This series is not to copy ULTRAMAN, it is just a different re-imagining of the original Ultraman series. It is going to start when Ultraman Zach finishes.


The first Ultra Warrior, Ultraman, is sent to Earth to fight monsters and aliens in this 19 episode series


  1. Ultra Operation #1 - Belmar
  1. Shoot the Invaders! - Alien Baltan
  2. Secret of the Miloganda - Greenmons
  3. The Blue Stone of Barraj - Antlar
  4. The Lawless Monster Zone - Red King, Chandler, Manglar
  5. Operation Uranium - Gabora
  6. The SSSP's Space Dilemma - Alien Baltan II
  7. Brother of Another Planet - Zarab
  8. Arashi! Don't Fire! - Zaragas
  9. The Secret on Dinosaur Island - Jirass
  10. Super Comet Typhoon! - Dorako, Red King II, Gigas
  11. The Monster of Fire - Zanbora
  12. The Mosters of Hell Have Returned - Aboras, Pegiula
  13. The Forbidden Words - Alien Mephilas, Alien Zarab II, Alien Baltan II, Kemur Man II
  14. The Underground Assault! - Telesdon
  15. Human Specimens 5 & 6 - Alien Dada
  16. The Monster Prince Part 1 - Gomora
  17. The Monster Prince Part 2 - Gomora
  18. The Threat of a Monster Legion - Geronimon, Re-Pigmon, Re-Dorako, Re-Telesdon
  19. Farewell, Ultraman - Alien Zetton, Zetton

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