"There can only be one true overlord"

―A sentence from a manuscript about Ultra Overlord

The being only known as the Ultra Overlord is a mysterious being that very few people have ever saw. According to several legends from the Land of Flash, the Overlord is an ancient being similar to The Almighty Script.

Ultra Overlord
Human Host/Form: Presumably None
Gender: Presumably Male
Age: Presumably equal or slightly younger than the Almighty Script
Height: Exact height is unknown
Weight: Exact weight is unknown
Home world: Somewhere in the GN-z11 Galaxy
Series: Sentinel Short Skits
Type: Unknown
Fighter Type: Beam Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Veteran Wizard
Family None
Affiliation None
Created by Sentinel 72

History Edit

No one knows of the exact history of the Overlord but the oldest manuscripts from the Land of Flash said that the Overlord is a being from one of the oldest stars on the entire universe. Another manuscript said that the Overlord had visited the Land of Flash once and will return every 10 billion years. The Overlord is also considered as one of the oldest beings of the Project D universe, presumably equal or slightly younger than The Almighty Script. The Overlord has only one recorded visit to Earth where he destroyed Sonic Wave EX Gomora before leaving. According to the GUTS members that were on the scene, the mysterious woman Aeria, knows the Overlord and presumably, its history.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The Overlord is somewhat similar to The Almighty Script as both are extremely powerful and can be considered overpowered. There are no known weaknesses for the Overlord but an ancient manuscript says "The shining star guides his path but like us, the darkness of space strays him away" which can mean that the Overlord not good with directions. Another manuscript also says "His eyes shines towards the future yet it seems so far and dim" which can be a sign of a bad eyesight.

Powers Edit

The Overlord has few known powers apart from the ones listed below

  • Light Beam: The Overlord fires a light bullet from his hands that can easily destroy Sonic Wave EX Gomora. The exact strength of this attack is not known.
  • Overpowered Landing: An ancient manuscript from the Land of Flash said that every time the Overlord lands on a planet's surface, volcanoes around the world would erupt and 20 meter tsunamis will wipe the land away. It is unknown if it's an exaggeration or is a true fact.
  • Super Specium Ray: A more powerful version of the specium ray, capable of annihilating entire planets and possibly stars as well.
  • Warp: Ultra Overlord can traverse through galaxies quickly although his blurred vision will be a major problem.

Trivia Edit

  • The name is based on this writer's other name, Overlord_72. It has no relations with anything with the name 'overlord' (apart from a certain vehicle).