"I find that there are many pleasures in life, so I simply try to make the most of them."

―Animus to Ultraman Max
Ultraman Animus
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Human Host/Form: Edward Sakutaki (Human Form)
Gender: Male.
Age: We think he's 28,000 (But his body doesn't age.)
Height: 52 Meters.
Weight: 42,000 Tons.
Home world: Nebula M80.
Series: Ultraman Animus(Continuity)
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Family An Unknown Dark Ultra
Affiliation Himself
Created by Galaxilord1954 EX


Animus' name comes from he Latin word for soul, and most of his standard attacks are lating words too.

  • Legends: Legends have been told of the Dark Blue Ultra that was never born but created. He was told to be a threat to everything because he was born from the vengeful spirit of one of the most evil Ultras ever, the Ultra was said to be able steal souls, and use it for his own wishes. It would be years before it would happen but in the year 2947, an Ultra named Animus who matched that description was discovered.
  • Pre-Animus: While Animus is very mysterious, what is known is that he is apparently a reincarnation of an evil Utra and one of the last of the SOUL Power Ultras.He also is believed to have grown up primarily in the Project D and Nexus universes. Early on in his childhood he trained under Ultraman Belial and met Ultraman Nova, and Alien Baltan Foedus, Animus became friends with Nova, but he was bitter enemies towards Foedus, one day while he was training, Foedus got enraged at him for Animus making a sly comment towards him and blinded him with a shining light then sliced his eyes,to top it all off, an Ultra who was helping Belial train the students wound up being killed, this was later to be revealed to be an Ultra related to Animus, and so for years Animus not only had permanent tear marks under Animus' eyes, permanent blinding, and resulting in him being removed from the training, he permanently knows that he must have accidentally killed his relative in the chaos. Soon after, Animus couldn't take it anymore, and he went into a coma for years, when he woke up, the year was 2940. He woke as an adult, to the smell of fresh coffee, which started his addiction to the stuff, and his scar was hidden by a visor, he could finally see again, though he was somewhat still colorblind, he doesn't remember ever putting the visor on himself before he fell into the coma, and he struggled to keep his spirits up, he eventually went to planet Earth in 2952, figuring it was the perfect place to start anew, and forget about his past, but the one thing that truly changed was his personality, gone was the kind, naive young Animus, instead, was a new, personality entirely....soon enough he became a lawyer because of how well the memory was of the crime committed towards him and the crime he believed he committed....

Animus: Profile

  • Transformation Item: Shadow-Reviver
  • Pre Battle Catchphrase: "I use the power of souls and the forces of light and dark to eliminate you!"
  • Power Level: 23/25

Forms and AbilitiesEdit

Ultraman Animus Soulless

This is Animus standard form and his first form, it focuses on speed and ray attacks, and defeating the enemy as fast as possible.

Favorite Type of Coffee: Dark Coffee


  • Teleportation: He can teleport at will thanks to a gold bracelet on his arm. When he does this a flaming aura surrounds him, and gradually his body turns into energy while it is being moved to the new location. However, this takes up much more energy than it does in Zetton Soul Power.
  • Mortemus Blade: He has two spikes on his arms similar to the Armed Nexus, when he taps them, a Dark and Light Powered blade is sheathes from them, which can easily slice a weak to slightly powerful Kaiju in half, and hurt a powerful being very badly.
  • Iluminage Ray: A light Ray fired when he puts his pointer finger and middle finger together similar to how a child would pretend to shoot a gun, the I-Ray as he likes to call it is fired from his right hand and is powerful against Dark Ultras or Dark beings.
  • Umbranage Ray: A dark Ray fired from his left hand exactly the same way as the I-Ray except his thumb is pressing against his middle finger, it is powerful against Light Ultras and light beings in general.
  • Consummatorem Ray: His most powerful Ray and his finisher usually, he first yells, "We're doing things my way!!!" Then his body becomes incased in a gold shine, and he puts his hands on his energy core than lets go of them which fires the gigantic Ray which can obliterate beings as powerful as Etelgar, granted this is only if they are weakened first.
  • Musicum Slash: A ball of energy that can be used in two ways, first as a rapid fire bolt that is used to knock down the victim, or as a Slash that hurts the victim but also confuses their nerves,randomly making them think Animus is their true love. He doesn't like using the Slash in this way on unless it's on a woman. I haven't figure out why yet, to be honest.
  • Coffee Slinger: Animus 99.999999999999% of the time has coffee with him when he's going anywhere, his mug is special I that it can change size and the liquid in it too. He commonly throws it at his enemies to not only burn them but humiliate them, and it can do quite some damage with it even blinding Fire Prosecutor.
  • Mind Overule: Being an expirenced lawyer he can relay just the right amount of info to people and when someone detects he's suspicious or he is hiding something, he can completely deactivate their mind reading abilities, and if they overdue it he still can stop them by basically putting up a psychic lock blocking the hem from access to his mind.
  • Soul Stealer: A petrifying attack used to acquire new forms for himself and increase his power while defeating the kaiju. He first uses his blade to leave the body as a husk by transferring the soul energy to him where he stores them in a holster which only he can open, so he can use them at will. Unlike Athena and Marine, he can do this to anyone. One of the few drawbacks to doing this that his personality becomes more like the being he is harnessing, it also changes his tactics to be more similar to that of the soul's original host.
  • Flare Shot: Animus can fire a flare that burns whoever it hits and can be used as a tracking device somewhat so his allies can keep tabs on him.
  • Perdire Shooter: Animus leans down and puts his hands down before getting back up, and glowing silver then putting one hand over the other in front of him and firing off a large shot of silver colored lunar energy, this alters the enemies' emotions to his liking or damages them greatly.
  • Soul Blaster: Along with his Souls contained in his holster, Animus has a very powerful blaster that he keeps in his Holster, with approximately three modes, the Blaster is the standard mode, with it being a dark and light themed Pistol like weapon, this mode is mostly used in Soulless.
    • Soul Rifle: In this mode, the weapon gains a scope and a longer, bulkier appearance overall, this mode is mostly used in Pedan Soul Power.
    • Soul Rapidus: In this mode, the weapon becomes more akin to a heavy machine gun overall, and it is mostly seen in use with Dent Soul Power.

Pedan Soul Power

"I'd say it's right about time we took the firepower up a notch!"

―Pre Battle Catchphrase

The second form of Ultraman Animus. This form was obtained after defeating Super King Joegue with the help of Ultraman Max, this form gives him Pedanium Armor which goes all the way to the right side of his head, this form is focused on ranged offense, it has a heavy amount of firepower and can take a lot of blows. But this form is extremely weak to EMPs.


  • Hyper Destroyer Ray: An array of dark energy blasts fired from his blaster, each shot doesn't do much damage but it can be fired rapidly and can home in on the victim.
  • Split: Animus can split his armor into four parts, Breachnova, a sentient part of his armor that is the fastest but the weakest, this is usually used by Animus as a spying mechanism. The second is Angelstrike, a powerful healer that also doubles as Animus' chest piece, it can give energy to Animus and is the only other sentient peace of armor. The third is Porscheattacker, Which is Animus's blaster that also can be strapped to his right arm and has the most firepower, it also doubles as a lance that Animus can duel with. And the final piece is the Corebreaker, the source of this form's power, it is the most dangerous, being able to cause a gigantic explosion if not kept in check, it can fire deadly energy blasts and is equipped to Animus' back, Animus can never decide whether Angelstrike or Corebreaker is better though.

Dent Soul Power


―Animus to Dent upon receiving the form

A more power oriented form that costs Animus' speed, much to his dismay. This form was obtained by Ultraman Dent giving Animus a fraction of his soul, hoping that Animus can be successful in defending the commonly invaded Earth.

Body Features

  • Gauntlets: This form gives Animus a pair of gauntlets, these gauntlets greatly increase his strength but decrease his speed, apparently he doesn't know how to take them off.
  • Face Paint: He went to a face painter to have face paint done for him in this form, so that it replicates Dent's well.....dent.

Favorite Type of Coffee: Civet Coffee


  • Increased Strength: Just like the real Ultra, this form greatly increases Animus' strength at the cost of speed/
  • Seismic Disturbance: Using the gauntlets, Animus can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • 1-Hit-Punch: Animus charges the gauntlets and dashes to the opponent if possible, then punches the opponent using one of the gauntlets, this can fling them to the skies or instantly destroy them if they are weakened or just weak in general.

Legacy Soul Power

Animus ended up in Legacy's universe while tracking down a dimension-hopping Baltan that worked for Foedus. The two joined forces and defeated the Baltan, as well as the Neronga, Zetton, and Dorako under it's control. Afterwards Legacy gave Animus a small part of his soul so that Animus could utilize his power. This all takes place after the end of Legacy's series. Body Features: Protectors, more red on Animus's body, etc

Favorite type of Coffee: 2 cubes of sugar, no cream.


  • Legacy-Illuminage Beam: A combination of the Legacy Beam and the Illuminage Ray, which is more powerful than both.
  • Simultaneous use of the Mortemus Blade and Legacy Blade.
  • The ability to copy the data of up to three Kaiju to allow them to help him out, in a similar manner to how Legacy gained his capsule monsters, these kaiju are weaker than legacy's capsule monsters.

Zetton Soul Power
Animus Zetton Soul Power

One of Animus' most uncontrollable forms,and also one of his most powerful, it was accidentally gained when Animus defeated Nano-Zetton and harnessed its soul. He then uses this form as a last resort, as he doesn't know how to control Zetton's soul and becomes nervous to use it. Later on he lost this form during the creation of Finalizer.

Body Features

  • Z-Mask: A dark black mask that replaces Animus' visor, it helps him see better, at the cost of it being slightly blurry and distorted.
  • Z Crest-al: An orange Crystal that replaces Animus' crest, and it appears to be the main source of Animus' energy, it also makes him act more violent, or at least he claims it does.


  • Teleportation: In this form, Animus can teleport from one area to the next with ease, being able to do it in a nanosecond with no delay or much energy consumption, apparently Zetton's soul gives Animus an obsession with using this move, or so he says.

Geed Soul Power
IMG 0922

Geed Soul Power


"The balance of dark and light is restored so I can harness the true power!""

A form animus obtained during the Animus vs. Geed movie, when Geed and Animus battle on the lava planet of Ignitus. Animus takes Geed's Primitive soul power and the battle becomes much more heated and intense. This forces Geed to use his Solid Burning form against Animus. Abilities TBA

Devil's Soul

Sky Junis Blue
Ultraman Animus Sky Junis Blue

Sky Junis Blue

This form was created when Animus received a bit of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Nexus' power, with this form retaining the powers of their Sky and Junis Blue types.


  • Over Ranbalt Light Storm: A giant energy bow appears, with half of it generated from Animus' left arm, and the other half on the right, he puts his arms together and releases an energy bullet then it is followed by a blue crystal like Ray.


  • Coffee
  • Seafood
  • Women
  • Pokemon
  • Horror Movies
  • Pianos
  • South Park
  • Memes


  • Anime
  • Baltans
  • Peanuts
  • Stonefish
  • Being Edgy
  • Your Mom


Sakutaki holds up the Shadow-Evolver then twirls it and throws it up in the air, then catches it and he transforms into Animus with a reddish blackish backround behind him, depending on whether he's rising or not.



Being the only phase of Animus' life where he didn't care for coffee, this side of Animus in his childhood was much more outgoing, shy but also lighthearted, and friendly to must people but Alien Baltan Foedus, but he also kept a lot of his feelings inside about his first 3,000 years of life, where many horrible events happened, during this time he developed a lasting friendship with Ultraman Nova.

Episode I-Episode XXXVIIIEdit

Animus during the first 38 episodes of the series is quite possibly one of the least serious Ultras, except for when he's required to be serious, he's nonchalant about everything, including his crush dying. He in fact only wants to defend Earth for the women, horror movies, and seafood. He's the opposite of his original counterpart(Hint Hint.) aside from being extremely calm all the time. He makes fun of his enemies as much as possible and wishes to kill anyone and anything that aggravates him. Animus can also be very suave, poetic and charming at the right times, and he loves to be this way. But either way, he's only serious when it's absolutely necessary.

Episode XXXVIV - UnknownEdit

During the 6 year gap (in universe) between Episode 38 and 39, Animus has changed perhaps the most out of all the characters, his nonchalant nests has been replaced with an unerving dark humor and seriousness, and he is much more prone to anger, using coffee to get away from his troubles, turning his habit of drinking it into a near obsession.

Animus in CourtEdit

Animus is a very respected lawyer, even though he is not very experienced, he is more than adequate in preparing and is all around skilled at his job, he gained even more respect during the short time when he became a prosecutor, he also is famous for bringing four cups of coffee each trial unless more is necessary and always carrying a pistol in court.




  • Animus hates anime.
  • Animus is one of the first Ultras to live on Earth not to work in an attack team, instead he is a lawyer.
  • Animus has had a wide debate about whether sporks are a good invention or not.
  • His design is based off of Ultraman Nexus.
  • His personality is based off of Godot..........a little bit.
  • His favorite instrument is the piano and it's also the one he is the best at playing.
  • His favorite video game is Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Especially since he is an Atorney himself.
  • He is one of the first Ultras to have facial hair and the first one known to have a goatee.
  • Animus' favorite movie is Gremlins.
  • Animus is completely colorblind, and half blind due to a certain incident involving Alien Baltan Foedus he wears a visor to hide this and to this day nobody knows about his impairment.
  • Sentinel72 has automatic permission to use him for the Sentinel Short Skits.
  • He once dated a Metron and he has also dated 3 humans.

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