A device of ancient origins from the Land of Giant's forgotten past


The Ultra Spark is an ancient device from when the Land of Giant's first earned its name, the then young Ultras, saw a Universe full of Minus Energy and sought to fight the darkness. This was before Galactic Law, the appearance of which set the Ultras as warriors of peace, mediators and observers. To full fill the third function and not break Galactic Law, the Ultras began to research, mimicry, Mana, Life Force, Bio-Fields etc, basically the very essence of life itself, particularly their own. The collection of this research knowledge and their advance quantum knowledge came together in the form of the Ultra Spark, the ancestor of modern transformation items. All transformation items and techniques used by the Ultras stems from research done for this object.

However, the device was never used due to its feared power if misused, instead it was stored away in an unknown place, presumably King's Temple.


The Ultra Spark exists to manipulate life itself, storing it, creating mimic vessels/forms, healing etc. To manage these complicated processes an advance A.I. was installed within it, to store and collect information on life and evolution.


  • Life Force Manipulation: The Ultra Spark can manipulate Mana on the base level, healing, merging lives, or potentially evolving one lifeform are within its abilities. The Ultra Spark can also encapsulate a life form in a sort of stasis.
  • Light Conversion: The Ultra Spark can convert light into mana for the host.
  • Minus Energy Cleansing: The Ultra Spark can cleanse Minus energy polluted areas
  • Nexus of Souls: The Ultra Spark's greatest weapon, it can act as the catalyst to potentially a miracle so long as the hearts and minds of numerous beings are joined together in a shared 'positive' desire or interest, such as hope.
  • Self Evolution: The Ultra Spark was created to constantly update itself and its technology
  • A.I. consciousness: The Ultra Spark is self-aware, it will not work in the hands of anyone full of minus energy.

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