Phoenix Bracelet.
    • Specium Ray: Ultraman Aurora can fire a rainbow-colored version of the basic specium ray.

Not used in showsEdit

  • Aurora Final: A massive blast of rainbow-colored light energy, capable of blasting a large city into nothing.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Component Ultra Techniques: Ultraman Aurora can use the physical techniques of his component Ultras.
    • Ultra Buzzsaw (超話題は見た, Urutora Marunoko): Ultraman Aurora does multiple lightning-fast flips turning himself into a living buzzsaw.
    • Ultra Dynamite: A dashing attack in which Ultraman Aurora is engulfed in flames. The impact causes a massive and powerful explosion, destroying enemies with ease. He then reforms back to normal. This leaves him weak, but not as weak as a normal Ultra would be.
    • Phoenix Kick (フェニックス キック, Fushichou Keri): Similar to the Leo Kick, Ultraman Aurora leaps into the air and energizes his foot, striking the target.
  • Ultra Punch (超パンチ, Urutora Ponchi): A basic punch.
  • Ultra Kick (超キック, Urutora Keri): A basic kick
  • Ultra Chop (超チョップ, Urutora Chappu): A basic chop.
  • Ultra Knee (超膝, Urutora Kohiza): Ultraman Aurora knees the enemy in the stomach.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Aurora Shield: Ultraman Aurora can create a shield of light energy.
  • Aurora Acceleration: Ultraman Aurora can run extremely fast, faster than Ultraman Gamma using Gamma Acceleration.


  • Phoenix Braclelet (フェニックス ブレスレット, Fushichou Buresuretto): Ultraman Aurora wears Ultraman Phoenix's Phoenix Bracelet.