Ultrafive went to Earth to see if any evil ultras had gone to Earth. As he was in space, five ships attacked. It was ADT attacking the strange alien, him! Ultrafive avoided them and shot one ship thinking the evil ultras had sided with them. However, one ship jumped in front of the laser and it exploded, killing the pilot. Akira opened his eyes in shock, he thought the laser killed him. Then, a being walked to him saying they must merge now! Akira said, Why, who are you?! That doesn't matter now, what does is that we save Earth., Ultrafive said. Suddenly, Baltan appeared and attacked the ADT crew. Akira woke up as his ship had crashed on the Moon, he was lucky. Baltan appeared and laughed at him and tried to step on him but, light flashed as the human tosses the alien to the side and grew to Ultrafive! The fight began and the alien multiplied in number, Ultrafive defeated all of them but, the alien wasn't there anymore. The ultra flew away and Akira back on the Moon in his oxegyn gear, he was reunited with his team. They realized that the ultra was on their side and the alien was their enemy. They knew that was just the start.

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