Ultraman Ace Dark (ウルトラマンエースガイスト) is a Fan version of Ultraman Ace Darkcreated by Apexz. He appeared with another Ultra Dark as Him on Ultraman Reuz Episode 9.


Legendary Ultra WarEdit

After all Ultra, Monster and Aliens turn into KeyChain doll's, lot of them fall in the Shinjiku Hills but some of them might be with Darker Being, who also the succerssor of Darker Gale. He was live again by the scanning sequence like Haruto Lock Spark can do it. Unfortunately, he was turn into Geist due to because the Dark Lock Spark.

Ultraman ReuzEdit



  • Height: 40 m (He is Ultraman Ace but he turn into Dark due to the Dark Lock Spark)
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Age: Over 15,000 years old
  • Origin: Ultraman Ace

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Eye: Ultraman Ace Dark eye shine bright red colour, he can see through everything he saw.
  • Color Timer: Ace Color timer operates like any other, but after turning into Dark, his colour timer shine's red like Ultraman Dark.
  • Beam Lamp: The gem on Ace's forehead, it shine red also like his colour timer.
  • Ultra Armor: Ace has the typical Ultra resistances and vulnerbilities. Instead of Red and Silver patter, it become Red and Black colour.


  • Metallium Ray: Ace Dark can fire an "L" style ray from his right arm, but it weaker than the Original Ace.
  • Ultra Guillotine: Ace's cutting ability. Ace crosses his arms parallel and vertically with one another and breaking the stance, releases a thin line of energy that can slice opponents in half.
  • Punch Laser: Ace can fired a beam from his Beam Lamp. A red beam lamp.
  • Punch Laser Special: Ace can fired a powerful version of Punch Laser but instead from his Beam Lamp, he clapsed it from his hand.
  • Ace Slash: Ace's variation of the Ultra Slash, it comes in a variety of forms and can be duplicated several times before being thrown.
  • Ultra-Neo Barrier: By placing both hands outward in front of him, Ace can create a large shield of energy that can deflect most attacks. But it was dark colour barrier.


  • The meaning is still unknown is that why the villain sent two Ultra brothers to terminated Reuz as Ultraman Ace Dark is much stornger than the young one.
  • He first appeared at the end of Episode 9 right after Ultraman was defeated by Reuz.

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