The Ultra Lockseeds in Ultraman Giz are similar to the general ones. They are formed from the last light of an Ultra, after said Ultra is defeated.


When an Ultra holds a lockseed over his or her power bracers, the bracer will modify into a lockseed version.  The Ultra can lock the Lockseed onto the Power Bracer Lockseed Ver. and then touch the lock to activate the change.  The Ultra's type change crystal will change color with a different arms change.


Ultraman GizEdit

Mebius Arms

"Mebius Arms! The Flames of Promise!"

―Transformation Announcement
Giz Mebius

Mebius Arms

The Mebius Lockseed is red and silver. It accesses Giz's red-and-silver-styled Mebius Arms. This form can use the Mebium Shot, and has a stronger kick.

Chimera Arms

"Chimera Arms! Rooooarrrrring Monster!"

―Transformation Announcement
File:Giz Chimera.jpg

The Chimera Lockseed is black and yellow. It accesses Giz's black-and-yellow-styled Chimera Arms. This form has greater energy manipulation than even Wind Mode, and can use the Generator Charge.

Reuz Arms

"Reuz Arms! Savior of the Galaxy! It's...SHOWTIME!"

―Transformation Announcement
File:Giz Reuz.jpg

The Reuz Lockseed is red and blue. It accesses Giz's red-and-blue-styled Reuz Arms. This form can move faster than any of Giz's forms, and can use the Reuz Cyclone.

Tiga Arms

"Tiga Arms! Take Me, Take Me HIGHER!!"

―Transformation Announcement
File:Giz Tiga.jpg

The Tiga Lockseed is red and purple. It accesses Giz's red-and-purple-styled Tiga Arms. This form is as strong as Knight Mode. In this form, Giz can use the Delacium Light Stream.

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